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Echoes in Time - Ancestral Skill Conference 2022

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Eugene, Oregon - 06/18/2022
Cr-V called Majesty
Walton, Oregon - 06/17/2022
I have a Subaru outback with a roof box, offering a ride from Walton, I can stop by the Eugene area
Portland, Oregon - 06/13/2022
I'll have room for 1 or 2 in my van if you don't mind sharing the trip with chatty grade-schoolers! ;) Not exactly sure yet when on Sunday we'll leave but shooting for early afternoon.
Eugene, Oregon - 06/13/2022
I am one person looking for a ride from Eugene and back. (541) 232-0916 cooper. I do string figures
Woodinville, Washington - 06/10/2022
I am coming alone this time and can help drive and pay for gas (no ass or grass sorry) Please reach out if you think you can give me a ride. I hope to go on June 19th and come back on the 25th or soon after.
Portland, Oregon - 06/04/2022
Leaving from around Gresham/Portland to head to echos after Pride! Let me know if you need a ride. I can probably fit 3 people or so.