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Dirty 30 2018

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Zip: 80403 - 04/03/2019
Looking for a ride from Golden for 7 am start. AMC lot is easy but can meet for pickup elsewhere.
Golden, CO - 03/25/2019
Hello, my name is Christine. I'm looking for a ride for the 50k, 6 am start time. I can meet close to 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Rd.
Broomfield, Colorado - 03/18/2019
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 01/30/2019
I live in Monument, CO — but will probably drive up to the Golden area the night before the race. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve never done an ultra — and have zero familiarity with the race course and how to get there.

I’m happy to drive my truck - I just need some people to meet up with.
Zip: 80218 - 06/02/2018
Hi. Looking for a ride to the 12 miler from Cap Hill. Alternatively, looking for a ride after the race to at least Golden. Thanks.
Golden - 06/01/2018
I’ll be leaving at 3:45 from corner of 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Rd. Parking lot south side of the road.

Text 303-478-5501

Boulder, Colorado - 06/01/2018
Riding to Dirty 30 in Golden for the 12 mile race on Sunday, June 3rd. Need to take an additional person or 2 for carpooling.
Zip: 80304 - 06/01/2018
need ride from fairground parking lot to race start. I am starting at 6 AM. looking for a ride to the start from fairgrounds.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 06/01/2018
Does anyone have room left in their car for the 50k 6am start? I can meet you at the Visitor Center. Thank you!
Golden, CO - 06/01/2018
Saturday 50k, 8am start time. I'll meet at Hwy 93 & Golden Gate Canyon road at 5:45, to catch the 6:30 shuttle to the start.
Zip: 80218 - 06/01/2018
I need a ride to the dirty 30. I’m shooting to start in the 7 am wave.
Denver, Colorado - 05/31/2018
Any Sunday morning volunteers want to ride together? I can ride or drive. Near Dayton or Southmoor light rail stations.
Lyons, Colorado - 05/31/2018
We have room for one rider from Lyons, CO area. We will be leaving early for 6am start time as a couple of us a kinda slow pokes :-)
Louisville, Colorado - 05/31/2018
Looking for one more rider for the 7am start on Saturday, although we plan to get there in plenty of time to accommodate a 6am starter too. Will be coming from Louisville through Superior.
Zip: 80212 - 05/31/2018
Looking for a ride up to the 50K 7am start. I'm in Highlands but could meet in Golden.

Denver, Colorado - 05/30/2018
Will be heading over from Denver. Would love to hop in with anyone aiming for the 8am start on Saturday. Happy to go with a group starting earlier if that works better.
Idaho Springs, Colorado - 05/30/2018
This is a longshot: I'm camping at the Robber's Roost Campground on the other side of the park on Friday night and plan to run the 50K. Anyone happen to be camping there as well and willing to give me a ride to the shuttle or start? I'm thinking 7am start but I'm flexible.
Denver, Colorado - 05/30/2018
Looking to carpool for 12m on 6/3, can drive or pitch for gas to ride!
Louisville, Colorado - 05/30/2018
I’m flying in from NYC Thursday night but my buddy who I’m staying with has to leave tonight (Wednesday) on a family emergency. I’m staying at his apartment but I’m now in need of a ride back and forth to the 50k on Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Longmont, Colorado - 05/29/2018
We are leaving from Niwot and Lafayette on Sunday for the 12 miler.

We can accommodate 2-3 more runners. Come with us!!

Aimee and Tatiana
Evergreen, Colorado - 05/29/2018
to / from the golden gate dirty 30 12 mile race
Zip: 80403 - 05/29/2018
June 3rd for 12 mile race, would like to try to get to the race by 7 am.
Loveland, Colorado - 05/29/2018
I'm "running" the 12 mile on Sunday and would be happy to pick up some carpoolers on the way. I live in Loveland and am picking up a friend in Boulder. Small but adequate and economical Scion XD. Note - I will be taking it easy out on the course, so if you are planning to be speedy and head home right after, this isn't going to work well for you...
Lakewood, Colorado - 05/29/2018
Hi there,

I'm hoping to pull a few early risers together for the 6AM start time.

I'm honestly hoping I won't need all of the extra time, and am really just hoping to get back to my family a little earlier in the day, but ya never know.

My previous time on this course was in the 8'50" range, but my 50k PR is about 7'50", so I'm hoping to be in the 8'20" range?

So in a perfect world, would be looking to hit the road home around 3ish?

Willing to meet anywhere en route between Green Mtn/Lakewood area through Golden. Driving an F150 Super Crew, so plenty of room for people and gear!
Castle Rock, Colorado - 05/29/2018
Have 2 seats available (4 runners) for 12 miler on 3 June (Sun). Will park at Red Barn.
Golden - 05/29/2018
Need ride
Zip: 80304 - 05/28/2018
looking to find a carpool ride for 7 miler from boulder or somewhere along the way to dirty 30
Zip: 80026 - 05/28/2018
Need to join other early 50K starters on Sat at Fairgrounds parking lot
Zip: 80303 - 05/28/2018
Anyone still need a ride for Dirty 30 Sunday? I'm doing the 7 mile. Was thinking of leaving Boulder around 7:30. Will stick around for a while after race but not super long.
Denver, Colorado - 05/28/2018
Ride to and from 12 mile race on June 3.
Golden, Colorado - 05/25/2018
Call my cell 9702819883 never done this before so not sure how it works. I can also drive three people if needed! Thanx!
Boulder, Colorado - 05/25/2018
Hi, I'm running the Dirty 30 50k Saturday start ~7:00 and am happy to drive, but also open to being a passenger with others. Right now I'm solo, so need to do one or the other, thanks! Matt
Golden - 05/25/2018
June 3rd for 12 mike race need to get to race by 7am
South Sulawesi, Indonesia - 05/24/2018
8:00am start time
Zip: 80524 - 05/24/2018
running the 50K. Looking to start at either 6 or 7 am. In Fort Collins but can meet wherever


Louisville, Colorado - 05/24/2018
I live in Superior and could meet at my house or any public parking area on the way to the race. I'm doing the 50k on Saturday with a 7am start.
Zip: 80403 - 05/24/2018
12 mile Golden Gate Canyon State Park Race
Loveland, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Would like to carpool. I'm signed up for the 12 mile race on Sunday. Can meet in Loveland, Longmont, Boulder, Denver. Will help with gas
Loveland, Colorado - 05/23/2018
I live in loveland. can meet you anywhere. No car sickness issues
Zip: 80443 - 05/23/2018
Doing Dirty 30 - 12 mile run in Golden on 6/3. Need to have four in a car for access to the limited parking lot. I have one other runner friend so looking for car with stop spots. I'm coming from Silverthorne so trying to coordinate isn't going to be easy. Thanks in advance.
Evergreen, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Need ride (or can drive) for 7 mile coming from Evergreen. Can meet at Floyd hill or any place else convenient..
Zip: 80204 - 05/23/2018
I have room for 2 -3 leaving from Sloan Lake. There is a free parking garage across from the Regatta apartments on Raleigh and Conejos.
Louisville, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Need a ride from Louisville CO - can meet Boulderites on HWY 93 at Marshall Mesa.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Hi! We are looking for one more rider for the 12-miler on Sunday. We are leaving from the Lucky's Market parking lot and plan to meet at 5 a.m.
Denver, Colorado - 05/23/2018
12miler on Sunday

I’m happy to meet at hwy 93 on Sunday between 6-630
Denver, Colorado - 05/23/2018
I need a ride to the Dirty 30 12-miler, please.
Nederland, Colorado - 05/23/2018
We have space for 2 runners for the Golden Gate Dirty 30 race on Sunday, June 3rd.
Denver, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Hi! My name is Steven and I am shooting to begin the race at the 6:00 a.m. for the 50k on 6/2. Shoot me a message if you want to coordinate rides. Thanks!
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 05/23/2018
Driving to the Golden Gate Dirty 30 near Blackhawk on June 2!
Occitanie, France - 05/22/2018
Golden Gate Dirty Thirty
Zip: 80304 - 05/22/2018
Sunday, June 3: 12 mile race for the Dirty 30. Leaving from Boulder.
Golden - 05/22/2018
Sunday 8 am start for 12 miler
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/22/2018
I need a ride from my campground to the race start for the 50k, early AF'in possible. I'll be your best friend!
Zip: 80228 - 05/22/2018
Prefer to catch a ride but can also drive, trying to get the 6am start
Zip: 80401 - 05/22/2018
Needing a ride up the canyon for the 7am 50k start. Could meet at Hwy 93 & 46
Baltic, Ohio - 05/22/2018
Needing a ride up the canyon for the 7am start in Sat.
Evergreen, Colorado - 05/22/2018
We have 2-3 in the car and planning on the 7am start time. Anyone else needing a ride from evergreen let me know! I can fit 8 including myself
Longmont, Colorado - 05/22/2018
Can drive other 6 AM start 50Kers. Meet up at the Niwot Park & Ride or in SW Longmont. -Jen
Zip: 80302 - 05/21/2018
Looking for a ride from Boulder to the 50km race on Saturday. I'll be starting in the 7am or 8am coral.
Superior, Colorado - 05/21/2018
June 3rd 12 miler, can take 3 or get a ride. I'm a somewhat slower runner, it won't be a fast finish! (I couldn't figure out how to delete my other post
Highlands Ranch, Colorado - 05/21/2018
I need a ride to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park on the morning of 6/3 for a trail race!
Zip: 80302 - 05/21/2018
Happy to pick up 1 or 2 other racers
Zip: 80228 - 05/21/2018
Need a lift for 2 people to the race. Hoping to leave from Golden around 6:30.
Evergreen, Colorado - 05/19/2018
Driving from Evergreen on Sunday June 3 for 7 mile race. Have room for 2 or 3. Possibly meet at Floyd hill parking area by I 70.
Washington, United States - 05/19/2018
Looking for people to carpool to the 7 mile run. Can meet you any place from evergreen towards the race.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/17/2018
I am running the Dirty 30 and can drive. Alternately, I could ride in someone's car! I am in North Boulder and am aiming to get there for the 6 am start if at all possible. Thanks! Amy
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/10/2018
I'm camping at Base Camp, 2 miles up (west) Hwy 46 from the visitor's center. I'm looking for a ride for the 6am early start.
Pawhuska, Oklahoma - 05/06/2018
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 05/03/2018
Zip: 80026 - 05/03/2018
Running the 12 miler on Sunday, June 3.

Looking for a ride. Thank you!
Boulder, Colorado - 05/03/2018
need ride to Golden Gate on Sunday June 3 for 7-mile run
Evergreen, Colorado - 05/03/2018
Can also drive. Evergreen area, Can meet on south side or North. I am hoping to start at 7 and take 8 hours or so.

Louisville, Colorado - 04/24/2018