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Eaux Claires Music Festival 2015

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Waupun, Wisconsin - 07/15/2015
A friend and I are looking for a ride from any other festival-goers! We're located at Waupun, WI and need to the Eaux Claires festival. We need to leave by the 16th so that we can check in to our campground. We will need a ride back as well and we can assist in paying for gas money. Thanks!
New York, United States - 07/07/2015
My boyfriend and I will be driving from Madison on the 16th and can give a ride to anyone willing to help pay for gas!
New York, United States - 07/04/2015
Looking for a ride to Eau Claire by the 14th! I am volunteering and need to be there early. I can drive and pay for half gas! I'm in the financial district of Manhattan.
Saint Paul, Minnesota - 06/15/2015
I need a ride from the airport to the Eaux Claires music festival... either late Thursday night or early Friday morning.