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Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas) 2016

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San Francisco, California - 05/04/2019
I’m driving to Las Vegas Thursday, 16 around 10 pm to try to make at 5 am on Friday . I’m lookinf for someone that help me drive the 8 hours.
Rancho Cucamonga, California - 01/12/2018
Need a ride to edc 2018. one person. German (28/Male). Funny guy.

No one wanna go with me to edc, now I go alone.
San Jose, CA - 06/12/2017
Going to Las Vegas Nevada.
San Rafael, California - 05/30/2017
Hey guys! I'm going to EDC this year and I'm desperate for a ride there. I'll help pay for gas! I can also meet you elsewhere for pickup. Please please help me live out my dream!
Zip: 97266 - 05/22/2017
Looking for a carpool to go to EDC Las Vegas from Portland OR. My first time, looking for some chill people to go with.
Colton, California - 05/14/2017
I'm flying out to California (male) and leaving Friday with two female friends. We have the car just need a driver.
Anaheim, California - 06/17/2016
Hey. Live in anaheim would love a ride to vegas sometime saturday
Zip: 89119 - 06/17/2016
I have a small car. 4 door Hyundai accent 4 door clean, ac, tinted windows. Im chill. Just one or two passengers. Slow and steady wins the race. 34$ each way. Clean record...
Las Vegas, Nevada - 06/17/2016
How much is it? what time are you leaving?
Covina, California - 06/17/2016
Hello I'm on my way to edc and haa some seats opened and wanted to know if anyone wants to join the ride I'm leaving tonight! !!! Ride fee is 60
Cypress, California - 06/16/2016
In oc need a ride to vegas tonight or early tomorrow morning for edc have gas money only need a ride up I have a ride back
Zip: 94112 - 06/15/2016
Hey everyone,

I'm headed to a Edc and looking for a ride because im so last minute. I wantes to be there by friday in the afteenoon. So if we can leave at the latest friday morning.
Zip: 92833 - 06/15/2016
I live in Fullerton, but I am willing to get a ride to you if you're within 1 hour radius in cali. I need a ride to EDC VEGAS, preferrably leaving Friday around noon or Thursday night after 8pm. I will throw down cash for gas and also if you have room available, I am interested in pitching in for a place to sleep. I am a very chill person, trust worthy. its my first EDC> please help me out!!! thanks!!!
Los Angeles, California - 06/14/2016
My girlfriend and I are heading to EDC 6/16 Thursday at 11:00pm and coming back at 12:30pm 6/20 Monday (but we can arrange something). We have 3 seats available, all we ask is to pitch in for gas and that's it.
Zip: 92673 - 06/13/2016
I have 4 seats in my car leaving Friday afternoon
Zip: 90019 - 06/13/2016
Anyone need a ride to vegas? I am leaving from LA around 2pm friday 6/17/16
Azusa, California - 06/13/2016
Looking for a ride to edc from Azusa CA.
Los Angeles - 05/01/2016
Me and my friend are looking for a way to get to etc, I got hit and totaled my car and i can't really afford to rent one...
Las Vegas, Nevada - 03/21/2016
80 seats on a privately owned bus. Party lighting inside with sound system. Must sign liability waiver to ride with us to the event. Gas compensation a must.