Hydrotechnics Festival 2019

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New York, United States - 07/07/2021
Im in coney but I can Uber and meet up to you
Southern View, Illinois - 05/25/2021
I can meet in city anywhere close by amtrak station in NY state. Nyc to buffalo.
Putnam Valley, New York - 07/19/2019
needing a ride from Peekskill/or NYC!

willing to pay!
New York, United States - 07/18/2019
2 people with gas money
New York, United States - 07/18/2019
2 riders in need of a way up to hydrotechnics. Have gas $.
New York, United States - 07/18/2019
Looking for a last minute ride up to hydrotechnics. If anyone can give me a call back please we'd appreciate it

Torrington, Connecticut - 07/17/2019
Saturday to sunday from Torrington ct
Newkirk, Oklahoma - 07/17/2019
Need ride for 2
New York, United States - 07/16/2019
Need a ride for 2 ppl
New York, United States - 07/16/2019
Woodbury, New York - 07/15/2019
Blackstone, Massachusetts - 07/14/2019
Driving from MA/ RI border to get there for Thursday and possibly leaving Monday morning. I have room for two passengers.

New York, United States - 07/14/2019
Need a ride there ob Thursday possibly one back after.
Zip: 02148 - 07/14/2019
Hello!! I am super friendly and obviously willing to pitch in with gas! My friends are all going Friday night and I refuse to lose a day, I want to go Thursday alone with my gear to setup shop, anyone else arriving Thursday around 4ish?

Thank you,

New York, United States - 07/13/2019
Need a ride for 2
New York, United States - 07/12/2019
For friday or saturday
Albany, New York - 07/03/2019
only need a ride to the event for Thursday.

return ride not necessary, husband can pick me up.
New York, United States - 07/02/2019
Need ride for myself and possibly one other person can contribute to gas
New York, United States - 06/25/2019
New York, United States - 06/24/2019
Looking for myself and possibly 1 other DanceSafe volunteer to ride up from NYC. Can split gas/toll costs.
Poughkeepsie, New York - 05/12/2019
Just me,one person. From Poughkeepsie to Hydro. I’m pretty simple... Thanks
Pittsfield, Massachusetts - 05/12/2019
Hi! I’m looking for a person or group to join. I had a group to go with, but it kind of fell apart. This would be my first hydro, but I was a raver in California for years. I live in western Massachusetts and will of course put in for gas and everything.

I’d genuinely like to find someone I can join for the whole festival; I always like making new friends... but at this point even just a ride would be excellent
Zip: 07666 - 05/12/2019
Looking for an awesome ride coming up super early on Tuesday to setup NYCR Camp!