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Zip: 10029 - 10/10/2019
I'm looking for a ride from & back to NYC (or I can take a bus to philly chinatown or another place along the way). artist who has made art for many fests, parades, burns, helping with workshops. minimal gear. can help u get tix. can help w/ gas.
Inwood, West Virginia - 10/07/2019
Leaving Thursday around 2. Have a large pick up truck with full size rear seats.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 10/07/2019
Hi all, leaving from Sq Hill in PGH on Friday AM around 9-10am. Maybe earlier maybe later. Flexible. Have room for 2-3 people. Will return on Sunday evening. Have room for 2-3 people then as well!

Get at me. 2018 Subaru Crosstrek, guaranteed good tunes, friendly company.
Washington, District of Columbia - 10/05/2019
I really want to drive myself considering I need to leave the night of the 12th but I don't have a vehicle pass yet. If things go as planned I'll be arriving at noon on the 10th.
Baltimore, Maryland - 10/03/2019
Would like to go Wednesday (can get you early entry if you help with some set up) and come back Sunday or Monday. It would be me and a medium amount of gear.
Zip: 21201 - 10/02/2019
Space for 1 with gear. I have a car pass leaving from Baltimore Thursday morning at 9 am hope to arrive by 2.

Returning Monday leaving around noon same amount of space
Maryland, United States - 10/02/2019
Space for one or 2 humans and all gear in medium SUV. Leaving Weds afternoon, returning Monday. Traveling through NoVA.
Philadelphia - 09/30/2019
I am looking for a ride from the philly area. I cant go to the event until later in the afternoon thursday or anytime on friday. I have to also work monday, so I need to come back sunday night. Please let me know if you can help out, I have gas monies!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 09/25/2019
I am driving to Constellation and back from Pittsburgh. Yay!

I'm leaving from Oakland neighborhood on Thursday around 5:30/6 pm. Planning return trip leaving Constellation Monday morning, heading toward Shadyside in Pittsburgh.

I have one passenger on the return trip so far. Otherwise it's just me. I'd say there is room for another 2 people on the way down, and at least 1 more on the way back (maybe more, depending on how much stuff you have). If you are looking for a ride to or from Pittsburgh, get in touch.

FYI - clean ride, and no smoking in the car
Silver Spring, Maryland - 09/25/2019
Toyota Scion xD hatchback carrying one person and gear, available to one other person and gear. (Fold down flat rear seats).

Must be able to meet me at starting point or very close to route. Leaving from Wheaton metro area.

Most likely traveling very early Friday morn, departing around 7am or possibly sooner. If the weather is really nice (not too cold) possibly Thursday midday.

Returning to Wheaton by 11pm Sunday night, possibly sooner.

Artist/ranger/geek femme, asking sharer to pitch in for gas and car pass and contribute stories, deep conversation, and or music to pass the time.

Aspen Hill, Maryland - 09/21/2019
Looking for a ride from Glenmont to the Pegasus Campground the 10th, and return the 14th. Will be happy to share costs, plus won't subject you to my musical choices.
Baltimore, Maryland - 09/21/2019
In need of a ride for either one person, or a shiftpod to Constellation. I have 3 people and cargo to fit into a Honda Fit. If you are going from Bmore to Constellation and might have any surplus space up for grabs in your vehicle, we would be super grateful! I’d be happy to drop a human or the cargo off.

Thank you, thank you, thank yoy in advance!

Nyack, New York - 09/20/2019
I have 1-2 open seats in an suv. We have a parking pass. We like underground edm, bluegrass, country, and whatever you like. :-) super fun and funny. Will be traveling along I-78W, I-81 S, I-68W.
Paramus, New Jersey - 09/16/2019
I want a ride from NNJ to WV. I will also accept a ride from NYC or Philly. I am looking for a return ride to Pittsburgh. Help me make this happen! I am good company, I have good music, I split gas, and I can split driving.
Washington, District of Columbia - 09/13/2019
My buddy and I are leaving from DC. It might make more sense to leave from Baltimore but it'll be hard to get our gear there. We don't have a ride but are willing to rent one.

I have a work trip Monday morning and need to be at BWI relatively early. Ideally, he can hitch a ride back to DC with someone else, or someone heading to Balti can drop me off at the airport. I also need to get my gear back to DC... A friend in Balti might be able to help but I'm open to help from kind strangers too.

We're looking for:

A carpool from DC to the burn -- either we ride in your car, or we rent a car together

A ride back to DC and/ or Balti (can be two different people)

Someone willing to take my gear back to DC
Wheeling, West Virginia - 07/30/2019
Sedan, 4 seats available.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 07/30/2019
I like to get there with enough time to set up bamp before dark, and am just about as laid back going home as well. I could scoop you anywhere inbetween philly and WV, I should only have a small collection of "essentials": camping suppplies, consumables, and constumes...