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Bonnaroo Music Festival 2015

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Manchester, Tennessee - 06/10/2017
Hey guys! Sorry WAY new to rickyrides so pardon if i dont know the etiquette and this is weird etc. but i'm looking for a ride back for me and my friend cause the greyhound we took here was 24 hours. Text me whenever and we'll totally shoulder most of the gas costs, rental, etc. cause anything is better and faster than that greyhound!!! Would ideally like to leave anytime monday or tuesday (we work weds but honestly, whatever rise is most important!) Thanks either way! Can also forward any social media handles, meet at the fest so you see we're not creepers, etc!! Two chill girls from ny, CANNOT DRIVE CAUSE WE'RE IDIOTS FROM NY

Manchester, Tennessee - 06/12/2016
Need to get back to the Kansas City area. Does anyone headed that way have room for another person in their car? I can split gas. Text me 913-963-5265. Thanks.
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/14/2015
Ride from Bonnaroo to New York.

We have space for a couple/2 folks and leaving on Monday early morning.

Call 941-356-4436

$75 each person. Happy roooo !!
Washington, District of Columbia - 06/14/2015
My ride back home fell through and I need a ride. I only have two bags. And gas money. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you.

Text me at 304-290-7484
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/14/2015
hey group of 3 looking for a ride from Bonnarroo to Nashville, thanks! Text 9086011285
Manchester TN - 06/14/2015
im doing a bonnaroo shuttle today back to the Nashville airport if u need a ride its 100$ oneway if I have a group of 5 uall split that cost so it would b way cheaper for u other service are charging 150$ a person im doing the minimum to help people out so call me up my names Darryl 6155612125
New York, United States - 06/13/2015
Need a ride for 2 back to NYC area.
Zip: 37214 - 06/12/2015
One gal needing a ride from airport to Roo Friday afternoon. I arrive at 3pm. Msg me if you are offering a ride for cash or want to find one together and share cost! 214-293-2896 -Natalie from Tx
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/12/2015
I am available to pick from the Nashville Airport Friday after 4pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. I charge $100 one way per car load which means you can split the cost with other people. Just call or text me at 615-561-2125.
Zip: 11238 - 06/11/2015
Hi! I'm Larry, looking for a ride from Nashville airport to Bonnaroo on Saturday at 11:30am. Willing to pay serious monies! :)
Nashville Airport - 06/11/2015
Hi my name is jesse and looking for a ride to bonnaroo from the nashville airport i will be arriving the airport at 1045am on friday will pay for gas
Nashville Airport - 06/11/2015
Hey my names Melanie and I'm looking for a ride to bonnaroo from the Nashville airport..or someone who wants to split a cab? My flight lands at 10:20 in Nashville and the last shuttle comes at 9:30. I'll pay for gas and good company:) call me 267-325-9050
Boone, North Carolina - 06/11/2015
Got tickets last minute so I'm heading up tomorrow morning! I can pick you up along the way, driving solo
Zip: 06489 - 06/11/2015
32 year old male heading down to All Good from central CT Wed 7/8. I have space for 1-2 people depending on how much stuff everyone has. If I get two people to confirm, I'll use the 4 door truck. Plenty of room. Thanks!
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/11/2015
Hello! I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo from Nashville airport! I get in at 9AM. 22 year old male flying in from California. Will pay for gas!
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/10/2015
I need a ride from Bonarroo yto Nashville airport at 4:30 PM on Friday. Will pay cash! Please help.
Dallas, Texas - 06/10/2015
Ride to Bonnaroo needed from Dallas
Zip: 10025 - 06/10/2015
Hey there, Roovians!

We got three seats available for the ride back to NYC. Lemme know if you need a ride. We're heading out on Monday, asking $100 per person to help with gas/tolls. Happy 'roo!

Christiansburg, Virginia - 06/10/2015
I'm a 26 year old male, Paul, hiking the Appalachian Trail and I'm hitching to the festival. I'm on 81 in Christianburg, VA right now and would love to help with drive/gas/food down to Manchester. I'll be hitching as well so hurry please!
Zip: 37203 - 06/10/2015
Tent camper with one backpack looking for a ride to Bonnaroo ASAP starting Wednesday afternoon June 10.

Me=25, grad, avg guy. Located in the Gulch.

Gas money could be paid upfront as long as it's reasonable.
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/10/2015
Brother and sister from New Zealand are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo if anyone can help out? Will put in for petrol.
Boone, North Carolina - 06/10/2015
If you're passing near or through Boone, NC, shoot me a text or give me a call at 919.888.2041. My stuff fits in a single backpack, so I don't take up much room, and I'll be glad to chip in for gas! I don't need a ride back.
New York, United States - 06/10/2015
Leaving from Northwest jersey, if you are in dire need of a ride, take a bus to Clinton NJ and I'll pick you up at the station.

If you wanna give me a call my numbers 5083677507
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06/10/2015
Passing bthrough Philly in a couple of hours. If you're in need of a last minute ride with an awesome driver give me a call @ 5083677507
Washington, District of Columbia - 06/10/2015
Leaving tonight. Let me know if you need a ride!!
Sevierville, Tennessee - 06/10/2015
21 m. I live around the Knoxville area. my buddy won't be able to make it till Friday now. I am more than willing to throw gas money. Good vibes all around and it'd be great to make new friends. I think I'm gonna go to tent only so camping space wouldn't be an issue unless offered I would gladly stay
Florida, United States - 06/10/2015
Hey! I'll be riding up today with room for 2 more people, I'll be leaving pretty shortly so be sure to email me ASAP if you're hoping to catch a ride
Akron, Ohio - 06/10/2015
Driving from Ohio to Manchester TN Wednesday. Willing to pick one passenger up on the way (Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, Nashville).
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/10/2015
I need a ride to Nashville from the farm on Sunday morning. Need to be in Nashville by 10am. Can throw down on gas!!!
South Orange, New Jersey - 06/09/2015
Hi! 2 people looking for a return trip from Bonnaroo to the NYC/NJ area. Obviously, we are so down to help with gas and toll moneys! Let us know please if you have a ride & thank you so much! You can e-mail or phone # (406)-529-7013
Pensacola, Florida - 06/09/2015
Hey All,

Heading up Thursday morning/early afternoon from the Pensacola area, would love to have a driving buddy! Let me know, I have a clean Subaru that has plenty of space.
Zip: 63101 - 06/09/2015
This is an odd request, I am in need a ride from Bonnaroo back to St. Louis. The constraint is that I need to leave sometime Sunday. If you were planning on leaving Sunday and are heading in that direction, this would be perfect..
Zip: 46383 - 06/09/2015
Need a last-minute ride to Bonnaroo and will pay for gas! I'm an 18 year old guy and I live in Valparaiso, IN (NWI or in the Chicago Area if that helps).
Washington, District of Columbia - 06/09/2015
I'm a female recent college grad who made the last minute decision to go to Roo and desperately looking for a ride!

I'm fun, a festival vet, a great road-tripper and will split gas money (as well as making my delicious road trip snacks)- love music and car games. Please let me know if you have space in your car to leave late Wednesday or anytime on Thursday!! You will be my hero forever :)
Indianapolis, Indiana - 06/09/2015
Hi y'all!!!

I need a ride SUNDAY from roo to Indianapolis...need to be in Indy by 2:00pm for a WEDDIN', so leaving roo around 8:00am SUNDAY is ideal...lmk if y'all know of anybody who could potentially help me out! Thx y'all!

(Wallet was stolen so no DL so no rental car :(



Indianapolis, Indiana - 06/09/2015
Need ride to Indy from roo! In the hopes of arriving in Indy at 2, so leaving roo at 8am is throat! Obvs am gonna pay u, obvs understand this is asking a lot!

Just lmk if you know anybody or have any leads!



Zip: 37214 - 06/09/2015
Hello! I need a ride from the Nashville Airport to Bonnaroo on Thursday. I will also need a ride back to the Airport on Sunday. Please let me know if you have room for me, even if it is just one way. I can help with gas!
Zip: 32304 - 06/09/2015
Anyone driving up near tallahassee to Manchester on Friday night? I'm a 21 year old and can throw down for gas and I'm great company
Zip: 37214 - 06/09/2015
Hi Guys- I'm looking to pay for a ride from Nashville to Banaroo on Wednesday afternoon/night. Hit me up if anyone has extra space please! Thanks
Washington DC - 06/09/2015
Hey everybody happy Bonnaroo!

Instead of asking for a ride down to the farm, I'm posting with the hopes of catching a ride back from Roo to the DC area. I have summer classes to return to (reality, bummer, right?) and I'm hoping to return by Monday night at the latest. I'd be more than willing help pay for gas etc.

Philadelphia - 06/09/2015
Hi guys, I'm looking for one seat from Philly or any surrounded places (i'd be willing to take a train). The group I was going with had car problems and there's no way for me to get down. If you anyone can help me out I would seriously appreciate it. I also will provide money for gas and food!
Nashville - 06/09/2015
Hi there! Anyone got a room for one in your car to Bonnaroo? Will share gas snacks:)
Zip: 11238 - 06/09/2015
Extra ticket and a round trip ride to bonnaroo available, make me an offer I cannot
New York, United States - 06/09/2015
Rented a Van with plenty room for more. Leaving Wednesday night Jun10. If interested hit me immediately, no time to delay
Toronto, Ontario - 06/09/2015
Hi everyone-

Looking to carpool and pitch in for gas from Manchester back to Toronto on Sunday arriving anytime monday morning before 9am. Please let me know if you can accomodate two people.

Thanks a million!!
Nashville - 06/09/2015
Looking for a Saturday day pass! Does anyone have an extra one?!!
Silver Spring, Maryland - 06/09/2015
Okay update from our previous post. We have one seat left, both directions, and we plan on leaving Thursday early a.m. to return to the DMV.

One way either direction is fine, although if you're doing post-show cleanup it'd be great to meet ya and do cleanup together!
Tennessee, United States - 06/09/2015
I'm flying into Nashville on Wednesday night and staying at my uncle's place that night, but will be needing a ride to Bonnaroo on Thursday. If anyone has an extra space that would be awesome!
Broomfield, Colorado - 06/08/2015
Hello, me and my friend are driving to bonaroo wednesday around 4 pm. were driving a nice big comfy van and we have space for someone wanting to ride along have fun and pitch on gas.
Zip: 11221 - 06/08/2015
Hello! My name is Vijayta (Female, 23) and my friend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo on Wednesday, June 10th. We both live around the New York area and would love to meet some good people to take us there, and maybe back again! I can send you social media links to prove I'm not a spambot if you'd like. Look forward to hearing from you! - V
Nashville - 06/08/2015
Hey, i'll be heading to Nashville after the festival. I have extra room in my car if anyone needs a ride.
New York, United States - 06/08/2015
I am volunteering the POST show clean up and my flight out of NASHVILLE is on Wednesday, June 6th - is anyone else leaving at this time and could go by the airport? Willing to contribute gas $.
Eatonton, Georgia - 06/08/2015
Willing to Drive to atlanta! I bought a ticket at the last minute and would like to ride up with someone! I am a 24 YR old female. This will be my first Bonnaroo experience!
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/08/2015
im offering my rideshare service starting tomorrow evening threw the rest of week my van holds six my charge is 100$ flat rate and if ur a group u split the 100$ charge ive also have sum times set to return to the airport sunday starting 4am 11am 2pm and 6pm and 11pm my contact info is 6155612125 or 6156001060 look me up on facebook at beer run bonnaroo shuttle...
Zip: 37214 - 06/08/2015
I am a 21-year-old guy who needs a ride from the Nashville airport to Bonnaroo on Tuesday 6/9/2015. My flight comes in at 10am, and I need to be at Bonnaroo by 2pm to check in for volunteering. Please help a guy out.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06/08/2015
Hey! our transmission got fucked over today (monday) so we (four people) need a ride down, leaving Wednesday afternoon. If you could help out we would throw in for gas and everything else needed!

Thanks!!! :^)
Lorain, Ohio - 06/08/2015
Leaving early Friday morning maybe 2 - 4am. I have an extra seat and plenty of room for stuff
Chapel Hill, North Carolina - 06/08/2015
Hello! I am offering a ride from Ashveille to Bonnaroo. I will be leaving the Chapel Hill area on Wednesday night, and hoping to spend the night in Ashveille, and leave early morning to make it to the Farm! I have a Hyundi Elantra, and I am traveling alone so I would love a driving buddy!
Zip: 60622 - 06/08/2015
My roommate and I got tickets to roo last minute - but now we need to get there somehow :). Can anybody give us a ride? It will be fun - and cheaper for you. We have to work Wednesday (at least for a bit), but could leave anytime after that. I also have a drivers license..

Bellmore, New York - 06/08/2015
My friend cancelled on me last minute so I have a wristband and a ride to Bonnaroo. Leaving New York (city or Long Island--we can work out details) Wednesday afternoon.
Nashville Airport - 06/08/2015
Hey y'all! Flying in solo from Seattle to meet my friends at the farm. Arriving around 11pm on Thursday and need a ride. Lil help? Pretty please.

Zip: 10013 - 06/08/2015
My traveling accommodations fell through last minute. I am in need of a ride. Would be more than happy to split the gas/toll costs. My facebook name is T-Rizzle Kim if you'd like to friend me :)
Toronto, Ontario - 06/08/2015
Hello all!

My friend and I are renting a car and driving down to Bonnaroo! Unfortunately it is a rather expensive trip, so we are hoping to find two or three travel companions who are willing to split on gas and the cost of renting the car, which is honestly pretty cheap in light of the long trip!

We are fun, outgoing and enjoy playing car games! We're hoping to listen to awesome music and have a smooth ride down!

Our plan is to leave early Thursday morning and drive back on Monday, arriving back in Toronto on Monday evening!

If you're interested please let me know! Have a great day! :)
Rochester, New York - 06/08/2015
I have a spot in my car coming from Rochester Tuesday or Wednesday (we haven't decided yet). Still have the ticket that goes with that spot, too!
Zip: 11206 - 06/08/2015
Hey im looking for a ride to Roo. Please let me know I pack very light and can give you gas money. My number is 8603728735 . Please let me know!
Lima, Ohio - 06/08/2015
Hey friends!

My friend and I are driving down to Nashville, TN this Wednesday morning and are leaving from Lima, Ohio. We plan to go to bonnaroo Thursday morning but are just making the trip more fun by staying/going out in Nashville the nght before. Nashville is approx 60 miles from bonnaroo. Were looking for a friend(s) to accompany us on our fun road trip! Pitching in for gas, etc would be greatly appreciated.

We plan to drive back to Lima, Ohio Monday the 15th.

Hope someone can join! :)
Zip: 37214 - 06/08/2015
Hello! I'm volunteering at Bonnaroo this year (first year attending-woo!) and I need a ride from the Nashville Airport to Roo on Tuesday, June 9th. My flight gets in at 4pm. Anyone going through Nashville at that time? :)
Vero Beach, Florida - 06/08/2015
Yo, I'm going to Bonnaroo in an empty car because of some last minute changes. I have room for 3 more people. I can pick you up anywhere along the way you just gotta like music. Let me know
Manchester, England - 06/08/2015
Need a ride from bonnaroo to the airport sometime on Sunday, my flight leaves at 9 . would be happy to pay for gas!
New York, United States - 06/07/2015
looking for a ride to bonnaroo! my current ride fell through. i don't have a drivers license (live in brooklyn) but am VERY happy to pitch in for gas, and food and good vibes! my tent is super small and i don't have many bags. i'm super kind, and chill. this is my first year going and i am stoked!

i am happy to meet up in NJ if that is easiest!

Joplin, Missouri - 06/07/2015
I'll be leaving from Joplin Mo late Tuesday or early morning wednesday. If you can get here or are nearby you can leave with me or I can pick you up if you are in the way. I'm going solo so I gave plenty of room. This will be my sixth Roo.
Hialeah, Florida - 06/07/2015
Hey guys I'm driving up Wednesday morning from Miami this year and picking up a fellow Rooster in Jacksonville and another in Tallahassee. Last spot just opened up today and the clock is ticking! Im asking for $60 each way and I drive a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you're interested :)

Email: or text: 786.443.1031

Look forward to help in out :)
Jacksonville, Florida - 06/07/2015
Hi, im Marisa, we are a group of friends who are traveling up to Bonnaroo on Wednesday morning. We have room for 1 possibly 2 more people in the back seat of my 4Runner, all were asking for is help on the gas expenses. I am willing to pick you up from anywhere along our route which is i75 to Manchester. Feel free to contact me
Washington, District of Columbia - 06/07/2015
Hey there,

I'm Tom 21, I live down in DC am looking for a ride to roo! I'm willing to kick for gas and food, and am willing to drive. Will be packing lightly, so no worries there. Open to discussion about most options, Trying to get to my first one!
Silver Spring, Maryland - 06/07/2015
Two dudes in our twenties driving a Dodge Caravan with space for two light travelers. That is to say, you can be hefty, but we don't have a ton of space for your EZ-up and full camping gear.

We plan on driving back to the DMV either Wednesday after the post-show cleanup, or far less likely, butt-ass early Thursday morning the 18th.

Leave your # so we can communicate more easily than through email when you contact us.


Mike n Jamie
Amarillo, Texas - 06/07/2015
We have 2 spots open!! 2 fun individuals heading out from Texas!! Hit us up so we can make some plans!!
Zip: 10027 - 06/07/2015
My boyfriend and I are volunteering for Roo and our ride bailed. We live in NYC and are looking to leave late Monday night to get there by Tuesday at our designated time slot.

Willing to pay for gas and stuff, as well as take turns driving. Both have driver's licenses and clean driving history!
Shreveport, Louisiana - 06/07/2015
First time going to Roo. Really don't want to hitchhike there and back so offering to chip in for expenses. All terms negotiable
Zip: 29492 - 06/06/2015
4-door sedan packed with a 23yo male (me) and gear but definitely down to squeeze as many as we can. Meeting my group there so 3 or 4 more seats are available.

Leaving from downtown on Wednesday! Sometime between 3pm and 5pm (right when I get off work).

Help with gas and you're in. Super down to meet some new people
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/06/2015
Im doing a rideshare to bonnaroo from Nashville and from bonnaroo to the airport sunday I have a 6 passenger van and my rate is 100$ flat rate for a whole group or a single rider u and 6 peeps split the 100$ cost I make Walmart stops and im doing supply ie beer runs while roo is goin on just in case u run outta anything ill take u anywhere n Manchester to get what u need contact me at 6155612125 ive got 3 rideshare set for sunday goin back to Nashville one at 4am one at 11am one at 2pm and of course ill be there 11pm sunday for u to be the first out to get to airport just text or call ill be there
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/06/2015
Two friends and I are looking for a ride to Manchester from the Megabus station on Thursday (after 9am) and possibly on the way back too. If anyone has spots in their car, please please let us know!
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/06/2015
Hey! I have a flight out of Nashville Airport monday morning at 7:35am after bonnaroo. I need a ride to get there before that (security and stuff). Please let me know if you can help a brother out
Hoffman Estates, Illinois - 06/06/2015
We are 3 individuals looking for a 4th rider to come along for a very fun ride. This would be our 2nd yr attending and we are counting down the days. Let me know if interested if so you will recieve 5 free beers that come with the ride. Lol of course being 21+.
Pembroke Pines, Florida - 06/06/2015
Sup fools, my name is Ronald and I'm 20 years old. A spot just opened in my car and I'm looking for someone (If needed I can take 2) to ride with my group to save on travel costs and you can camp with us if you want. We're leaving Wednesday morning and should be returning Tuesday-ish cause were gonna take our time and do some exploring on the way down so just be adventurous, open minded, and smiling :) LET'S GET WEIRD!
Sarasota, Florida - 06/06/2015
Need a ride to roo for myself and 2 of my friends. We are obviously willing to help pay for gas and provide you with fun and super nice road trip buddies :) Thanks so much to whomever messages back!
Zip: 29611 - 06/06/2015
Gotta work wednesday night so my roommate and I are leaving early thursday morning from greenville SC. My friends are taking our camping stuff down the day before, so I have room for 2-3 more people in my car if anyone needs a ride. no need to chip in for gas, just gotta be open minded and live by the roo code ;)
Evansville, Indiana - 06/06/2015
My crew backed out last minute and I'm looking for fun, open-minded people to go with. I have a car or could carpool either way. I plan to leave on Wednesday.
Zip: 15203 - 06/06/2015
Hi, I'm leaving Pittsburgh Wednesday night and will be coming back Monday morning if any one needs a ride let me know and we can meet up and discuss details
Kingston, Massachusetts - 06/06/2015
Heading down to Roo on Tuesday. (781) 789-0142 shoot a txt
Zip: 37214 - 06/06/2015
Getting into Nashville around 9-10 pm on friday need a ride to roo. Willing to pay obviously. Please help trying to meet up with some of my ROOCrew !!
Manchester, Tennessee - 06/06/2015
Looking for a ride on Sunday to Nashville Airport.
Hanover, Massachusetts - 06/06/2015
This will be my 3rd Roo. I will be traveling solo this year. Friends bailed. I can travel light and pay my way in gas. 27 year old male - good vibes
Toronto, Ontario - 06/06/2015
Some of my friends bailed on me so it's just me heading down to Bonnaroo (might camp next to another group I know once there). If anyone is interested in tagging along, I'll be leaving Wednesday or Thursday and staying as long as we have energy to stay.

33/male with a station wagon.
Canton, Georgia - 06/06/2015
This is an offer for early pass holders only, or those who want to get into the Manchester area Monday June 8. If you are on a crew or a volunteer this could be ideal. I am driving a truck and trailer for a crew from Canton Monday early afternoon. Just throwing it out there as I will have the ability to give the person with the right situation a lift.
Roanoke, VA - 06/05/2015
Coming from DC. Taking route 64/81. We can pick you up!!
New York, United States - 06/05/2015
I actually have a ride to roo, I just need a ride back east as close to NYC as possible. I have no problem going to Philly or DC a d catching a bus/train back. I am a male in my 30's and have been to roo 10 times. I will pitch in for gas as well.
Atlanta, Georgia - 06/05/2015
Male Georgia State student in the East Atlanta area looking for a group/ride to Roo on Thursday. I have a 4 person tent I can contribute, as well as other supplies.
Hoboken, New Jersey - 06/05/2015
Hey How's it going?

My name is Teja Jonnalagadda.

I'm a student at Stevens Tech, in Hoboken.

I have a ticket and I was supposed to go to Roo with my best friend, but we had a falling out and he bailed on me.

So, please let me know if you have any seats left.

This is going to be trip haha.

Above is my contact info.

- Teja
Marlborough, Massachusetts - 06/05/2015
I have an extra seat in my car. I'm a 23year old recent art college grad girl looking for another passenger to help pay for gas and possibly help drive. I'm traveling in a four seated car with one other girl. This is going to be my third Bonnaroo. I can only fit one other in my car. Looking for anyone traveling from Massachusetts, or anywhere in brtween to Tennessee. Prefererd if you have experience going to festivals. And is okay with traveling with things in your lap.
Zip: 10027 - 06/05/2015
Hey there fellow Roovians!

My boyfriend and I are going to Bonnaroo, and we finally convinced his parents to let us rent their car for the trip (awwww yeah!). It's super roomy so we're looking for a couple of chill, friendly carpoolers. We're gonna be leaving Manhattan as early as we can Wednesday morning (probably around 6 am) so we can get there before the rush.

The cost is $150 per person round trip, $80 per person one-way. Cost covers gas, tolls, and rental (we're paying for his parents' cab fare every day that we're gone). We've got an audio cable for the car so we'll be able to blast tunes from our phones & ipods the whole way :D

We're planning on heading back to NYC Monday around noon, though that's flexible. If you wanna join us for the round trip or just the way down, let me know!

Zip: 33133 - 06/05/2015
I'm going up to bonnaroo on the 10th and am looking for someone to fill an empty seat in my car! I'm looking for 60 each way my number is 305 504 0224
Bloomington, Indiana - 06/05/2015
I'm volunteering for Bonnaroo and need to be there on Tuesday, June 9. Would be more than willing to help pay for gas.
Atlanta, Georgia - 06/05/2015
Looking for a ride up to bonnaroo!

Definitely down to split up gas bill.

Hit me up if interested
Freeland, Pennsylvania - 06/05/2015
Riding down to Bonnaroo Tuesday night after work. Name's Becca, just me and my lady, can easily fit one, possibly 2 more!
Nashville - 06/05/2015
I will be heading to Roo on Wednesday (early evening - approx. 6-9pm) from Nashville. Friends decided not to go down until midday Thursday and I can't wait that long...I have 2 (possibly 3) empty spots if you need a ride!
Zip: 22202 - 06/04/2015
Hey.. two cool former Hawaiian residents need a ride to roo! one of us has been 5 times and the other 2. Looking to leave late late wed night or sometime on Thursday. Can meet anywhere in the dc metro area. One way ok. Both ways awesome! :-) Cheers!

Robyn and Les
Nashville, Tennessee - 06/04/2015
I will be heading to Nashville after the festival if you need a ride let me know!
Highland Park, Illinois - 06/04/2015
Hi Guys! I'm Ben, I'm 23 and I'm trying to get to Bonnaroo. This is my first Roo and I couldn't be more excited! I will gladly chip in for gas and will share whatever goodies I end up bringing with me. Also, don't want to toot my own horn but I've been told that I'm an excellent co-pilot. Please let me know, 847-732-6652

East Lansing, Michigan - 06/04/2015
Normal Croo had to bail at the last minute for various reasons, so now I'm doing Roo solo for the first time. My car is too unreliable to make it all the way to TN, but I can meet downstate or in northern OH if it's easier for you! Obviously willing to split transportation costs/gas/etc. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!!
Zip: 37214 - 06/04/2015
Need a ride from the Nashville Airport to Bonnaroo on Thursday night! My flight arrives at 7:40pm.

Will pay for gas and throw in some tasty beer for your service! :)
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 06/04/2015
me and my girlfriend are traveling together from minneapolis. we are leaving EARLY morning wednesday after the purity ring show at first ave. willingness to drive and valid driver's license required!
New York, United States - 06/04/2015
Need a ride to Nashville super early on Sunday. Actually flying out at 7am. If anyone is driving back on Saturday night or Sunday really early in the morning. I could pitch in for gas!
Dallas, Texas - 06/04/2015
Got 1 spot left, one person backed out, so any fellow Texans or people from DFW that need a ride, hit me up. 214-558-1464
Zip: 33914 - 06/04/2015
Friends Bailed out, Need ride to Roo, can provide Gas and other things, May have spare ticket also.
Carthage, North Carolina - 06/03/2015
Hello! I am hoping to find a ride departing from (around) Southern Pines. NC. I am just a single passenger meeting up with friends at the festival. The current plan to take the train to them (all the way in Florida...) as I don't own a car. Renting is a bit difficult as a young driver. I am near an Amtrak station and can meet any drivers near stations in their own towns. Hope to hear from you soon!
Bloomfield, New Jersey - 06/03/2015
Hey, my name's John, I'm looking for a ride down to the Roo on Tuesday (June 9th) I'm working at the festival and I need to be there by Wednesday morning at 8:30. I'm looking to have an awesome time and I'm all about splitting costs and helping out!
Zip: 11211 - 06/03/2015
2 guys road tripping to Bonnaroo! we're festival + camping veterans. We have space for 1 more in our car. Would leave from Brooklyn Tuesday early morning and drive straight there.

If you're looking for a ride (round trip), tell us about yourself! It's a long trip so it's important we get along. Also, please send a link to your facebook page so we know you are a real person.
Albany, New York - 06/03/2015
Hey I'm Jon. Im 29 I rented a car, a VW Jetta, and the person going with me cancelled so I am now driving down solo. Looking for one or two people to help with gas and driving? I am located in Albany NY so picking the two of you up wont be a problem. Let me know if interested thank you.
Pearisburg, Virginia - 06/03/2015
My trailname is Waves and I am looking for a hero to rescue me from the Appalachian Trail to let me mob with you to Bonnaroo. Being on the trail makes planning somewhat capricious, but I will be in Pearisburg, VA on Wednesday looking for a ride! I just have a backpack, walking sticks, and a shirt with 8 wolves on it. Let's make magic!
Zip: 17603 - 06/03/2015
I am traveling down with one other girl late Wednesday night, we have room for one other person in the car, but very very limited with space. I only have a ride available to Bonnaroo, not back.
Holyoke, Massachusetts - 06/03/2015
Jocelyn and Joey are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo 2k15. We are both in our early 20's and willing to split gas money. Let us know if we can ride with you! :)

ps. we have snacks
Charlotte, North Carolina - 06/03/2015
Hi everyone!

I just need a returning ride to Charlotte from Bonnaroo. I have my arriving ride taken care of. I'll be traveling light!
Ann Arbor, Michigan - 06/03/2015
I have room for 3 people max, leaving Wednesday evening around 6 pm. anyone looking to do a midnight ride hit me up :)
Westerville, Ohio - 06/03/2015
My friend can't make it anymore, I'll be flying solo and meeting some people on the way to get in-line together. The details are still be worked out but I'll prolly drive through the night Wednesday and head back Monday morning.
Orlando, Florida - 06/03/2015
Hey everyone! My roommate and I, 22 and 23, are looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo. We have plenty of gas money! Message me if we could arrange something, thank youuu!
Chicago, Illinois - 06/03/2015
My name is Zach and me and buddy of mines ride flaked last minute and we're looking for a ride down to Roo. We're both 22 and it's our first Roo experience. We were planning on leaving at some point Wednesday to avoid all the traffic and to get a decent camping spot, but we're down for anything. If you could take us we'd of course be willing to spilt driving/gas/tolls/. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Good vibes regardless,

Aurora, Colorado - 06/02/2015
My hubby and I are going VIP to Bonnaroo. We just got married and need a ride to and from the farm. Our original ride bailed and we are in need of a ride. Will help pay for rental car or chip in on gas. Thanks farm farm!!!!
New Delhi, Delhi (state) - 06/02/2015

Looking for some chill people to take a ride down to the farm with me and one other girl. Good vibes, snacks, and chip in for gas :)

I am picking someone up from DC, so if you live up there don't hesitate to ask for a ride!!

Nashville, Tennessee - 06/02/2015
Im giving rides to/from bonnaroo from Nashville airport and back from roo sunday I can get u anytime my charge is 100$ flat rate roundtrip charge and I can do a Walmart or liquer store stop my names Darryl and my number is 6155612125 Im doin this to earn my way into roo so help me help u and ill promise u a easey no hassle ride to n from event..
Portland, Tennessee - 06/02/2015
I need a ticket to bonnaroo I can get you to bonnaroo and back to the airport as well as stop for supplies and Walmart runs during festival Im very flexible and I own a 7 passenger van so if your a group please contact me at 6155612125 thanks and hope to get in...
Fort Myers, Florida - 06/02/2015
Friends all bailed but thats not stopping me from going! but would like to carpool just chip in for gas. Got plenty of space :)
Fort Worth, Texas - 06/02/2015
Hey! Two 20 year old guys looking for a ride back from Bonnaroo. Able to get a ride there with some friends but they are going somewhere else after. Really laid back fun guys, have gas money, and love to meet new people. Hey lets meet up and all camp together too! BONNAROOOO
Houston, Texas - 06/02/2015
21 male, going to roo for 2nd time. Just moved down here for the summer. Will be leaving Wednesday after work and most likely leaving later on Sunday to make it back for work (not ideal but cant take off more days).
Chicago, Illinois - 06/02/2015
Hey all,

I'm looking for a ride for my two friends and I. I know it's kinda last minute, but we will be more than happy to share driving and gas. We're all in our early 20's and it's our first time going. We don't have much stuff and we're great driving companions and consistently radiate positivity. Email with questions!
East Lansing, Michigan - 06/02/2015
My name is Zach and me and buddy of mines ride flaked last minute and we're looking for a ride down to Roo. We're both 22 and it's our first Roo experience. We were planning on leaving at some point Wednesday to avoid all the traffic and to get a decent camping spot, but we're down for anything. If you could take us we'd of course be willing to spilt driving/gas/tolls/. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Good vibes regardless,

Florida, United States - 06/02/2015
Driving to Manchester from Florida, would love to pick up some stragglers on the way. Let me know if you need a ride!!
Charleston, South Carolina - 06/02/2015
Hi there! My name is Morgan and my boyfriend, Andrei and me are seeking a ride to The Farm. We are 20 and are students at The Art Institute of Charleston. We were planning on leaving Thursday morning after our final exams (year-round college). Our ride bailed last minute. This will be Andrei's first year going to Bonnaroo and my third. We want to experience The Roo with great free souls and each other. We are more than willing to contribute to gas and share camping supplies (we have a tent and all)!
Zip: 20740 - 06/02/2015
Hey everyone! A buddy (buddy, with a car) bailed on me last minute. I'm a University of Maryland student who is more than willing to help out w gas and other miscellaneous costs like food, etc. Happy Roo'ing!
New York, United States - 06/02/2015
Hey guys, heading to Bonnaroo. I am getting there early to work. I have to get there Tuesday 6/9 by 5pm so I will be leaving either 1am on 6/9 or earlier. I can work with you on the time if you need a ride.

If you are in a similar situation as me and need to get there early or just want to get there early/need to be dropped off close by let me know. I can also pick you up anywhere on my way there as long as its not crazy out of the way.
Houston, Texas - 06/02/2015
Planning my sixth journey to Bonnaroo leaving Wednesday evening and returning Monday morning. Maybe renting a car or taking my medium size SUV depending on how many people come total. To me, the more the merrier! I only ask the we share gas expense and driving hours. I'm meeting a group from up north just outside the festival so there will be a few of us. You're welcome to camp with us or do your own thing of course.
Zip: 11218 - 06/02/2015
Extra tix for sale and a ride down to Roo. My partner cancelled on me last minute.....
Roselle, New Jersey - 06/02/2015
Looking for new friends, we're your group going down to farm. Rented a van and have room for a few more...
Panama City, Florida - 06/02/2015
The people that were going with me just backed out, and I would love to offer people a ride! I drive a clean Volvo XC90, so I have plenty of room. Willing to drive slightly out of the way. (i.e. Tallahassee or Atlanta)
Tallahassee, Florida - 06/02/2015
Driving to Tallahassee Florida on Thursday after Post Show. Couple seats in my super clean toyota corolla open for anyone who needs a ride!
Zip: 78702 - 06/02/2015
Heading to my first Bonnaroo and Murphy's Law left me in need of a ride. Help me make my first one a great one!
Knoxville, Tennessee - 06/01/2015
pulling a camper in a quad cab truck. will have room for 2 and their gear from Knoxville early Thursday morning. to return early monday morning. In another area from General admission so will have to drop you off close to the tent only area.
Zip: 11211 - 06/01/2015
I am leaving from Brooklyn with an SUV on Tuesday 6/9 to Nashville. Will be heading to the farm on Thursday. You are welcome to ride with me to Nashville and get a local ride from Nashville to the farm sooner then Thursday. Can give a ride back from Bonnaroo to NYC.
Jackson, Missouri - 06/01/2015
Hey I'm Ben, this'll be my 6th bonnaroo. I'm looking for a ride to (and return from) bonnaroo. I'm right off I-55 in Jackson, MO. It won't take ten minutes to swing by if you're headed that way. I pack light, I have gas money and I'm not a crazy person. Let's go to bonnaroo!
Nashville - 06/01/2015

$100 A Car Load. Ihave a Jeep Cherokee with a rack on top. Bring your own music. Willing to make stops on the way. Make arrangements for return trip at same cost.
Nashville Airport - 06/01/2015
HEELLLOOOO world, I'm getting in super late Friday night (11pm) and the shuttle isn't running then, would MUCHO MUCHO appreciate it if I could get a ride, will pay for gas, thanks!!!
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 06/01/2015
Hey there,my names Tom. 1 guy here, 20 years old, looking for a ride to Manchester, and preferably a group to camp with. trying to leave Wednesday night and arrive sometime Thursday. only would need a ride there. have some camping gear (ie a tent) and would definitely contribute to gas and tolls. im like super easy going so if youre leaving from philly or passing through, take me with you, we can be friends. let me know!
Zip: 37214 - 06/01/2015
I'm volunteering at Bonnaroo this year and live near Nashville. Let me know if you need a ride from the airport or where ever. I'm planning on heading down to the farm around noon or 1pm on Tuesday.
Sellersburg, Indiana - 05/31/2015
2 cars with 4 people. We already have a rider or two, but can add another. Leaving about 5:30 EST Wed. Could maybe get someone at Nashville airport about 9:00 CST.
Washington, District of Columbia - 05/31/2015
Pretty chill dude looking for a ride to Roo. Can meet in the metro DC area. Will help out with gas, travel expenses, etc. Packing fairly light so space shouldn't be an issue. Love the farm and can't wait for another memorable year.

Text me at 9149089565
Morgantown, West Virginia - 05/31/2015
Pretty chill dude looking for a ride to Roo. Can meet in Pittsburgh if need be. Will help out with gas, travel expenses, etc. Packing fairly light so space shouldn't be an issue. Love the farm and can't wait for another memorable year.

Text me at 9149089565
Saint Augustine, Florida - 05/31/2015
Hello! My name is Victoria and I am desperately looking for a ride to Bonnaroo! This will be my first time there and unfortunately my friend bailed last second. I am down to help pay for gas or a hotel room if the drive isn't straight through. I am looking for fun, open minded and friendly people to go on this adventure with! I am a college student and I have the gear just not the crew! Feel free to contact me :)
New York, United States - 05/31/2015
I rented a van and have room for a few more roadtrippers. serious inquiries only. we are leaving wed night jun 10 arriving thursday morning 10a and coming back mon jun 15
Dallas, Texas - 05/31/2015
I've rented an RV. I'd prefer a couple to share the cost, but will consider people who need transportation only
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/31/2015
Im offering my ride share services to bonnaroo starting june the 10th threw the 15th if you need a lift ill charge a flat rate fee of 100$ and if you have friends you can split that cost I have a 7 passenger van and im avalible after 3pm during wensday Thursday and Friday but sat sun and Monday I can get you anytime so call me let me help you get there and back smoothly and maybe we can work out a deal for a wristband on your return to the airport as payment Im doing this to earn my way in.. call me text me at 6155612125
Grand Rapids charter Township, Michigan - 05/31/2015
Hello there.

I'm from Grand Rapids, MI and I'll be driving to Bonnaroo with my friend Quinn. This will be our first time going to Roo, so if you want to hitch a ride, let me know :) I drive a jeep, so I can fit 2 more in my car!
Zip: 37421 - 05/30/2015
Hi fellow Bonnaroovians... My name is Kevin and I've been to the ROO 6 times but this is the first solo... If anyone wants a ride from Chattanooga to the farm. Let's go!!! Have room for two.. Leaving either Wed or Thur early..... I'm open for whatever
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/30/2015
Hey rooers, my friend and I are are renting a car in Nashville on the 10th, heading to grab a few last minute supplies and then to the farm! We are hoping to find a few carpoolers looking to do the same to help with gas costs. We are thinking $80 both there and back or $40 one way. Message me if you are interested in teaming up. Cheers!
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 05/30/2015
Hey guys, i was just dumped by the person i was going to go to bonnaroo with and would love to tag along. Would help with gas. Hope to meet great people.
Zip: 37214 - 05/29/2015
Hey everybody. Looking for a ride from Bonnaroo to the Nashville Airport Monday morning at around 10 AM (I can leave earlier if you need to). Willing to pay for gas.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/29/2015
I am picking people up on the way through Chicago the Tuesday night before. We are stopping in Fort Wayne, and leaving Wednesday morning for Roo. We have room for 1 maybe two more people in our two cars. We are trying to just lower gas prices. We are staying in groop camping, which you are also allowed to join if you want. text me for questions 2604176322 (we're all in our twenties and a mix of males and females)
Toronto, Ontario - 05/29/2015
Two girls looking for a ride from Toronto to Bonnaroo. Will pitch gas and whatever else needed!
New York, United States - 05/28/2015
Need a ride for 2! We have good vibes, good music, and gas $$

Post show volunteers would be rad

but if you're willing to bring us just down we love you as well
Nashville, TN - 05/28/2015
Hey I'm a vanderbilt student who will be renting a zipcar. Looking to split the total cost with 4 more people. I will be going thursday afternoon sometime after 12 and returning early monday morning (probably leaving around 6am must be back on campus by 8am)
Zip: 78704 - 05/28/2015
Dennis here: looking for a ride from AUSTIN to ROO this year!!

Will pay for sharing cost of gas and /or rental (25yo, male).

Any other texans/or non-texans need someone to help out with costs?? Swinging through AUSTIN? I also sew, fyi. Musician and music lover. Super clean and tidy!!!!

Zip: 37214 - 05/28/2015
During show volunteer here from ny! I'm looking for a ride from Nashville Airport (arriving ~10am)--> the Farm on Tuesday 6/9.

Happy to throw in gas $ and conversation :)

Thanks in advance.
Pennsylvania, United States - 05/28/2015
Hi I'm cam, im leaving for bonnaroo Monday so I can check in for my volunteer stuff on Tuesday. I will also be leaving mid day Monday or that's the plan at least. My friends are coming Thursday so I'll have extra room in my car for 3 or 4 people depending.
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/27/2015
Hi my girlfriend and I are flying into st.louis from Los Angeles and are looking for people to car pool with to Bonnaroo. Would love to split a car and gas money with anyone heading that way. We're fun and looking forward to this adventure! Get back to me! Peace and love!
Woodbridge, Virginia - 05/27/2015
21 year old guy looking for a ride by anyone coming through the area! I'm one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet and trying to make my second Roo this year something real special. I'm a laid back, drama-not-worth-it kind of person so no worries if you want a chill +1 to the group. I'll help out with gas and food, got a few supplies too if you're looking a canopy/extra tarp/hammock/etc. If you got an extra seat, send me a message! Safe travels, my friends.
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/27/2015
Hi! Looking for a ride from the Nashville airport to Manchester! My flight lands at 1am the morning of Friday June 12th.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 05/27/2015
Hey! 4 girls 20-23 looking for a ride to Bonnaroo this year! We're very chill, have great vibes, and would contribute. If you have space for 4 or maybe want to go in on getting a rental it would be much appreciated:)
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/27/2015
Hi! This is my first time going to the farm would love to ride with someone and camp or I can provide a car as long as someone can help with travel costs. It's my first time so I would love to make a new friend!
Grand Rapids, Michigan - 05/27/2015
Heading out to my 4th Bonnaroo on Wednesday evening. First time solo so I have a spot or two open if anyone nearby needs a ride.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/27/2015
My best friend and i are driving a vw jetta. The cosmetics arnt perfect but its comfortable & definetly capable, its registered and insured with towing exc..we have roof racks so storage shouldn't be an issue. we're both really cool and we are going to give this whole carpool awards thing the good ole collage try. hope to hear from someone PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/26/2015
Picking up a rental car and heading up to the Roo late Wednesday. Would be great to split up the cost a little bit and have some company.

Let me know

Vermilion, Ohio - 05/26/2015
Volunteering this year, so I'll be renting a car to drive down to Roo. Will be leaving early Tuesday morning and leaving early on Monday. If you're along the way and are willing to pitch in for gas I have a few seats open.
Chattanooga, Tennessee - 05/26/2015
Hi! My friend and I are two Irish girls heading to Bonnaroo for the first time and arrive into Chatanooga at approximately 2 PM on Thursday and would love to grab a ride to the festival!
chattanooga - 05/26/2015
My friend and I are flying into Chattanooga on the Thursday, but there are no shuttles from that airport. We land around 2pm. If anyone is passing through we would love a ride!
Toronto, Ontario - 05/26/2015

Hello Bonnarrovians! if you need a ride from Toronto to Manchester for Bonnarroo 2015, do let me know!

$90 each way, get a ride all the way from Toronto into the camp and back.

We leave Tuesday 9th at noon and spend the night in Nashville, shop on Wend and make our way into the camp.

We get back Tuesday 16th.

Email me for more info.

Mario :)
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/26/2015
Hi! My friend and I are leaving from St. Louis and looking for people to ride with. Two girls, college students, willing to pitch in gas money/share the driving. Laid back and excited for the weekend!
Lexington, KY - 05/26/2015
Also can leave from Ashland Ky. & wouldn't mind driving somewhere close to pick up. Offering a ride to 1-3 people. i'm 19 & go to UK. My crew bailed so i'm looking for some cool people to take & camp with and have a good time!! Just ask that you throw a little gas money! can pick up along the way too!! :))
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/26/2015
Hey guys! me and my friend are doing volunteer this year and looking for a ride on wednesday morning to the check in place and bonnaroo campsite. I'm staying at a hotel just a mile from bonnaroo on tuesday nite.

If anyone out there also doing Wednesday volunteer check in and have room for 2, hit me up! I'm willing to pay for gas or anything! we are really chill people excited to experience our 1st bonnaroo ever :)
Cleveland, Ohio - 05/26/2015
Looking for a ride down on Monday June 8 or Tuesday June 9 in time to get there from 2:00-4:00pm on Tuesday for my volunteer shift. Thanks! :)
Harvard, Massachusetts - 05/25/2015
Hey Guys! I'm driving down solo from at the moment. I'm a 21 year old pretty low maintenance dude. Good vibes! But I'm sure that goes without saying. Love meeting new people. My email's if you'd rather use that.

Happy Roo,

Lincolnwood, Illinois - 05/25/2015
Hi!! This is my first Bonnaroo and i would LOVE a ride there from Chicago! I'm a college student, and I can provide gas $$ as well as home-baked snacks and good music. Let me know if you think you can give me a lift! Thanks!
South Orange, New Jersey - 05/25/2015
2 music lovers looking from a ride anywhere near Jersey to Bonnaroo! 1 male, 1 female!

Obviously would pay for gas, and I'd describe us as very sweet and music obsessed. lol let us know if you have room for 2! Thanks so much!
Toledo, Ohio - 05/25/2015
Hey! I'm looking for a ride from the Toledo area to the farm :) willing to pitch in on gas and anything else needed for the trip!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/25/2015
Myself and another car are leaving from Milwaukee tuesday night to drive to my house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have room for about two more people in our cars. You can also join our groop camping spot if you choose. text me 260-417-6322. We are cars with men and women, so any gender welcome!
Cary, North Carolina - 05/24/2015
My friend and I (college aged girls) are desperate for a ride but we're volunteering so we need to get there on Tuesday! please help us out if you can!
Mesa, Arizona - 05/24/2015
RX 350, Lexus Crossover.....comfy, room for 2 more with gear. Must be smoke friendly
New York, United States - 05/24/2015
Need a ride for my brother and I, we are college students and would love to chip in for gas/driving. We are doing the post-show volunteer so if any of you are
Zip: 10010 - 05/24/2015
Need a ride for my brother and I, we are college students and would love to chip in for gas/driving. We are doing the post-show volunteer so if any of you are staying for that, you'd be a god!
New York, United States - 05/24/2015
Want to head out on Thursday. I'm a pretty cool guy
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/23/2015
Hoping to find a ride from Bonnaroo to the Nashville airport on Sunday morning, essentially anytime before noon! Would seriously appreciate it.
Washington, New Jersey - 05/23/2015
I got a one way trip coming from Jersey and I'm looking for someone who'd be down to throw down some gas money for the ride down there. I can't guarantee a ride back because I'm doing post show volunteer work. Im 18 and a guy. Good vibes from someone who loves adventure is a must.
Wilmington, North Carolina - 05/23/2015
Hello! I'm just looking for a ride back to Wilmington after Bonnaroo! The closer I can get, the better. Thanks!
Houston, Texas - 05/23/2015
19 yo male going to 2nd roo from houston. need a ride up wednesday and back monday. happy to split gas and/or drive.
Boston, Massachusetts - 05/23/2015
Hey! We are a group of 3 during-show volunteers that need to get to roo by tuesday the 9th! We don't have a car but are willing to pitch in for gas, food, accommodations etc! We are an easy going fun group of 21+ kids that are stuck for a ride down to the farm. Willing to look into renting a car or van also!

Thanks for all of your help!
Westlake, Ohio - 05/23/2015
Leaving Wednesday morning for my 5th Roo! Willing to meet up in the Cleveland area or pickup someone on the way. I can fit 1 more person. Heading back Monday morning.
Indianapolis, IN - 05/22/2015
Hi! I'm a 19 year old IU college student traveling to Bonnaroo to volunteer and chill with my older sister on the farm. I will leave sometime on Monday if anyone in the Indiana/ Kentucky/ Northern Tennessee needs a ride! Also, if your traveling alone or need more camping buddies, your welcome to camp with my sister, her friends, my friends and myself :-)

Thanks! See ya at the farm!
Lexington, KY - 05/22/2015
Looking for people to go with! Located in Lex, but wouldn't mind driving to meet.Ill throw for gas and have a lot of supplies if needed, this is my second year so I have all my last yr stuff!! My crew had to sell their tickets. So I just need some cool people to have a good time with!! :)) 19, female
Marlborough, Massachusetts - 05/22/2015
2 guys, 2 girls, we all are under 21... and can NOT rent a van..... we are looking for people around the area who is 21+ and would be willing to rent a van with us and drive down there.... we will pay for gas/ van expenses and have a great time!!!

if anyone is down let us know.. 4 very friendly people who are stuck in a pickle.
Lake Worth, Florida - 05/22/2015
My name is Tara and I will be volunteering this year at Bonnaroo! I need a ride and I'm willing to pay for gas and drive too!
Memphis, Tennessee - 05/22/2015
We WERE the couple looking for a ride, but we've rented a car, so now have space for one or two people.

We have one more on the way back, so it may get a little cozy if we have 5, but we have a full size car, and after a weekend on the farm nobody will care right?!?

Timing is still the same - Arriving at 7pm Wednesday night and flying out at 4pm on Monday.

Feel free to text or call as well - 778-822-4041 but be aware it will be international long distance unless you have North America wide calling.
Saint Louis, Missouri - 05/22/2015
We have three people in our car so far, we all met last year off this site and car pooled together and became great friends. Since it worked out we though we would try to take one more. We are all laid back and chill people with a diverse age group. Someone in the group is coming from KC and could pick you up on the way. We can only take one more person though. All we ask for is a little gas money and a good time!
Manchester, Tennessee - 05/22/2015
Hey what's up! My name's Corey and I'm looking for a back seat to surf on from Bonaroo to Lexington KY, Louisville KY, or anywhere near there as a part of a cross country trip I'm making out of this summer. Thanks!
Zip: 80218 - 05/22/2015
Hey! My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo from Denver. We're looking for someone who's leaving on Tuesday at some point. Also we'll help split on gas :)

Ann Arbor, Michigan - 05/22/2015
I'm looking for a ride to/from Bonnaroo! I'm meeting up with a friend there so I wouldn't need camping room, just a dependable ride to/from the farm. I'll of course pitch in for gas. Alternatively, I do have a car and could drive if there was someone (some people) looking for a ride. Hoping to leave Wednesday afternoon/evening
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/22/2015
six friends (three guys, three girls) taking two cars from raleigh! looking for one or two more people to come chill with us.
Toledo, Ohio - 05/22/2015
My wife and i are trying to get to the farm. We have gas money!
Zip: 60605 - 05/22/2015
I need a ride to Roo all the way down and back. I can help sharing the gas. I'm from Brazil and this will be my first time at the festival. I'm soooo excited for Bonnaroo, specially about Mumford & sons
Salt Lake City, Utah - 05/22/2015
2nd year roo fan looking for a ride to the farm.
East Amherst, New York - 05/21/2015
My friend and I are looking for a ride there and back. We are both 21 year old males. We are light packers and very outgoing. Both of our cars have 150,000+ miles on them and we're afraid they won't be able to handle the trip. We can, however, meet anyone in the surrounding area.(Rochester, Toronto, even PA) Obviously we are more than willing to chip in financially. Message me with any other questions!
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/21/2015
I have extra room in my car if anyone needs a ride to the farm. It's my second year. You're more than welcome to camp with me as well. In case it matters I am a college junior.
Clifton, New Jersey - 05/21/2015
Couple from NJ need a ride for our first bonnaroo experience! Will travel to you anywhere in the New Jersey/New York metro area! More than willing to pitch in on gas a food :)
Sterling, Virginia - 05/21/2015
Hey Bonnaroovians, I'm looking for a ride to Roo. This will be my 5th year going, so I know the ropes. I've got a 2 man tent, 10x10 canopy, tapestries, chairs, tarp, cooler, pretty much everything but a car. If anyone is traveling south on rt. 81 by Winchester VA I can meet you there as well. Hope someone can help a brother out, thanks!
Zip: 43201 - 05/20/2015
I'm looking for a ride back from Bonaroo to Columbus, OH some time on the last day of the festival (Sunday, the 15th) or right after it ends. I have to be back to Columbus by 7:30am on Monday.
Zip: 48103 - 05/20/2015
I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo. I'm the last of my friends to decide to go so I missed out on a seat to ride with them. I'll throw in some gas money too. :)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 05/20/2015
Hey there! This will be my 4th year going in a row and unfortunately I don't have any of my usual crew with me. I was planning on driving down by myself, but I'm having some car troubles at the moment. If you're from here, or just passing through, I'd really appreciate a ride. I'd be willing to pitch in for gas, and offer anything I have to the group/campsite! I hope to hear from you.
Toronto, Ontario - 05/20/2015
My girlfriend Alyssa and I are looking for a ride from Toronto to Bonnaroo! Willing to tag along on any fun road-trip activities en route, including overnights wherever along the way. Also willing to drive straight there, we're open/chill about it, as long as we get there. We also both can help with the driving if you are comfortable with that/it's necessary (we both have full drivers licences).
Rockaway, New Jersey - 05/20/2015
Group of 3 girls headed to Roo looking to rent a car or ride with someone who has room for us all!
Zip: 10452 - 05/20/2015
Hey y'all I'm Melissa looking for a ride from nyc I'm volunteering with clean vibes at bonnaroo id love a ride. We have to be there by te 9th or 10th at noon. If anyone had extra space in there far I would really appreciate a ride I of course have gas money. I'm bringing a hula hoop a sleeping bag and a backpack. I'm super fun and funny that's a plus for a long car ride.
Grundy, Virginia - 05/20/2015
I am in need of a roo crew I can drive or ride with someone it doesn't matter. something came up with my friends so unfortunately I am solo
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 05/19/2015
2 people in search for a ride. Willing to pay!
Fresno, California - 05/19/2015
Two people (myself and a friend) need a ride on June 9th at 7PM from the Manchester, Tennesee Greyhound station to the Bonnaroo festival site. Please let me know if you can give us a ride. Send me a message and we'll go from there.
Fresno, California - 05/19/2015
Originally from Fresno, California. Myself and a friend (two people altogether) need a ride after Bonnaroo festival is over. We plan to depart Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 20th. Please let me know if you are departing bonnaroo around this time and driving back to California.
Zip: 11218 - 05/19/2015
xtra tix and a rt ride! make me an offer
Austin, Texas - 05/19/2015
Im headed to my first Bonaroo and don't think my car will make it. Plus, I'm camping and need to bring food and perhaps other things not allowed on planes. I'm happy to help with Gas and other costs along the way!

I need YOUR help!

Stoneham, Massachusetts - 05/19/2015
Two college kids looking for a ride to bonnaroo from Boston. Anyone who can give a ride will do, we are packing light.
Richmond, Virginia - 05/19/2015
I'm Post-Show volunteer, so ideally it'd be nice to carpool with someone in the same boat. Most important thing is getting there, I can always take the bus back
Appalachian Trail - 05/19/2015
I'm thru hiking the Appalachian Trail this year and going to Bonnaroo! As of this posting I'm just outside Damascus Virginia but I'm slowly headed north on the trail. The only convenient way to pick me up would be from a road crossing or from a local town but I won't know the exact location until about 1-2 weeks before the festival. I'm also looking for a ride back to the trail after the festival if possible.
New York City - 05/19/2015
Hello! I am visiting New York from Vegas and also going to Bonnaroo but would love to roadtrip and camp with people if they have space! This is my first Roo but I am an experienced festival goer.
Zip: 64111 - 05/18/2015
need a ride desperately!!! first Roo!! would drive myself but i was in a car accident and don't want to risk driving with one arm.
Chicago, Illinois - 05/18/2015
I'm driving down to Roo from Chicago on Wednesday 6/10 and meeting up with some friends who are driving in from NY. If anyone needs a ride from Chicago or anywhere along the way (I-65), hit me up! I've got room for 2 people in my car considering space for camping gear, etc. Looking for some company for the trip, and it would be great to split gas as well.

I'm pretty chill, will listen to just about any type of music, and am looking forward to my second Bonnaroo! Mostly excited for Mumford and Billy Joel. And maybe a pit stop at a waffle house on the way :)
Madison, Connecticut - 05/17/2015
Hey! 20 year old girl looking for a ride as a volunteer to the Roo. It's my first time and I'm going alone so a ride and some new friends would be awesome. If you live in surrounding states I have no problem with meeting you and leaving from there. Of course I'm paying for gas money and will do anything else to make this a kick ass trip. Let me know thanks!!
Vermilion, Ohio - 05/17/2015
Hi! This will be my second Roo, and I'm volunteering this year, so I would need a ride for Tuesday if anyone's heading down then, would really appreciate it! If anyone will be near Manchester around then to give me a lift from the airport/bus stop to the check-in that would be awesome too. Message me!
Mandeville, Louisiana - 05/17/2015
Port Wentworth, Georgia - 05/17/2015
Room for 2 extra people plus camping gear. I have to be there on Sunday because I'm a Guroo but you're welcome to stay in a hotel or camp nearby if your coming for Tuesday or Wednesday. If you're staying in volunteer camping I can split the plot or you can do the unofficial tent only in volunteer camping.
Zip: 60181 - 05/15/2015
My best friend and I are looking for a ride to bonaroo this year. Have gas money and great personalities to keep ya company the whole way there :)
Toronto, Ontario - 05/14/2015
Looking for a ride to Bonnaroo for 1 or 2 person. Been to Roo 3 times and would like to continue the tradition. Took the time off of work wed-monday so if anyone is leaving to roo wednesday morning and coming back monday, that would be wonderful.
Madison, Alabama - 05/13/2015
Class A RV. I have a 32' class A RV and some of my bonnaroo group bailed. Our RV sleeps 6-8 and I only have 2 ( me and a friend) left of our original 5. The plan is to meet at my house in alabama and drive up. Let me know if interested
Toledo, Ohio - 05/13/2015
Looking for a ride to the vip tollbooth and back. Obviously will pay my share in gas and will help drive if needed. I plan to commit 100% to plans we make please do so also my fear is getting there and being stranded on the way back.
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/12/2015
I will be offering my ride share service again this year from the Nashville area I own a 7 passenger and will be selling seats to bonnaroo starting june 11th 12th and 13th I also will be doing return trips on sunday per reservation if this sounds good call or text 6155612125 I guarantee the lowest price.
Charlotte, North Carolina - 05/12/2015
If anyone is headed to Manchester or Bonnaroo on June 8th or 9th, I would love a ride as a volunteer! Thanks in advance!
Zip: 77002 - 05/12/2015
26 m here, ig: skybjohnson. I'm driving solo to Bonnaroo (meeting up with friends who are flying in) from Houston and have room for up to 4 riders. Was planning to leave around noon on Wednesday.

Only snag is that I will not be returning to Houston immediately after Bonnaroo. I will be driving to Delaware for Firefly Music Festival afterwards (you're also welcome to join). I am happy to drive people to Nashville Airport Monday though.
Dayton, Ohio - 05/11/2015
The girl I was supposed to go with backed out! So I'm either looking for a ride or offering a ride to bonnaroo from dayton, ohio. If you are riding, I hope you'd be able to dive a portion of the ride. Must be able to drive a manual transmission.
Dayton, Ohio - 05/11/2015

The girl I was supposed to go to Bonnaroo with backed out! So I'm hoping to find a ride, and people to camp out with. I'm 24 and from Dayton Ohio. Message me if you want more info!
Southborough, Massachusetts - 05/11/2015
What's going on? Im planning on heading out the Tueaday of Roo week. Haven't decided if I am stopping at a hotel along the way or driving straight through, but down for either. I am a 20 year old guy from the Boston area, and my friends recently backed out of coming this year. Would love to find a couple people around the same age that would be up for splitting the cost of gas and don't mind burning as I will be during the drive down haha. Won't be returning to the Boston area afterwards though, as I am stopping in Washington DC for the summer but would happy to drop you off at a train or airport. Lemme know and see you at on the farm.
Richardson, Texas - 05/10/2015
Hey, I'm 20M, pretty normal dude that just needs a ride and maybe some company at Roo after my friends all bailed. I can provide a few things and definitely chip in/split costs and supplies. I've been to Roo once before last year so I'm not a total newbie, either. I'd like to leave Wednesday afternoon, but I'd be willing to leave earlier, also. Would like to leave the farm Monday, so to not miss anything sunday night.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - 05/10/2015
I am leaving from Milwaukee Tuesday night and stopping in Chicagoland and Fort Wayne to pick up people. We have room for 1 more and are joining a groop spot. The groop spot will be $40, but it includes 35+ best friends, tents, grills, shade, love! Let me know if you need a ride!
Franklin, Massachusetts - 05/09/2015
Hi everyone,

Looking for a ride to the Roo for Two, please let me know if you have availability! Thanks :)

Obviously will pitch in for gas/tolls!
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/09/2015
Leaving Raleigh Wed morning and returning monday. Driving an RV and picking up 4 friends in Asheville. Message me for more details.
Pennsylvania, United States - 05/08/2015
just 2 girls who're tryna have a great time at 'Roo but have no way of getting there!! We have gas $$ and snacks and good vibes which no NO bounds. We can meet you anywhere from NYC down to Philly!
Pennsylvania, United States - 05/08/2015
Need a ride to the farm for 2 mad friendly girls! We can meet you anywhere from NYC to Philly. Snacks and gas $$ to be had for the kind soul who can help us out!!!
Pennsylvania, United States - 05/08/2015
2 friendly girls on the edge of hitching to 'Roo and would be eternally grateful for a ride to the farm. Will provide snacks+gas money+good vibes for days!!
Bowling Green, Ohio - 05/07/2015
need a ride desperately first roo please help
Peru, Indiana - 05/07/2015
Myself and a friend both super friendly and in our early 20s, looking for a ride out of Indiana. We are willing to drive and meet with your route!!! Plz txt 7658605959 or email me at We are two super chill and friendly peeps :D
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/06/2015
My friend and I are flying into Atlanta and are wanting to rent a car to drive to bonnaroo (or if someone already has a ride, that would be great too!) We would split the rental/gas for there and back.
Hialeah, Florida - 05/06/2015
Hey my name is Barbs, I'm 22. Really need a ride from Miami up to Roo! This is my second year going and my roo crew couldn't make it this year. I have a ton of camping gear to offer as well as gas money. Please let me know as soon as you can guys
Nashville - 05/06/2015
Myself and a friend are flying down from Canada and just need a ride from the airport to the festival!
Toronto, Ontario - 05/06/2015
Hey there! My friend Eric and I need a ride to Bonnarroo from Toronto. We are travelers who love festivals, people with good vibes, perfect company for a long drive ;) If anyone can help we would really appreciate it! thaks!!!
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 05/05/2015
A friend and I need a ride bonnaroo! We do not take much room and will help pay for gas/food and such. thanks!
New York, United States - 05/05/2015
Hi there! My friend and I just bought our volunteer (post clean-up) tickets but still need a ride to the show!

We'd contribute gas/toll money, snacks and lots of positive energy! This is our first Bonnaroo and we'd be so appreciative if you had some extra room for a couple of fun ladies. We're based in NYC but would definitely be willing to meet ya elsewhere if you live somewhat close by.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/05/2015
Hey my name is Andrew, and I just got a DUI but have already bought my ticket for bonnaroo so I'm looking for a ride. Down to pitch in for gas and what-not and I dont take up much room please text or e-mail me if you think you can help me out


Framingham, Massachusetts - 05/04/2015
Two first time bonnorovians looking to share a ride down to the festival.
San Marcos, Texas - 05/04/2015
Me and a friend are looking for a ride to Roo. We're in the San Marcos/Austin area but willing to meet up in another city in Texas. This is our 3rd time going to Roo and we're really in need of a ride. We're down to pitch in for gas and share an awesome time. Send me an e-mail !
Toronto, Ontario - 05/04/2015
Hello! My friend and I have both been to Roo a couple times and were looking for a ride for the both of us! Willing to meet up wherever necessary and split the gas funds!
Waco, Texas - 05/03/2015
I am driving a SUV by myself to roo on the night of June 10 (Wednesday). I have plenty of space for someone willing to help with gas. I can provide a ride there, but am embarking on a road trip after roo so you will have to find your own ride home. message me for more details.
Nashville Airport - 05/03/2015
Hello!! This is my first year going to Bonnaroo (woo!) and I am volunteering. I am looking for a ride from the Nashville Airport on Tuesday, June 9th. I arrive at 4pm. If anyone is going in to the festival early to volunteer and have one extra spot in their vehicle it would be much appreciated! I can add gas money and entertainment :) Thanks!!
Eaton, Ohio - 05/03/2015
I'm going solo this year so I'll have 2-3 open seats in my car. I will be leaving early Wednesday afternoon and will be leaving Bonnaroo Monday morning. I just got a new car so there won't be any reliability issues. I'm 20 years old and this will be my second Roo. Just message me for further info. Radiate Positivity!
Centerville, Iowa - 04/30/2015
My ride flaked out on me, need a ride :(
Zip: 70113 - 04/30/2015
Hi there! Offering a ride from New Orleans to Bonnaroo in our big ol RV. Every year we've driven from a new city and this year New Orleans won the bid to host us before and after the festival. Message me on here or text me at 954-632-5679 if you're interested.

See you on the farm!
Zip: 33133 - 04/29/2015
Hey my names karina and I'm looking for a ride to bonnaroo!!! Of course I'll chip in for gas and everything! Please let me know
Zip: 10022 - 04/29/2015
Hi! I'm looking for a ride to Bonnaroo from NYC, I'm meeting friends who are driving from MSP, but plane tickets are expensive (and road trips are more fun!). Let me know if I can tag along - I'll promise the best "Bonnaroo Prep" playlist you'll ever hear.

Oh, and I travel light. Literally just bringing a backpack and myself.
Durham, North Carolina - 04/28/2015
Heading to roo on Wednesday. Leaving mid-day Sunday for work in Atlanta, though. If anyone needs a 1-way ride I'm available.
Rochester, New York - 04/26/2015
First time going to bonnaroo going with 2 of my friends can fit one more comfortable and maybe looking for someone to camp with gas money will be split between 4 of us.
Memphis, Tennessee - 04/25/2015
Hey guys! My cousin and I are flying in from Las Vegas to Memphis (cheaper flight), and we need a ride to Bonnaroo from there! We will also need a ride back after the festival is over...if you guys could help us out that would be awesome
Atlanta, Georgia - 04/25/2015
Hey, I'm looking for a ride to the farm. This will be my second year, and I need a ride and someone to camp with. Please help!
Boulder, CO - 04/23/2015
Hey! My boyfriend and I are looking for people to join our Bonnaroo Groop Camping spot! hmu if this sounds like fun! Its close to the center, and its a group of 20+ people, strangers and friends all gathering for the festival of the year!
Zip: 37214 - 04/23/2015
Hello all! This is my third year (first solo), and I need a ride from the Nashville Airport to Bonnaroo. I will be flying in from Oahu and arriving at 12:30pm. It would be extremely helpful if we could quickly stop at a grocery store on the way! Of course I am willing to chip in for gas, and looking forward to celebrating Roo with all of you. Please let me know!
Zip: 37830 - 04/23/2015
RE-POST! This is my 3rd year attending bonnaroo...I need a ride to and from roo.. I travel light and will contribute in gas. I would like to go with a group I can bring my own tent (if needed) and food etc. PLEASE HELP A SISTER OUT! I CAN'T MISS THIS FOR ANYTHING! :)
Oak Ridge, Tennessee - 04/23/2015
Hey this year will be my 3rd time attending roo' I can't miss it! I'm looking for a ride to and from bonnaroo. Please contact me by email ASAP!
Greensboro, North Carolina - 04/22/2015
Just moved to NC at the beginning of this year. Looking for a ride to and from Bonnaroo. Will be meeting up with my sister there. F/24
Martinsburg, West Virginia - 04/21/2015
Been the past three years, love festivals, and I'm a very friendly person! I could pitch in for gas, and I could provide my epic pre-bonnaroo playlist to jam out to on the way down! BONNAROO!
Austin, Texas - 04/20/2015
In need of 1-3 people over 25 to pitch in to rent a van from Austin to Bonnaroo!
London - 04/20/2015
Gulfport, Mississippi - 04/19/2015
Hey! This is my 3rd Bonnaroo and I am in need of some travel companions! Some camping buddies, as well. I have three seats available and room for supplies. You can contact me at 228-223-8300
Nashville - 04/14/2015
Hi guys, I'm looking for a ride for 2 with someone who is arriving early (Tuesday night/ wednesday morning) for volunteer check in. I'll arrive at Nashville Airport at 7 pm and I can pay for gas money! Please let me know if you have any space and email me at

Boston, Massachusetts - 04/14/2015
Hey guys! This year will be my fourth Roo. Looking for a ride there and back. It's just me. I can pack light if needed. I have a tent that I can share with y'all that will fit around 4 people I think. Please let me know!
Miami, FL - 04/14/2015
Hi everyone! I am looking for a ride up to Roo this year! Ideally I would like to ride up with someone who is arriving early for volunteer check-in. Please e-mail me at if you have any space!
Toronto, Ontario - 04/13/2015
Looking for a ride for 2! In Toronto but we're happy to meet you in surrounding cities :)
Zip: 11218 - 04/13/2015
Hi! My Gf and I are looking for a ride from BK to and from Bonnaroo. This will be my 3rd Roo and her first! Let me know if we can tag along down there with you!
Zip: 60661 - 04/07/2015

Firts time in Roo and don´t know how to get there, would be great if someone can share his ride, I can cooperate with gas.

I´m from Mexico and fliying to Nashville is way to expensive so it would be better fly to Chicago, If this doesnpt work I will have to loose my Roo ticket :(
Biloxi, Mississippi - 04/03/2015
Hi, looking for a ride from the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. I can pitch in for gas and have plenty of extra supplies leftover from last year if you need it. If you are interested contact me at 228-424-9545
Coral Gables, Florida - 04/02/2015
Hi everyone!

I'm Yumi! My friend and I are two college kids looking for a ride to the Roo! Obviously we would help with gas. We're in the Miami area. You can reach me at
Tallahassee, FL - 03/30/2015
Hey everyone! I am highly highly interested in volunteering at 'Roo this summer and I'd love to have a roadtrip buddy and ride with somebody! Gas money obviously provided and I'll make sure to provide some good bonnaroo tunes on the ride :)
Ann Arbor, Michigan - 03/27/2015
Leaving Ann Arbor early Thursday morning. If anybody in the surrounding areas need a ride, I got 3 seats :)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 03/26/2015
leaving the burgh thursday night, leaving roo monday. will be at roo early early on friday morning. split the gas cost/camping pass with me?? have at least 3 spots comfortably
Berkeley Township, New Jersey - 03/25/2015
Hello everyone! Hoping this site will bring my 3 friends and I some luck. Our friend who was driving is now taking on an internship in Orlando , Florida. With none of our cars being available to drive twelve hours we could sure use some help. !
Madison, Wisconsin - 03/25/2015
Looking for a groop for Roo. My name is Ty. I'm 22. I have a Toyota 4runner that works great for festivals. I'd be happy to join a caravan too. This will be my third Roo.

I am most looking forward to MMJ, Caribou, and Punch Brothers. Wasn't planning on Roo this summer but I can't resist the lineup.

Send me your info and some bands that you're looking forward to seeing at the farm this summer.

Baltimore, Maryland - 03/23/2015
Looking for a early ride to get there by the 10th for during show volunteering
Zip: 37421 - 03/18/2015
Need a ride from Chattanooga airport to Bonnaroo on the evening of the 11th (Thursday). A nice six pack is in store for you, and gas money (of course), if you can pick me up!
Dallas, Texas - 03/11/2015
Hey all, I am planning on going to Bonnaroo this year and am a first timer, just need like-minded folks who wanna come with, and who have the funds to pitch in for their ends of the gas and other fees at the festival. Hit me up if interested.
Weehawken, New Jersey - 03/08/2015
Looking for a ride down to Bonnaroo. I travel light!
Atlanta, Georgia - 03/02/2015
Hey! My friend and I are looking for a ride to Bonnaroo and back! We can both pitch in for gas money!
Roslyn, New York - 02/22/2015
Me and my friend are going to our first Bonnaroo. Driving a Jeep Liberty, so we have some extra room! Hit us up :)
Zip: 08831 - 02/20/2015
Looking for a ride to my first Bonaroo. Will pitch money for gas and such.
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 02/11/2015
Looking to tag along to Bonnaroo 2015 from boston. Would pay for gas/food/stay. Just one person. 25 male, let me know.
Dallas, Texas - 02/04/2015
I am going to bonnaroo this year, I just recently bought a minivan so I have tons of extra room, its can comfortably fit 6 people, so its just me that leaves a lot of extra space, so if anyone wants to join me that can pitch in for gas, the more the the merrier,
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 02/03/2015
I am looking for a groop and a ride to Bonnaroo 2015. I may be driving but as of now I need a ride there.
Toronto Ontario - 01/28/2015
Four ladies looking for a ride from Toronto to ROO! Will pitch for gas and whatever else is necessary !
Prairieville, Louisiana - 01/25/2015
Meeting some friends at Roo that live out of state. Looking to catch a ride with a fellow roovian!
Lansing, Michigan - 01/21/2015
i'm looking to roo with you to bonnaroo! i may be able to meet at chicago or somewhere close.
Boulder, CO - 01/20/2015
Driving to Bonnaroo 2015! Looking for people to car pool with!
Oak Park, Illinois - 01/11/2015
First Roo & I'm extremely pumped!! Will be with 1, maybe 2 other 1st time roo'ers and a ride would be dope! P.L.R