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Dirtybird Campout 2019

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Hayward, California - 10/04/2019
I have a ONSITE parking/camping pass you can have!!! I wrecked my car last night (perfect timing right?) Anyways, I am meeting my friends who arrived on Thursday so I was planning on squeezing into their tent anyways, I was just going to use the pass for convenient parking. So with no use for it any longer I'm more than happy to give it to someone willing to give me a lift.
Napa, California - 10/03/2019
Working Dirty Bird Fest. My friends flaked need a ride tonight !! Can throw in on gas !
East Bay - 10/03/2019
Leaving today in a pick up truck from the east bay. I can pick you up along the way or at a Bart. Will have room for bags and minimal camping gear.
Costa Mesa, California - 10/02/2019
Need a ride early Saturday morning, willing to drive to LA to meet you
San Luis Obispo - 10/02/2019
Leaving Wednesday at around 6:30pm

Can pick up if it’s on the way just text me - 8054235476
Reno - 10/01/2019
Seeking a ride out Saturday and back Sunday!

Doesn't have to be with the same person! Can help with has costs.
Costa Mesa, California - 10/01/2019
Planning to ride up some time Thursday as of now. I can go slightly off route to pick up but not too far out of the way into LA.
San Francisco, California - 09/30/2019
Hey!! A friend of mine has decided to join in on my crazy adventure from Canada! He will be flying in on Thursday to SFO! We can either get him early arrival for Thursday or if it's easier he can grab a hotel for the evening and catch a ride in on the Friday with you or just fly in on the friday!! Thank you!!
Denver - 09/30/2019
Leaving for dbc Wednesday possibly Tuesday and camping a night in Moab. Don’t really want to do the trip alone. Let me know if you’re keen for an adventure to Dirty Bird Campout!
Hidden Hills, California - 09/30/2019
Hello. I will be leaving from the LA area very late Thursday/Early Friday. Please let me know if you need a ride! Really don't want to do this drive alone!
san Jose - 09/29/2019
Working the show. Taking a bus to San Jose from LA. Need a ride from San Jose to Modesto on 10/2 or 10/3 if I can find a ride I will base the day off of them : D just me a duffle and a suitcase with camping gear.
East Bay - 09/27/2019
Leaving early Thursday afternoon from El Cerrito. Can pick up along the way or at a bart station. I am renting a pickup so there will be room for bags and minimal camping gear.
Los Angeles, California - 09/27/2019
Working DBC Oct 2-7, I’m good to arrive all the way up to early Oct 3rd. I have me a duffle and a bag with all my camping gear. I can get to other parts of LA if it makes it easier to get a ride.
Zip: 90805 - 09/23/2019
Taking a rental car from long beach CA to Modesto CA Friday morning if anyone is interested in car pooling
sacramento - 09/19/2019
Hey friends! I have a ride to campout, just in need of a ride back Sunday :) only me with a few bags, and gas money to contribute. Thanks in advance
Zip: 94111 - 09/19/2019
I'm looking for a ride to Campout Thursday evening! I'm off work in Financial District of SF at 4:30pm. Will have no baggage with me (boyfriend driving my gear up earlier that day with rest of our crew) and can meet in SF or at any Bart station if easier! Will help pay gas money of course.
North Vancouver, British Columbia - 09/19/2019
Looking to go to dirtybird from vancouver!

I pack light.
Zip: 90026 - 09/16/2019
I need to get up to the campout on Saturday, Sept. 28th to help with the build. I am leaving from LA and can offer gas money and great vibes. I also need a ride to Santa Cruz on Tuesday, Oct. 8!
Washington, District of Columbia - 07/03/2019
Hi, my bf and I need a ride from the Camp on Sunday night to San Francisco. Let me know if anyone is going that way
Modesto, California - 07/03/2019
Hello! Names robbie, coming all the way from Long Beach CA to Modesto. If I can catch a ride w/ someone from Modesto to the event site that'll be amazing. Got ga$&gras$ on it. Thx u!