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2017 Blackfriars Conference

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Staunton, Virginia - 10/28/2017
I need to be at the Charlottesville train station by 7 am. I'm happy to share a ride!
Staunton, Virginia - 10/28/2017
Looking to share a ride early to the Charlottesville airport on Sunday; need to be at the airport by 5AM.
Zip: 24401 - 10/25/2017
I have an early flight from Charlottesville on Sunday. Must be at airport by 6:00am. Would love to share an uber or taxi.
Charlottesville, Virginia - 10/23/2017
Getting into Charlottesville Airport Tuesday at 4:15 pm. Need a ride to Staunton.
New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/23/2017
I will be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:19 and would love to share a taxi with someone to Staunton. Let me know if you're interested.

Schenectady, New York - 10/21/2017
I'm arriving into Charlottesville at 2:52 on 10/24 and would love to share a ride or a cab with a fellow attendee!
Charlottesville, Virginia - 10/17/2017
Hi there, I arrive at CHO airport at 9:54pm Tuesday the 24th. Anyone getting in late who wants to carpool to Staunton? Returning to CHO Sunday for a 10:50 am flight. Would love to carpool back, leaving Staunton around 7:30. Thanks!
Charlottesville, Virginia - 10/05/2017
I'm looking for a ride or carpool from the Charlottesville–Albemarle Airport into Staunton on Tuesday (10/24) around 8:45PM and back on Sunday (10/29) for a 7AM flight.
Pella, Iowa - 10/04/2017
I need a ride from Charlottesville to Staunton and back again. I arrive in Charlottesville around noon on the 24th and need a ride to Staunton. I leave on Sunday, the 29th and need to leave Staunton around 1:00PM.
Schenectady, New York - 09/14/2017
Hello! I have a 2:52 arrival into the Charlotteville Airport and am hoping to share a cab/ride/etc. Thanks!
Charlottesville, Virginia - 08/28/2017
Hello! I'm arriving in Charlottesville on 10/24 at 6:30 pm and would love a ride, or to join in a carpool to Staunton if possible.
Washington DC - 07/18/2017
I need a ride to the conference and am flying in to DC from the UK. I'll be there on Sunday actually but have accommodation in Staunton from Tuesday so was going to catch a train Tuesday morning. A ride would be even better though!
Zip: 24401 - 07/17/2017
I am a resident of Staunton, Virginia. I will be happy to offer rides to/from the Charlottesville airport and around the Staunton area during the week of the Blackfriars conference. If interested, please contact me!