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Boston Decompression 2017

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Zip: 02143 - 11/03/2018
Looking for ride to and from Decomp.

Absolutely cool with pitching in for gas and food.

Am cool leaving whenever.
boston - 06/27/2018
Need a ride anywhere close to wilmington areal
Watertown, Massachusetts - 11/18/2017
I need a ride back from event... don’t care what time back
Somerville, Massachusetts - 11/18/2017
Unsure when I’m heading down there or returning. Happy to give a ride would be great if you could pitch in for gas money/parking (artist/grad student).

Unsure when I’ll be heading home. I probably won’t stay until 1 am but who knows?!
Zip: 02143 - 11/17/2017
Going from Somerville, Would love to head down early to volunteer..
Zip: 03060 - 11/17/2017
Going from Nashua NH around 12 PM, after the event traveling to NYC
Bangor, Maine - 11/10/2017
Has gas need RT for 11/18