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Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013

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Zip: 37214 - 06/10/2015
Hi Everyone! I am flying into Nashville on 6/11 at 11:47 AM and would love to try and catch a ride from the airport to the festival. I can pitch in for gas and don't mind hanging around for a bit if someone is coming in a little later. I am traveling solo and this is my first time at the Roo.
Toronto, Ontario - 02/20/2014
Hey guys! 4 of my friends and I are leaving from toronto to head to bonnaroo! This is our first time going, we're going to be renting an RV to get down there. We haven't decided between the 5 person RV or the 7, if you and some friends wanna come with us then 7 person it is!
Zip: 22801 - 10/22/2013
Traveling solo. Hoping to find someone with the same agenda as mine. Roooooo
Mundelein, Il - 07/12/2013
Aya, we are two french people looking for a carpool going from Chicago to Asheville on the 21st or 22nd of july, and then comibg back 3 or 4 days later. Let us know if we can find something !
Zip: 30809 - 07/05/2013
have camping gear and supplies. will pitch in towards costs. MUST be reliable . SWF.
Nashville Airport - 06/13/2013
Flight delayed from NY to Nashville need ride at approx 10 pm... Help!
nasville, tn - 06/13/2013
looking for a ride from Nashville airport tomorrow morning 6/14/2013 to the farm
Zip: 33161 - 06/13/2013
This will be my 7th Bonnaroo. My friend who is already in TN won last minute tickets and I need a ride up there because I drive a 20 year old convertible that is not suitable for the farm in Manchester and this is very last minute. I am a non-smoker who doesn't mind if others smoke and I am packing light. I can share drive-time and gas plus some extra cash.
Ft.Lauderdale - 06/12/2013
I have no money, all I have to offer in exchange for gas money are some valuable vinyl records and rare posters worth more than the gas thatd I'd be putting in your vehicle. I only need a ride ONE WAY!! Please and thank you.
Zip: 02748 - 06/12/2013
my friend and i need a ride to the nashville airport on sunday, flight leaving at 11. we are willing to pay for gas!!! please contact me if this is possible!!!
Zip: 29611 - 06/12/2013
Looking for a lift from Greenville, Sc today or tomorrow. I'm actually working there for the third year. I know my way around pretty good and can help you out finding your way around and such. Very laid back and not broke.
Nashville Airport - 06/12/2013
Nate here again, I've posted before, just updating. I'm giving rides all day Wednesday 12th, up to 10 p.m. 25 bucks, less if I have a full van. I'm looking to help people out, not make a bunch of money. I have limited internet access, so call or text 763-219-5149. Hope to help you out!
Zip: 60115 - 06/12/2013
My Husband and I have 2 spots in our car, leaving from Dekalb tonight (Wednesday) at 10 pm. We ask that each person be able to pitch in 55$ for gas. We also have an extra ticket if anyone going needs one.
Zip: 72701 - 06/12/2013
Will be leaving around 6pm Wednesday afternoon and returning home on Monday morning. Have room for 2 or 3 depending on how much bagage you have. Would just require splitting gas! Thanks!
Zip: 46123 - 06/12/2013
Leaving Indy area around 7 on Wednesday. Have room for one! Please contact if in need.
Zip: 75077 - 06/12/2013
22 male Dallas, Texas Got a wristband tonight from someone who can't make it. I don't trust my car. So I was looking for someone to ride with. I will throw for gas. And I'd have a ride back unless you'd like someone to ride back home with. Ill be meeting up with a large group. And you are more than welcome to join. The more the merrier
Nashville Airport - 06/11/2013
Need a ride from Nashville airport at 9AM on Thursday. Need a ride back to Nashville airport at 1PM on Sunday. Help! My friends suck
Zip: 86001 - 06/11/2013
Ride & Ticket for $300! The name is Steven. My buddy is no longer able to go. I am going to be driving down the I40 straight to the roo. If anyone has 300 and wants a ticket and a ride let me know!
Zip: 08005 - 06/11/2013
Hey looking to leave tomorrow and have 2 seats available
Nashville Airport - 06/11/2013
Hi, Landing at 5:20 tomorrow at Nashville Airport. Would love a ride to Bonnaroo and a stop at Walmart before going. Willing to pay for gas and a lil bit. Just in need for a cool ride ! If you go back on Monday EVEN better! I'm meeting friends there but can always use more :)
Zip: 60622 - 06/11/2013
Hey, Im Meredith. Im taking the megabus to Nashville tomorrow and arrive at 10:30 pm at the megabus stop. Desperately need a ride to bonnaroo that night. Please message me if you have room and can take me!
Zip: 37920 - 06/11/2013
26 year old girl needs a ride from knoxville to bonnaroo. Working until 4 on thursday so it would have to be after that,
Zip: 20008 - 06/11/2013
Three 22 y/o awesome people offering a ride from the DMV area. We are all post-volunteering so we're leaving DC tomorrow (the 12th in the afternoon) and returning that following thursday (20th) after the festival is over. If you need just a ride there totally cool, or just a ride back, totally cool also. Just splitting cost of gas and a little extra since we rented the car (nothing crazy!) We can pick you up on our way down to the farm! hope to hear from ya!
Knoxville, TN - 06/11/2013
HI everybody, my friend and I will be arriving in Knoxville at about 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday night, if anyone is swinging through there around that time, a ride from Knoxville to Bonnaroo (and back to Knoxville once the festival ends) would be of great assistance! Thanks so much!
Zip: 08609 - 06/11/2013
Looking for 2 people to rent an SUV, or 1 to rent a Sedan, with 2 30 and 33 year old guys from Trenton, NJ. Looking to leave in the afternoon tuesday TODAY. Please call 6096385307 if you can spend abuot 170-200 on rental and gas. We are looking to have a good time! I am promoting a toy I invented, and my frienid is a photographer for pitchfork (we're not snobs like them, though!!) you'll rarely meet more friendly people, and Mitch has all sorts of Bonnaroo stories. We will be in GUEST CAMPING, not general camping.
Sandusky, OH 44870 - 06/10/2013
My name is Sean and I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo, (June 13-16) leaving Wednesday, June 12. I'm in Sandusky, OH and willing to pitch in for gas money. Can't wait to meet fellow bonnaroovians and make great friends.
Zip: 12203 - 06/10/2013
29 yo old female. Want to leave Wednesday afternoon ~4pm to head down and drive to the farm and start the return on Sunday night. I need someone who can drive so we can take turns driving. I have a reliable little Toyota Corolla that can get us there. I can you pick up if you're on the route (or a little off of the route) from Albany to the show...
Zip: 37214 - 06/10/2013
Need ride from Nashville Airport Wed night (13th) to Manchester festival campgrounds. thanks!
Zip: 36532 - 06/10/2013
Car trouble. Need ride. two people.
Zip: 36604 - 06/10/2013
Heading out of Mobile Wednesday morning and would love to split up some gas costs, got room for 1 or two folks. Will likely leave Monday morning.
Zip: 17104 - 06/10/2013
Leaving Harrisburg area. Got room for one. Linking up with a couple from Chicago down In Louisville and going down in an RV from there. We dont mind if you camp with us at all. Feel free to shoot me an email if you need a ride and youre between harrisburg and louisville
Zip: 18210 - 06/10/2013
Seems my ride and camping freind has backed out and looking for a ride to bonaroo 2013. 33 yr old male in desperate need for some transportation options.. Hit me up..
Nashville ban - 06/10/2013
I am driving folks to and from roo. Send me a email if you need a ride. I have been doing this for several years. I am a local and can bypass the traffic!!!
Zip: 08648 - 06/10/2013
Leaving NJ on Tuesday for Bonnaroo. Need a ride? I need folks to chip in for gas.
Zip: 45247 - 06/10/2013
I'm driving down from Cincinnati on Thursday 6/13. I'll be leaving the Clifton area at 10 a.m. sharp (on a tight schedule to meet friends at the gate coming up from Mississippi). I plan on hitting the road back early Monday morning, possibly even Sunday evening. If anyone needs a ride (possibly 2 people if light packers) one or both ways let me know, just asking for gas money.
Zip: 32207 - 06/10/2013
3 laid back females driving an RV up from Jacksonville, FL. Could pick up/drop off along way. Let us know if interested!!!
Zip: 61455 - 06/09/2013
My friend and I are looking for someone to take us to Bonnaroo. We can drive up to two hours distance from Macomb IL to hitch a ride (that is all the distance my old lady car can take). I don't get off of work until 430 Wed. night so we couldn't leave until then. We are willing to help pay for gas. Thanks!
Lucerns california - 06/09/2013
I am trying to get to bonnaroo.I have a hundred on gas and one medium size back pack.I am clean kind and needing a ride.Any help would be great.Blessings and positive vibes.
Knoxville, Tennessee - 06/09/2013
Hi everybody, my friend and I are coming to Bonnaroo all the way from New Jersey. However, we've figured a way to get to Knoxville by roughly 7-7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, June 12. The issue, then, is getting from the Knoxville Transit Center to Bonnaroo in Manchester. Help from anybody that could help out from Knoxville and isn't planning to get there until 10-12 Wednesday night would be GREATLY appreciated!
Zip: 02025 - 06/09/2013
Traveling with my friend and looking for passengers! Planning on having a fun road trip and looking for sane, fun people to come with us! Please contact me ASAP if you're interested in a ride!
Zip: 48324 - 06/09/2013
Hi, heading to 'roo for my first time and am hoping to join someone on the ride down. I'm volunteering so I have to be there by the 11th but can share driving duties and will chip in for gas. Hoping to be picked up in SE MIchigan but would gladly take a bus and meet up in Chicago, Toledo or Nashville. Thanks!
Zip: 78704 - 06/08/2013
Hello! So I am going to Bonnaroo and have an open seat in my car! Here's what you need to know: -I only have space for 1 person, no pets. -I will be departing Austin July 12 at 5:00pm sharp -This is a one way trip since I am moving to Atlanta afterwards. -As a result, I will have most of my worldly possessions with me meaning not a lot of space for your stuff. -I will be passing through Waco, Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson and Nashville. You are welcome to ride with me all or part of the way. Whoever is willing to ride with me the farthest has preference. -For liability reasons, I am the only one who can drive so I will be stopping near Little Rock to sleep. --I will be dropping off my non-Bonnarroo related stuff off near Nashville, Depending on how long it takes to get through the roo traffic I'm estimating an ETA of 7pm. -We split gas. If all that sounds good hit me up! Also looking to join a caravan :)
Zip: 37075 - 06/08/2013
I'm from Nashville and my friend and I need a ride to Bonnaroo and back due to car troubles. We're willing to pay $30 each round-trip. We're more than happy to share a part of our Bonnaroo experience with anyone. We would like to be at Bonnaroo on the 12th and come back in the afternoon on the 16th.
Zip: 33064 - 06/08/2013
leaving from south florida anyone from miami to bonaroo can provide for one more person maybe two depends
Zip: 75840 - 06/08/2013
Hey I am a college guy, 23, driving a Jeep from Fairfield TX. I am leaving Wednesday and driving straight through. I can fit up to 4 more people and would love to split the gas money! I have a group I am meeting down there but you are more than welcome to chill as well.
Zip: 06492 - 06/08/2013
Looking for a ride. I can drive part of the way.
Zip: 44805 - 06/08/2013
I live in Ashland Ohio... My name is Corey Ferguson and my ride bailed on me.. I have gas money if there is anyone out there that can help me get to bonnaroo.. My number is 419-496-6968
Zip: 17045 - 06/08/2013
24 Year Old Female: Will help pay for gas, I'm unable to drive, but will help if necessary!
Zip: 21061 - 06/07/2013
23 yr old male, looking to give a ride to during-show volunteers from Baltimore-Washington area.
32601 Gainesville - 06/07/2013
Will help drive and pay for gas. Looking to meet some swell people in the process. Can leave whenever just need a car to pick me up. On the way to TN just off I-75. Help spread the good vibes by carpooling
Zip: 61265 - 06/07/2013
I have a small four person car with a large trunk, and we're looking for people to carpool with us to save everyone money on gas.
Indianapolis in - 06/07/2013
2 extra seats open in an RV with some cool peoples!
Cincinnati oh - 06/07/2013
2 extra seats in an RV with cool people going to Bonnaroo! Leaving Wednesday evening around 8 or so.
Zip: 02906 - 06/07/2013
Hi! I am looking for a ride back from The festival. Anyone going to The New England area and willing to bring me along? I will contribute to gas!!
St. Louis. - 06/07/2013
Looking for a ride to Roo from St. Louis! Willing to chip in for gas! Let me know!! Dave
Zip: 84060 - 06/06/2013
leaving from park city utah sunday before bonnaroo. need to be at the farm tuesday evening to work. room for 1. if you want to work and make $ plus ticket let me know. returning from roo late on sunday or monday super early and b-lining it back to utah.
Zip: 53075 - 06/06/2013
Hi. I am coming from the Random Lake Wisconsin area and me and my daughter are going to Bonnaroo this year! We are offering a ride for anyone as long as it's on our way there.We go through northern Wisconsin, Chicago IL, Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville Kentucky, Nashville TN to Bonnaroo and anywhere directly or near in between. Must be able to pay for SOME gas charges. Thanks, Suzy.
Zip: 10705 - 06/06/2013
Hello fellow Bonnarooians! My ride just bailed out last second so now I am heading to Roo Solo! My car would never make it to Tennessee, so I am renting a car to ride down with on Wednesday night ( With a marathon drive the whole night through) I plan to leave the festival Sunday night. So we'll most likely be home early evening Monday. I am also asking $50 a head for the car rental and we'll all take turns filling up the tank and driving along the ride! I am a musician, audio engineer, paranormal investigator, solar enthusiast, and lover of great music! (Hence my yearly pilgrimage to the Roo!) This will be my 6th year heading down to the farm! So I know the ins and outs of the festival. I am also fortunate to have a temporary disabled parking tag, so I'll be camping in the handicap section right outside of Centerroo! You are more than welcome to camp with me and take advantage of the amazing proximity to the show grounds, if not that's completely cool too! Male or Female are encouraged to write! Just let me know a little about yourself (maybe a facecbook page?) and we'll take it from there! Looking forward to an amazing Bonnaroo!!!
Memphis - 06/06/2013
30 year old chick who needs a ride from Memphis to Bonnaroo!!! I will be flying from NYC to Memphis on Tuesday, so I can leave Wednesday or Thursday. I will just have one large bag!!
Zip: 46074 - 06/06/2013
Me and a friend have some extra room for 1 or 2 people. Looking to leave Wednesday night (June 12) around 7.
Zip: 33480 - 06/06/2013
(2) Driving up in an RV - have room for to give ride to/from Florida or anywhere along the route to Manchester. This is our 2nd year and we are looking forward to fun again. Must have own tent, etc. as we are meeting up with others who are sharing the RV on site. But happy to provide transportation to/from in exchange for gas money. contact me via the email!
l3c7h6 - 06/06/2013
A bit of a road trip, 2 seats available. Leaving Monday the 10th from Pembroke ON, picking up a friend in Niagara, and staying the night. Tuesday leave for New Stanton PA to stay with another friend, break the driving up. Wednesday the final stretch to Bonnaroo. This is our second year, made the exact same trip last year, anyone care to join along the way?
Zip: 28105 - 06/05/2013
I am heading to Bonaroo (first timer) I took the 12th off work, so I am happy and planning to head up that day if that works. Or start driving and if your a long the way make a pit stop in your city! I was not planning on traveling alone, but my ball n' chain and I had some discrepancies which have changed those plans. My car is pretty lousy on gas mileage but is nice to ride in. I'm happy to take along groovy laid back travelers willing to chip in. If you get on my nerves Ill just push you out of the car.
Austin, Texas - 06/05/2013
We're two 23 year old women. Looking to split all expenses! We're ready to make some memories, as it is our first bonnaroo! We're hoping to leave Thursday and come back Monday! Help! Please.
Zip: 08620 - 06/05/2013
Going back for my 9th Bonnaroo. Would like to ride town as early as Tuesday night to arrive early Wednesday for no traffic easy access. Anyone who can give me a ride, I can offer gas money, driving abilities and knowledge of 8 trips to the Roo. Lots of stories and music for the drive from past Bonnaroos.
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/05/2013
Hi! I have a flight on the 16th (Sunday) at 8PM and would really appreciate if someone could give me a ride to the Nashville airport by 6 or 7 PM! Not sure how difficult it is to get out/how many people are leaving that day but I have to get back to real life by Monday :(
Zip: 11217 - 06/05/2013
My girlfriend and I are looking for a ride to roo. We are both on the taller side (6'10 and 6'2 respectively). I can give you further details upon request. We are friendly and easy going. Looking to head back Monday morning ideally.
Zip: 30319 - 06/05/2013
Driving to Bonnaroo from Atlanta, GA. Leaving Thursday, June 13, around 2 or 3pm. Just looking to split gas. Feel free to contact me on my cell number - 954-990-3458 Misha
Zip: 21131 - 06/04/2013
21 year old girl looking for a ride to Roo to arrive on the 11th! I could also use a ride home. I will split gas, snacks, driving, whatever! This is my second time going to Bonnaroo and my second time volunteering. I'm going to be working in toll booths this year. 420 friendly but I don't have to bring it with us if you prefer.
Nashville Airport - 06/04/2013
Hey 'Roo'ers! Nate here, 25 yr old with a minivan. I'm driving down with a couple pre-fest volunteers who need to be at 'Roo by 10 a.m. on the 11th. Since I'm not a volunteer, I'm planning on giving airport rides on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have up to 6 seats. I can pick you up on the way Tuesday morning, or you can ride with me Tuesday afternoon, or anytime Wednesday. Let me know what you need, and we'll work something out. Hope I can help! Thanks!
Zip: 37087 - 06/04/2013
I am driving folks to and from bonnaroo. Check out my Facebook page bonnaroo 2013 shuttle. I have been doing this for 6 years and I am a local..
Apopka, Florida - 06/04/2013
Will be leaving the 12th around 6pm. Will be coming back the 16th mid-day / evening. Have two spots available. 50$ 1 way 100$ both.
Toronto, Ontario - 06/04/2013
2 early 20's University students heading down for my 3rd, his 1st, with space for 2+ more - $100 per person both ways, we're very laid back, like to party, please no drugs across the border (there are plenty there). We could camp together - please reply with facebook profile (had a bad experience last year)
Nashville Airport BNA - 06/04/2013
Hey!!! My girl has a test Friday so she can't come down with my group but is going to try and fly in Friday afternoon. She might not make it in time to catch the last shuttle bus, I was wondering if anyone is coming out late and would be able to scoop her up on your way. I hope something works out because this is her first fest EVER and I reeaaalllyyyy don't want her to miss it! I hope someone can help us out! Thanks!
Nashville Airport - 06/04/2013
Volunteering at roo so arriving early Tuesday (the 11th) at the airport. If anyone is willing to swing by and help out! Will help with gas.
Nashville Airport - 06/04/2013
Hey! My friend and I are flying from Los Angeles to Nashville and are getting in early Tuesday. We are volunteering at Bonnaroo so we need to be there by Tuesday night. Anyone able to give us a ride? We would be forever grateful and pitch in for gas! We also haven't figured out our camping situation so down to meet new friends and organize together. Thanks!
Zip: 11566 - 06/03/2013
One 22 year old guy heading down to Bonnaroooooooooo! Looking for a ride down where we can have happy fun times along the way. This is my third year, and I'll gladly split gas and snacks. Looking to leave around tuesday/wednesday. This is my third Bonnaroo, and I can bring down extra tarps in case it rains, and I have a big pop up camping shade for the camp site so we can hang out back at the campsite out of the sun. I was thinking of moving to Tents Only to be closer to centeroo, but that's still up in the air. 420 friendly as well, but I'm not planning on bringing anything if that's not your jam. Also I'm gay, but I don't imagine that being an issue with anyone.
Zip: 60194 - 06/02/2013
Hey! Happy 2013 Roo! A friend of mine and I (both 19 year olds, 1 guy and 1 girl) are looking for a ride to our 1st Bonnaroo! We will gladly split expenses/gas/snacks/etc.! Were looking for a round trip leaving Wednesday and returning Monday (to avoid busy traffic Sunday night.) We love all types of music and can bring some of our own! Hoping to coordinate stuff with someone and enjoy experience together! I am okay with smoking as I am a smoker and looking for a smoking car. Were here to bring some good vibes and let the good times roll!
Zip: 46383 - 06/02/2013
Hey! 21 year old chick looking for a ride! PLEASE! I am cool with all kinds of people, but my friends never bought a ticket. Totally down to make new friends!
Zip: 64111 - 06/02/2013
The two friends that planned to join me backed out due to finances and job responsibilities and I refuse to miss Roo this year so here I am. I'm super chill and get along with just about everyone I met. Looking for round trip and will gladly contribute for gas/expenses.
08053/Marlton, NJ - 06/01/2013
Hello! My name is Eddie Dioguardi and I am attending Bonnaroo with one other person, and currently have no ride. Any assistance would be awesome!
49684 -Michigan - 06/01/2013
26 yr old wickedly fun female looking for a ride, OR will drive if someone else is looking to ride. Will share gas costs, driving time, and all my supplies. Will drive anywhere in Michigan to meet up. I'm pretty chill and really fun. Just looking to spend a weekend in 'roo world!
Miami Fl - 05/31/2013
Awesome F looking for up to 4 pax for a ride to bonaroo - leaving anytime 6/12 or 6/13 only for the ride to the 'roo- heading up to NYC after If you're interested
Zip: 12428 - 05/31/2013
Looking for a ride for my party of 4, all between the ages of 18-23. We can travel to meet you in NY, and meeting in the city would be no problem for us. Looking to get to the farm early Thursday morning at the latest.
Zip: 53711 - 05/30/2013
Hey y'all, two male college students (19,20) heading down to Bonnaroo from Madison, WI. Would love to have more company and split gas. At least two seats available.
Zip: 14209 - 05/30/2013
Girlfriend and I (25years-old) are driving on 6/12 for our first bonnaroo. will have room for one rider. is one-way ride since we'll be staying in tennessee after bonnaroo.
New York City - 05/30/2013
30 yr old female needs a ride to Roo. This will be my SEVENTH Roo in a row! Let me know if you have room in your car for one to Roo! Thanks!
Knoxville - 05/30/2013
30 yr old female needs a ride from Knoxville to Roo. I'm taking a bus from NYC to DC to Knoxville. Let me know if you have room in your car for one to Roo! Thanks!
Zip: 87111 - 05/30/2013
Hey Brooers. A friend and I are heading to the farm this year and we have some car spots available. A few of our crew members recently backed out so we're looking for travelers to help lessen the cost of gas. We're leaving from Albuquerque NM and more than willing to pick up passengers along the way. We're two easy going college students (20,23) excited to meet fellow Bonnaroovians, shoot me a message for more details!
Zip: 03301 - 05/29/2013
I am volunteering at bonnaroo for the first time this year along with my boyfriend.We are looking for a ride down to the farm in time for check-in on Tuesday. We can meet you near any airport really :) Willing to pitch for gas and snacks etc!
Zip: 21228 - 05/29/2013
2 girls (21,22) volunteering looking for a ride to Roo. Gotta be there by 12 P.M on Tuesday, I think. Are totally willing to chip in for gas and snacks! Leaving from the DMV area, also looking for a ride back. Thanks!
Zip: 08050 - 05/29/2013
Heading down to my 3rd Roo and my usual crew have bailed. Have 1-2 seats available
Zip: 28403 - 05/29/2013
I am heading to Bonnaroo and need to find a ride from Wilmington, NC. Totallyyyyy down to split gas money and offering a great time! Let me know if your heading out near me and we can work something out ! Thanks
Zip: 77019 - 05/29/2013
My ride just bailed! I'm willing to split driving/split gas - want to leave on Wednesday, and come back on Monday - this'll be my 2nd roo, WOO!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 05/29/2013
Hello! My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to and from 'Roo. I'm a 22 year old female and he's 21. It's his second time and my first. We both live in the Philly suburbs but would be down to meet in Baltimore, Delaware, or Southern NJ as well. We'd be happy to chip in for gas/alcohol/other things too. Thank you!
60035/Chicago - 05/28/2013
Desperately need a ride to roo! Willing to help pitch in for gas/driving/etc
Zip: 80301 - 05/28/2013
Hey all! I'm riding with friends to the show, but I am volunteering post show and they are not. So I'd love to find a carpool and avoid flying home. Anybody headed west after post show volunteering? North will take me to the train too. Hit me up! -Bri
New York City - 05/28/2013
Two college students (2 girls) looking for a ride to bonnaroo. Happy to help out with cash
Zip: 70341 - 05/28/2013
Heading out from Baton Rouge on the 12th.
Zip: 20008 - 05/28/2013
Fun, chill 22 yr-old college student going to her 3rd bonnaroo!! meeting up with some cool folks down there, but no one going from DC!
Zip: 21221 - 05/27/2013
27 y/o male volunteering. I need to be there Tuesday. I am driving a VW eurovan camper, nice and spacious! looking for 3-4 more volunteers that are either willing to meet in Baltimore and leave you car at my house or are on the way down to the farm. I'd ask that we split the cost of gas and maybe you could give a little bit more for the wear and tear. totally up to you, and I wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't. I hope to hear from some of you soon
Zip: 48044 - 05/27/2013
Looking for people to fill up a large car. I can seat 7 including myself and fit all luggage comfortably. It's the ultimate road trip vehicle and I guarantee it'll be a fun time!
Zip: 23235 - 05/26/2013
From Richmond VA, looking for a ride to bonnaroo! my ride just bailed!
37127, Murfreesboro - 05/25/2013
2 people needing a ride from Select Inn, Murfreesboro to Bonnarooooooo!! If anyone is heading this way with 2 spare seats, please drop me a line! :)
nashville, tn - 05/24/2013
Looking for a ride on Tuesday June 11th to Bonnaroo! Need to check in before 6pm. Thanks!
Zip: 94501 - 05/24/2013
I am a first time volunteer at Bonnaroo this summer and the ride I had from BNA to The Farm in Manchester on June 11th fell through. Desperately looking to find a ride. Willing to split taxi fare, or pitch in for gas. HELP!
Downtown Toronto - 05/24/2013
2 23 year old girls looking for a ride to bonnaroo! Will chip in for gas fare
Buffalo,NY - 05/24/2013
6 of us (2 couples,2 single guys) going to Bonnaroo on Tuesday June 11th @ 6pm departing from Buffalo,Ny and returning towards home on Sunday & will b back in Buffalo Monday afternoon. $300 round trip, bring tent! $50 (via Western Union) to secure spot, as I don't want any last minute complications. Our ages range from 24-39. Any other ?'s feel free to EMail me & we can go from there. It's coming soon, let's move fast !!!
Buffalo,NY - 05/24/2013
6 of us (2 couples,2 single guys) going to Bonnaroo on Tuesday June 11th @ 6pm departing from Buffalo,Ny and returning towards home on Sunday & will b back in Buffalo Monday afternoon. $300 round trip, bring tent! $50 (via Western Union) to secure spot, as I don't want any last minute complications. Our ages range from 24-39. Any other ?'s feel free to EMail me & we can go from there. It's coming soon, let's move fast!!!
Nashville Airport - 05/23/2013
Hey, I am one male traveller, and I need a ride to Bonnaroo on Friday morning, 8:30 to 10 would be best, would really appreciate it, will pay gas + extra.
Zip: 32205 - 05/23/2013
26 year old female looking for a ride/ride share bothways. I'm working the fest so I'm trying to be there early wednesday and leaving monday morning.
Zip: 17313 - 05/22/2013
24 yr old female looking for a ride down to bonaroo from York, pa. I can travel some distance away to meet and would split the cost of gas. I would like to leave the 11th or 12th. im very easy going and laid back.
Zip: 37221 - 05/22/2013
18 year old male looking for ride from Nashville area. Happy to help with some Ca$H
Nashville Airport - 05/21/2013
Hey. Me and one of my boys will be landing at the Nashville Airport at 10:30. If we can get a ride that would be so hugeeeee. and much appreciated. and we have ca$h.
Zip: 19144 - 05/20/2013
I need a ride to Roo and back to Philly. Would like to get down there on Wednesday sometime. Can throw in some gas moneys for the trouble.
32807/ Orlando,fl - 05/20/2013
My roommate and I are a heading up the weekend before and will be staying at my cabin located 3 hrs from festival. Good times good people. If any questions feel free to contact me for more details
Zip: 82072 - 05/20/2013
Hey, I'm hoping to get to Bonnaroo! As is everyone else:) I didn't know I had a ticket till just today, so I don't have enough time to save up money to get there alone! I will have gas money, of course :) Outta Laramie Wyoming! - Carlie
Atlanta airport, GA - 05/19/2013
volunteering Bonnaroo. Need round trip from Airport in on thursday and must get back sunday early afternoon. Can help out with gas. Message if you can help either way.
Zip: 10003 - 05/18/2013
Hi, my sister and I are looking for a ride to roo and back, we are both fun loving college kids, so if anybody has room for two, let me know asap! Thanks! Oh yeah heading outta NYC
nashville, tn - 05/18/2013
Volunteering Bonnaroo; need a ride from Nashville --> Manchester on TUESDAY june 11th. Just have to be there anytime before 6pm. Any volunteers got an extra space in the car for me? Thanks, peace.
Zip: 86001 - 05/18/2013
Hello! My name is Steven. I am looking for a ride to Bonnaroo. My truck sucks on gas and has no AC. My friend, Kyle, just graduate with a philosophy and Political Science an will be needing a ride as well. I am 26 and he is 22. We are laid back individuals who are looking for a chill ride.
Zip: 20006 - 05/17/2013
27 year old female looking for a ride there and back. Hoping to leave the afternoon/evening of the 12th. Live in Northern VA, work in DC, but could meet anywhere in the area. Happy to pitch in for gas and food!
Zip: 50276 - 05/16/2013
Me and my Buddy are riding down on the 12th, we are willing to go a little out of our way to grab some people that want to go to the ROO!!!!
Zip: 31201 - 05/16/2013
Ridin solo cause everybody else thinks they are too cool for Roo now :( I have gas money to throw down but due to DUI I cant drive. We can even take my Yukon if you drive it! Let's go!
Zip: 29577 - 05/15/2013
Hello! 19 year old female looking for a ride there and back from the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I can meet within 100ish miles from MB and pitch in for gas. Thanks!
Nashville Airport - 05/15/2013
Looking for a ride from Nashville airport to Bonnaroo location on Wednesday night, June 12th (flight gets in around 9:15pm. Will pay for gas.Thank You!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 05/15/2013
21 year old female in need of a ride! I don't have a car but I do have a group to meet up with when we get there. I'll chip in for gas money.
Tallahassee, FL - 05/15/2013
Looking for a ride to Bonnaroo and back (staying all 4 days) from Tallahassee, FL or nearby. This is my first Roo! I'm a very laid back and respectful 30 year old female. Will chip in for gas. Thanks!
Zip: 02119 - 05/14/2013
My girlfriend and I are driving down to 'Roo from Boston on June 11th and we'll be leaving to return after the Tom Petty set on Sunday. We're looking for 1-2 passengers.
Zip: 29365 - 05/14/2013
21 year old female looking for car buddy. Cozy chevy colbalt If you can get a ride near spartanburg I can drive you to Roo! If you can listen to Tom Petty for 8 straight hours then my car is the place to be!
Toronto, Canada - 05/14/2013
Help get 2 females from Toronto, mid twenties to 'roo! We're looking at either to rent a van (more people the better) OR if anyone needs some company, we'd pitch in for gas/food/all that fun stuff. We're firstimers sure, but are pretty outgoing and are down for meeting new people! any other questions, just ask!
Nashville Airport - 05/13/2013
One female C'Roo volunteer, age 26, and one male C'Roo volunteer, age 24, looking for transportation from Nashville airport to Bonnaroo grounds on Tuesday, June 11. Must check in by 12 p.m.
Zip: 80487 - 05/13/2013
During show C'roo volunteer in need of a ride from Colorado to Bonnaroo. I need to arrive on Tuesday June 11th around 1pm to check in. Any other C'roo members heading to the farm from this area and can take and extra passenger? I will definitely throw in for gas/food/ etc. :))
Zip: 30907 - 05/13/2013
I need a ride to Bonnaroo in June! Just looking to carpool with someone that's already going. I have a ticket but no vehicle. I'm more than willing to throw down on gas.
Zip: 22903 - 05/12/2013
we are two male friends, both 25 years old, from Spain, actually I am living in Charlottesville since last year, and we would need a ride to go to the festival. We are able to travel since wednesday after 7.30 pm and return sunday anytime. We of course help with the gas and the only thing we can offer it's our best company and good music!!thanks!!!
nashville to bonnaroo - 05/11/2013
Hey all, I'm a 21 year old male from New York. I need a ride from Nashville to Bonnaroo on the 11th- I'll be volunteering. Can help with gas, etc. Returning on the 17th to Nashville. A ride either way would be much appreciated!
Boston, Massachusetts - 05/11/2013
I'm volunteering (During Show) so I need to be on site by June 11th. I'm a girl traveling on my own from Boston. Hopefully there will be some driving volunteers leaving from Boston or passing through! I will contribute to gas/food/etc.
midland, mi - 05/11/2013
looking for somebody to carpool with, me and my friend. will meet anywhere south of midland, preferably lansing, gr, kzoo or metro detroit. just trying to split gas the best way we can.
Zip: 92571 - 05/11/2013
Me and My cousin (two 19 year old guys) are planning our first ever road trip to Bonnaroo. We are planning on taking 5 seat car if you want to ride along let me know all we ask is to pitch in for gas.
St Louis - 05/10/2013
I am a 31 year old guy riding down with his brother and would be totally cool taking a couple people we will be renting a suv so should be enough room for two others.
frisco, tx 75034 - 05/08/2013
I am a 19 yro college girl that needs a ride along with three other awesome college people (two other girls and one guy). We need a ride to and from, and all are willing to pay gas and have a great time with! If you want to meet and hang out before to be comfortable with each other, let's! It would be a great time riding with us and we have great music!:) (214)4503282
Zip: 08901 - 05/08/2013
female volunteer looking for a ride down to the farm! i would need to be there by tuesday, the 11th around noon, so anyone else in the tri-state area (i'm willing to travel for a ride) who's headed down, please let me know! i'm totally down for helping out with gas, food, and emotional support. i'm dying to finalize my trip to bonnaroo this summer so you would be my lifesaver!!
Zip: 32822 - 05/08/2013
Hello I Just finished my 3rd year at Florida State University. My best female friend was suppose to be going to bonnaroo with me but she no longer can. I'm hoping to catch a ride with some other really nice who follow plur.
Zip: 38555 - 05/08/2013
Looking to catch a ride with some people to bonaroo. I live like an hour away from Manchester. Would totally throw money you name the price.
Zip: 23513 - 05/08/2013
I'm 21 and this is my first 'Roo. I had a friend to go with, but at the last minute he had to attend to some family matters in Europe. Now I'm looking for people to ride down and party with! I have a 4 door '09 Civic that's great on gas. LET'S GET WEIRD!
H3L 3L3 - 05/08/2013
Hi! Any chance someone is down driving from Montréal?? Me and my friend are looking for a ride, 23 years old male and female, first roo'ers and also willing to depart from Toronto, New york and pretty much anywhere easily accesible by bus from Montréal. will share gas and good times!
Zip: 30075 - 05/08/2013
Might have room for 1, maybe 2 in my 4-door honda depending on if my friend who's on the fence comes along. We're both 36-year-old guys. This is my third Roo. Went solo in '11 (actually gave a ride to a girl from the ATL airport and had a blast) and with friends last year. Probably leaving LATE Wednesday or possibly EARLY thursday morning. And if you're in Atlanta, maybe we can meet up at a show or something before Roo so we're all comfortable and have a kick ass time.
Zip: 36535 - 05/08/2013
I need a ride to and from. I don't have any friends going with me, so I wont take up much room. I can definitely pay gas in homage.
Zip: 77318 - 05/07/2013
This will be my 6th Roo, i have a 10x10 canopy and a huge 7 day marine cooler that stays cold all weekend long.
Zip: 47408 - 05/07/2013
Looking for a ride on June 11 because I'm volunteering at Bonnaroo. You can reach me at my email or by texting me at 5742101174. Thanks, Aaron!
Zip: 53703 - 05/06/2013
My name is Dusty, and I am driving from Madison, WI to Manchester, TN in a 4 door Toyota Yaris (with optional Space Case on top for extra cargo) to attend a 4-day music festival June 13-16, 2013: I'd love to carpool and have an awesome road trip with some fun people. It is sure to be an awesome pre-4th of July weekend. I've got room, and good gas mileage, and great music. :) One person confirmed as a passenger so far.
Zip: 02145 - 05/06/2013
I am a 24 year old female, very low maintenance, fun-loving, & independent. I have a valid MA drivers license, can contribute gas $, snacks, drinks, and can split some driving time!
Zip: 35111 - 05/05/2013
I already have my ticket but no ride. I am totally willing to split costs and maybe even throw in some extra but I would need to be dropped back off in birmingham.
Zip: 07649 - 05/04/2013
James: I'm a 23 year old law student. Hoping to leave Wed. night after work. Happy to split gas money. And I'm a safe driver, never been pulled over before, let alone a speeding ticket. I also have spotify on my phone, so we can listen to Bonnaroo tunes without any commercials!
40223 Louisville Kentucky - 05/03/2013
Hello, I am a 24 year old black male from South Africa. I recently moved to Kentucky and have no one to join me for the festival. I am a pretty laid back guy who is all about the music. Anyone who wants to share a ride or will allow me to camp with their group would be nice and make the experience better.
Zip: 12309 - 05/02/2013
I have a seat available (two if one is smallish and/or you don't have lots of gear) for the ride to Roo. Money for gas is appreciated, but if you're low on funds, it's all good. I also have an extra wristband coming which I have no need for, so if you don't have one yet, I have one to offer on the cheap. I'm looking to leave the Capital Area early Wednesday, arriving in Manchester Wednesday night (the Thursday card looks awesome yet again), and leave the farm Monday morning.
Zip: 73132 - 05/02/2013
I am an 18 year old female from Okc. I am very friendly, and am more than willing to throw down money for gas.
L1E2J1 - 05/02/2013
Two females looking for a ride or some others who would like to share renting a vehicle of some sort. Were 23 years old and first time rooers. Email me if interested or need some more people to fill up your car!!
Zip: 39553 - 05/01/2013
Hey! I'm looking for a ride leaving from anywhere along the Gulf Coast. I'm from Gautier, MS (Small town). I have to be there early to volunteer and I'd be an awesome addition to any car! Willing to help with gas ofcourse
08527 jackson nj - 05/01/2013
im 23 and this is my first roo. i live in jersey and can meet up with someone a about 150-200 miles away if need be. will have plenty of money for gas and other things that can be discussed
Zip: 50276 - 05/01/2013
Heading out of des moines, friends flaked out, need some peeps to ride with me, need to be willing to split expenses and be cool with a smoker...and be ready to get wild!!!
m4c 5j6 - 04/30/2013
4 awesome people need a ride from toronto to Bonnaroo! good convo and gas $$
Nashville International Airport - 04/30/2013
'Roo Volunteer - looking for a ride, so that I can be on site Tuesday evening. My flight will get in Tuesday afternoon. I will happily cover gas costs and offer good conversation. Thanks!
m6m 3c1 - 04/28/2013
three 23 year old ladies need a ride to and from toronto to bonnarroo! Will pitch for gas and can help out with the driving.
45230/cincinnati, oh - 04/28/2013
Bonnaroooooo!:). Im volunteering, and need to be there by tuesday morning. Ill split gas and whatever else makes sense, and I can help drive too. Im good road triper, easygoing, and if youre the same and you think this could work, please let me know. Thank youuuuuuu
Zip: 49007 - 04/26/2013
Friends bailed and i have an empty car. Anyone that needs a ride between kalamazoo, and roo i am willing to pick you up as long as you are chill, and willing to help out with costs, and can have a good conversation on the way.
Zip: 71270 - 04/26/2013
I've had six different people say they were coming with me but all have squirmed out of it...If any body would like to ride with, all I ask is for gas money and that you're too far off of my LA to TN course...
Zip: 78739 - 04/25/2013
Need 3 groovy people to hop in my car to trek from Austin to Manchester. Split cost of gas and help driving would be awesome, and light loads appreciated so we can have enough room for on-the-road dance parties.
Zip: 08081 - 04/24/2013
Two sisters, 22 and 23, looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo. It's our first time and are looking to have a good time. Will split reasonable costs.
Zip: 12553 - 04/24/2013
I need a ride! Bought tickets friends bailed on me! I'm 19, ready to fucking partyyyyyy!
Zip: 07028 - 04/22/2013
Hey! 3 fun loving 21 year olds are looking for a ride down to Bonnaroo this year! 2 of us will be going down to the farm for our third time and have never done a rideshare before but hope to have a good experience! Willing to chip in money for gas and whatnot, also willing to help with the driving.
Zip: 33304 - 04/22/2013
Late in the game but 25 yo male here. Friendly, chill down to earth. Can rent anything depending on the number of people needing to go... friend still indecisive so going solo at the moment with potential of adding 1 in later. Will be leaving Tues Night/Weds Morning. Drive straight through with occasional pit stops. Leave Sun night and stay in hotel but back Monday morning. Can also get 1 giant tent
Zip: 21152 - 04/21/2013
Two seats in a prius heading to bonnaroo! Leaving wednesday and getting back monday. Peace corp vet and an accountant...but we promise we're fun.
Zip: 48220 - 04/18/2013
cool couple from Detroit driving to Bonnaroo as early as Tuesday because we are volunteers. looking for 2 more people to carpool with along the way.
Zip: 32308 - 04/17/2013
Hey. 25 year old male looking for a ride to Roo.
Zip: 15219 - 04/16/2013
Hey guys! 19 year old female looking for a ride from pittsburgh!
Zip: 11238 - 04/15/2013
HI! We're 3 girls, living in Brooklyn, looking for a ride to Bonnaroo! Obviously, we'll help with all costs (and even a little more for the mileage)....We're willing to travel somewhere else in the tri-state area to catch a ride! We all have jobs, so the later you're leaving the better :) Let us know!
Zip: 21043 - 04/15/2013
First time going to roo. Live just outside DC. Have a bunch of friends going but their car is already full. Willing to split $ for gas and food. Could also drive to meet someone in a nearby state willing to drive the rest of the way
Zip: 55101 - 04/15/2013
Nate here again, I now have two people riding with me, so four seats left for the trip down. Will be arriving at 'Roo the afternoon of the 12th and returning the night of the 19th, 'cause I'm volunteering after the fest. I hope I can give you a ride too!
Zip: 20619 - 04/14/2013
29yo male looking for a ride from southern md. Can meet somewhere near DC, NoVa. Can split gas/driving etc.
Zip: 07869 - 04/13/2013
Hey! I'm a 22 year old female who's possibly volunteering at 'Roo this year! It'd be great if I had someone to ride down there with--I'm perfectly okay chipping in for gas, food, driving mix CDs and good conversation. If I'm definitely volunteering I have to be down by June 11th.
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 04/11/2013
Hi!! Two friendly college gals offering a ride to 'Roo. One catch - we need to arrive on the 12th because we're volunteers! Shoot us a message and we can work out the details!
Zip: 33770 - 04/11/2013
32yo Male from Clearwater, FL heading up for my first Roo. Looking for someone to ride along to help pass the time and share the cost of gas.
Zip: 62704 - 04/10/2013
26yo Female from Springfield, IL looking for a ride to my 2nd 'Roo! Happy to chip in on gas/food/soundtrack/witty banter. The more the merrier, right?
Nashville Airport - 04/03/2013
Need a ride for two people from the Nashville Airport to Bonnaroo any time after 3:45PM on Wednesday, June 12th!
Zip: 60517 - 04/02/2013
Wondering if anyone in the Chicagoland area can offer a ride to bonnaroo
Zip: 55101 - 04/02/2013
I'm Nate, 25 yr old guy with minivan. Space for up to six people with luggage. I am a volunteer for post-fest clean-up c'roo. I leave St Paul, MN afternoon 12th and return overnight the 19th, arriving back in MN the morning of the 20th. My itinerary is somewhat flexible, email me and we'll figure something out!
Zip: 34205 - 04/02/2013
Have 1 seat open to Bonnaroo. We are leaving tuesday night, and heading to Ashville, NC for a few hours detour. Will be in Manchester by 2am(?) wed. A Designated Driver would be nice for the last 5 hours of the trip. Pulling a popup camper.
Nashville International Airport - 03/30/2013
Volunteer for 'Roo - needs to be on Farm by Tues 11 June! Flying in to BNA from Western, Massachusetts. Will offer gas, etc. for a ride to the Farm : ) Message to chat about logistics. Thanks everyone!
Zip: 01085 - 03/29/2013
Looking for ride straight to Bonnaroo or from Nashville airport to festival. 21 year old first time volunteer. Need to be there Tuesday June 11. Any other volunteers or anyone going early - let me know. Will split gas, etc. Thanks, guys! :-)
Zip: 30332 - 03/29/2013
my friend and I are volunteering and need to be there by the 11th. we are looking for a ride.
Zip: 02135 - 03/28/2013
Hey there! 27 yr old gal - heading down to Bonnaroo with two friends but they need to leave early, would love a ride home to Boston (Brighton) on Sunday, do not need to be back til Tues/Weds following - split gas and any necessities - and I am totally fun ;-) Dont want to cut my trip short and miss anything on Saturday night!
Zip: 37914 - 03/26/2013
Hello I am a 24 year old male college student, will have my own necessities and group share stuff also , I am very excited this will be the first Roo for me since I got out of the army, so if you can please help with a ride , thank you very much fellow rooers!
Zip: 46561 - 03/25/2013
19 year old girl looking for a ride to roo! I'm volunteering so if there are other volunteers that'd be awesome seeing as I have to be there 4 days before! will share food, gas money, and good convo!!
L4J3C1 - 03/23/2013
hi all! Me and 2 friends are looking for a ride from Toronto, Ontario to get to Bonnaroo!!! We're happy to share gas, food, music and good convo. First-time bonnarooers! :)
Zip: 29412 - 03/23/2013
27 yr old male looking for ride to and from roo, from charleston/james island/folly beach, south carolina. meeting with friends and friends of friends from ohio, florida, and canada at walmart pre-fest. will share gas $, stories, tunes, and vibes.
Zip: 11221 - 03/21/2013
Me and my friends have a group of 5 but only one little sedan, looking for spots for 1-2 people for gas splitting, drive sharing and a happy fun road trip with cheery bonnaroovians. However, we're all volunteers and need to be there 2 days early on Tuesday before Roo, June 4th. Let me know if we could maybe work something out! Also, if you want to volunteer ( I totally recommend it, did it last year and it was awesome), you get a free ticket, 2 extra days of parking lot raging, free meal tokens and free showers and an authoritative t-shirt and badge that get you into places!
28801 Asheville, North Carolina - 03/20/2013
19-year old girl, planning on volunteering this year! With that said, I'll be required to be there on tues. june 11th. I am def willing to help with travel costs, gas & munchies. Hopefully I can find some fellow volunteers :)
Zip: 20009 - 03/18/2013
24 female, orig from Mpls, MN, looking for a ride!
Zip: 84601 - 03/18/2013
my husband and i are trying to decide to fly or drive (we;re young, 22), would rather drive, from SLC, ut, if you'd like to meet there we could split gas! we want to leave probably around wednesday night, straight shot to tennessee. we've got a 5-seater and a 7-seater, so potentially a lot of room, the more people the less gas $$!!
Zip: 24018 - 03/18/2013
Solo rider at the moment, I'm 24 and going to my first roo at the farm - Driving from Roanoke and seeing if anyone wants to tag along - I get 400/tank highway miles so it wouldn't be expensive at all! I want to leave early Wed morning so I can meet up with friends from CO and NE and we can all go crazy together!
Zip: 52240 - 03/17/2013
22 year old female looking for ride from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or Des Moines area. Willing to split gas, snacks, travel fees, etc.
Zip: 32826 - 03/16/2013
20, male looking to catch a ride to/from Roo. Will of course pitch in for gas/travel fees/food. Orlando, FL
Zip: 37416 - 03/15/2013
21 year old male, I live in Chattanooga TN, I live fairly close to Bonnaroo and can give anyone a free ride that can be picked up from Chattanooga. =]
Zip: 30720 - 03/15/2013
I have two maybe 3 seats available in my car. I can give you a ride there and back, 4 for every 20 miles drove out of the way to pick you up and 40 dollars on top of that =]
Zip: 20009 - 03/12/2013
third time going to roo and looking for a ride there or back (or both!). and willing to split gas & buy snacks.
Zip: 33436 - 03/12/2013
19 year old girl in south florida looking for a ride there and back. Will contribute to gas and (if necessary) rental fee's. Willing to travel anywhere in Florida to meet up. Appreciate any help, thanks.
Zip: 29412 - 03/11/2013
College student at CofC, meeting my brothers from Indiana at the festival
Cambridge, ON. Canada - 03/06/2013
looking for a ride to bonaroo as well as home for myself and my good friend who are both confirmed ticketholders! Certainly/obviously willing to split gas and provide our friendly company fo free!
Atlanta Airport - 03/06/2013
I will be flying into Atlanta then dropped off at the airport on the 12th or the 13th. I need a ride back if possible on the 16th or 17th whatever works... Cheers!
San Luis Obispo - 03/05/2013
Looking for a ride to bonnaroo from California!! Can meet anywhere in ca, north or south, then eastward. Friendly 20 y/o with lots to offer. Let's do this!
nashville to bonnaroo - 03/05/2013
Couple from Squamish BC looking for a ride to bonnaroo on the 12th when the GA campsite opens. Willing to give gas and a good time
Zip: 14221 - 03/04/2013
Haven't purchased tickets yet. Need to find a way there first!
M5J2Y5 - 03/01/2013
Toronto, Canada! Looking for a ride or looking for people to join me in my ride! Hey guys! A group of 2-3 ladies between the ages of 23-24 are looking to road trip it down to Tennessee! Overall we are looking for a group of six. We've got our tickets but no sleeping arrangements... whomever we ride down with we would love to also split an RV to sleep in with. We have to start planning soon... just over 3 months to go! We are looking for people that will meet with us in Toronto for the ride...since we all have amazing taste in music the only thing we ask is that you are HILARIOUS and LOVE to drink... and drink and drink some more! Can't wait to hear from you guys! Guaranteed hilarity if you join my friends and I.
Zip: 36832 - 03/01/2013
20 year old male hoping to volunteer this year. Leaving Auburn, AL. Looking for fellow volunteers or company. Roo 2011 and 2012 attendee.
Zip: 36832 - 03/01/2013
20 year old male hoping to volunteer this year. Leaving Auburn, AL. Looking for fellow volunteers or company.
33314/ Hollywood,FL - 02/24/2013
Hey whats up fellow Roo'ers. 20 year old male, looking for a ride to/from Bonnaroo will pitch in with gas and food.
Zip: 33154 - 02/23/2013
Hello! Awesome 23 yr old girl from the South Florida area. Willing to meet anywhere in the vicinity if it's closer to you. Open-minded, friendly, and totally pitching in for funds on the way there.
Zip: 12186 - 02/23/2013
24 year old guy from the Albany area. This will be my second Roo (went in 2011). My friends have major commitment issues and I definitely want to share the drive/gas with one or two others. Feel free to message me if you need a ride and we'll talk details.
nashville to bonnaroo - 02/23/2013
Hey there! A couple from B.C Canada looking for a ride from Nashville to Bonnaroo on June 12th!! Would pitch in gas money and be good company!!
nashville to bonnaroo - 02/23/2013
Needing a ride for 2 from Nashville June 12th. One male one female from Canada.
55417 / Minneapolis, MN - 02/23/2013
Hi Bonnaroovians! I really want to go to Bonnaroo this year, but have nobody to go with! I went last year and had a great time. I need to carpool and camp with cool people. I will pitch in for expenses.
Zip: 17013 - 02/22/2013
None of my friends are attending Bonnaroo this year, but I am determined to make it! I'm looking for someone to carpool and camp with. I'm definitely willing to split costs. Shoot me an email if you're interested!
Zip: 20910 - 02/22/2013
Hey every1 ! Im Looking to catch a ride to Bonnaroo 13! This will be my 1st time attending; im overly OVER joyed! I do video journalism and am looking to capture the COMPLETE Roo'er backpacker style Travel experience. :D I'd prefer folks that " know how to have a GREAT time"
Zip: 50312 - 02/22/2013
Me and another friend (24 and 25) are hoping to catch a ride to and from Bonnaroo. We can pitch in for all expenses. I've never been to Roo and am stoked to go!!! We're both very laid-back and looking forward to meet some other chill people. It's easiest for us to catch a ride in Des Moines, although we could also catch a ride in Iowa City or Chicago.
Zip: 12203 - 02/21/2013
I am going to bonaroo one way or another. I can drive myself but would like to go with people. My friends are either too broke, too cheap, or are parents so can't go... If there is a carpool than I'll take it... or we can create one! Email me and we'll talk.
Zip: 93611 - 02/21/2013
Hello, I'm in the Central California area and I would love to take a road trip to Bonnaroo and make some new friends and have an amazing experience. I have plenty of money for gas, beer, food, and other things. Thank you! :)
Zip: 78240 - 02/21/2013
My boyfriend and I need a ride or could share the price of gas/rental car to Bonnaroo this year. Could meet in Austin Houston, San Antonio, or anywhere in between. Very friendly, fun, and happy lovers. 420 friendly :)
nashville, tn - 02/20/2013
I am from California flying into Nashville early in the week before Bonnaroo and I am looking for a few good homies to hitch a ride to and from the city as well as to party/camp with during the fest. I can contribute as much cash as needed and good vibes throughout the trip. If you need another person to fill out your party & caravan I am your man!!
Toronto Ontario - 02/20/2013
Hello Roo'ers! Me and my boyfriend have rented an RV to take up to Tennesee.. We are looking for 2 more people to split the costs with us. Respond to my post and I can send you the breakdown of how much it will cost to split the RV . cheers :)
Zip: 49321 - 02/19/2013
Looking for cool people to go to Roo with. Have gone the past 2 years, nobody wants to go this year. Will pitch in for all expenses.
Zip: 60657 - 02/19/2013
Hey All! I'm from Chicago and looking to hitch a ride with some fellow Roo'er I can contribute gas,and food on the trip as well as a great time and the full Bonnaroo positive experience. Im a laidback guy who's super stoked about my third year at Bonnaroo. Happy Bonnaroo 13!!
Zip: 37803 - 02/11/2013
Hey there! I need a ride from Maryville, TN! It is a relatively small town, but is very close to Knoxville, TN for those of you passing through/live in Knox. I can easily get to Knox (or another meeting location around Maryville) if needed. It will most likely just be me, but possibly another friend. I can pack lightly if needed. As I recall, last year I brought a tent, suitcase, big plastic bin, a 24 pack of water bottles, EZ-UP, and a pillow. Last year I camped with the people I went in with as a group (despite never meeting them before) and it was a lot of fun, and would be willing to do so again if you want to. Thanks in advance!!
Zip: 47150 - 01/18/2013
Hi! I'm right outside of Louisville, KY and will be driving my truck down to bonnaroo '13! I'll be meeting up with other roo'ers coming from all over (TN, VA, & FL) Every year, we meet up right outside of Manchester, TN and then drive into the campgrounds together so we can camp together. Basically, I'm looking for new friends who need a ride from my area to help with gas and just make the commute a little more fun! I have a 4-door truck with a comfortable backseat so I can fit up to 2-3 people comfortably. You are welcome to camp with our group if you want (we're super fun and not creepies, i swear!) Let me know if you are interested! Happy Bonnaroo '13 to all!! :)