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EcoFarm Conference 2019

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Berkeley, California - 01/23/2019
I'm driving REALLY early Friday morning (4:45 am departure time) to go to Eco Farm for one day (all I can afford), Friday. I would love to share this ride with anyone either on the way there or back or both!
Berkeley - 01/23/2019
Need ride to EcoFarm around noon or early afternoon on Thurs. I am also open to driving and taking passengers.
Pacific Grove, California - 01/23/2019
Hi, I need a ride to the San Jose airport on Friday evening, so if anyone is going back up to/through San Jose, it'd be great if they could drop me off at the airport, or somewhere nearby. Leaving in the evening would be ideal but I'm flexible if a ride is going up earlier. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Aptos, California - 01/23/2019
San Francisco, California - 01/23/2019
Arriving 8:30 Wednesday and need ride back Saturday mid day
Pacific Grove, California - 01/22/2019
I'm looking for a ride back to North Oakland or any BART station in the Bay Area on Thursday evening.

I previously posted that I was looking for a ride on Friday, but I can't figure out how to edit that request, so if anyone knows how to do that, please ping me. Thanks!
Emeryville, California - 01/22/2019
I need to arrive on Wednesday before 6pm for doing my livestreaming work-trade! :)
Pacific Grove, California - 01/21/2019
need a ride back to North Oakland or to a BART station anywhere in the Bay Area on Friday - preferably during the day, but a bit flexible on timing.
Zip: 95616 - 01/21/2019
I am leaving early Wednesday morning (5 am) from Davis area and heading back on Saturday. I have space open both ways.
Zip: 94611 - 01/21/2019
Looking for a ride on Wednesday to the conference from the East Bay
Zip: 94705 - 01/19/2019
Leaving early Tuesday morning from East Bay (Berkeley) to attend Soil Restoration preconference event at Paicines Ranch. May not be staying for the wine-tasting, and I am not attending other conference events.
California, United States - 01/18/2019
I am looking for a ride from Marin to the conference on Wednesday and back on Saturday.
Santa Barbara - 01/18/2019
Hi Everyone! I am looking for a ride from Santa Barbara up to the conference on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I would also love to find one coming back on Saturday. Please let me know if this might be possible for you. Thanks!
Zip: 95472 - 01/16/2019
I will be traveling from Hessel Area in Sebastopol, CA on Tuesday January 22 at about 5am to go to Paicines Ranch and will be returning at the end of the day. I assume arriving home at or before 10pm.

I could have someone meet me at our farm on Blank or Volkerts road or at the rideshare in Cotati near the 101 and 116.
Seattle, Washington - 01/07/2019

I'm looking for a ride from the Seattle area down to the conference. If anybody is driving from the Pacific NW and could give me a ride, please let me know! I would be willing to travel a bit to meet up with you if Seattle is out of your way.
Monterey, California - 12/17/2018
Hi everyone. I have a couple logistics to work out...

1) Monterey to Paicines Ranch on Monday 21 or early Tuesday 22 to attend the pre-conference event.

2) Paicines to Asilomar Tuesday afternoon.

3) From San Francisco to Monterey on the 21st and Monterey to San Francisco on the 26th.

Any help is appreciated.