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All Good Festival 2012

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Zip: 43205 - 07/19/2012
Kendra, 614-905-6315, Need ride for Saturday, 7/21, get there at 9am or as soon after that as possible. It's All Good!
Zip: 43219 - 07/19/2012
Flight getting into Columbus airport at 10:10 am Friday morning and need a ride to Allgood. Will pay $
Zip: 43076 - 07/19/2012
I am picking up a friend at the All Good Festival on Sunday late afternoon, $20 gets a spot in my station wagon. If you're looking for a ride back to the Columbus area let me know. I need to be on the road no later than 4pm. Happy Festival!
Zip: 43214 - 07/19/2012
I am running a friend out to the All Good Festival from Columbus on Friday after work. $20 gets you and your gear a seat in my station wagon. Shooting for a 4:30-5pm departure time but I can work with you on that.
dublin Oh - 07/18/2012
From OK car broke down in IL made it all the way to Dublin now I'm stuck 2174020069 plz help got $20 been waiting on the good all year
Columbus airport - 07/18/2012
At the airport in Columbus, need a ride to ALLGOOD, would love to be swooped up, can help with gas and good vibes
CMH Airport - 07/18/2012
Offering a ride in a small car. Leaving CMH around 5pm Thursday. I'm sure I can take 2 people if you don't have too much stuff.
Zip: 43202 - 07/18/2012
hello i need a ride from clintonville (columbus, oh) to allgood this weekend. right now i cant leave until after four on friday but i am trying to work it out so i can leave anytime of friday. i would be more than willing to help pay for gas!
Zip: 13210 - 07/17/2012
Looking for a ride. Will split gas and help dirve and wanted. I can leave Wed or Thursday. Let's have a fun roadtrip! (college student at SU)
Zip: 25304 - 07/17/2012
I'm coming from Charleston, WV, will drive at least 30minutes out of the way for you and have an extra ticket for cheap! Must throw in gas! Not much room but enough to be comfortable !!! email me!
Zip: 11577 - 07/17/2012
Need a ride from long island or NYC, I can help pay for gas and don't take up much space.
Washington DC - 07/16/2012
heading to all good to have a good time friday night at about 6 (hopefully in time for galactic late night). heading back sunday afternoon. have bike rack and roof rack if needed. 2 seats left in 4 seat 4runner. you can call me anytime at 3862992308. cheers!
Zip: 49503 - 07/16/2012
Im leaving GR Wednesday night around midnight and going to jackson for a rest stop and to see my family. Will go to Allgood and be back in GR sometime on Monday or Tuesday. Really would like to not drive alone!!!
Zip: 60089 - 07/16/2012
My boyfriend & I are coming from around Chicago, IL & trying to find a few more people to fill up the car & pitch in on gas!! I have room for two more people...three if you pack light! Looking forward to meeting any new people who want to travel with us!! =]
Zip: 21409 - 07/16/2012
me and three other people trying to go day early, wedsnday, will pay way with gas, and if you contact will describe reason fro going day early
Zip: 44122 - 07/16/2012
Coming to All Good on Friday afternoon from Cleveland to meet my friend, who will drive me back. Looking to leave here around 2 or 3. Will fill up your tank and buy snacks for the road. Non-smoker, good travel companion. Let me know mif you can help me get there.
Zip: 30135 - 07/15/2012
2001 Hyundai. 4 seats available. Little room in trunk. Driving from Douglasville, GA. Can pick up from ATL or surrounding area. PLEASE NOTE* This will be one way only! I will be driving to Milwaukee afterwards. Sorry folks, but if you still want a ride let me know. Email me up!
Zip: 01002 - 07/15/2012
My boyfriend and I are heading from Amherst, MA and we need some help on the way. We can take 2 others willing to split gas!
Zip: 62905 - 07/15/2012
Help! Had my ride back out last min, hoping to share a ride and split gas from SO IL or somewhere along the way (and back). Working a WET shift on Thurs, so hoping to arrive Wed or Thurs morning. Good vibes, valid DL, meeting friends there, and pumped for All Good!
Zip: 63123 - 07/13/2012
My friend and I need a ride to the festival only. We have gas money and need to arrive sometime Wednesday. We are coming from St. Louis MO.
Zip: 80487 - 07/13/2012
Me and my friend got ditched last min by our ride. We got gas money, we got good vibes, we even got a free ticket! We can meet up with anyone surrounding the colorado area!
Zip: 20166 - 07/12/2012
Zip: 08505 - 07/11/2012
Looking to catch a ride from the south jersey/Philly area to allgood and back if possible. I've gone the past 2 years and I don't wanna miss this!! Definitely willing to throw down for gas and whatnot, also got an extra 4 day pass!
Zip: 22901 - 07/11/2012
my names trish I'm trying to go to All Good i can possibly help out with gas. i need a ride there and back.i live in charlottesville so i need a ride from there and back or somewhere near by.
Zip: 41048 - 07/10/2012
Hey there! I am flying into the Cinninatti airport on the 19th around 11am and need a ride to the festival gates! I am a fun and energetic second time All Good go-er and I'm super pumped to be going back this year! I am willing to pay for gas and anything else I can help with. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks so much!
Zip: 33157 - 07/09/2012
Name's Alexandra 786-247-6017, I'm looking for a ride to All Good. I'm a relaxed chilling person and can help with gas $ and such.
Zip: 02886 - 07/06/2012
Im leaving from RI on the 18th and coming back right after the festival. I got room for 2 or 3 in my car right now. im definately willing to grab people along the way as well if they arnt far off the route.
Zip: 22801 - 07/06/2012
I'm Sully and I'm leaving from the harrisonburg area on Wed. I have room for two people who can help with gas.
Zip: 33012 - 07/05/2012
I am in a van heading out around the 17th of july for All Good!
Zip: 49203 - 07/02/2012
Kind Hippie Mama seeks round trip ride - flexible on arrival & departure dates, as well as cost. Leaving from Jackson, MI but could meet up as far south as Toledo, OH. Please make my festy dreams come true!
Zip: 21532 - 07/02/2012
Me and my boyfriend are offering a ride anywhere from where we are leaving in frostburg to All Good Music Festival. We will be traveling through Morgantown. We are leaving early Thursday. Help with gas money is appreciated.
Zip: 22153 - 07/02/2012
I need a ride from Springfield, VA (or somewhere nearby)...I am good company, I dont smoke but I dont care if anyone does, and I will chip in for gas and drive if need be. I will have to go back on Sunday since I have work Monday morning.
Baltimore, Md 21211 - 07/01/2012
Driving from Baltimore in a reliable roomy car, looking for a non-smoking passenger to share gas expenses, be company on the ride. I don't expect to be buddies for the duration of the festival, necessarily.
Zip: 43204 - 06/27/2012
I am volunteering at All Good and probably need to be there a day or 2 early. Obviously I will throw in on gas etc. Hope to hear from you soon.
Zip: 35205 - 06/26/2012
in birmingham and need a ride. have cash for gas. you can text me at 8434960301
Zip: 38112 - 06/26/2012
in memphis and need a ride. will have cash or pins for gas money.
boston - 06/26/2012
03110 manchester nh - 06/26/2012
lookin for a ride to all good
Manchester, NH - 06/24/2012
Zip: 15143 - 06/20/2012
43206 - 06/18/2012
Hello, I have transportation to and from the festival, but I am looking for Air Conditioned RV accomodations on Friday and Saturday night. If you have a clean RV, and are willing to negotiate a price for usage of private sleeping space, please call me at 225-936-6603. I'm not a freak, I'm a comedian who appreciates a guaranteed clean place to retreat & unwind, and I'm willing to pay for it.
43206 Columbus, Ohio - 06/15/2012
need ride to festival. live in downtown columbus, house is less than ten minutes off freeway. will give 30$ for gas n supply drinks, herbal tea, good company. it's just me, might b one more all my friends r backing out (lazy bums). somebody PLEASE help me get there.
55906/Rochester MN - 06/09/2012
Looking for a ride!!!!!!!!
15232- Pittsburgh - 06/07/2012
Planning on going Thursday morning- my friends all bailed, so I can take 1 or 2 people from around the Burgh!
Zip: 46506 - 06/05/2012
I have a car but all my friends backed out and I'd rather chip in for gas and hitch a ride than waste gas going by myself if anyone is interested.
Zip: 30114 - 05/23/2012
I'm cody. Need ride from GA to ALLGOOD. I'll be traveling with a guitar. It'll be fun, now let's go for a ride!
34997/Stuart, Fl - 05/18/2012
Justin 772-485-2127 Great company and of course I would help with gas $!
Zip: 80443 - 04/18/2012
I need a ride from anywhere in Colorado, round trip...from Ohio gotta get back for this. Can help with gas money. 740-317-8656
Zip: 47905 - 04/10/2012
I need a ride for one, round trip! Paul 765-838-3829
Zip: 47905 - 04/10/2012
I need a ride for one, round trip!
Zip: 33770 - 03/28/2012
Charlie 727-600-9133
Zip: 45177 - 03/27/2012
Zip: 44256 - 03/24/2012
Im a chill girl, I will share my tent with you (room for 6) and I bought my ticket I just dont have a ride. Please help :)
Zip: 17268 - 03/12/2012
lookin for a possible ride to and from all good, very laid back guy willin to go halfs on whatever along the way.
11103/Astoria - NY - 03/05/2012
will share expenses & more!
Zip: 85281 - 02/25/2012
Looking for a ride from Phoenix & back to the All-Good Festival...I need a ride for me & my girlfriend, so I am more than willing to pay a MUCH larger portion of the gas. I have been to Buckeye Lake more than a few times over the years & am really looking forward to getting back to my old stomping grounds! We both lived just minutes from the infamous ALPINE VALLEY for 30 years before moving to AZ. I have been to a ton of festivals over the years, but would be virgins to the ALL GOOD Experience, so we really want to add ALL GOOD to our list! With the prices of gas, we would much rather help out our brothers & sisters & make sure that we are a part of limiting the amount of vehicles on the road & emissions in the air!! . So, if anyone is interested in helping us get back home, hit me up! peace. Brian & Debbie (602)741-828one
Zip: 13502 - 02/24/2012
need a ride to and from ALL GOOD for 2 laid back easy going fun individuals....we will help pay for gas and share driving
Zip: 60612 - 02/24/2012
I need a ride to allgood festival from chicago. If anyone is going, I would love to chip in for gas and food or whatever!
Zip: 77059 - 02/23/2012
I've never been to a music festival before! After seeing Shpongle once, I can't miss them again. If anyone is willing to give me a ride there, that would be unbelievable.