National Bioneers Conference 2015

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San Rafael, California - 10/18/2015
Looking for a ride / rideshare to the south, anywhere close to San Jose, SF Airport or SF .
Zip: 94114 - 10/17/2015
Greetings! I need a ride on sunday 10/18 in the early afternoon to the event. If anyone is leaving from the SF at that time, please let me know. I'm happy to meet up anywhere. Thanks so much! Christina
Oakland, California - 10/16/2015
Looking for a ride today, tomorrow or Sunday to/from. Please let me know! sregenspan@gmail.com 412-737-4455
San Francisco, California - 10/16/2015

I'm looking for a rideshare from San Francisco (can meet anywhere from 24th & Mission and onwards on BART) Saturday morning-- The earlier the better since I'm missing Friday. Please call/text 4043763657, happy to contribute to gas/tolls/high vibes/ good conversation!
San Francisco, California - 10/16/2015
Looking for a rideshare from San Francisco (can meet anywhere from 24th & Mission and onwards on BART) Saturday morning-- The earlier the better since I'm missing Friday. Please call/text 4043763657, happy to contribute to gas/tolls/high vibes/ good conversation!
Santa Rosa, California - 10/16/2015
Would like to rideshare with someone for at least Fri & Sat. Call me, 707-360-5060 6:30 am to 8 am.


El Cerrito, California - 10/15/2015
I'm headed back to El Cerrito del Norte BART station area Friday evening; must arrive before 7 pm. Can fit 3 riders.
Berkeley, California - 10/15/2015
Hi, I'm leaving Berkeley, University & 6th St with possible stop near 6th and Gilman, between 8:30 and 9 am. Can fit up to 3 others.
Zip: 94117 - 10/15/2015
Hey! Looking for a ride eitherFriday (& or) Sat (if possible!). Happy to help with gas/tolls!


San Francisco, California - 10/15/2015
Hi, after the conference Friday night just looking for a ride back to SF, i'm in Berkely so i can take the BART the rest of the way.

Thanks, Katy

Marín, Galicia - 10/15/2015
I am staying at the Marin Suites Hotel in Corte Madera. It would be great to get a ride to the convention center or share the expense of a cab. Please reach out to me at jambothebrick@gmail.com
Oakland, California - 10/15/2015
I am looking for a ride to Bioneers on Friday morning, hoping to arrive there by 8:30am. I'll be near Ashby BART but could easily meet at another station too. I do not need a ride back, only in the morning. I would gladly share driving costs. Thank you!
Zip: 94134 - 10/15/2015
Hi there! I am in Portola, San Francisco, and would be happy to catch a ride there and/or home with someone any of the days - Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. Blessings,

Inverness, California - 10/15/2015
I'm leaving West Marin around 9:30AM on Friday, and coming back sometime in the evening.
California, United States - 10/15/2015
I can offer a ride Friday morning leaving North Berkeley at 8:15am and going back home around 7pm. I have 1-2 spots available.
Fair Oaks, California - 10/15/2015
I'm willing to pick someone up on the way to San Rafael as I am leaving from Fair Oaks (near Sacramento) somewhere between 4 and 5 PM on Thursday evening. Please email me ASAP if you need a ride. Thank you. If you need help getting around in San Rafael too, you are welcome to email me.
Zip: 94107 - 10/14/2015
I am in San Francisco and need a ride to Bioneers on Friday. I am flexible on when we leave. If you can offer a ride, please email me. Thanks!
Cotati, California - 10/14/2015
I would enjoy carpooling to the Conference on Fri, Sat and Sun. I'm also attending the volunteer orientation on Thur eve. Can meet in Cotati, RP or Petaluma. Thanks!
Chiná, Campeche - 10/14/2015
Not a ride, but we have a campsite to share.

5-6 people at China Camp

Zip: 94118 - 10/14/2015
Hi, I am leading a workshop Friday at Bioneers with the Earth Guardians. I am from Colorado, but staying with a friend in North San Francisco. I'm looking for a ride to the conference in the morning Friday - Sunday and a ride back in the evening. Feel free to text me at 8023181135.
San Francisco, California - 10/14/2015
I'm volunteering @ the workshop on Thursday and spending the night in San Francisco. I need a ride from the mission district and need to be @ the workshop site @ 8am. Please email or call if you can help me with a ride! Thank you!

(541) 359-7969
Zip: 94110 - 10/14/2015
hi friends i'm coming from the mission in SF and want to leave by 7:30 or 8am, offering rides for Saturday. would love to share the love, share the gas and connect before this special event :)
Sebastopol, California - 10/14/2015
Leaving Sebastopol @ 6pm thursday 10/15 for work trade orientation & coming back to Sebastopol after the meeting.
Portland, Oregon - 10/13/2015
I'd love to join a ride going from Portland to Bioneers, ideally leaving late Thursday night or early Friday morning! I have a car and can drive, too, though I'd prefer being a passenger mostly and paying for gas the whole way!
San Francisco, California - 10/13/2015
I'll be attending Bioneers Fri-Sun & would LOVE to carpool. I am more than happy to pay for gas & have some inspiring conversation!

Thank You!
Zip: 94611 - 10/13/2015
Hi! Looking for a ride up to Bioneers. I am open to leaving Thursday evening or Friday morning, and ideally would like a ride back as well, but am flexible.

Can contribute to gas money and good conversation on our ride up!
Chico CA - 10/13/2015
I'm leaving Thursday afternoon & returning Sunday
West Virginia, United States - 10/11/2015
Minivan can take two people and limited luggage. Journalist traveling to Cali for assignment. 479-981-3740
Redway, California - 10/11/2015
Hi there! I'm looking to catch a ride down to the Bay area on Thursday the 15th. I'm about 3 hours north on the 101 - so anyone coming down 101S from Arcata, OR, or anywhere else north could scoop me easily en route. A ride back north on the 20th would be ideal, but either way will do! Thanks so much.
Zip: 93003 - 10/09/2015
Looking for a ride up to the conference from Ventura!
Zip: 94127 - 10/09/2015
Hi, I don't drive - live in SF, would love a ride to Bioneers on Friday morning. Happy to pay gas etc.
Zip: 95060 - 10/08/2015
Need a ride home at end of conference to Santa Cruz. Could stay over a day if necessary. 831-429-6353. Help with costs.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 - 10/07/2015
I'm going for Saturday only and would like to carpool. I can offer a ride or receive a ride and share costs or driving.
Novato, California - 10/07/2015
Hi. I have been noticing some disfunction with messaging people through Ricky Rides, so I'm leaving my email address in this post. There is a person staying in Novato, I tried to message you, but no dice. I can pick you up and take you to the conference, Thursday through Sunday, as I'm going to the Plenary session at Embassy Suites. Reach me at feistycherub.ku@gmail.com. I can fit two others in the car comfortably. Thanks.
Emeryville, California - 10/02/2015
I'm coming in from out of town and will stay with friends, either in West Oakland or Berkeley, and will need a ride each day (16-18th) to and from the venue. Is anyone living in either of those areas and attending each day? Looking forward to meeting you and ridesharing. Thanks!!
Chandler, Arizona - 09/30/2015
Looking for a ride to Marin county from PHX, can drive and pitch in for gas, I am a volunteer for the set up/tear down, so Im looking to arrive thursday morning at 8 am and a ride to phx or eugene sunday night/monday morn. kiki8ami@gmail.com
Fayetteville, Arkansas - 09/30/2015
I plan to drive from Arkansas to the Bioneers conference. At this time my ability to attend the conference is tentative. It is my intention to make this happen. I have room for up to two or three people.
Portland - 09/28/2015
I ll be volunteering at the conference and would love to share a ride from portland. I can drive with a full canadian licence.

New Zealand - 09/24/2015
Kia ora, I'm looking for a ride from Hillsborough 94010 the morning of Thursday 15 October (volunteering at conference centre 9am!) and returning at 10pm on Sunday 18th October.

Many thanks!
Oakland, California - 08/31/2015
I have room for 2 people in my car. I can stop in Emeryville, Albany or El Cerrito on the way.
Toronto, Ontario - 08/17/2015
Anyone coming down from Toronto?? My attendance depends on this pretty much!
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/15/2015
I, Caite here, I need a ride from Albuquerque to San Rafael or better, Healdsburg which is North in Sonoma County about 45 minutes. It's a wonderful small expensive town in wine country; I will be staying north of there at Isis Oasis, an unusual Egyptian themed B&B sanctuary for exotic animals. You might like to stay there too, not expensive, and drive to San Rafael for the conference. I am a senior, low income. I can't help you drive cause I don't know how!! But I'm good company. Taught theater to kids 30 years, and a Life Coach, and started the Albuquerque Grandmothers Council. I am all about coaching for social change.