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Bonnaroo Music Festival 2014

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/26/2017
Just a gal and a man lookin for a ride into the world of bonnaroo- willing to provide munchies and other leafy greens. lemme know if you got a couple extra seats!
New York, United States - 06/09/2015
have an extra seat in our car! leaving TONIGHT from brooklyn around 9-10pm!

message me if you'd like a ride

Nashville - 06/08/2015
Hey, after the festival I will be going to Nashville. I have extra room in my car if anyone needs a ride from the farm to Nashville.
Gibbsboro, New Jersey - 12/08/2014
We want a RV from Central Jersey. Not a definite on the price, haven't picked a RV out yet until I know everyone is for sure coming. I am okay with squeezing as many people as possible if that is okay with anyone interested. Myself and two other girls are already going. This will be my second Roo!! If we can't get an RV, we will have two extra spots in my car. Let me know if you're interested!
Jacksonville, North Carolina - 06/30/2014
Looking to start traveling to Cali ASAP
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/12/2014
If you need a ride from Nashville Airport or the Nashville area. I'm a experience driver to Bonnaroo, plus I' m offering raturn rides from Bonnaroo to Nashville Airport or any other counties. $30 a piece or $130. Omar 615-397-1975.
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/12/2014
Offering ride from nashville airport!! We are landing in Nashville airport around 9 am on Thursday . Picking up the rental ...Then going to walmart for supplies then headed to the farm ! We can take 2 chill people w us ! Call 0r text me ASAP !!! 714 873 3631
Nashville Airport - 06/11/2014
I'm here with a friend from home and our last ride fell through. If anyone could give us a lift down to the festival I would be eternally grateful! My number is 916-833-6609
Nashville - 06/11/2014
I'm trying to leave out of Nashville Friday morning at anytime. I just need a way there. I'm meeting some friends out there and they will bring me back. Please let me know if you are able to help.


Nashville Airport - 06/11/2014
Need a ride from Nashville Airport (BNA) to Bonnaroo Festival Grounds on Thursday, sometime in the afternoon.

Please contact me!
Zip: 37214 - 06/11/2014
I get in to Nashville Airport at 8:30 am on Thursday and need to leave the farm by 2pm on Sunday. Looking for a ride either direction ..but especially sunday. Will pitch in for gas. please call or text.

Orlando, Florida - 06/11/2014
Hello! I am posting this for a friend that needs a ride from Orlando, leaving Thursday late afternoon/early evening. He needs to be back in Orlando sometime Sunday to make it to work Monday morning. Thanks!!
Rochester, New York - 06/11/2014
I am in desperate need of a ride to ROO! please, if there is anyone who can help me out, ill split gas and food along the way. i pretty much have all my stuff ready just in case its one of those now or never type deals. it would be a lifesaver!
Chattanooga, Tennessee - 06/11/2014
I'm not here, but my contact lenses are and I desperately need them. Can someone please pick them up? I will be eternally grateful.
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/11/2014
Leaving anytime Monday towards New Jersey. If your in the nearby states. Let me know if you would like a ride. Can fit up to two people. Shoot me an offer

Anthony 832 818 3885
Nashville - 06/11/2014
Toyota Camry. Going to be in Nashville around Mid Wednesday 6.12.14.

Let me know if you need a ride. Can fit up to two people.

Anthony 832 818 3885
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/10/2014
Anyone leaving Sunday from the farm to Nashville airport and want to save some gas money?
New York, United States - 06/10/2014
Need a ride to Bonnaroo. I travel very light and can meet anywhere in NY. I have gas $, snacks, and good vibes. Friends bailed last minute and would love a Bonnaroo miracle.

Phone 1-646-595-9846

Zip: 95060 - 06/10/2014
Im looking for a ride from the Nashville airport for myself and a friend. if anyone has some extra space in their car or knows of a good way to get to the venue that would be amazing
Zip: 01002 - 06/10/2014
Hey there,

Looking for some chill peeps who want to carpool with me. Happy to meet you in convenient locations in MA. All i ask is that you pay for gas money.
Columbia, South Carolina - 06/10/2014
27 M with Nissan Juke. I have a spot for one person, and we can go 50/50 on the gas. Please only message if you are along the way or near the area.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - 06/10/2014
Arriving in nashville at 615 pm Wednesday night. Looking to go straight to the festival from the airport to Manchester. I would be open to sharing a ride with other festival goers.
Nashville Airport - 06/10/2014
Looking for a ride from nashville airport onto the farm thursday evening. My flight is supposed to arrive at like 730pm. Have money and very little luggage because im meeting friends once I get there.
Zip: 37212 - 06/10/2014
Giving rides to Bonnaroo from nashville airport or bus station. I charge $30 per passenger can fit up to 4 people. My name is Kris 931-492-3045
Asheville, NC - 06/09/2014
Hey guys! Plans changed and I am willing to take two or three people to Bonnaroo with my Wednesday. If you are willing to split gas money, Message me ASAP! This will be my first Roo and I'm meeting up with friends from Ohio so that's why I'll probably leave early Wednesday, around 12. I am 19 years old with a small Toyota Carola, so I'd like younger experienced not-creepy people, Thanks y'all!
Orlando, Florida - 06/09/2014
have an extra spot in my car to ride to bonnaroo! theres already two of us (guy and girl) trying to leave sometime on wednesday. all you would have to do is help pay for gas!
Fort Wayne, Indiana - 06/09/2014
Description of the Ride: Me and my friend's ride fell through and need a way down to bonaroo and back. Willing to help with gas and such anything would be helpful. Lerave anytime from Tuesday- Wednesday and return Monday. Thank you!
Nashville - 06/09/2014
Given rides from Nashville area to Bonnaroo and picking up from Bonnaroo to anywhere. I own a minivan cab and have allot experience driving ppl around Nashville. Rides are negotiable, feel free to call me Omar 615-397-1975.
Kansas City, Missouri - 06/09/2014
Looking for two seats to bonnaroo. I am coming in from Kansas City, but could leave from St. Louis as well (my tickets are being held there)
Nashville Airport - 06/09/2014
Meeting friends at the festival but badly need a ride from the airport around 3pm on Thurs! Will pitch money/good vibes!
Zip: 11757 - 06/08/2014
My boyfriend bought me tickets to bonnaroo, but our car fell through. We would love to take the ride, help drive and with gas! We are available to leave anytime starting Tuesday and can return at your convenience. Thank you!
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/08/2014
I'm a volunteer and need a ride down for registration Wednesday morning! I'll be happy to chip in for gas!
Athens, Ohio - 06/08/2014
Whats up! i'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join me to roo this year! i am in Athens but can meet up in Columbus or Cincinnati . I have a hatch back that can fit most stuff tho it can get kinda cramped. im also totally down to drive down with some people! just get at me. oh and im 23 and a chill guy
Zip: 37212 - 06/08/2014
Giving rides to Bonnaroo.Very experienced been doing this for past 5 years.Charging $30 per passenger. 931-492-3045 call/text. name is Kris
Atlantic Beach, Florida - 06/08/2014
I will be driving alone from Jacksonville, FL to Bonnaroo on either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Let me know if you need a ride!

Zip: 37212 - 06/08/2014
Looking to buy a ride from Nashville to Roo on Thursday early afternoon!
Clemson, SC - 06/08/2014
I can try to meet you somewhere, but I need a ride to/from Roo. Will split gas.
Zip: 37203 - 06/08/2014
Travel from Nashville to Manchester and the gates of Bonnaroo in luxury!

Forget the hassles of parking, stressing out over the freeway, finding your camper or RV, and worrying about a cab ride or airport transportation.

Go to Bonnaroo like a rock star... Let us drive! Call Sedan On Demand today at 800-254-4600.
Zip: 37214 - 06/08/2014
This is my 7th year driving folks to and from Bonnaroo. We make stops at walmart etc. no waiting on the interstate and we can get you to the gate. We are filling up fast!! If interested send me a message, we can get you there safely and secure.

$65 per person

$55 per person 3 or more
Boston, Massachusetts - 06/07/2014
my friend and I need a ride to and from bonnaroo. we can toss in money for food and gas etc. our driver/friend bailed on us so we really don't wanna miss out. call or text me if you can help! 978 902 2357. p.s - two girls ages 18 and 21.
West Portsmouth, Ohio - 06/07/2014
I'll be heading down wednesday night. after work i'll get off at 11p/ I am heading down with a separate car and meeting up with a group. Odds are there will be some downtime while we wait for the others to arrive/ If any one needs a lift we'll have some room/
Boston, Massachusetts - 06/07/2014
Hi there,

I can give a ride to bonnaroo for some gas money. I am going alone since none of my friends are going, so it would be helpful if I can camp w your group as well...I am a female, 29, very easy going and social
Miramar, Florida - 06/06/2014
Only a ride back from Bonnaroo being offerered! Coming from up North, but heading down afterwards. Driving with one friend but there's room for a couple more!
Charlotte, Michigan - 06/06/2014
Am a pre-'roo volunteer and am headed down to the farm on either 6/7 or early 6/8. E-mail me if you're interested in sharing a ride down. This is my 3rd stint as a volunteer (6th time @ 'roo), so if you're a c'roo volunteer, that would be great!
Zip: 37214 - 06/06/2014
2 first timers need a ride from Nashville airport to bonnaroo. Our flight arrives early Wednesday !
Punta Gorda, Florida - 06/05/2014
Need someone (or multiple people) who're at least 21 to split cost of a rental car to go to Bonnaroo! I don't need anyone to camp with because I'm meeting people there but if you're in need of a way to get there feel free to let it known you're interested!!
Zip: 11211 - 06/05/2014
I'm pretty pumped as I just scored a ticket to Bonnaroo and an RV pass, now looking to get a van of people down there to live the experience. 28, Australian, been in NYC for a year - cheers brendan
Manchester, England - 06/05/2014
21yr. Toyota Camry. Going to towards New Jersey. Let me know if you need a ride!
Zip: 37214 - 06/04/2014
2 Guys need a ride late Wednesday night (early Thursday) from Nashville airport to Manchester. Will pay for gas!
Miami Beach, Florida - 06/04/2014
hi looking to find a ride to the festival, i have gas money, and rental fare for a vehicle, i been to the festival many times.
Richmond, Kentucky - 06/04/2014
34 year old married male traveling to the festival solo. I am looking for someone to carpool with. I have room for 1-2 people and gear if combined. This is my 6th Bonnaroo!

I am leaving early FRIDAY and returning on Monday.

If you are interested in carpooling and making a new friend lets do it!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 06/04/2014
Just looking for some happy fun-loving people to drive me up to Bonaroo for an awesome festival! Willing to leave whenever and willing to pitch in for gas.
Michigan, United States - 06/04/2014

I grew up in Michigan but I live in LA now. I will be flying to the festival from LA, but I would love to catch a ride to Michigan after the festival to visit friends. I am 26, female, and work in the entertainment industry. I will be backpacking to the festival so it will be just me and my pack. No extra gear. You can drop me anywhere in Michigan (Ann Arbor, Flint, Kzoo) I've got friends in all parts of the state, just let me know what is convenient for you!


Waterbury, Vermont - 06/04/2014
Riding down to the farm with a friend. My car is nice and roomy and I would love to drive down with up to 2 more people!
Peninsula, Ohio - 06/04/2014
22 m first time going to the farm , have extra space in my car and going alone this year if anyone needs a ride down to the farm , send me an email this will be a good time. hope to hear from you soon
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/04/2014
I'm looking for a ride from Bonnaroo to Asheville, NC. I can throw in money for gas and I'm a pleasant person to have around. I'm a 23 year old dude by the way. If anyone could help out it'd be greatly appreciated.
Naperville, Illinois - 06/04/2014
Room for one passenger - leaving 8 am Thursday, returning Monday AM.
Denver, Colorado - 06/03/2014
Hey Denver! Myself (30/M) and a couple friends (28/F) and (26/F) rented an SUV to drive to Roo from Denver. We have room for 1 friendly ‘Roo-mate in our vehicle if anyone still needs a ride. This will be our 5th Roo (3rd driving from Denver)!! We are also interested in potentially getting a caravan together if there are any other groups driving from the Mile High City. We are leaving Denver late Tuesday night. Send me a message if you need a ride or want to caravan with us!! Happy Roo!!!
New Orleans, Louisiana - 06/03/2014
24(M) My friends backed out on me last minute so it looks like I'll be driving to Bonnaroo alone this year. Got 3 extra spots in my car if anyone needs a ride. Probably gonna leave early in the morning June 12th.
Oklahoma City, OK - 06/02/2014
I'm working as a food vendor and need to get to Roo by Wednesday. I can throw down and gas money and good vibes. Holler if you can help me out! :)
Carol Stream, Illinois - 06/02/2014
i have an extra wristband for general admission to bonnaroo hum asap if your interested I'm letting it go for 300 boo
Wheaton, Illinois - 06/02/2014
i have an extra wrist band if anyone is interested its for general admission 300 obo hum asap its right around the corner
Miami, Florida - 06/02/2014
I'm looking for a person or people to team up with to make the drive to Manchester- I have friends meeting me there and just don't want to do the drive alone. I am good company and of course I'll split gas money :)
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/02/2014
Looking for a ride from Nashville to Manchester, tn (bonnaroo) this sunday. Willing to pay for gas. Thanks.
Nashville Airport - 06/02/2014
One person need a ride to Bonnaroo around 3-4 pm! Will pitch money and good vibes!
Rochester, New York - 06/01/2014
I'm heading down to Bonnaroo with a couple of friends and we have one spot left in our car. We have 2 males (23 & 21) and one female (22). We're looking for someone chill who wants to carpool with us so we can split gas/snack costs. Let me know if you're interested!
Apopka, Florida - 06/01/2014
Group of 5 (caravan of 3 cars) leaving early Wednesday AM, returning Monday PM. Definitely room for a 6th! :)
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/31/2014
I'm all taken care of except for my transportation to the airport on Monday, June 16. I would get the shuttle package but i only need a one-way and the round-trip is 77 dollars, not worth it for one way!

If anyone is willing to help a fellow bonnaroovian out with a ride to the airport no later than 1pm, i'm willing to pay for gas or anything.
Manchester, England - 05/31/2014
I'm all taken care of except for my transportation to the airport on Monday, June 16. I would get the shuttle package but i only need a one-way and the round-trip is 77 dollars, not worth it for one way! If anyone is willing to help a fellow bonnaroovian out with a ride to the airport no later than 1pm, i'm willing to pay for gas or anything.
Houston, Texas - 05/30/2014
Toyota Sienna 2007. Minivan. Currently two males 21/23 are going. Could maybe fit one or two more people comfortably. Need help with gas money. However we may be going on a road trip to the East coast afterwards. So you may have to find a ride back.
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/30/2014
25 yo female Montrealer here, looking for a ride back from Bonnaroo to Nashville airport Monday anytime before 1 PM. More than willing to pay gas to any takers as well as a little bit extra for your effort!
Knoxville, Tennessee - 05/29/2014
Offering a ride to bonnaroo. Leaving Knoxville at 2pm Wed June 11th. No party favors/illegal items. Prob going to decal the car with some bonnaroo stuff and that always draws police attention.

Punta Gorda, Florida - 05/29/2014
Hey! I was supposed to go with a group of friends but we were having trouble with space. I was hoping that we could bargain with gas prices a little. I honesty don't have much but I have enough to get you from where you're coming from to my house, and then a little to pitch in on the way to/from Bonnaroo. Please feel free to text me if you're interested!
Nashville Airport - 05/29/2014
2 people looking for a one way ride from Nashville airport - we don't need the round trip shuttles! We arrive at at 3:10 pm on Thurs. Will pitch money of course to any good samaritans!
Herndon, Virginia - 05/29/2014
Two females, 19, need a ride to Bonnaroo (Manchester, TN) from Northern VA on June 12. We will chip in for gas and be great company! E-mail me and I can tell you more about us/ figure more details out. Please and thanks!
Traverse City, Michigan - 05/29/2014
Leaving Traverse City around 6am on Wednesday and will be returning on Monday. I have room for one, don't have a lot of room but should have plenty for one other. I myself will be camping in GA. No party favors in vehicle. Please. Not against it just not transporting it.
Rocky River, Ohio - 05/28/2014
Looking to leave Wednesday night from Cleveland... will throw in on gas, good vibes, etc thanks :))))))
Narragansett, Rhode Island - 05/28/2014
31/M from RI, possible looking to drive down, original plans with friends up in the air, 4 door Altima, share gas, snacks and fun.
Brevard, North Carolina - 05/27/2014
ok I'm working the post show clean up with the clean vibes kroo, so I'm looking for someone who is as well. my friends bailed but I'm still trying to go and can't find a bus that will be close enough to get a ride back. if anyones going threw western nc after that on june 19th 0r 20th can maybe drop me off on your way threw somewhere around asheville or a city surrounding that. give me a shout soon if anyone sees this! -michael
Zip: 36604 - 05/26/2014
Heading up Wednesday morning, looking for a few people to split gas costs. Going to be moving to tent only after arrival so the car campsite should be free if you choose to stay there.
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/26/2014
Montrealer here, looking for a ride back from the festival Monday morning to Nashville airport. I know there are shuttles leaving around the clock but I think it's a waste to pay 60$ for what's technically a one-way ticket. I am willing to pay you for your gas and efforts though if you don't mind :) Hope to hear from someone!
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/26/2014
I was going with a friend who works for Asheville Pizza {who's a vendor at Bonnaroo} she got a VIP upgrade, so now, I'm solo... Willing to Carpool, I can drive or you can! Would be nice to meet someone new to chill with/camp near, etc as now, I probably won't see much of her as she'll be in a totally different section camping with her work peeps.

Shoot me a message! -Brit
New York, United States - 05/26/2014
Hey there fellow rooers! Had a group of 5, things got mixed up with renting the car so we are thinking of splitting up. I'm going with my sister and her boyfriend if anyone has room for 3-5 please let us know we are are willing to pitch in for gas and cost and such to and back. We're all chill easy going people who love food, beer and music lol. Any inquiries don't be shy to hmu thanks!
Zip: 01119 - 05/26/2014
Name is Katy, 28 years old, Bonnaroo veteran. I'm traveling solo this year, and have room for another. I will be leaving VERY early wednesday morning.
Springfield, Missouri - 05/26/2014
Hey, guys! Looking for a ride to the roo. My friends bailed on me and I don't want to miss out this year. I am willing to drive a few hours out of the way to meet up with a group. I'm easy going and ready for some fun! Let's make it an adventure.

Sisilia :)
Dallas, Texas - 05/24/2014
Two of our friends bailed on us at the last minute and one of them was our transportation, now it's just me (a girl) and my friend and we really don't want our entrance to go to waste. We're very friendly, laid back (with a great taste in music ;D ;D), and love to road trip! We are willing to split gas, of course, and provide snacks and any other possible necessities :D
Norfolk, Virginia - 05/24/2014
All of my friends have backed out of going to Roo last minute and I just can't waste the opportunity of going! Looking for people to ride with there and back and split costs. I'm pretty chill with just about anyone/anything. I drive a Subaru Forrester so mpg is fairly good and I have 4 seats open.
Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 05/23/2014
Taking the mega bus into Nashville Wednesday June 11th at 8:00pm we arrive. There are three of us (all 24, 2 females 1 male.) We need a ride to Bonnaroo and then back to Nashville on Monday Morning. Will gladly help with gas.
Zip: 22101 - 05/23/2014
I m a post-show croo member, lookin to carpool to and from DC! Send me a msg if ya can help out. Thanks!
Oakwood, Georgia - 05/23/2014
I have room for one person, preferably another volunteer since I have to be there the 10th. My friend got a big kid job and can't go anymore. :( so... open seat for you! I can drive through ATL to pick someone up if convenient. BONUS: I'm making mix CDs for the trip of bands playing at Roo.
Naperville, Illinois - 05/22/2014
A friend and I (both m, 20yo) are looking for a ride down to Bonnaroo from the Chicagoland area. This will be my 2nd and his 1st roo! We can offer money to split gas, a tent, food, sun canopy, all that good stuff!:D Both very chill and music lovin people!
Miami, Florida - 05/22/2014
My name is Matt, and there is between 4 and 6 of us driving up. We are either going to rent a full size SUV or a 15 passenger van. If we hit the 5 person mark, then we will rent the 15 person van. We can add up to 3 people to our group. We are leaving Tuesday night, and we are returning Monday morning.
Kalamazoo, Michigan - 05/22/2014
Looking for ride buddies to and from Bonnaroo. I have friends I'm meeting at Roo but they will be in VIP and my travel buddy bailed so it's just me flying solo to the festival. Would love company for the ride down. Contact me and we can figure out if we can join forces!!
Zip: 30907 - 05/21/2014
I am offering a ride to bonnaroo. We have 2-3 open seats. We would really like to find someone to pick up and help with gas fades so we can make it. My husband and I are really chill positive people & are really stoked to see all of you beautiful people this year!
Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York - 05/21/2014
Leaving from Orange County, NY making my third trip to 'Roo and meeting up with friends driving up from Florida. Willing to give a lift to anyone who's on the route to TN and split the gas and help with the driving. Looking to leave Wednesday AM or early PM. I have a Ford Escape so there's plenty of space for an extra person and gear.
Meridian, Mississippi - 05/21/2014
If anyone has an extra seat for a ride to Bonnaroo, I would love a ride, I will pay half the gas to and from Bonnaroo,
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/20/2014
Hey y'all! I'm going solo to Bonnaroo now after plans with friends changed. I have three spots available in my car, located in AVL NC 28804, but I'm willing to come home before and pick people up from there (Cary/Raleigh). I'd prefer young 16-22 year olds who are friendly and not creepy and who can split the gas money.
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin - 05/20/2014
Hey it's my first Bonnaroo this year and I really need a ride there and back. I'm meeting up with my friends in Chattanooga, TN for the festival. I'm a super chill laid back person.
Tallinn, Harju County - 05/19/2014
i live in the manchester area and will be working site ops for roo if anyone needs a ride after roo to the airport in nashville i will be able to shuttle people but space and trips are limited as i will still be working but am willing to work with you email me details
Deerfield, Illinois - 05/18/2014
Looking to ride with someone for my first Bonnaroo! My entire crew fell apart and this was my birthday present to myself for my 21st so I'm looking to have fun!!

Also looking for people to camp with, I have a huge tent and would love a rage buddy! :)

Chill, hoop lovin' female that knows how to take care of herself!
Middleton, Wisconsin - 05/18/2014
Looking to get a ride down this year. The past winter has brutalized my car, and with other expenses related to that, I'm not sure I trust my own car. I could rent, or megabus it down, but I'd rather meet up with some awesome people in the Madison area. May have a lead on groop camping as well, but I need to speak to my contact about that. Willing to share gas costs.
Dallas, Texas - 05/18/2014
Our ride just unfortunately bailed on us last minute and are looking for some awesome people to ride with to Roo. Its me and my friend and we would split the costs, if interested please message me!
Chicago Illinois - 05/17/2014
Need a ride to bonnaroo? hmu im driving alone would rather not. im 20 years old and very outgoing. This will be my first time attending bonnaroo. Id pefer only driving girls, would love to chill before hand. 420 friendly
Kansas City, MO - 05/17/2014
I'm headed to my first Roo all alone! Would love some buddies along for the ride. Happy to meet new people and make some friends! I can fit 3 more people comfortably in my subaru forester. I'm also happy to ride with someone else and help pay for gas! Let me know!
Sioux City, Iowa - 05/17/2014
Me and another dude are driving a van down from Sioux City and we're looking to carpool with a couple of folks because of gas/the environment (mostly gas, but yay for the environment!). If anyone is along the way and wants to carpool with us, that would be awesome possum. The van fits seven people, but I think with tents and baggage, four or five would be the max. We don't have a set driving route/schedule, so we can meet up with anyone along the way. Or if you're from farther north or west and want to meet up with us, that would be cool as well. If you're interested, send me a message. :)
Zip: 80401 - 05/14/2014
Hey y'all! I'm heading to Roo to meet up with a friend who's coming in from DC, I have a couple open seats in a Ford Explorer so lots of room for people and gear! I won't be upset if you do your own thing at Roo

About me: 25 M, I work at Red Rocks and this will be my second Roo and 6th festival!

I'm willing to pick people on the way, you just have to know some terrible jokes! Shoot me an email!!
Lincoln, Nebraska - 05/14/2014
This is my third roo experience and I'm so excited for it. I've got transportation down to the festival but I'm needing a ride back to Nebraska on the way back. I'm laid back, enjoy conversation and have gas money!
St. Louis, Missouri - 05/14/2014
This is the first time I have gone to a festival with out friends. I am looking for someone to carpool with. I can drive, or ride. I have gas money and am ready for some good times. This is not my first Roo, or festival, so I have most gear needed to survive.

If you are interested in carpooling and making a new friend lets road trip!
St. Louis, Missouri - 05/13/2014
My friend and I are volunteering during the festival and need rides! We can offer some pretty awesome playlists and car snacks....and gas money, of course. We aren't picky, but preference would be to drive down Wednesday and leave Monday. Currently, we're both in Chicago but could potentially megabus to a location on route (IE: ST. LOUIS, CINCINNATI, NASHVILLE) and travel together from there. Any offers or referrals would help! Thanks and see you in a month!
Cincinnati, Ohio - 05/13/2014
Hello!! My friend and I are volunteering during the festival and need rides! We can offer some pretty awesome playlists and car snacks....and gas money, of course. We aren't picky, but preference would be to drive down Wednesday and leave Monday. Currently, we're both in Chicago but could potentially megabus to a location on route (IE: ST. LOUIS, CINCINNATI, NASHVILLE) and travel together from there. Any offers or referals would help!
Zip: 60622 - 05/13/2014
My friend and I are volunteering during the festival and need rides! We can offer some pretty awesome playlists and car snacks....and gas money, of course. We aren't picky, but preference would be to drive down Wednesday and leave Monday. Currently, we're both in Chicago but could potentially megabus to a location on route (IE: ST. LOUIS, CINCINNATI, NASHVILLE) and travel together from there. Any offers or referrals would help!
nashville, tn - 05/13/2014
My friend and I are volunteering during the festival and need rides! We can offer some pretty awesome playlists and car snacks....and gas money, of course. We aren't picky, but preference would be to drive down Wednesday and leave Monday. Currently, we're both in Chicago but could potentially megabus to a location on route (IE: ST. LOUIS, CINCINNATI, NASHVILLE) and travel together from there. Any offers or referals would help!
Austin, Texas - 05/13/2014
friends bailed on me. Looking for a couple people to head on up to Bonnaroo with. Let me know. I'm in the Austin area.male 24 years old.
Zip: 20008 - 05/13/2014
Hello Roo Friends! My buddy and I, two dudes in our 20s that find ourselves traveling the world all too often, are looking to fill our car as we head from DC to Roo. We will probably drive on Wednesday, but who really knows. We have at least 2 seats and a middle seat, but 9 hours in that might be a bummer. Let me know if you wanna join the adventure!
Zip: 37803 - 05/11/2014
Hey! So my friend and I, who are actually from Boston, are going to be in Maryville, TN Wednesday before Roo. Our ride just cancelled on us and we would like to know if anyone has room for us. It will be my third Roo and her first. Thanks!!
South Bend, Indiana - 05/11/2014
Hi everyone! My name is Trevor, IMa fun loving Music Junkie, 22, went to bonaroo last year and wont stop going back anytime sooN! Hit my email if you have any room to take me! Ive got gas money among other fun things ;)
South Bend, Indiana - 05/11/2014
Hi everyone! My name is Trevor, IMa fun loving Music Junkie, 22, went to bonaroo last year and wont stop going back anytime sooN! Hit my email if you have any room to take me! Ive got gas money among other fun things ;)
Salt Lake City, Utah - 05/11/2014
Hey everyone! My name is Ian (21/m) and I'm looking to see if anyone's leaving or passing through the salt lake area with an extra seat to Bonnaroo. This is my second time to the farm, first trip solo. Would much rather split gas costs than take the greyhound. Hope to see you there!
Orlando, FL - 05/09/2014
Hi Bonnaroo family! Looking to have my first Bonnaroo experience this year and unfortunately have no one to go with...Looking for someone to carpool with and camp out with up there. I'm a 20 year old female and UCF student. I'll gladly contribute to gas and just looking to have an all around good time!
Zip: 18705 - 05/08/2014
Jeep Grand Cherokee. Have room for one, maybe two, maybe.....
Zip: 85283 - 05/06/2014

Looking for a ride from Phoenix AZ. It would be myself and two others if possible. We are in our early 20s. More than willing to pitch in for gas of course!

Thanks! Hope to see you guys there!
Memphis, Tennessee - 05/06/2014
Im driving from Memphis! This is my second roo, and I'm thinking about camping solo to do some soul searching. I have an extra seat for the ride there though :)
Tampa, Florida - 05/06/2014
Hi, my girlfriend and I are looking for some fun people who would like to come along to roo. This will be my 4th and my gf first time at roo. Let me know if your interested! Time of our lives is fast approaching.
Virginia Beach, Virginia - 05/05/2014
I'm looking for someone to ride with because my friends have backed out. This will be my second time Roo, and I'm beyond stoked. All I need are some fun people to ride with. I'm willing to contribute however much gas money is needed. Happy travels, everyone! :)
Paoli, Pennsylvania - 05/05/2014
Hi everyone! I am currently desperately seeking a ride to Roo. I am in the Philadelphia suburbs, and without a car.

I would gladly pay for any gas money or other expenses for the ride. Really hoping someone can help me out!

My name's Bruce and I'm not a creeper - promise!
Lexington, Kentucky - 05/04/2014
Leaving lexington KY, I'm taking the summer off for a road trip so my schedule is pretty flexible.
Amlin, Ohio - 05/03/2014
going solo to Bonnaroo this year after buddy bailed at last second looking for someone who wants to go also , if you need a ride ill be glad to take you their and back looking for someone around my age . Im 22 , i also have a truck so i can fit two people plus supplies just get back at me if someone wants to go and needs a ride. Thanks
Buffalo, NY - 05/02/2014
2 guys looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo. Neither of our cars can make the 12 hour drive so we were hoping to find some friendly people to take us with them! It is possible to meet in the surrounding areas such as Toronto, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, Cleveland, Pittsburgh.

We are very laid back and easy to get along with, and will definitely pay generously for gas.

Message me if you think you could help us! Can't wait to get to the farm!
Fort Worth, Texas - 04/29/2014
Everyone bailed and left me standing with a ticket and no ride. This will be my 2nd Roo. I am in my late 30's and very laid back and cool if you know hat I mean.
Zip: 02143 - 04/28/2014
3 girls looking to catch a ride from boston to tennessee, a rad time is guaranteed!
Kissimmee, Florida - 04/26/2014
Looking to catch a ride to Bonnaroo and back! Can help with gas and what not. Meeting with friends there (two girls), but you are more than welcomed to join our group during the fest. I'm a 24 year old male.
Manchester TN - 04/24/2014
Me and a friend need a ride to nashville airport if possible around 5am to 6am monday morning as the bus shuttle doesnt start until 9am we will miss our flight , willing to pay gas money or any extra money needed , if someone could help that would be great and much appreciated
Charlottesville, Virginia - 04/22/2014
starting at Charlottesville and would be leaving tuesday night or erly Wednesday to be at Manchester around 2 pm their time. im 22 years old and driving a 02 dodge dakota 2 seater long bed. im Camping VIP so we'd have to see how to work out the ride back if needed. message me and we can rrange something.
Indianapolis, Indiana - 04/20/2014
Hello! Meredith here. 27/F. Looking for a ride to and from the farm. I am flexible to leave/ come back whenever. Will help with travel costs. Light traveler. 420 friendly. Only throwing off good vibes! Thanks!
Portland, Maine - 04/16/2014
I am volunteering at Bonnaroo this year so I will need to be in Manchester before 6 PM on June 10th. I'm looking for people to split a ride with for there and back. We could even split on renting a car if we both don't have vehicles. We would obviously split on gas and I'd be down to split on food. I'm willing to get a ride to where you are if it is close. Send me a message if that sounds like that could work for you!
San Antonio, Texas - 04/15/2014
My lady (F28) and I (F24) are looking to catch a ride to my 3rd, her first Roo! Our ride recently bailed =[. Willing to split costs and I have a valid license and insurance if an extra hand is needed with the long drive. Very mellow vibes. If you are interested we are also part of Sooper Groop a groop camping group of 50 plus members but passes must be bought by 4-18-14. Let me know if this is possible for anyone =]. Thank you in advance. Mel =]
Bozeman, Montana - 04/14/2014
I'm Zach, looking to get a ride to bonneroo, is anyone going from Bozeman/ nearby area?
Hoover, Alabama - 04/14/2014
Me and a buddy of mine are taking my car. We should have 2-3 seats open. We may also be following several others to extend the size of our Croo! Will be leaving on thee 11th at about 7:30 pm central time.
New York, United States - 04/13/2014
Me and my boyfriend are planning to rent a car to drive down to bonnaroo! looking for two friendly non creeps to join us for the ride! of course you will be splitting gas and the cost for the rental with us. we are trying to book this car asap ! feel free to email :)
Montreal, QC - 04/11/2014
1 chill guy looking for a ride to Bonaroo 2014....will pay whatever necessary
Manchester, Tennessee - 04/09/2014
Need a ride to the airport Sunday morning. Leaving early sucks!
New York, United States - 04/08/2014
I'm trying to volunteer with some friends at Bonnaroo so we'd be leaving a few days post the festival. So if anyone else is volunteering please let me know! Definitely willing to split gas money. Email me with any questions, info, etc.
Zip: 80021 - 04/08/2014
Hi I'm Dan, this will be my 4th Bonnaroo but first time trying to get there from Denver, I have no problem splitting gas and have a ton of camping gear. Please don't make me fly out there. Thanks!
Birmingham, Alabama - 04/07/2014
Hey! Looking forward to my 2nd Bonnaroo trip. Had some friends who backed out at last sec. I can fit 3 or 4 ppl in my car. Willing to pick up anyone either in Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, or Montgomery. Also if any other ppl are having trouble finding ppl to ride with them, I can meet up at the Wal-Mart in Manchester. 26 yr. M college student, laid back and out going. If interested plz hit me up and tell me about yourself and what supplies you have so we can coordinate appropriately.
Toronto, Ontario - 04/04/2014
3 girls looking for 3 or 4 more girls to rent an RV with us to head to bonnarroooo baby
Clemmons, North Carolina - 04/02/2014
Roo 2014 bound and have space for 2 more compadres! Volunteering, so I'll be leaving Tuesday. About a 7 hour ride to the farm!
Clearwater, Florida - 04/02/2014
First time bonnaroo goer here! I originally planned on flying out there in a few months, but if anyone was down to carpool together that would probably a more fun time. I'm willing to park and ride at a mutually benefitting place and more than happy to pay my way as well as contribute to a good time. Let me know!
Omaha, Nebraska - 04/01/2014
I am a 19 year old female first time going to ROO. Friends backed out on me but still trying to go. Looking for some chill people to go with. Willing to meet up within a couple hours!
Zip: 48103 - 04/01/2014
Does anybody in Ann Arbor need a ride to Bonnaroo? We got one more seat in the car, but to receive it, I have to meet with you to know that you are legit.
South Bend, Indiana - 04/01/2014
I'm a 20 year old female going solo to Roo this year and looking for some camping/ride buddies and good vibes! I'm also doing the Clean Vibes post show clean up.
Maple Park, Illinois - 03/31/2014
(F) Doing pre show croo. Looking for peeps to split gas. I have room for two people. Will be doing tent city. So can camp separate. Good hygeine nd no cigarettes in the car
St. Augustine, Florida - 03/27/2014
myself and my ladyfriend looking to share a ride and pitch in on gas. We have lots of great equipment and have been to 5 Bonnaroos between us.

surfbumdj on inforoo

mid 30s, fun, chill and decent.
Lansing, Michigan - 03/27/2014
Working C'roo this year! All my friends backed out! I'm to find a ride either on the way there or back!
Huntsville, Alabama - 03/26/2014
If anyone is flying into Huntsville I could possibly give a ride to a couple of people.

I'm going alone. But volunteering so I have to be on-site on Tuesday.
Boston, Massachusetts - 03/25/2014
Hey hey,

I'm a chill girl from the Boston area looking to hitch a ride to Bonnaroo. My friends bailed on me and my other group of friends already have their cars full so I'm flying solo-dolo on transportation. Willing to meet anyone anywhere relatively close to MA to hitch a ride. Let me know I'll bring snacks, dank, and chill vibes.
Toronto, Ontario - 03/23/2014
My friend and I looking for a 2-way ride to Bonnaroo. We're flexible on arrival and departure dates and are very easy going.

Would love to make some new friends through this experience and maybe even camp together!
Birmingham, Alabama - 03/21/2014
This is my second time going to bonnaroo and all of my friends have dropped out on me, so looking for some awesome people to go with. I can put in on gas, food, booze etc. Also I have gazebo. 26 yr M. College student easy going and out going personality.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 03/21/2014
Hey bonnaroo family! This is my second year going to Bonnaroo and unfortunately I do not have a ride out there. Please help if you can. I will obviously put in a share for gas and anything needed!
Roanoke, Virginia - 03/17/2014
Hey hey -

Leaving for Bonnaroo late Tuesday/Early Wednesday looking for somebody to help with gas. Easy going guy, good for conversation n such. Drive a dependable Blazer
Wilmington, North Carolina - 03/16/2014
I'm looking for some kids to ride to Manchester with for Bonnaroo 2014. I fear that my car may have problems with long drive, plus I'm always down for new pals and a good road trip. Will help with gas, foods and fun times. Won't be toting a TON of gear, probably just two overnight bags, a pillow and a blanket. Meeting my camp mates there. They're traveling from Canada, Cali and NY but no one's passing through here. I'd be great company!!!
Boston, Massachusetts - 03/16/2014
Just single passenger, looking for a ride to Bonnaroo and back from somewhere in the Boston area. I'll probably be packing fairly light, and would love to have people to camp with.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/16/2014
Hey. I'm in pittsburgh. Looking to road trip with some cool down to earth hipsters. I am doing a solo mission this year because my friends bailed. Looking for a ride and just want to roll with a cool batch. Lets get trippy and weird. Last time I have been on the farm was 2010 when Dave closed out the roo. Hopefully someone passing through this area will scoop me up. Just in case 412-760-3183 hit me up!
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/16/2014
Biloxi, Mississippi - 03/15/2014
hey :) i'm trying to get a ride to roo from Biloxi, MS. If you're on the MS Gulf Coast or near it, maybe I could meet you in the surrounding area. I can provide gas money if needed. If you have any questions, email me at
Media, Pennsylvania - 03/10/2014
Hey there. This will be my first bonnaroo ever. Was gonna bring my 18 year old cousin along for the ride. I am 23. Currently I bought my tickets and had everything I needed to have an awesome bonnaroo all ready. Then my parents said they wouldn't let me borrow any of their cars for the weekend. Could I ride along with another group traveling from Philly along with my cousin? It'd mean the world to us as I was looking forward to this as my graduation gift from college and my cousin from high school. I'd throw in gas money(up to $200). I just am so bummed out right now :(.
Bensenville, Illinois - 03/06/2014
30(M)looking for some good people to travel and have a good time down at Roo. willing to offer cash for gas, and of course beer. I also have an extra ticket that i can let go at a discount.
Lowgap, North Carolina - 03/06/2014
I think all of my friends have dropped out so im going alone this yr but would be better some with cool new ppl
Lincoln Park, Michigan - 03/03/2014
First time festival goers looking for a rad time!!!! Hey guys my boyfriend and I always dreamed of going to a musical festival all we need is a ride we are completely independent otherwise we have our own gear and everything. We are 19 and will bring good fortune.
Dundas, Minnesota - 02/25/2014
Hey, I'm Jess! Bought a ticket to Bonnaroo with plans to road trip with friends, but it ended up not working out on their end so now I'm going solo, hoping to carpool and meet some chill people (: I've got gas and snack money to throw down, and I'm more than willing to meet up somewhere if it's within an hour or two of me. Hit me up if you're interested!
Atlanta, Georgia - 02/25/2014
This is my first time going to the roo, but I have not found anyone who is willing to go with me. I am looking for other people in my same situation, who will not let that stop them from having a good time.
Apopka, Florida - 02/25/2014
im looking for a ride to bonnaroo! i live in orlando not super picky on when i leave..and come back although i would like to stay until it completely over and arrive there early. im 20, this is my 2rd fun..but if youre not in the mood for fun, i can control it until i reach the fest haha..i can pay for my share of gas..i make nice playlists..and i like having interesting conversations...i love meeting new people so a car full of strangers is highly appealing to me...and would be even if i wasnt so desperate for a ride:) but with that being said...highlyy desperate for a ride.
Carrollton, Georgia - 02/24/2014
Hey guys, just looking for some other people to go with this year. Friends couldn't go, so I am rolling solo unless I can meet up with a few others. I can drive or ride doesn't matter. Will split whatever costs for gas, food, booze, etc...
Jamestown, New York - 02/24/2014
So I bought a ticket to Roo this year with no one else to go with for the first time. I don't want to fly, and I feel like driving the 12 hours myself isn't the best idea. Ideally I want to meet someone somewhere and ride down with them. I live in Jamestown, NY and I'm willing to travel a couple hours to meet people if need be. Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, whatever. I'd obviously pay for gas and whatever else. I'm not trying to join someone elses' crew or impede on someone's experience, I just need a ride. I enjoy long walks on the beach. I plan on packing lightly bringing a couple back packs with essentials.

Denver, Colorado - 02/23/2014
Looking for a ride to my second Too and makes some new friends and have a new experience! 25m
Toronto, Ontario - 02/23/2014
3 girls looking for a ride to Bonaroo! There and back...

Looking to leave the 12th and come back the 15th (or possibly 16th)

We are so excited!
Cleveland, Ohio - 02/23/2014
My friend and I have room for 2 or 3. We want to chill in nashville for a day or two first, not sure. It'd be cool to meet some camp mates first also. So anyone who just wants to chill.
Saint Cloud, Minnesota - 02/23/2014
Two sisters looking for a carpool from MN (St Cloud/Mpls) to Bonnaroo and back. We can both drive so driving could be done in shifts. We're both fun and awesome, carpooling would be a cool experience.

Thanks for reading!
Toronto, Ontario - 02/23/2014
2 girls looking for rides- both ways: TORONTO TO BONAROOOOOOO.

Will keep you great company, promise!

Will pitch for gas of course!

Please get back to me with the day you plan on leaving, etc, etc. Ohhhh and if you want to share a tent spot..we’re also down for that!!
Toronto, Ontario - 02/23/2014
2 girls looking for rides- both ways: TORONTO TO BONAROOOOOOO.

Will keep you great company, promise!

Will pitch for gas of course!

Please get back to me with the day you plan on leaving, etc, etc. Ohhhh and if you want to share a tent spot..we’re also down for that!!

Richmond, Virginia - 02/23/2014
Starting in Virginia Beach, VA, and then going to Bonnaroo either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but returning to Richmond, VA after the festival. Will pick up anywhere in the vicinity of i64 from Virginia Beach to Charlottesville.

We're three 18 year-old's and we'd love a fourth to come with!

$70 round trip. Respond with location, gender and age please, thanks!
Nashville, Tennessee - 02/22/2014
Seeing if anyone has room in an RV (my regular Roo RV mates can't make it this year). I already have paid for the RV pass - - so, I'll provide that.

I'm willing to split $$ for gas, RV rental costs, food, beer, etc. This is not my first Roo and I'm originally from the area (now in California). Please let me know.

New York, United States - 02/22/2014
Hi!!! I'm in the NYC area and I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo. It's myself and a friend and we are willing to split gas, food, beer. I also guarantee that we are excellent company.

New York, United States - 02/22/2014
Willing to pay for beers, gas, and company
Gainesville, Georgia - 02/20/2014
Hey guys I going to Bonnaroo and I really don't want to drive by myself so I would love to carpool with someone. I will give split gas cost. I'm super excited for Bonnaroo! Peace, love, goodvibes
Marshfield, Massachusetts - 02/20/2014
Hey! I'm in the Boston area, looking for a ride to Bonnaroo! Obviously willing to split the gas & I can come to anyone, even if your not in my area! I'm 20 yrs old and I'm a good time! So if you have room to let me come with you that would be awesome!
Chicago, Illinois - 02/19/2014
Looking for a big group of people to travel/chill/camp with at Roo! My friend's aren't going this year, so I'm going solo. 23yo female. Definitely feelin' some good vibes :)
East Lansing, Michigan - 02/17/2014
Looking for a couple of people to split an RV with to go to the roo. Currently it's myself and a friend. We're both recent MSU grads to give you an idea of who you would be traveling with. No weirdos.
Chicopee, Massachusetts - 02/15/2014
Thinking i wanna go!!! Lets share gas and food and stuff... go together ..leave together whatever happens in the middle is left to fate....
Fairfax, Virginia - 02/14/2014
Round trip fro fairfax to Bonaroo, will pick up on the way of in the vicinity. Flexible leaving and coming.150 Round Trip.
Toronto, Ontario - 02/13/2014
My three girlfriends and I are looking to hitch a ride to Bonaroo 2014, yeeeeoow! We are located in Toronto, ON, Canada. We will pay big bucks and no radio necessary, we can sing for you the whole way there. If you want extra wicked good company, let us no! HAPPY ROO
Greenville, South Carolina - 02/12/2014
I need a ride to Bonnaro. Will split gas costs.
Cullowhee, North Carolina - 02/12/2014
Seeing if anyone is interested in splitting gas in my Jeep. I'm travelling from the Asheville, NC area to Bonnaroo this year. Trip is about 4.5 hours of fun mountain roads. Willing to travel a little out of the way to pick up good company. This will be my 4th Roo.
Atlanta, Georgia - 02/08/2014
hey i plan on volunteering this year at bonnaroo so looking for someone who also is volunteering or is heading there early as volunteers like my self need to be there on the 10th.this would be my first bonnaroo I'm down to throwing down on gas and lunch on me. I'm a chill guy
Orlando, Florida - 02/02/2014
Hi, this is going to be my first year going to Bonnaroo and I'm looking for a ride from Orlando to the festival and back. I'm a 17 y/o female going alone and would love to carpool rather than taking a flight. I'd be more than happy to chip in for any transportation costs.

P.S. huge bonus if I could find people to set up a camp with as well!
Westmont, Illinois - 01/20/2014
Hey all. Offering rides to Bonnaroo this year. This will be my 6th straight year but 1st going solo. I'm a 27yo male with a 2 year old sedan. Offering rides to people with good vibes. Please no moochers or party poopers. Happy ROO
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 01/13/2014
I'm in Pittsburgh and will probably need to catch a ride with somebody this year. I can chip in for everything, and I plan on packing extremely light. I can get anywhere in Pittsburgh in range of public transportation. If anyone can help me out, please get a hold of me. :3