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Burning Man 2018

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Reno - 08/30/2018
Hi guys,

Me and my girlfriend need and a ride from Reno to BRC. We r nice people from Montreal and only have 2 carry-on

Thank you so much

Text me or email me

Zip: 94607 - 08/28/2018
Needed for possibly two but definitely one. To event. From Oakland.
Oakland - 08/27/2018
Hi my name is Simba and I am looking to get a ride to Burning Man from Oakland!!!

714 886 8671

Will split gas
Zip: 89502 - 08/26/2018
Hi! My name is Brittany, I'm from Las Vegas :) I get into Reno Airport Wednesday, 8/29 at 5pm and am staying with camp Fuck Yeah! Looking for a ride to BM, am good for gas $!
Gerlach, Nevada - 08/24/2018
Hey! I'm looking for a ride from Burning Man to Los Angeles on the 2nd September. Just two bags and a tent I could give you, since I won't need it anymore :D I can contribute paying gas! Thank you!
Los Angeles - 08/24/2018
My brother and I have a beautiful RV and are looking for 2-3 other people to share the costs. We are leaving on the 25 or 26th and returning on the 3rd. If you are interested call or message asap.

Zip: 94127 - 08/23/2018
Needed- Ride to Burningman / black rock city from San Francisco on Wed Aug 29th. I will be ready to leave at 1pm , I have my ticket and a vehicle pass, and already have a ride back from Burningman, just need to get to there from SF. Thanks-Wendy
Toronto, Ontario - 08/22/2018
Looking for a ride out of Burning Man to Reno on August 31st 2018! Only one person with 2 bags. No Bikes. Need to make it to a wedding in Montreal!

Please help :)
Zip: 94705 - 08/22/2018
Have spare early access work passes for anyone wanting to go up early and beat the Sunday line.

Ideally seats for 3 people, but 1 would be better than nothing!

Looking to leave any time from today (22nd) to Sunday (26th) – asap.
Reno - 08/22/2018
Hey! Chris here! I'm looking for a ride from Reno to Burning Man on Monday 27th august. I'm driving from San Fran to Reno and will be arriving around 5pm. Will only have one suitcase with me and happy to chip in for fuel, I also have a stellar music collection! Can anyone help??
Zip: 90046 - 08/20/2018
One 24 yo female, virgin burner, original ride cancelled last minute, can pay towards gas etc.
Gerlach, Nevada - 08/20/2018
Offering a ride out of Playa on Saturday Sep 1st at 8:30 AM to Reno or South Lake Tahoe (my trip ends at South Lake Tahoe). Will have room for one pleasant human and a couple smallish bags only, no bike rack (unless you provide the bike rack).
San Francisco, California - 08/20/2018
Hello! First-time burner here looking for a one-way ride from Burning Man to San Francisco on Tuesday, Sept 4th. Will chip in for gas. Have two large duffel bags as luggage. Thanks!
Zip: 89502 - 08/19/2018
My wife & I seek a ride to Burning Man from Reno airport ~11AM on Wed. Aug. 29th. We will only have 2 carry-on bags, no need to stop for groceries! Aloha
Capitola, California - 08/17/2018
Kansas City, Missouri - 08/17/2018
Looking forward to finding you, to share wonderful experience of getting there. Flying from London- will be just me and my bag. Valeria.
Los Angeles, California - 08/16/2018
Hello fellow Burners, I need a ride from the SFV to Reno on 8/26. I will only have one large luggage bag under 60 lbs. Can pitch in with gas money and good vibes for my tribe!
Zip: 90504 - 08/15/2018
Hi there,

I am seeking an early ride for myself and my belongings (bike, bag, & bin if there is space). I have a ride lined up to get there by Thursday, however they cannot fit more than a backpack (I have not mastered the art of minimalism on the playa). If anyone is open to taking my belongings up without myself, I am open to that too. Either way, I can provide gas and good vibes. Please be safe & sane, as I am :)


(310) 594-4655
Gerlach, Nevada - 08/15/2018
Hi there! I'm looking for a ride from BRC to Los Angeles, either the 2nd or the 3rd September. Ping me via mail if you have an available spot, please! I'll pay fuel and could drive for a couple of hours too^^
Richmond, California - 08/14/2018
Hey ! Im 26 going on 27 years old!on the 30th of this month!im seeking a ride because my original ride has not been able to find tickets! This would be very helpful! I pack small and have gas money aswell ! Thanks.
Richmond, California - 08/14/2018
Hey ! Im 26 going on 27 years old!on the 30th of this month!im seeking a ride because my original ride has not been able to find tickets! This would be very helpful! I pack small and have gas money aswell ! Thanks.
Zip: 89502 - 08/13/2018
Need a ride to the Burning Man, playa, Black Rocks City on Thurs or Friday. Hope to land by noon. Will book flights this week.
Los Angeles - 08/12/2018
Looking for a return ride from Los Angeles to Burning Man for 2 people (1 Italian/Canadian + 1 Brit) second time burners. Thanks! x
Vancouver, British Columbia - 08/11/2018

Need a haul of a bike and yurt (4ft by 4ft by 18inch), or haul plus me from Vancouver BC.

And back!


Reno Nevada - 08/11/2018
Hi i get in on 8/27 at 11:39 pm. i have one bag and im staying with funky town. Looking for a ride to burning man.
Black Rock, Arkansas - 08/09/2018
My friend and I are driving back from BRC to SFO on Sunday morning around 8.30am. We have 2 spots in our car if anyone is looking for a ride
Ashland, Oregon - 08/01/2018
My partner and I are looking for a ride from Ashland, OR to Reno, NV anytime between August 15th - 19th. We can provide gas money, fresh organic vegetables, & lively conversation. )'(
San Francisco, California - 07/28/2018

A girl from Poland is looking for a ride to BRC late evening of 21st or early morning 22nd with EAP. Happy to contribute a vehicle pass or fuel cost, good conversations and good vibes :)

Thank you,

Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 07/26/2018
Hello, my name is Deborah. My friend and I are going to BM and we're looking for a ride. We're both 27 years old, and bringing a bicycle.
Zip: 94111 - 07/25/2018
Two Aussies looking to get a ride to BRC on the 23rd of August. Willing to chip in for fuel and banter
Torrance, California - 07/24/2018
One rider (possibly with an early entry pass) seeks ride to BRC!
Zip: 90504 - 07/24/2018

I am seeking a ride to BRC. Chill vibes, and ready for the Burn :) Hoping to find someone who can haul a yurt as well!
West New York, New Jersey - 07/18/2018
Need a ride from BRC to Reno Airport, Sep 1st.
Zip: 94116 - 07/06/2018
Pickup truck room for 3-4 riders/gear. I also haul RV’s to and from BRC/SAN FRANCISCO/SACRAMENTO/OTHER CITIES MORTH OF FRESNO/SLO.
Zip: 94607 - 06/30/2018
Oakland to Reno to BRC, Aug 25.

BRC to Reno to Oakland, Sep 3.

Asking $125 for the round trip with some luggage, extra for lots of luggage or bikes.
Zip: 10013 - 06/05/2018
Looking to hitch a ride from BRC to Reno on Wednesday (8/29) or Thursday (8/30). I have to leave earlier than the rest of my camp.
Zip: 97405 - 06/03/2018
Hey there! This would be my very first time to burning man and I have a volunteer commitment at BRTA as a chef! Really need a round trip ride from Eugene OR, won't have too much stuff. Just the basic necessities to survive the experience and some goodies to share. Thanks and blessings
Tempe, Arizona - 05/24/2018
Burning man - black rock city (to and from)
San Francisco, California - 05/18/2018
Need a ride! Willing to chip in for fuel. Need to take my bike and water with me.
Moscow, Idaho - 05/06/2018
Super chill couple (guy 29, girl 21) driving to BM from Moscow, Idaho. We'll be passing through Boise, Idaho. Driving a 26 foot box truck. Also have room inside for a couple campers if vibes are good (we have a bed and couple couches plus AC).
Huntington Beach, California - 05/06/2018
Two girls needed a ride from la/oc to burning man on the 28. Won’t have any luggage on us since our friends are taking it earlier.

Will pitch in gas money!
Clarksville, Missouri - 05/06/2018
Two girls needed a ride to burning man on the 28. Won’t have any luggage on us since our friends are taking it earlier.

Will pitch in gas money!
Oakland - 05/05/2018
Hi there! Im flying from Europe to Oakland, arriving on the 26th August around 3pm. I would need a ride to BM either later the same day or on Monday the 27th. Anyone around the area or around SF? Please, let me know!
Reno - 04/09/2018
Two easy going guys from Melbourne, Australia needing a ride to Burning Man. Please help.
san fransisco - 04/06/2018
Two Aussie guys, Burning virgins, looking for ride to Burning Man 2018.
Bloomington, Indiana - 04/04/2018
there and returning. living in bloomington, in. free anytime to travel. i want to take in the complete event. can provide Fuel $$$$$.
Raleigh, NC - 03/27/2018
Heading to Burning Man on aug.23- returning sept.6. Extra seats and yurt room for anyone intrested.
Chicago, Illinois - 03/10/2018
I am inquiring if anyone is traveling to Chicago to burning man via vehicle with room for one more.