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2021 Adventist Agricultural Conference

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Dallas, Texas - 01/11/2021
Hi, my name is Erik, a student from weimar who needs a ride to the conference, arriving on Tuesday at 9:15 PM. Would be very grateful! 530 498 0205
Texas, United States - 12/23/2020
Looking for ride for me and 2 sons (10 and 11 years) arriving to DFW Tuesday January 12 at 3:08 PM.

And leaving Sunday January 17 at 11:30 AM.

Tony Fuentes. 760-835-5344

Burleson, Texas - 12/21/2020
Planning on traveling to the Conference and back to Burleson, Wednesday through Sabbath. We may have a couple cars going, just let us know with time.
Dallas, Texas - 12/21/2020
I will be renting a cargo van and have room for a few people and have much room for their luggage. I will be arriving Monday at 9:29 am and if anyone is arriving later that would be alright, i could schedule you in. text/call Fred 336-703-7159
Dallas, Texas - 12/18/2020
I am arriving in DFW on Wed at 11 AM and leaving DFW on Sun at 10:00 AM and would like a ride.
Oklahoma, United States - 12/18/2020
I am arriving into DFW on Wed (13th) at 11 AM and departing DFW on Sun (17th) at 10 AM and would like to have/share a ride.
Dallas, Texas - 12/16/2020
Looking for a ride to and from DFW, I am arriving at DFW at 5 PM on Tuesday the 12th and leaving DFW at 11 AM Sunday 17th.
Dallas, Texas - 12/11/2020
Hi! Me and my friend are looking for a ride or to carpool, we are arriving Wednesday morning at 9:30 at DFW international airport.
Burleson, Texas - 12/10/2020
Could take 1 or 2 people without too much luggage to conference location on Monday morning. I'm staff and have to be there early.