The Convergence 2018

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Zip: 94110 - 09/23/2018
Looking for a seat going home to SF on Monday morning/afternoon - to drop me near Glen park BART station in Bernal heights. One luggage & backpack.

Palo Alto, California - 09/22/2018
Headed back to Palo Alto, 1 spare seat, likely getting the van and loading right around 3pm Sunday.
Redwood City, California - 09/21/2018
Leaving Friday afternoon -- time negotiable, succumbing to the traffic :(

Let me know if you'd like to last-minute join any way along the way!


Zip: 94103 - 09/21/2018
Hey! Volunteering on tech and would love to go to the convergence Friday eve or Saturday AM. Can get to any BART station -- Michael
Zip: 94606 - 09/20/2018
Would ideally like to leave tonight (Thursday) or very early Friday morning. Returning from convergence Sunday at about 1/ 2pm.

3 spots. Maybe 4.
Santa Cruz, CA - 09/20/2018
Anyone needing a ride from SC or central bay area leaving Thursday evening or Friday morning?
San Mateo, California - 09/20/2018
Me: "planning" last-minute, throwing things into my dusty burner van, leaving sometime between 1pm and 5pm from San Mateo. One spare seat.

You: similarly last-minute planning, starting to wonder how you'll get there, OK with the idea that this particular dusty van *might* not make it all the way there. But probably will. It hasn't ever let me down before. But its electrical issues are ever-present and always make me wonder.

76O 822 988O - call or text, but I'm not likely to answer e-mails between now and then.
Los Angeles - 09/20/2018
Coming in from Albuquerque arriving 8am Friday in Los Angeles looking for a ride please help
Santa Rosa, California - 09/19/2018
I'm Sam! I found myself nearly there. I'll be getting into Santa Rosa wednesday night. Only need ride Santa Rosa to the conference.
Arcata, California - 09/19/2018
Looking folks to share trip expenses and fun. If roundtrip awesome. It's just me ;)
Zip: 94606 - 09/19/2018
Looking to share a ride going up Saturday morning or Friday night. Please text me at 510-717-4470.
Oakland, California - 09/19/2018
Hello this is Hannah from the POC homeSPACE! My friend needs a ride to the convergence Thursday afternoon. She has an appointment at 11 so sometime after that. My number is 916 955 2993 and Ranettes number is +1 510-229-6608. This would mean a lot to us thank you!
Zip: 94117 - 09/19/2018
Looking for ride anytime Wednesday or Thursday. Can share gas cost. One love
Zip: 94703 - 09/19/2018
Just need a one-way ride up on Friday evening, can leave at 6pm or later from Berkeley (but ideally asap after 6pm to make it up in time for all the good music!) Will provide gas $$, yummy snacks and good vibes :) happy to help drive too!
San Francisco, California - 09/18/2018
Hi! I'm Ryan, ill be heading up to the convergence tomorrow, wednesday and I would be grateful for a lift. Currently staying at Hostel Aldelaide in Downtown San Fransisco. I am packed light, my life is the size of a backpack. Thanks so much in advance and excited to meet you.
Oakland - 09/17/2018
Can take 2 people. Only going for Friday single pass
Oakland, CA - 09/17/2018
If I cant find a ride, I'll rent one! Sat am - Sunday am. I'll have 3 seats available.
Zip: 94606 - 09/17/2018
From Oakland to Convergence Saturday am and leaving sunday am.

I can help with driving/gas and sing-alongs!!
Oakland, California - 09/17/2018
I am leaving Tuesday very early at 5:30 from Oakland Rockridge driving up to Hopland I have four seats open my car and I am happy to pick people up along the way. 202-557-5415
Berkeley - 09/17/2018
Hi, im trying to get to the permaculture convergence from Tuesday and as late as Wednesday so i can help with things over there.

Let me know if i can join you :)
Portland, Oregon - 09/17/2018
I would love a ride to the Convergence leaving Portland no earlier than Thursday afternoon.
Eugene, Oregon - 09/16/2018
Trying to get to Convergence by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest to help with set up. Happy to share gas $ and driving. Mahalo :)
Berkeley, California - 09/16/2018
If theres someone thats heading to the convergence to help as volunteer some days before it start i would like to join on the ride.

Please let me know
San Diego, California - 09/14/2018
Subaru with 3 extra seats, would love for some magical beings to tag along and help with gas money
Laguna Niguel, California - 09/13/2018
HI, email me if you driving by orange county, Ca ~ Thanks

San Diego, California - 09/13/2018
In a Subaru with 3 other people (2 are not for sure) I have 1 seat available, maybe 3 more. Would love help with gas money (: thank you!
Santa Cruz - 09/08/2018
Hey I’ve got one seat in my truck and I’m headed up from Santa Cruz on Wednesday night. I’ll stop in Santa Rosa that night and stay with friends (which any ridesharer is most likely welcome to do) and then depart for the convergence on Thursday morning! Would love a companion for the drive. To all: Be well and flourish!
Taos, New Mexico - 09/07/2018
I'll be leaving Taos on 9/17 and traveling west on 40 through Flagstaff and then north on the 5 after Bakersfield. I'm planning to arrive in Hopland on the 19th, as I'll be joining in on the pre-Convergence workshops. Shared expenses would be appreciated, but never expected.
Zip: 94102 - 09/05/2018
I would like a pick up from San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland on Thursday, September 20th. i would return on Sunday night, September 23rd, or Monday, September 24th.

I am visiting from Canada.

Thank you.
Capitola, California - 09/04/2018
I'm looking for a ride up from the Santa Cruz or San Jose area, leaving either Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning. Let me know!
Oregon, United States - 08/31/2018
Hello! I'd like to attend this year's convergence, & looking for a ride from Oregon... I'm up in Portland, but I can drive somewhere else in Oregon to meet you! Thanks!
Ashland, Oregon - 08/24/2018
Hi, I'm presenting at the conference and would love to carpool. Can share on gas and driving.