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Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas) 2015

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Zip: 89109 - 06/19/2015
2 fun chicks looking for a lift to & from the strip to edc Saturday & sunday will chip in for gas.
Citrus Heights, California - 05/30/2015
Hey everybody ! My friend and I have room for two on our way to edc las vegas :)

. We will be leaving from the sacramento area early thursday June 19th and returning on monday. We're just asking for you to pitch in for some gas and to please bring some good vibes !! Get in touch with us and we can workout the details :)
Peoria, Illinois - 03/10/2015
Hey plur family! Looking for a ride to EDC Las Vegas. I live about 3 hours from Chicago. I also might need people to share a hotel room with. Of course I'm down to share cost. Im a girl and 20 years old.This is my first year attending and I'm super stoked! Much love.
Frisco, Texas - 03/03/2015
Riding to EDCLV june 17th to june 22nd!! have 1 spot left!