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37th Annual EcoFarm Conference

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Irvine, California - 01/27/2017
Ride back from Asilomar on Saturday 1/28 after closing. Call me! 5107250557
Oakland, California - 01/25/2017
I have lots of room. Leaving at ~3pm Wens 1/25, a bit flexible. Call me NOW 5107250557
Berkeley, California - 01/25/2017
Leaving Berk, around 7 am Thurs, 1/26 (flexible to leave earlier); returning to be back in Berk by 1 pm, Sat.

Can take a rider or two; unless I have a meeting in San Jose on 1/26.
Oakland, CA - 01/24/2017
Leaving at 6am tomorrow Wednesday from Oakland. Leave conference at 5pm wed. text me if you want a ride!!! 415 533 4578 Alana
Berkeley, California - 01/24/2017
Leaving tomorrow Wed around 1-2:30. Have room for two riders. My cell is 510-502-6450 text or call
Zip: 95060 - 01/24/2017
I plan to drive to Eco Farm from Santa Cruz on Thursday morning departing at 6:45 am from the west side. Can take 2-3 riders. Will return on Saturday after the circle dance and will have room for 1-2 riders.
San Francisco, California - 01/24/2017
Hoping to head down Wed evening or early Thursday from SF or East Bay. I can kick in cash for gas and good convo.
Zip: 94705 - 01/24/2017
Leaving Wed evening or Thursday morning.
San Francisco, California - 01/24/2017
Looking for a ride Friday after work. Can leave from the East Bay or SF and chip in for gas.
Placerville, California - 01/23/2017
I'm leaving Placerville around noon on Wednesday the 25th and passing through Sacramento/Davis around 1pm. Heading to the bay area on the 28th.
San Anselmo, California - 01/23/2017
Hello - I'm looking for a ride back to the Bay Area on Friday evening. I'll pitch in for gas...
Soquel, California - 01/23/2017
Leaving EcoFarm on Saturday afternoon heading to Watsonville to pick up my son and then ending in Aptos.
Aptos, California - 01/23/2017
On Wednesday leaving Santa Cruz at 4:30, picking my son up in Aptos at 5:30, leaving him with a friend in Watsonville and then heading to EcoFarm!
Los Gatos, California - 01/22/2017
Going to ecofarm
Zip: 95472 - 01/22/2017
Heading to EcoFarm MONDAY afternoon from Sonoma County, then back up SATURDAY morning.
Zip: 95060 - 01/21/2017
I'm on the Wednesday bus tour, leaving Santa Cruz at 6:20am on 1/25. I have room for 2 or three folks.
Soquel, California - 01/21/2017

I'm desperately looking for a ride to the conference on Tuesday. If anyone is going up for the pre-conference class and passes through Santa Cruz, I am more than happy to contribute to the journey. Thank you.

P.S. - I am potentially looking to commute from Santa Cruz, so if you are also from the Santa Cruz area and are not staying in Pacific Grove, we can work out a deal!
Zip: 94704 - 01/20/2017
Looking for a ride from Berkeley to Santa Cruz on January 24th and then to San Jose Airport from Asilomar after the conference.
san Jose - 01/11/2017
We're flying into San Jose from SLC on Tuesday 1/24 at 11:30pm. I know it's an oddball time, but we'll have room for 2 in our rental car. holler!
San Diego, California - 01/07/2017
From San Diego or Los Angeles to conference. Flexible!
Zip: 95926 - 12/18/2016
I'd like a ride from the Chico area to the Ecofarm Conference on 1/25, and my timing is flexible. I can also come to Sacramento or Davis if that's where you're driving from. I don't need a ride back. We can swap farming stories, or just listen to music - I'm an easy traveling partner.