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Echoes in Time 2018

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Gresham, Oregon - 07/23/2018
Driving down to echoes tomorrow for the day or possibly overnight
Zip: 97405 - 07/22/2018
One adult plus one child, eight years old.

Trying to spend time with mom before we leave, so looking to leave around 3 PM. We do have back-up plans.

(541) 914-8141
Zip: 97219 - 07/21/2018
Hey y'all, looking for a ride down from the portland area on Sunday. Will contribute gas money :) Thanks!
Portland, Oregon - 07/20/2018
Hi! I'm looking for a ride from Echos to Portland on Thursday morning (or Wednesday night). One person with light gear.
Portland, Oregon - 07/17/2018
I'm flying in Sunday night. Looking for a ride from Portland Sunday late night, or Monday July 23. I'll gladly pay $$ or whatever fair exchange. You can call or text 774 257 8308
Zip: 97218 - 07/15/2018
One young woman seeking a ride from Portland on Sunday afternoon, 7/22. Will be flying into PDX and therefore packing light! Happy to meet you in another part of Portland if that's more convenient
Twisp, Washington - 07/10/2018
One young man seeking ride from Twisp, WA. Sounds simple, the catch - I also need to bring one goat with me. This will be the animal used for my goat butchering class.He's able to ride in the bed of an open pickup, though a camper shell is preferred. I'll clean out the back of your truck and can pitch in gas $.
Seattle, Washington - 07/08/2018
Leaving Seattle, WA on Saturday morning July 21st

(overnight in Portland July 21st)

July 22nd - from Portland, OR to Echoes in Time.

Looking to share gas costs :)