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Adventist Agricultural Association Annual Conference 2018

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Dallas, Texas - 01/13/2021
My friend and I arrive around 9:30 on Wednesday and are looking to carpool or find a ride, if you are arriving around the same time and would be able to take us or would like to carpool and split expenses please let me know!
Dallas, Texas - 12/18/2020
Looking for a ride for one at 9:15pm on Monday the 11th from DFW airport to 2021 AdAgrA Conference.

I will also need to arrive back at the airport on Sunday the 17th by 10:45AM.
Dallas, Texas - 10/30/2020
Looking for a ride for two at noon on Wednesday, January 13 from DFW airport to the 2021 AdAgrA Conference in Glen Rose.
Glen Rose, Texas - 01/17/2018
I have space for 3 for an early flight Sunday morning to love field. My flight is at 8:40am and am happy to give ride.
Dallas, Texas - 01/16/2018
I arrived at Dallas Ft Worth Airport, Terminal E and would very much appreciate a ride to the Conference Retreat Center. I will help with gas costs if you like. Thank you. Please call or text 702-533-7151
Williamsport, Tennessee - 01/15/2018
Arriving on 1/19 Friday pm in Dallas Airport. I need a ride and will contribute expenses from Dallas airport to the conference.
Houston, Texas - 01/15/2018
Houston to Glen Rose.

Leaving 16 January at 12 noon.

Driving back Sunday afternoon.
Dallas, Texas - 01/11/2018
Me and my Wife renting vehicle or Uber from DFW airport to Glen Rose. Will share expenses with anyone needing ride to the conference. We will depart from the DFW airport close to midnight on Tuesday Jan 16th
Arkadelphia, Arkansas - 01/09/2018
There are three of us needing a ride just down to the conference (we have a ride back). We can meet right along I-30 at exit 73 (Arkadelphia, AR). We would be happy to help cover gas expense on the way down.
Dallas, Texas - 01/09/2018
Flying into Dallas Love Field and would love a ride to the conference. Just one person. Happy to share rental exspenses. Please let me know. Thanks, Stephanie
Winston-Salem, North Carolina - 01/04/2018
Winston-Salem to Glen Rose and back. Leaving January 13 and coming back the 22.
King, North Carolina - 01/03/2018
Will pay half of all expenses
Falcon, Colorado - 01/03/2018
We have 1 (maybe 2) spaces available for sharing of the fuel cost there to Glen Rose TX and back.
Dallas, Texas - 01/03/2018
There are five of us needing a ride to and from the conference from the Dallas airport. We can split up. :)
Dallas, Texas - 12/26/2017
Renting vehicle from DFW airport to Glen Rose. Will share expenses with anyone needing ride to agric. conference
Dallas, Texas - 12/23/2017
I'm looking for a ride from either Dallas airport to the conference. I can share expenses.
Hanover Park, Illinois - 11/19/2017
I need a ride, and will be happy to share cost of gasoline and driving time. Contact me ASAP to decide if I can plan to attend the conference.
Berrien Springs, Michigan - 10/24/2017
Need ride for one but possibly two to Glen Rose TX for this conference. Will help with driving.