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Burning Man 2014

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El Cerrito, California - 08/28/2014
Need a ride to Burning Man. ready to be picked up friday anytime. I am BM veteran, easy going, like music and this will be my 8th Burn. i am packed light. will contribute gas $ and gifts! i am minutes of 80 in El Cerrito, north of Berkeley
Reno, Nevada - 08/25/2014
Solo gal needs a ride to the playa from the Reno Airport, don't have a ton of stuff and will chip for gasssssss!!!!
Black Rock, Arkansas - 08/23/2014
I want a ride to Lake Tahoe to go camping on Sunday at some time. I'm flying out of the Reno airport on Tuesday afternoon. Anyone else looking to do the same? Thanks
Downey, California - 08/20/2014
Need a ride to & from, im in norwalk

this is my 1st burn i have a bin of my general supplies & my bike

i can help drive & can help with gas $

im very excited & im hoping to get there as soon as i can

thank you everyone
Highland, California - 08/20/2014
Taking RV to Burning Man. Have a few seats left and 1 Queen Bed
san fransisco - 08/20/2014
I'm a student from The Netherlands (and first time burner) who is in desperate need of a ride from San fran to Burning man! Here's a face to the story:

I just heard my ride to burning man is not going to be my ride anymore. And now i have no idea how to go to burning man from san fransisco. I land the 22th of august and would have got the burner express the 23th. But the tickets were not availible anymore. If there is a ride for me and some stuff i'm forever gratefull. I have bought a more expensive ticktet to san fran from spain in hope to have a ride with friends..

I also need a ride back because the 2th of august because i fly back to Amsterdam the 3th early in the morning!

Can someone please please please help me out?!
Parker, Colorado - 08/19/2014
Hi, I need a ride from anywhere in Colorado to Burning man. I am able to leave at anytime, and happy to share the cost of gas, snacks, good vibes, and laughter!
Zip: 94606 - 08/18/2014

Need someone to help spot you for gas? Need high fives at major waypoints? Need amateur dental service en route?

I (Tyler) can provide at least two of these things!

I'm directing Paradigm camp this year, but no ride as of yet =(

Buzz me at 914-483-8187!


Zip: 78702 - 08/12/2014
My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride from Austin to Burning man. We should have minimal cargo. This is our second year to Burning Man, we both have tickets and a place to camp, just need help getting out there.
Zip: 97214 - 08/12/2014
I am interested in riding with you to the Playa! I can split gas money and driving duties. I have an early arrival pass but can't leave until Friday afternoon (8/22). I recently moved to SE Portland from San Francisco, where most of camp mates are coming from, this is my 7th Burn. I have 2 decently big bags of Playa equip/costumes, my tent, bike, a couple of small boxes and water/food. Please let me know if we can make it happen.
Saaremaa, Estonia - 08/08/2014
My name is rohnan from Ireland. Im 21 years of age and looking for a ride to burning man from San Fran. Its myself and a friend, David also 21. Will pitch in on gas obviously!! thank you all!!!!
Boulder, CO - 08/07/2014
Hello! Looking for a ride out to Burning Man, leaving Monday-Wednesday (8/25-8/27). Only need a ride out there!
San Francisco, California - 08/03/2014
Hello! We (German and Spanish) need a ride from SFO to Burning Man on either the 24 or 25 of August. We will bring backpacks with us and some camping gear.

Thank you for giving us a ride!
Reno - 08/02/2014
Me and a buddy are looking for a ride, we have supplies and bikes! I'm coming from Hawaii and him from oz! We can pitch for gas, give good laughs and great convo!
Reno, Nevada - 08/01/2014
Hi, i'm looking for a ride from San Francisco OR Reno on Aug. 24 (if possible, both ways) with stops at Reno for food/bike. I'lI pitch for gaz. Please contact me at 438 998-1180. Thanks !
Reno, Nevada - 07/30/2014
Need a ride for myself on August 22nd or August 21st in the evening. I can pay for gas and other ride costs.
Reno - 07/25/2014
Need a ride for me and my girlfriend from Reno to BRC on Aug 24 or 25 and back on Sep 1. We can pay for gas and little more it's cool too. 30-33 years old.
San Diego, California - 07/21/2014
We're 3 people looking for a ride to and from San Diego-La Playa. We're from Poland, Belgium and Canada, fun to travel with and so ready for the burn!!! will share costs!
California, United States - 07/19/2014
Hi, I'm looking for a ride to and from Burning Man from South Bay. Let me know if you have room. I just have a bike and a few supplies. And, I'm totally willing to pay for gas + other car expenses + taking turn driving if you want. Please email, call, or text if you have room. My call is 847-894-2876. Thanks in advance!

Zip: 92126 - 07/19/2014
Need a ride to and from. I reside in Mira Mesa area of San Diego. Hoping to make it to my first burn! Just me and my belongings but nothing to heavy. Willing to help with gas and food, share supplies. Totally cool and open minded plus I guarantee good vibes and a great atmosphere! Always looking for new friends :)
Eugene, Oregon - 07/17/2014
First time burner looking to share rad vibes and carpool with someone! I was blessed with a low income ticket but I don't think my ancient car will make it to the playa so I'm in need of a carpool arrangement! I have a drivers license and clean record so I can help out with the driving. I'm a female, respectful and won't drive you nuts in the car. I'm a pretty quiet person but really friendly. I don't smoke cigarettes but don't mind if you do. I'm hoping to arrive Sunday anytime and return the 1st. I'm flexible with the times. I'm bringing a tent, cooler, hiking pack and hopefully a bike! I have plenty of gas pitch and hope to find someone that has room for me! I am super tiny and don't mind being squished either (: I would be eternally grateful for the chance to come to the playa this year! Love & light. -Krista
Newcastle, California - 07/13/2014
Looking for a ride from Burning Man to Placer County
Overland Park, Kansas - 07/01/2014
Looking for a ride from the Kansas City area! Will help with gas and whatnot.
San Francisco, California - 03/17/2014
Hi there

I'm Suzy coming from the UK, 29. Need a ride from San Fran to the playa as I'm planning to surf a little before the burn. Won't have much on me apart from a small cabin baggage, tent/sleeping bag, water supply.

Happy to pitch in gas money :)

New York, United States - 02/23/2014
Hi, Looking for some people to help share with the high cost of gas. NYC to burningman 2014 and back to NYC.
Reno, Nevada - 02/13/2014
Need a ride to the playa from Reno. Can throw money on gas. 2 guys. 28-33 years old.