Sukhava Bodhe Yoga & Music Festival 2016

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Chicago, Illinois - 08/24/2017
Hello! I am looking for a ride from Chicago to the festival on Friday 9/1/17, returning Monday 9/4/17. I've only seen postings for 2016 so far, hopefully can work something out for this year! Thank you!
Carmel, Indiana - 09/03/2016
Ride for my son and I to festival. Ready whenever free to go. We are packed just need pick up from our apartment.

317 460 4398. Mahalo and namaste
Chicago, Illinois - 09/02/2016
Hi there!

I am looking for a ride from anywhere in downtown, River North Chicago to the festival for today or tomorrow. I am happy to come and meet you anywhere where it's most convenient for you and help split all expenses!

Thank you !


Palatine, Illinois - 09/01/2016
Holler if you need a ride!
Zip: 60622 - 09/01/2016
I'm looking for a ride leaving Friday from the Wicker Park area, but I could take a cab somewhere if needed. I'm happy to pay for gas. ~Josh
Carmel, Indiana - 09/01/2016
Ride to festival for Sunday Monday for my almost 3 year old son and I! Praying for amazing therapeutic camping music hoola hoop release before fall! Can help w gas $.
Chicago, Illinois - 08/29/2016
Looking for a ride anywhere from downtown Chicago. Willing to split the expenses. Planning to attend either on Sat to monday or Fri to monday depending on ride availability. Thank you
Carmel, Indiana - 08/27/2016
My almost 3 year old son and I are looking for a ride to the festival. We could leave at 4 pm on Saturday or wait until 4 or 5 am Sunday for two days of festival and camping! I have a car seat and can help

With gas money.

Thank you,

Jennifer And Unas
Chicago, Illinois - 08/24/2016
Looking to go on Saturday and Sunday!
Chicago, Illinois - 08/18/2016
Hi! I live in Logan Square and am looking for a ride there and back. Because of some unforeseen circumstances I have to be back in the city on the 4th, so if someone happens to be heading back early please let me know!
Chicago, Illinois - 08/15/2016
Willing to pay fees equal to the bus fare charged by the event organizer.

Need the rides on 8/31/16 and 9/4
Zip: 60613 - 08/11/2016
Hello! I'm looking for a ride on Saturday morning, and have a 2-day pass. Will help with gas of course. Please let me know if you can help, thanks!
Chicago, Illinois - 08/11/2016
Hello, I'll be leaving at 2 p.m. from the west side of Chicago on Friday and returning on Monday. I can offer a ride for up to 3 people depending on the amount of stuff (I have a sedan) in exchange for gas money. Thanks!
Pewaukee, Wisconsin - 08/11/2016
Hello :)

I am a 27 year old female looking for a ride to Sukhavabodhe for the entire event. I will be happy to contribute gas money. I can meet you anywhere between Waukesha and Milwaukee WI. Thank you kindly!
Chicago, Illinois - 08/06/2016

My friend and I are looking for a ride leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Monday morning/afternoon to Chicago. We are willing to pitch in for gas.