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Burning Man 2016

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Zip: 90025 - 09/02/2016
Virgin burner. Small with small packages
Tianjin, Tianjin Shi - 08/31/2016
Would love a ride to burning man today at 430pm . Defs can chip in on fuel etc thanks !! 8083394934
Zip: 94109 - 08/30/2016
Hi , I'm looking for a ride (1 way) to brc Tuesday night or Wednesday. Have about 2 bags and a bike. Can cover gas and food.
Reno, Nevada - 08/30/2016
10 seats available. $150/ per person. $100 per person for multiples. Call or text. 7753513422. Leave 830 pm tomorrow
Reno, Nevada - 08/30/2016
Room for 9. Leave by 8pm. $150/ per person. $100/ per person for multiple people. 7753513422
Palm Springs, California - 08/29/2016
Good vibes and gas money included!!! Please please please shoot me a email or call @ 7346646390
England, United Kingdom - 08/29/2016
Looking for a ride around 11pm on wednesday night from Reno. Can share costs and travel tails! with british comedy.
Reno Airport - 08/29/2016
Looking for a ride to burning men

I am by myself

Today August 29
San Francisco Airport - 08/29/2016
Hi burners, after making all the way from Singapore to New York, only got to know that the flight from New York to San Francisco got cancelled and we are now put on the later flight and landing SF airport at 6pm (and hence we will not be able to take the connecting flight from SF to Reno). We are hoping to be able to reach Reno today and be able to catch the Burning Man Express tomorrow. We are two, with 2 suitcases + 2 backpack. We are willing to pay for the gas from SF airport to Reno. We do not have Internet access and rely on free wifi. You may reach me at +65-81275080. Thank you!
San Francisco Airport - 08/28/2016
Leaving Monday 29 to Burning Man from San Francisco Airport at 1pm. Have two seats left in my car for FREE.
Sierra Madre, California - 08/28/2016
driving middle this week to see the 747 we helped on awesome!
Sacramento, California - 08/27/2016
Hi there! The 3am greyhound bus was cancelled and I need to be in Reno by 8am. Only looking for a ride to Reno, I'm taking the BxB into BRC

1 person 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks.

Thank you!!
Reno - 08/25/2016
Hi -

Looking for a ride to BRC Thursday, the 1st at around 9am or 10am. If anyone is leaving let me know I can chip in for gas.
Zip: 94109 - 08/24/2016
One happy and easy-going guy (also happy to share with expenses) looking for friendly travel mate(s) to BRC.

I can arrive at BRC 8/25 or any date thereafter (have early entry permit). Will have one roll-on size bag in SF and need to pickup rented camping gear in Reno (4' long and will "easily fit in the back seat of a car." plus bike and attachment rack.



(415) 397-1403
Newport Beach, California - 08/24/2016
Need a ride to Burning Man want to leave 8/24/16 but will settle for later date.
San Francisco, California - 08/23/2016

I'm looking for a ride, ideally Tuesday after work (I could leave around 2.30pm or so.) I'm coming back with friends.

I don't have much stuff because my friends are taking it. Unfortunately I don't drive, but I'd be happy to pay for the gas on the way there.

I don't smoke but don't mind at all if you do.

Thank you!
Zip: 98005 - 08/23/2016
going just for the weekend 4 and 4 of september
San Mateo, California - 08/23/2016
Hello! I sadly need to leave BM early to go work on a dissertation, and need a ride from BRC to Reno on Friday, September 2nd, leaving before 3 PM. One person+one bag :)
San Jose, California - 08/22/2016
We are taking a 34' RV to Bman this year and are looking for 2 people who need a ride to and from. You will be riding with 5 others - 3 guys and 2 gals, all in our late 20's to early 30's.

The RV has comfortable seating, will have space to load your bikes, and plenty of space for your bags.

Unfortunately we don't have anymore sleeping space for the week, but we would be happy to have 1-2 more people join us for the ride for a fee of $300 - as this will help alleviate our high costs for maintenance, service, and gas.
Reno - 08/22/2016
need a ride from Reno to BRC on sunday

28th after 11 am.

traveling alone with just small luggage and some food..

Winter Park, Florida - 08/21/2016
Need a ride from Reno airport to BM.

I am a full time artist. Landing with a food suitcase and a hiker backpack.

Landing at 8pm and have shift in Greeter Camp the 28th.

I have FB and art pages social media pages if you want to look me up.

Contribute. Help.$. Etc just want to have a ride planned and set before I arrive.
San Francisco, California - 08/21/2016
Dear Burning-Man friends,

I´am looking for a ride from San Francisco to Black-Rock-City, ...and back. I´am traveling alone, ..need just one free seat. :-)

(I´m arrive at Aug. 29, approximately noon in San Francisco, ...can stay in San Fran till Aug. 30)


Sorry for my bad english.


Columbus, Ohio - 08/18/2016
Have a Honda Accord with room for one passenger and some gear. Can pick up anywhere roughly between OH and NV. Leaving early and taking the scenic route.
Zip: 80223 - 08/17/2016
Leaving for the bay from Denver on August 24th. Can drop you in Reno or bay. Looking for someone to share gas and driving.
Zip: 97202 - 08/17/2016
Hi there, I'm trying to get a ride from Portland to Burning Man! I have to leave mid-week but can try and be flexible! I'd also be open to renting a car and splitting the cost! :)
Zip: 94107 - 08/16/2016
Transit bus (which is my home) from SF to BRC to arrive when gate opens and depart on Monday. Plenty of room for passengers and cargo.
Phoenix, Arizona - 08/16/2016
Hey! I'm looking for a ride to Reno to arrive on the 23rd (early arrival) for one passenger from Phoenix (or nearby.)

Then, me and another friend (2 awesome chicks) are looking for a ride back to Northern Arizona sometimes after the Temple Burns.
Reno, Nevada - 08/15/2016

We are 2 girls from Montréal, Québec, looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on August 25th. We don't need to ride together, if you have room only for one it's OK.

Include: fun company, stories, snacks and gas share of course!

We have for the two of us, 3 backpacks, one cooler and 2 bikes (our friends can bring the bikes if that happen to be a problem for you).



Thank you and looking forward to meet you!
Reno, Nevada - 08/15/2016

We are 2 girls from Montréal, Québec, looking for a ride from Reno to BRC on August 25th. We don't need to ride together, if you have room only for one it's OK.

Include: fun company, stories, snacks and gas share of course!

We have for the two of us, 3 backpacks, one cooler and 2 bikes (our friends can bring the bikes if that happen to be a problem for you).

Thank you and looking forward to meet you!
Seattle, Washington - 08/07/2016
I am in need of a ride for myself and my minimal gear to Burning Man 2016. I can split gas costs, and am clean, friendly and laid back. I am looking to leave August 27th or 28th. I camp at 7:15 and D. Please take me with you!
San Francisco, California - 08/04/2016
looking for ride from San Francisco or Montara or Reno to Burning Man Black Rock City

for August 28th

maybe also back to SFo/Reno
Seattle - 07/30/2016
any where in washington
Alachua, Florida - 07/13/2016
Fabulous senior seventh-time burner seeks rideshare to BRC! Offer driving (including all-- YES, RV experience!), share gas, snax, scintillating conversation. Return possible.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 07/12/2016
Need to be in Ogden/ SLC for a wedding and looking for a ride from SLC to BRC on Sunday, August 28th. Can help with any costs and would love to pick up supplies as well.
Peyton, Colorado - 06/01/2016
I am headed to my third Burn where I typically volunteer with ESD. I will be pulling out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the 26th of August with a return on the 5th. Headed there alone; so I would love to have someone (or a couple) to share the drive with and perhaps contribute to the fuel. I go out with a Ford F350 dually, pulling a four horse trailer with living quarters. Along the way, I will fill-up two 275 gallon totes with water, so the trailer gets a little heavy.

Looking for someone (or two) who has a relatively clean driving record -- no DWUI's etc. -- so my insurance agent will be happy; experience driving such a truck and trailer rig; non-smoker; not transporting any intoxicants to the Burn; good hygiene; and, a great conversationalist. I would plan to drive straight through, both ways. Departure on the 5th will be about 0400; or whenever the gate rush for Exodus pauses.

I may have access to a full-price ticket (for its face value) and an early entry pass -- otherwise you will need to have one already. Everyone that arrives before the gates open, must have an early entry pass.