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Echoes in Time 2023

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Portland, Oregon - 05/29/2023
Hi, this Is Mahma Jaguar, looking to secure a ride for myself and/or my partner and our gear. If you can only take one of us we can work with that. We need rides from downtown and back again. Thank you. Stay hydrated.
Portland, Oregon - 05/27/2023
hi! my name is ziven. i need help with a ride for myself and my stuff from Downtown Portland to Monmouth and a ride for the return journey as well. if you can offer both, great! if you can only offer one way, also appreciated! i welcome a discussion of emotional, communication, spiritual, and material needs and preferences for the the drive.
Monmouth, Oregon - 05/23/2023
I actually just need help transporting my water to the gathering since I’ll be on bicycle. I plan to buy 5 gallons at Roth’s and if someone could meet me there and take it, that would be amazing.
Portland, Oregon - 05/15/2023
Need a ride for one from downtown Portland for my partner. Please and thank you. Stay hydrated.
Portland, Oregon - 05/15/2023
Hi. My partner needs a ride. Does anyone have space for 1 or 2 humans?

Thank you. stay hydrated