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Burning Man 2015

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Petaluma, California - 08/14/2016
looking for experienced driver to share drive and gas N. Bay to BRC aug 24-sept 6 room for gear and 1 bike
berkeley, ca - 09/04/2015
I have a vehicle pass to offer, as well as being willing to drive and chip in for gas. I'm easy going and responsible.
Petaluma, California - 09/03/2015
HI! Looking for one way ride to BRC tomorrow fri. have $ for gas, happy to share driving, and may even have a car pass. One bag only
Reno Airport - 09/03/2015
Just a young lady traveling alone looking for a ride from Reno airport to burning man i get in at 1 pm I have gas money to contribute! Please let me know if you have extra room ! Thanks so much
berkeley, ca - 09/03/2015
I can offer a car pass as well as pay for my share of gas and/or a rental car if needed. I'd like to leave later today (Thu) or tomorrow (Fri). Thank you
Reno - 09/02/2015
My ride fell through. Arriving to Reno 3pm Wednesday. Could catch a ride Wednesday or Thursday if anyone is willing to help this first timer ;) will help w gas money and with supplies. Thank you universe . My cell 646 764 0001
Zip: 89502 - 09/02/2015
Need a ride from Reno airport into Black Rock around 7 p.m. tonight. Just me, backpack and bag. Willing to chip in for gas.
Black Rock, Arkansas - 09/01/2015
Looking for a ride FROM BRC back TO the Bay. Happy to pay for gas etc.!
Zip: 94607 - 09/01/2015
Ride needed thursday sept 3!!! anytime from anywhere in the bay area. willing to help with gas. Pretty much a light weight and just one bag!
Reno - 08/31/2015
Ride NEEDED! Tues 1st Sept 11pm from Reno airport- Super small and friendly burner needing ride into BRC late night Tuesday 1st. Will pay gas and give endless jokes/ stories and smiles! holla!
Reno Airport - 08/31/2015
Offering 1 vehicle pass ::::

Arriving to Reno airport on Wednesday at 11:20 pm . Looking for a ride to burning man around that time.

I have a vehicle pass to exchange for a ride + will pay for gas costs.

Contact me: 7184836768
Reno Airport - 08/31/2015
Arriving to Reno airport on Wednesday at 11:20 pm . Looking for a ride to burning man around that time.

I have a vehicle pass to exchange for a ride + will pay for gas costs.

Contact me: 7184836768
Reno - 08/30/2015
Hi fellow burners!

I need a ride from Reno to BRC anytime during Monday. I will arrive early in the morning with a greyhound bus.

I can help with gas, music, cliff bars, good company, fysical labor if needed, hugs and love
Reno Nevada - 08/30/2015
Hi friends, we have room for one more person who has a car pass and can contribute a little for the car/gas, we are leaving on Sunday 31 from Reno and coming back Monday 7 to Reno then San Francisco :)
Reno, Nevada - 08/30/2015
Hi! Looking for a ride from Reno/Reno Airport to BRC anytime Thursday, ideally afternoon. I'm just one girl and a duffle bag and will help with gas and whatever else needed, even cash! Plus I tell great stories!
San Francisco, California - 08/30/2015
Skydiver from Hawaii looking for ride. $100 cash for monday night or tuesday. Please pick me! Aloha
Whistler, British Columbia - 08/30/2015
So you need a ride eh, I can help ya

Im driving from whistler at 11pm tonight.

Ill arrive in PORTLAND around 7am

Leaving Portland 930amish

Arrive in RENO around 4pm

4 spots avilable to reno

Reno, Nevada - 08/29/2015
Ride needed from Reno to Burning Man on Tuesday 09/01. I arrive into Reno airport at 11am and am looking for anyone able to transport myself and a 2 small bags to BRC. Can offer cash, driving assistance and good company. Any offers greatly appreciated :))
Reno - 08/29/2015
Have 1 to 2 spare seats from Reno to burning man for Saturday afternoon.

Can maybe hold two people depending on how much stuff you have.

Must have early arrival pass.

Call at 775 351 8867.

Zip: 94110 - 08/29/2015
I am taking a pickup truck to BM. Looking for people to pitch in (negotiable, but reasonable). I have space for 1-3 passengers and all of their gear.
San Francisco, California - 08/29/2015
I am taking a pickup truck to BM. Looking for someone to help share the cost. 1-3 extra passengers.
Reno, Nevada - 08/29/2015
My friends car broke down driving cross country so I no longer have a ride :( I fly into Reno Sunday @ 11:20pm and looking for a ride into BRC! Will split gas and any other costs
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California - 08/29/2015
Leaving Tuesday Sept 1st from Carmel around 5 or 6pm. Then hoping to connect with a car pass somewhere between there and Reno, or carpooling with someone from Reno. Let's go!
Reno - 08/28/2015
Ahoy! We are three vivacious virgin burners in need of a lift from Reno to BRC. We need to pick up tickets at the box office and one of us can supply their vehicle pass when they get their low income ticket.

We will be arriving in Reno on the morning of the 30th and hope to get to the playa as soon as possible. If hauling is available, even better! We'd love to bring two bikes if there's room.

Look forward to hearing from you, future friend!

Reno - 08/28/2015
need a ride from Reno to BRC on Sunday the 30th. Will pay for gas and other expenses. Please take me home!
San Francisco, California - 08/28/2015
I would like join a ride to burning man leaving after 1030am Tuesday morning.

I will have small back pack and carry on .
Zip: 94606 - 08/28/2015
Hi there!

My name is Jeheremy Alexander Characo

My Playa name is “BeLL”, which stands for BoundaryLessLove

I'll be in San Francisco on Saturday.

In case you need a Vehicle Pass, I read I'm able to get one at the Box Office for $50 once I'm there, since I also have to get my Low-Income Ticket there ;)

I'm interested in riding with you…

I'm a conscious 33 year old man, I can drive both automatic and stick shift, and when I'm just being a copilot and can be very quiet or talkative, always going with the flow, and I have some nice music to share. I'm technically Venezuelan-American, and have been living in Mexico City the last 3 years. Soon moving back with my family in Orlando, FL, then probably heading to Valencia, Spain to get a Masters in Global Entertainment & Music Business. I have a BM in Voice, and love working with musicians. I have been teaching English, Singing and Cuban Salsa in Mexico :0) Hope to hear from you soon!

I’m a “Burgin”, and my sole goal this time around is to learn to let go of fear, and allow myself to love freely, to go with the flow, and learn as many lessons as need to be learned this week :)

So far I have 2 big suitcases, one personal bag, one carry-on, and some groceries, including 15 gallons of water. I might get a bike, but I’m not gonna get it until I find a ride that can fit it.

Do you know when on Saturday you'll be passing by San

So, let me know what you think….

You may call or text me at 407 907 8525

Hope to talk to you soon ;)
Reno Airport - 08/28/2015
I am offering a ride from Reno airport to BRC - on Wednesday, September 2nd at around 11:40pm. We are renting a car and would be splitting the costs with riders.

Reno - 08/28/2015
**I arrive at 1pm on Saturday, Sept 5 to Reno and looking for a ride to BRC figuring better late than never - Forgot Contact on my first posting info text my cell 312-823-5321
Reno, Nevada - 08/28/2015
I arrive at 1pm on Saturday, Sept 5 to Reno and looking for a ride to BRC figuring better late than never
Reno - 08/27/2015
I can give 2 people a ride at 6:30 am on sunday Aug. 30. Plenty of room for luggage. I will not be going to will call, so only respond if you have a ticket in hand. See you there!
Reno, Nevada - 08/27/2015
Hi friends, jovial virgin burner seeking ride 1130pm tuesday or wenesday from reno to brc, will pay whatever is fair. Thanks in advance
Reno, Nevada - 08/27/2015
Honda mini van with air cond.seats 7 , only five available . running like a taxi with a lot less adittude
New York, United States - 08/27/2015
Ride from BRC to San Francisco
Reno - 08/27/2015
Need a ride 9/3 at noon from reno to brc. Can bring a vehicle pass if needed, otherwise will chip in gas or other costs as needed. Good convo! Thanks. Call/text 202-629-7763.
Santa Cruz - 08/26/2015
Hey y'all,

I'm headed to BM and am looking for a ride from Santa Cruz area to Reno on Thursday evening or Friday morning. Happy to pitch in any way I can.



Zip: 95945 - 08/26/2015
heading to DALLAS TX from burning man on Monday 7th. I hope to make the trip in 3 days total and am looking for someone who knows how to enjoy their time to share fuel + driving with. Part ways ok. Give me a message on 817 703 2315

Reno - 08/26/2015
On late Tuesday night of Sept 1st I am trying to fit as many people in my x5 that can fit in exchange for a car pass! I am not bring too much and my car has some racks. Bring straps if you can!
Santa Rosa, California - 08/26/2015
I would like to arrive early Sunday. I volunteer for emergency services. I have minimal stuff, tent, bag, with bike rack. I only need one way
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California - 08/25/2015
I need a ride to Burning Man from Reno on Tuesday Sept 1 late night! Please let me know! Thanks so much!
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California - 08/25/2015
I'm driving to Reno for sure, but then leaving my car unless I can someone wants to offer a vehicle pass for riding in my car (:
Zip: 94116 - 08/25/2015
Please help me get home to the playa for my bday!

I'm mellow with a great sense of humor inner sunset, SF (departure date flexible!).

-shree (415) 374.0471

Reno - 08/25/2015
Landing at reno airport 9/3 at 11:30AM. One person, light load. Thanks.
Reno - 08/25/2015
Hi there, I am flying into reno from LA and need a ride out to the playa on sept 2nd and a ride from the playa back to the airport in reno. HELP anyone out there? will pay and have only 1 bag. very little cargo! Thanking you in advance. Hope someone else out there needs help too. x
Zip: 94114 - 08/24/2015
Hi, I'm in need of a ride to Playa, for two humans and very light cargo.

Flying in from Boston sun 8.30 1130am.

Happy to share in travel expenses and if needed a night in Reno.

Reno, Nevada - 08/24/2015
I need a ride from Reno to BRC on Monday 31st. I will land at 10:30 am and be ready to go. I have minimal amount of gears ( just a suit case ). I have a vehicle pass with me as well if you need.
Reno, Nevada - 08/24/2015
Hey all!

I need a ride to BRC for one person, from Reno, leaving on the 30th. Willing to pitch in for gas/expenses.

Reno, Nevada - 08/23/2015
Hi I could use a ride from Reno to arrive at BRC on the 30th and hopefully catch a ride back (to Reno or Las Vegas) at the end of the event on the 7th. I have a vehicle pass. I will be flying in from NYC. Let me know if you have a place! Thanks!
Chico CA - 08/22/2015
I'm friendly, open, and honest:). Have money, hugs, and jokes to contribute as needed. Traveling by myself with one backpack (friend has all other stuff). Looking for a ride from either reno or sacromento either late tuesday 1st or anytime wednsday the 2nd. Good luck to all and have an amazing burn!
Toronto, Ontario - 08/22/2015
Hi! A Canadian virgin burner looking for a ride from Reno Airport to Burning Man the afternoon of August 31. I land at 12:45pm. Thanks so much!!
Gerlach, Nevada - 08/22/2015

Need a ride from Gerlach to BRC and back, will pay for ride and help with whatever you need! 2 europeans travelling light only 2 backpacks and 2 suitcases. Youll have great company for that final stint! Thanks!
Reno - 08/21/2015
Need ride from Reno Airport to BRC (Burning Man). Will share any and all costs. I arrive 10:30 am Wendsday the 26th. Only self in my party. Will want to pick up water on the way.

Thank you
Reno - 08/21/2015
Hi all!

We're two Israelis looking for a ride from Reno to BRC.

Will share costs and provide entertainment.

Shir and Omri.
Reno, Nevada - 08/21/2015
Looking for a ride from Reno, NV the night of the 27th or the morning of the 28th. Can get a vehicle pass in exchange for ride or will offer gas, money, jokes, stories... etc.
Black Rock, Arkansas - 08/20/2015
Hello! Is anyone going to Fresno? I would need to leave on the 3rd for work...

Thank you,

Rancho Palos Verdes, California - 08/20/2015
Looking for a ride from Orange County to BRC! I don't have much cargo, just myself and my small suitcase. Hoping to leave Saturday or Sunday but flexible! I am willing to pitch in for gas and contribute lots of yummy road snacks. Can also meet in South Bay LA area!


Costa Mesa, California - 08/20/2015
Looking for a ride from Orange County to BRC! I don't have much cargo, just myself and my small suitcase. Hoping to leave Saturday or Sunday but flexible! I am willing to pitch in for gas and contribute lots of yummy road snacks. Can also meet in South Bay LA area!


Santa Clara, California - 08/20/2015
Hello! My name is Jason, this will be my first time going to BurningMan. I just bought my ticket on the 19th and I am looking for a way to get there and back. Im planning on bringing a tent, backpack, and a bicycle. Hopefully a bunch of water if there's room. Please let me know if anyone can assist :D
Reno, Nevada - 08/20/2015
I am looking for a ride from Reno/ Tahoe airport to the playa sometime after 10:15 PM on Wednesday September 2nd or the next morning Thursday September 3rd. I have gas money and am laid back. You can contact me if you want to know more but I think we would get along well! :)
Portland, Oregon - 08/19/2015
Until last night i wasn't sure if i was going because i didn't have a ticket, then in a magical twist of fate a beautiful soul sold me hers. It'll be my 4rth Burn! I'm flexible on dates. I can leave as early as Aug 29 and return as late as Tuesday Sept 8. Anything in between is fine. I only have a suit case, duffle bag, bike, and will need to pick up water along the way (prolly closer to Nevada to avoid extra weight). I'm a 30 yr old male licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist with a practice in downtown Portland. I can drive and offer money for gas or services in lieu of money if you prefer. Either is fine by me. I can even give you a 15 minute freebie in the next week if you're curious. I'm easy to get along with and 420 friendly if that's your thing. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Billy 617-749-8653 text or call is quicker than email
Black Rock, Arkansas - 08/19/2015
Hi There fellow Burners…I just need a ride out of BRC on the morning The Man Burns….I've got to get into Reno for a flight. Is anyone headed that way???
San Francisco, California - 08/19/2015

I'm looking for a ride out of Burning Man to the Bay Area. Preferably Monday but I'm flexible. I have a moderate amount of stuff, just clothes, camping gear, and maybe some stilts. Any help would be appreciated! I'm happy to contribute in all ways, driving, gas, stories, etc etc.

Thank you!

Zip: 94114 - 08/19/2015
I have a car pass for burning man.

Looking for a car with 2 free spots.
San Francisco, California - 08/19/2015
Hello, I need a ride on Thursday the 3rd out of Burning Man so that I can get to a work function on Friday in Sequoia's. I can give you details of how much stuff I have :)

Thank you!

Reno Airport - 08/19/2015
Hi there,

I am landing at Reno airport on Wednesday at 11pm. Would need a ride to Burning Man. I just have a carry-on. Willing to split gas or pay shuttle expenses. Whatever it takes to get there!!!!

Please contact me at:
Zip: 94103 - 08/19/2015
Hey there,

Starbarf (4:30 & E) has a large repainted schoolbus that is going to Burning Man this year from San Francisco. It's the illest! Though suddenly we are without someone with a commercial drivers license.

Do you have one? Want to drive our bus to burning man and back? We'll pay for gas and we can transport a bunch of your stuff in it! Also there will be flexibility on arrival/departure dates.

If this sounds fun, holler at me!
Reno Airport - 08/18/2015
Burner since 2006. Able to share driving and good times. I can drive a 14' cube truck. Arriving in RENO on 8/31 very late 11:30pm. Looking for a ride straight to the playa. I only have 2 medium size bags with me. Bike, etc will be going ahead.

Thank you very much hope to connect with you soon.

Contact via email
San Francisco, California - 08/18/2015

two early birds off the plane from England need one-way lift from San Francisco to BRC on Friday 28th. Have vehicle pass if needed.

Up for giving driving a go but much better at paying for gas and chatting and stuff! Please get in touch if you think we might be bearable! Thanks,

Santa Cruz - 08/17/2015
Hello! Virgin Burner here! I'm really excited to be attending Burning Man this year. I need a ride from Santa Cruz (or any part around the Bay Area) to Black Rock City. I can leave either late Friday or by the 29th at the latest and be back either during or after September the 5th. I'm not bringing much. I just need room for my bike, backpack, and tent.

I'm pretty chill and easy to get along with. You will not have a problem with me. Let know if you are interested! We can negotiate something!
Zip: 91350 - 08/17/2015
Hi, my companion and I have a 7,500 lb camping trailer that we need hauled to BM. If you're going to BM with a heavy duty vehicle that has a 7-pin trailer hitch (standard) we would LOVE to team up. We can pay for all of the gas, plus extra. My male counterpart knows how to drive a vehicle towing the trailer. Ideally we would want to leave on Saturday and break the drive up into two days, for arrival around 10am on Sunday. But we're flexible! We live in Santa Clarita, so we're right on the way to Hwy 395.
Reno Airport - 08/17/2015
Very light packed couple needs a ride from Reno to BRC on Wednesday evening (11PM). We would be happy to share fuel costs and help with driving if needed. Also little thank you bonus we can offer you a special moonshine thank you at our Lituanica Birds (Lithuanian) camp.
Gerlach, Nevada - 08/16/2015
Need a ride from burning man to either reno or SF or anywhere close to the bay area on Thursday 9/3 or Friday 9/4 morning.

Willing to help with all costs and bringing lots of good vibes!

I am flexible on the details, please contact me if you think this can work out.
Shingle Springs, California - 08/15/2015
Hello burners one and all! )'(

I have a jeep and a ticket to the man, but no vehicle pass. I am willing to gift a ride for 1 to 2 people with said vehicle pass. I will be leaving the Sacramento area to reno around Thursday. From there I will be staying at a family mebers house. I plan to leave reno to the burn on the night of the 29, to get there by gates open... In theory . contact me via phone 530 409 6302.
Black Rock, Arkansas - 08/15/2015

I'm a mexican burner and I need a ride from BM to SF on the 6th or 7th.

Will share gas expenses

Reno - 08/15/2015

I'm a mexican burner and I need a ride from Reno to BM 28th evening or 29th morning.

Berkeley, California - 08/14/2015
Hey everyone!

I need a ride oneway from East Bay to BRC on Wednesday (9/2) evening. I can leave around 5pm. I won't have much gear (just a duffel bag and small cooler). I'm a great co-pilot and can pitch for gas! Thanks!
Zip: 94109 - 08/14/2015
I need a ride from burning man..I guess any day back to san francisco. I suppose I could use a ride to burning man too if needed but I've already have a friend helping me out with that. Will help with gas n food n water. I'm hoping to make it to my first burn this year!
Reno Airport - 08/13/2015
I'm a Canadian Circus performing, I'll be performing in the fire conclave on the night of the burn. I'm arriving September 1st at the Reno Airport around 12:30 pm and I'm looking for a ride to Black Rock City. I have a parking pass and will help out with gas.
Zip: 94112 - 08/13/2015
Looking for a ride around 8/31/15 want to be on the playa monday or tuesday. My stuff is going up early so its only me. I can meet you anywhere in the bay area.

Zip: 94110 - 08/12/2015
I need a ride from BM to San Francisco/Bay Area on the 3rd. Will of course help out with gas and rental fees. Thanks!
Berkeley - 08/11/2015
Hi burners! We're these two swedes, girl and guy, who are looking for a ride from Berkeley and back. Contributing to gas, driving and energy of course! We could head out anytime between 30th and 3d and back on the 8th. Hope to share the trip with you!

Love Ina and Alex
California, United States - 08/11/2015
We're building a Bamboo Tea Hut on deep playa to host intimate sunrise and sunset tea and cacao ceremonies. But we are in a pickle! We need to transport 80 pieces of ~15ft long bamboo to the playa from the Bay Area/Santa Rosa (or anywhere in the general vicinity - we can arrange intermediary transport). Each piece is only 2 inches in diameter, so we're not talking bulk. You can lay the pieces down on top of your other gear or on top of a truck.

If you are bringing an RV, truck, or trailer to the playa and can help us out, we would be so grateful! We can chip in for gas and happily offer you various tokens of gratitude (early arrival pass, sound healing, cacao heart opener, and possibly a chance to fly with the skydivers over BRC!) We can send the bamboo with you if you're headed early, or drive your vehicle out for you (we'll swap you our car). Please let me know if you can help in anyway!

Here's more about the project:

Thanks for helping to facilitate a bit of magic!
Washington DC - 08/11/2015
I'm in need of some soul searching and what better way then a cross country trip to burning man please help me out willing to help out with gas
Reno, Nevada - 08/10/2015
Driving into burning man from RENO airport on the 30th and back to reno airport on the 3rd. Let me know anyone needs a ride and if u can help with gas of a few $$$ for rental fee.
Reno - 08/09/2015
Need a ride from Reno Burning Man on the morning of 8/28/2015 . I'll have 2 big bags and a cooler. Final destination is 9 o'clock plaza. I'll be happy to contribute in some way (gas, food, beverages, or money... )'(

New York, United States - 08/08/2015
Need help with gas. Driving to burning man on the 30th and back on the 3rd to reno airport. Let me know if u need a ride and. An help with some gas and rental fee
New York, United States - 08/07/2015
Need a ride from NY to BRC with some stuff and have a vehicle pass + plus early entry
San Francisco, California - 08/06/2015
23-24th. from SF. two fun Israelis, travelling fairly light i think. Contact us!
Oakland, California - 08/04/2015
Hi Looking for Early Entry ride for 2 for early Friday 8/28. Leaving from Oakland. We both have early passes and looking for a rider who has a vehicle pass and early entry as well. Can help with gas and snacks. Thx
Nevada, United States - 07/31/2015
Looking for a ride back to reno on Thursday the 3rd from burning man. Leaving early :(

Will help with fuel and food. Just me and one maybe 2 bags.
San Francisco, California - 07/29/2015
I have room for one person. I'm renting a small car in SF and driving to Sacromento to stay with a friend for the night and rest up. First thing in the morning (when gates open), we shoot to the playa. I will stay until September 6th. I am offering a return trip in exchange for gas+driving.
Reno - 07/28/2015
Arriving early entry 8/28- need a ride. Getting in around 10 am- I would like to go grab some booze, snacks and maybe a costume or two if anyone else is down. Otherwise I can just go straight from airport.
San Francisco, California - 07/24/2015

2 dudes here with luggage and 1 bike looking for a cool person to drive us to BRC!!!

Zip: 97214 - 07/21/2015
Hiiii! Need a ride from PDX to Burning Man. Will provide gas $$, love and DJ tunes.

Have bike, gear for one, and djembe!

xoxo Kello/Wolfpack
Boulder, Colorado - 07/02/2015
I need a ride from Rock Springs WY to burning man and back, just me and 2 bags.
Reno, Nevada - 06/29/2015
early entry leaving 8/28/15 from sands casino @ 7 am lots of room bike ok 420 ok need help with fuel $$$ call Joe 408 309 0355
Zip: 84101 - 06/27/2015
Looking to head to Burning Man on Wednesday from Salt Lake City. Just me and not really any luggage.
San Francisco, California - 06/17/2015
Hi there!

There are three of us trying to get to Burning Man and back with a bike each and a bit of luggage. We are prepared to split up... we are two girls and a guy from Australia/NZ! Unfortunately we missed out on a vehicle pass... Mad love, Sammy. x
San Francisco, California - 06/10/2015
We need a ride from San Fran to Reno on August 28th. We are renting a van in Reno to get to the playa with all our stuff in Reno storage. There are two of us
Beirut, Lebanon - 06/09/2015
Hello! 25/f solo burner coming from Beirut! looking for a ride to and from san fran, wiling to rent a vehicle, share expenses and join forces with other burners! yey
Bordeaux, Aquitaine - 06/07/2015

We are two girls from reunion island looking for a ride from San Francisco to burning man. Does anyone have some room left?

Brattleboro, Vermont - 06/04/2015
Need a ride from New England to Burning Man. Much love!
Zip: 94702 - 06/03/2015

We are two girls needing a ride from the Bay Area and back. We need to leave on the Tuesday afternoon and get back by Tuesday the week after though. If thats an option we can also pitch in for renting a van or something similar, since we have 2 bikes.
Emilia-Romagna, Italy - 04/30/2015
Hello! I am a solo burner looking for a ride. I live in Ohio, but am willing to drive and meet people. I have a valid drivers licence, so I can contribute by driving and also with gas money (or any other driving expenses). Excited to meet new burners!
Louisville, Kentucky - 04/09/2015
We will have a community container out of Louisville this year. message us early to get space.
Zip: 49007 - 04/02/2015
Hi there, My boyfriend and I are looking for a ride to Burning Man this year. We would also be willing to pitch in for a rental van/rv if a group is interested and has extra space. This will be our 3rd burn and we are looking forward to making some new friends. In previous years we took my boyfriend's car as transportation but it is getting up there in years and mileage and is no longer mechanically sound enough to make the trip from Michigan to Nevada. We are willing to meet people in nearby cities such as detroit, grand rapids, chicago, fort wayne, etc. So just let us know if you'll be close by! We're probably looking to leave around the 23rd??? But that is flexible. We are an openminded, laid back, and light packing couple ready to meet some new burners!