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Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/19/2016
Need a ride to Denver anytime today! Can meet you anywhere, help with gas, and I travel lightly!!
Coppell, Texas - 06/19/2016
Need a ride to Denver tomorrow (Sunday) any time! Just need to be home before Monday
Rye, Colorado - 06/19/2016
Hi! Hoping to find a ride to the boulder/longmont area Sunday morning or afternoon for two girls. Need to catch a flight.Will help pay for gas! :)
Rye, Colorado - 06/19/2016
Hi guys! Looking for a ride back to the boulder/longmont area for two girls Sunday afternoon or morning. Willing to help with gas :) thanks!
Englewood, Colorado - 06/18/2016
Hey bloom fam, I still need a ride out from Denver/Englewood area. Would love to make it for the tipper sets and to see my father for Father's Day. Can put some gas in ur tank if that helps, love light and positive vibes friends and fam!
Englewood, Colorado - 06/18/2016
Just need a ride to bloom today, trying to make it for tipper and to be with my Father on Father's Day. Mucho love bloom fam!
Longmont, Colorado - 06/18/2016
Leaving Sunday at 7am for the last BEST day at bloom! Looking to find someone down to split gas and parking pass.35 Bucks total! Would love to have a genuine connection along the ride too! Let me know. 352 650 0347 Nathan
Henderson, Colorado - 06/17/2016
Leaving for the site Saturday morning-noon and heading back early Sunday morning for Denver Pride. I've got room for at least two, maybe three. Hit me up at 720.429.8375 by text

or leave me your contact in the message you send me :)
Portland, Oregon - 06/17/2016
Just got stuck in denver missed my flight. Last minute wing it mission to bloom. Down to contribute on whatever. Clean, chill guy one small pack of clothes
Conifer, Colorado - 06/17/2016
Im driving saturday at noon to the bloom ! If anybody wants to hop in id be more than happy to give a ride. Gas support would be amazing!
Zip: 80303 - 06/17/2016
Leaving boulder in an hour, short notice I know...would love to trade for a camping pass....or plan on hiking in lol, also I have to leave Sunday afternoon in case your looking for a round trip
Denver - 06/17/2016
Can trade a ride to and from the fest in exchange for camping . Leaving Friday afternoon
Denver - 06/17/2016
Was hoping to hop a ride down to Sonic, currently stuck at the airport. Can help with gas snacks, fun storytelling, just looking to make it safe and sound to the festival and make new friends!
Zip: 80228 - 06/17/2016
Need a ride on Friday afternoon. I've got a ticket waiting for me at bloom. Hit me up gas money and everything
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/16/2016
Need a ride from fillmore street to sonic bloom please!
Broomfield, Colorado - 06/16/2016
I have 2 spaces open. possibly 3 if you dont have alot of stuff. i will be coming from broomfield near flat irons mall sat morning/midday. im driving a safe new CUV(infiniti) so i get really good mpg. all i need help with is parking pass. if you have one you have a free ride. please contact me asap this will go fast.
Denver - 06/16/2016
Looking for help with gas and camping costs! Have room for 2-3
Zip: 80205 - 06/16/2016
I'm leaving Friday around 4 to head down there and maybe around noon on Sunday to come back and as of now still have room for one person, or more if you don't have a lot of stuff and don't mind sitting in the tiny backseat of my VW Bug! Hoping to find somebody who will split the gas please! Kellie
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/16/2016
Offering a ride from Flagstaff or Albuquerque today (6/16) to Sonicbloom festival
Zip: 85719 - 06/16/2016
Heading to Bloom from Tucson, AZ, leaving around 10 am today (Thursday). Hope to arrive around 10 pm. Have space for one or two more folks. Send a message if you're in need of a ride along the way!
Zip: 80205 - 06/15/2016
Zip: 80304 - 06/15/2016
Hey I'm needing early Thursday I'm a volunteer and performer and had a ride that fell through last minute my names Julian female 28 musician / massage therapist I live in north Boulder. Help 503 867 5322
Zip: 80223 - 06/15/2016
Leaving after work Friday at like 3/3:30! Would love to split gas/parking got a fat jeep with a good bit of room. I'm a pretty heady Wook join the adventure.
Zip: 80303 - 06/15/2016
My name is Bruno. I am leaving sometime Thursday, coming back sometime Monday. Looking for people to ride with willing to help pay for gas, share food and party goodies :) 310 741 0791
Trinidad, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Will be arriving at the Greyhound Bus station at 2pm on Thursday.

Please help this chick get the festival grounds!
Henderson, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Leaving for the site Saturday morning-noon and heading back early Sunday morning for Denver Pride. Hit me up!
Aspen, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Hello I'm looking for a ride on Saturday morning from Aspen Colorado or anywhere in the valley... Basalt Carbondale or glenwood works too ... I can split the cost of everything with u including car pass for bloom :) let me know kind souls of Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Our car broke down due to a minor accident and wont be finished till monday. We have me +2 and our gear. Tons of love laughs and smiles. If you have a spot we could stay tonight as well would make you dinner. Compensation will be rewarded for the love :)
Denver, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Need a ride to Bloom from Airport on Saturday and a ride back from Bloom on Monday morning!
Englewood, Colorado - 06/15/2016
Need a ride to sonicbloom at like 3pm
Atlanta, Georgia - 06/15/2016
Have room to snag some people on the way today leaving from ATL at 1:30 hmu if you need a ride familia
Denver - 06/14/2016
Leaving fri around 2 from denver plenty of room. But not returning till mon or tues as i may be volunteering post clean up.
Fort Collins, Colorado - 06/14/2016
Solid road warrior needs ride share from FoCo to sonic bloom. I'll pitch in on fuel an some say im funny.
Breckenridge, Colorado - 06/14/2016
ISO: a ride to sonic bloom from

Breck or summit county. I have Thursday and Friday off so can leave whenever. I'm volenteering so I have a parking pass and can pitch on gas. Much love
Wichita, Kansas - 06/14/2016
Needing ride from Wichita ks area will offer plenty
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/14/2016
Me and my girlfriend need a ride to bloom early Thursday preferably and a ride back whenever Monday. Our car broke down this last weekend so now we really need some help from a fellow festy buddy! Will obviously throw gas money!
Zip: 80026 - 06/14/2016
I'm leaving in time to be there upon doors opening and staying til the end. I'm happy to pick you up anywhere within 40 miles of Boulder, or somewhere that's on the way. Would appreciate spitting gas and authentic connection. Peace.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/14/2016
Hey everyone, I'm volunteering for Sonic this year and need to be down there by tomorrow. If anyone is traveling through the Springs and wouldn't mind scooping me, I've got gas money and goodies to share. Feel free to text or call me at (757)8one2-0one24
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 06/14/2016
Any people from Milwaukee or anyone through Wisconsin going to Bloom? My buddy got me hyped to go, but had hand surgery yesterday and does not want to leave now. I'd be blessed for a ride share! I may be able to drive... But... My car ain't getting any younger... Many blessings!
Denver - 06/14/2016
Hey! I am leaving Denver after work FRIDAY around 6/7pm probably going to stop at a grocery store after. I have a huge car with room for lots of camping stuff and 3 people.

OR more camping stuff and 2 people.

A few bucks for gas is appreciated, mostly I don't want to drive 3/4 hours alone! HIT ME UP!!! WOOO!!!
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 06/14/2016
Need ride to festival from Colorado Springs. I have pitch for gas and... 8p please call or text 71nine 210 416zero
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2016
Hey there lovelies! I'm headed down to Bloom on either Wednesday night to pre-party/enjoy the stars in the wait line or early Thursday morning! I don't have a ton of room but could fit one or two more in my Yaris if you're packing light!
Waubun, Minnesota - 06/13/2016
Need to get to sonic bloom from minneapolis will pay for a good amount of gas and fun jokes let me know
Colorado, United States - 06/13/2016
Two people need reliable ride from sonic bloom festival to boulder area on Sunday june 19
Oceanside, California - 06/13/2016
I need of a ride to sonic bloom can meet anywhere between San Diego and la. I live in Colorado and got stuck in Cali can compensate with love and some gas money when we get to CO any help would be appreciated :)
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2016
Can leave whenever n I would really appreciate a ride and give good vibes and pitch of course
Longmont, Colorado - 06/13/2016
Hey guys, so I had a ride set up but I have a feeling they're gonna fall through on me. I'd need a ride from longmont Colorado. My number is 6098029603 if anyone is willing to help me out feel free to send me a text
Denver, Colorado - 06/13/2016
Would anyone be coming from or around Denver airport Thursday night that would be able to pick up my friend Julianna? She's too shy to ask for a ride in here but she desperately needs one and compensation will be provided :)
Walsenburg, Colorado - 06/13/2016
In walsenburg currently. Trying to make it to the bloom academy by Monday at 4. Would be super grateful for a ride!
Ashland, Oregon - 06/12/2016
I am offering a ride to the event in my dolphin RV. Leaving Wednesday 6/15 in the morning. Vehicle and myself have licence and insurance, I need at least one other driver with a licence. There is room for 4 or 5 other people I will be returning to Ashland the following Monday or Tuesday. Needless to say if its illegal please don't bring it.
Denver, Colorado - 06/12/2016
Hey y'all my flight gets in 11 pm

Thursday night anyone down to leave then or Friday morning let me know ! Will offer gas and much love for doing this :)
Half Moon Bay, California - 06/12/2016
Shiloka magic bus is leaving from Venice Thursday morning with stop at lake havasu to jump in water and party with friends. Then on to festival. Text me at 4243010110 for details. Cool people. Good vibes only.
Zip: 80223 - 06/12/2016
My name is Brett, I'm volunteering for pre festival and must be there by Tuesday morning! Is anyone a liable to help?! I will pay for all the gas!
Huntington Beach, California - 06/12/2016
Hey Fam! I'm looking for a ride to Sonic Bloom. I can meet you in the LA area, Orange County, or anywhere in between. I'll be bringing gifts, good vibes, and compensation, so if there's anyway you can help me with this endeavor you will be rewarded! You can reach me at 817-437-8520 as well, thanks!
Denver - 06/12/2016
Anyone have a spare seat to Sonic Bloom from Denver? Would be much appreciated! Big hugs, Julia
Austin, Texas - 06/12/2016
Friends bailed on me last min have gas and dedication halllp
Zip: 80452 - 06/12/2016
Need a ride preferably wed. But thurs. is good too!
Zip: 80302 - 06/11/2016
need a ride to sonic bloom!!!!! Here in boulder, will provide fees for gas, food, weed, whatever ya need. good company to be around, am looking to travel with my friend so room for two would be awesome. Peace and Blessings, Alexis
Zip: 94131 - 06/11/2016
seeking a ride from sf bay area to soninbloom and back. am flexible about deets. have gas monies snacks music and sillystories to share :)
Denver, Colorado - 06/09/2016
Hi my name is Kelly! I live in Denver and unfortunately I have to leave Bloom by 11 PM Sunday night to make it to the airport that Monday morning-If anyone is leaving Bloom by that time on Sunday I'd appreciate a ride back to Denver-thank you! Will bring lots of love and great vibes
Denver, Colorado - 06/09/2016
Hello im Gabrielle :) and am looking for a ride for anyone LEAVING SUNDAY because my flight is around 7pm! and if anyone is willing to drop me back at the denver airport i would grately appreciate it with all my heart. can drop gas and massages and awesome convo and meows! thank you!!!
Stillwater, Oklahoma - 06/08/2016
One guy in a honda civic, need a lift?
Denver, Colorado - 06/08/2016
Hi there people, my name is Skye. I'm looking for a lift leaving anytime after 5pm Thursday? (So anytime Friday would be good too) Obviously all the quirky and basic amenities that people write on these posts will be provided for. ;) Looking forward to my first USA festival!
Denver, Colorado - 06/08/2016
I am leaving from Denver around 9 pm Thursday night. I have to leave then because I have a class. I have space in the car for one or two people. I would want gas money and you to split the car parking pass with me. ($20+ whatever for gas-not too much!) Let me know if you need a ride!
Denver, Colorado - 06/08/2016
My husband and I are teaching and performing at SB and need a ride from DIA on Thursday. We are willing to contribute towards gas and yummy snacks for the trip! It would be lovely if you were also returning to Denver on Sunday evening.
Denver, Colorado - 06/06/2016
Leaving around 11am on June 16th. Have room for 1 or 2 more people. Please pitch on gas money and be respectful as well as bring good vibes! =]
Englewood, Colorado - 06/06/2016
I am looking for a ride from Denver area but can't leave till FRIDAY morning. I got gas money and pack lightly. Let me know, thanks!
Denver, Colorado - 06/03/2016
im arriving at Denver airport 11:40 am Thursday ,Can pay up to 20$ cash
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/03/2016
Coming from Albuquerque have up to 2 seats available. Would like to meet before the bloom hmu ^_^
Denver - 06/03/2016
Flying into Denver Thursday; Picking up rental around 11:30. As of now i have one person via ricky share coming along, and have room for another. The rental is coming out to 130$ and the other person will be contributing 25-30 if the same could be reciprocated that would be amazing(Tank comes filled so gas should be much as well)! Have to leave relatively early Monday to make me 1pm flight. As of now, driving back alone, as the other person has a ride back.
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 06/02/2016
1 dude, 1 toyota pickup. I'm driving up to bloom from albuquerque thursday morning. I have a bench seat and a shit ton of room in the bed with a topper. 1 person comfortably, 2 people cramped style. would appreciate help with gas but is not mandatory for ride.
Rye, Colorado - 06/02/2016
Hey guys, i'm loooking for a ride back to Denver from Bloom on SUNDAY!!! I hate to leave early but I have to catch a flight Sunday night and I have work the next day! Let me know if anyone can help me out!! I've got money, good company, and stories to share! ;)
Denver, Colorado - 06/01/2016
Going early for the ACADEMY series - need a ride down MONDAY evening! Happy to pay for gas! I'll be leaving before the festival starts but have an option for the ride back - just need to GET THERE!
Zip: 80209 - 05/30/2016
Heyy my name is Joey! Looking for a ride from denver out to Bloom. Can pitch in for gas of course, and can leave when ever you please!
Miami, Florida - 05/28/2016
terra pereira on fb

coming from south fl 1 girl 1 pack needing a travel buddy
Denver - 05/25/2016
Hey my names Alexis :) Flying into Denver early thursday morning and renting a car (for about 90$) hoping to start the trek down by 12/1 (most likely the later) to meet up with others at bloom! Message me if you'd like to add me on Facebook and get to know each other and work something out !
Denver, Colorado - 05/24/2016
I am flying into Denver on the 16th and need a ride to the event! Can drop on gas.
Zip: 91104 - 05/23/2016
Hey my names kelly! In need of a ride from los angeles ca to denver colorado sonic bloom if anyones roadtripping from los angeles feel free to call me 6264986551
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 05/20/2016
my friend and I will book flights if we need to but I wanted to make a post on here just in case!
New Madrid, Missouri - 05/19/2016
Hello beautiful souls! This is my first year going to Sonic Bloom and I could not be more excited!! I've been traveling for 7 months over seas and just came back to the US for 2 months to see family and hit up a few festivals. I'll be at Bonnaroo the week before and then I'm hoping to find a ride to sonic bloom, or if I had people to ride with I would even take my car! I just don't want to make the drive alone and I don't want to fly! Look me up on Twitter _etherealstar_ to get some insight of who I am. Always excited to meet new souls and connect. Love to all :)
Denver, Colorado - 05/19/2016
Hey! My name is Marcus. I am in need of a ride to Sonic Bloom. If you want, add me on Facebook and get to know me! :) I am willing to pay for gas money and snacks. 3500 Park Ave West Denver, CO 80216-5126 (Laquinta Inn Denver Central)
Glenwood Springs, Colorado - 05/18/2016
Leaving GWS sometime early thursday morning. Have room for 1 or 2 and some stuff.
Denver, Colorado - 05/18/2016
I'm going to be flying into Denver on Friday (6/17) evening and staying the night at a nearby hotel. I'm hoping I can find a ride down to Sonic Bloom on Saturday. My boyfriend will be there so I have a ride home I just need to find my way down there. I will only have a backpack with me so I won't need much room.
Grosse Pointe, Michigan - 05/18/2016
Would love to Car pool to and from Sonic Bloom from midwest area! Obviously would help with gas, good vibes, and goodies! Let a brother know if you're leaving from the area and have an extra spot!
Denver, Colorado - 05/17/2016
I'm looking for a lift leaving from Denver - ideally sometime on Friday. Would be hugely appreciated.