Echoes in Time 2019

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Portland, Oregon - 07/20/2019
I will be leaving late in the evening on Sunday from the Portland area, after 7 PM.

I am able to offer a ride to someone who is ok with arriving late.

I am able to transport at least one person back to Portland on Saturday as well. Possibly more, depending on how much stuff we can fit in my car. I drive a prius.
Zip: 97202 - 07/19/2019
I can give a ride to someone if they can meet me in southeast. I will be leaving Sunday afternoon.

I need to play the return ride by ear because I have some health issues and I might not be able to make it the whole time so we shall see. I'm okay with a one-way rider also.

Olympia, Washington - 07/18/2019
Hi there - I’m Coco in Olympia and I’m looking to hop in on a ride down on Sunday the 21st and arise back Saturday the 27th. Delighted to chip in for gas and snacks.

In gratitude,

Berkeley, California - 07/15/2019
One way to Echoes from Berkeley, CA. Room for one person and their supplies. Driving with me and my daughter.
Mesa, Arizona - 07/13/2019
I want to go to Echos this year. However I need help with gas. If you need a ride, I've got plenty of room. Could fit a few possibly. I'll probably be traveling through Southern California all the way up the coast. I can leave early if you want to make a fun roadtrip out of it or drive straight through. Either way, I'm laid back.
Seattle, Washington - 07/09/2019
Hi! I'm looking for a ride from Seattle down to Echos.

I don't have much stuff and I can pitch in for gas and snacks.

San Francisco, California - 06/25/2019
I need help driving to Echoes and Time, from San Francisco.

I will pay for all the gas and expenses.

Jim Langell
Grants Pass, Oregon - 05/31/2019
I'm planning to drive up from Grants Pass through Roseburg and possibly Eugene. I have 4 seats available.
Zip: 97215 - 05/19/2019
Hey y'all! This will be my second year attending Echoes. :)

I am looking for a ride from the Portland area (I am in SE) to the event and back to Portland again. I'd love to be there by Sunday 21st, although am flexible. I will need to be back in Portland by Sunday evening of the 28th. I am a light packer, do not need a ton of space, and I am happy to contribute for gas.

Looking forward to connecting! - Karro
Zip: 95616 - 04/20/2019
My teen and I are exploring different ways to get to Echoes this year, from rideshare to public transit to renting a car. If you are headed up from anywhere on our route, please let us know!