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EcoFarm Conference 2023

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Pacific Grove, California - 01/20/2023
Hi! I’m Amanda! I’m here at the EcoFarm conference and looking for a ride to SFO on Saturday before 2pm. Please get in touch!
Zip: 95616 - 01/17/2023
I'm offering a Ride, & Needing a Ride, whichever comes first! I'm planning to leave Davis around 1 pm Wednesday, and driving back north around 1 pm on Saturday, but schedule and route is flexible. I'm driving a Volkswagen Jetta, and interested in reducing the ol' C-footprint by carpooling if possible.
Santa Barbara - 01/16/2023
Ride to EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove. Leaving SB 1/19 around noon and driving home Sunday 1/22 flexible.
Ben Lomond, California - 01/16/2023
I have room comfortably for three other travelers.
Sacramento, California - 01/16/2023
Leaving super early Wednesday morning, 5 on the dot. Have an electric car so probably will have to charge about 15 minutes around gilroy. Coming back Saturday morning, might have to make a stop in Palo Alto on the way home.
Pacific Grove, California - 01/14/2023
Hello! I’m seeking a ride on Saturday, 21 Jan from EcoFarm to SFO. Happy to pay for gas (and I’ll wear a mask if you prefer). Thanks!
Zip: 95062 - 01/13/2023
Leaving for the conference Wednesday afternoon
Santa Cruz - 01/11/2023
I would love a ride from the Santa Cruz area to the Conference on Friday the 20th
Camarillo, California - 01/11/2023
Hello! I will be arriving to the Camarillo train station at 10:07 and will need a ride to McGrath family farms. Would anyone be willing to pick me up just 7 minutes down the roAD?
Grants Pass, Oregon - 01/10/2023
Hello. Driving down from Southern Oregon. Taking I-5 down and then eventually I-680. I can pick folks up anywhere along the way. Will be driving my truck which can seat up to 6 people and plenty of room in the back. please feel free to contact me. Phone is best. 530-905-0390. Thanks, Owens
Zip: 93111 - 01/10/2023
Hello! I am seeking a ride from Goleta/Santa Barbara area to the Jan 12 McGrath field day and back.

Los Angeles, California - 01/10/2023
I will be attending the conference from 1/18 to 1/21 and would love to ride up from the LA country area — can contribute to gas of course !
Berkeley, California - 01/08/2023
1 student
Fort Jones, California - 01/06/2023
Hello, not exactly ride related. Just checking to see if anybody wants to share a room at the Butterfly Grove Inn? I got a room with 2 queen beds. I would love to split the cost. Give me a shout if this is of interest to anyone. all the best, Owens


Feel free to ask all sorts of questions about me if that would make you feel more comfortable about sharing a room with someone you dont know.
San Francisco, California - 01/05/2023
Hi! I’m seeking a ride from SF to the conference on 1/18 and back on 1/21. Timing is flexible.

Thanks so much and of course can pitch in gas money!
san Jose - 01/03/2023
Would love to catch a ride from San Jose to Monterey on Sunday, January 15th and back to San Jose on either Saturday, January 21 or Sunday the 22nd. I am happy to contribute to gas.
New Orleans, LA - 12/30/2022
Hello~! I'm flying into SFO from New Orleans for the conference. If ANYONE wants to go in on a rental car, I'm available. Date of arrival: 1/18/2023 @ 9:30 a.m.
Portland, Oregon - 12/30/2022
Heading down for the conference from up north if anyone wants to carpool lmk
Oxnard, California - 12/16/2022
Driving to EcoFarm Wed, 1/18 10am. Returning Sat 1/21 at 12pm.
Oxnard, California - 12/16/2022
Going to McGrath field day on Jan 12th