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Firefly Arts Collective 2022

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Zip: 02144 - 07/01/2022
Arrival Time: Friday after 6PM
Hey, hoping to catch a ride Friday evening or Saturday to catch the tail end of Firefly.

Ethan here.

Happy to contribute road snacks and to gas, etc - of course.

If you’ve got space I’d love to meet and ride with you :)
New York, United States - 06/29/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
3rd time at Firefly- coming from New York- trying to find a ride anytime - will happily help with gas and anything you might need
Zip: 02021 - 06/29/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday after 6PM
Heading straight from work in Canton on Thu late afternoon / evening. Can nab anyone from MBTA Canton Junction / University Station, then go around Boston during rush hour, but also could go through Boston if that nets us more pickups and a fuller car : j
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 06/28/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday after 6PM
Hi. My name's Connor and this'll be my first Firefly. I actually only need a ride home on Monday.

I'm not expecting to have much stuff, probably just a couple bags. I live in Cambridge, but would be okay with getting dropped off at any commuter rail stop if Cambridge is too far out of your way.
Middlebury, Vermont - 06/28/2022
Arrival Time: Saturday
Ride for one
New York, United States - 06/27/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday after 6PM
Small feista ST. Can fit only one more person max. Will be me and my roommate (two guys) we are both first timers!
Byram Township, New Jersey - 06/26/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday after 5PM
Hi! My partner and I are driving to firefly in my family’s van, so we have some extra space for others and their stuff. We are planning to depart firefly no later than noon during regular exodus time, so you’d be welcome to ride back with us as well.
Zip: 02465 - 06/26/2022
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Wednesday before noon
Hi my name is Malik and I'm looking for a ride up to firefly please give me hope because I just had a loss in my life and I need this trip to morn thank you
Quincy, Massachusetts - 06/26/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday before 10AM
Hi! It's my *first" Firefly and I'm super excited to be a part of this experience! I'll have minimal stuff, contribute gas, and yummy snacks. ~Maya
Zip: 02145 - 06/26/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Hi this is Paul!

Need room for one person. A bag of camping gear and some fire spinning gear
Amherst, Massachusetts - 06/25/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
I have a small car. I can take one person with a modest load, I think. Any questions send me an email. I will leave Amherst, MA around 9 am and drive north on I 91 and I 89.
Somerville, Massachusetts - 06/24/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
Hi, I'm Ari. I hope to go up from Somerville (or nearby) Wednesday morning and come back Monday. I can take a lyft to/from your place as needed. I'd like to make a grocery stop right before we get to Firefly. I plan to bring my massage table and would gladly give you a massage (on top of any expenses like gas & additional car usage money)
Zip: 02145 - 06/23/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Hey, Felix here, looking to go up anytime Friday and come down on Monday. Will happily provide snacks, money for gas ,and entertaining conversation. I don't have that much stuff, a backpack, bag of food, my tent (small), and water for the weekend.
Newton, Massachusetts - 06/21/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
My name is Malik it's going to be my first burn and I'm so excited for it. My friend who I was going with died on Friday so I'm just looking for a ride from kind hearted spirits and I'm going because it's what she wanted me to do even if she didn't go so I'm just hoping people will understand I'm kind hearted and friendly and very shy
Brattleboro, Vermont - 06/20/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday after 5PM
I will be leaving Brattleboro around 4:00 or 4:30. I can pick someone up anywhere along the way. I will have room for one individual and a couple of bags, but my car will be relatively full with supplies for my camp.
boston - 06/20/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
8th firefly ..need a ride anytime on Wednesday...I can help with gas! Flying in from NC...won't have a lot of stuff...a suitcase and a bag. planning ahead...thanks in advance!

Cambridge, England - 06/19/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
Will be flying into Boston from NC day before...don't have much stuff .will help pay for gas... I very happy n 8th firefly!
Boston, Massachusetts - 06/19/2022
Arrival Time: Friday before 10AM
Hi everyone :) my name's Niko and I just moved from Colorado out to Boston! This will be my first Firefly; been to 5 regionals and one big. Fingers crossed I can make it so I can meet some new friends out here!! I've got a ticket and a backpack to bring.. willing to help out in anyway possible with meeting location & time. I can even get you out sailing free in the harbor on Tall Ships if you'd like!! Thank you all
Saugerties, New York - 06/17/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Hi I’m Kristi (SolFire), I’m driving up from Saugerties in Hudson Valley NY early Friday morning and leaving Sunday night after 6. I pass thru Albany and Rutland if that helps. I have a RAV4 w room for 1-2 people w gear.
Zip: 10002 - 06/16/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday after 6PM

Going on my SUV from Lower East Side 10002

likely Going Thursday after 5pm (not certain due to work)

I'm Andrei Gear msg me there
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 06/16/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Second FF Happy to cover gas for the car and any food for you we pick up along the way. My Husband will be taking most the camping gear up for early arrival so I'll be packing light.
Watertown, Massachusetts - 06/15/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
Hi I'm Zieve/Nate, 5th time Firefly, vaxxed and boosted, happy to help with gas! Former FUCCer, now with a new camp, Camp Campy Camp (known as Taco Tuesday at Nectr). I'll have a big backpack, and if you've got space also a bin or bag or two of stuff for my projects, but I have friends who can bring that up later if space is tight.
Burlington, VT - 06/14/2022
Arrival Time: Saturday
2 friendly first timers driving from Burlington, VT to FF Saturday am. Both vaxxed and boosted. We have room for 2 people!
New York, United States - 06/13/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
I am Xavier Jackson, a chill teacher and game player.
Burlington, Vermont - 06/12/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Hey, I’m Wolfdncr, (Tessa) I am driving from Burlington by 10 am Friday morning. I can hold 1 passenger with a fair amount of gear, or 2 with shared gear. Honda Element.
Newbury, Massachusetts - 06/12/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Leaving from the north shore MA Friday morning, I can pick you up anywhere in Merrimack Valley/southern New Hampshire etc. that’s kinda mostly along the route. I have a pretty small car so I think I can only offer a ride to one person since we will both have gear

Massachusetts, United States - 06/11/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
We have a tour bus leaving Whitinsville on Wednesday morning with plenty of extra seats and cargo space. We return Monday after the post-event LNT shift.
Boston, Massachusetts - 06/10/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 2PM - 6PM
Pick up anywhere on the T. My wish is to go up afternoon Friday and back on Monday. But happy to take a ride in either direction and figure out the rest. Haven't got too much gear and am an excellent conversationalist for long drives. :)
boston - 06/09/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday after 6PM
I can leave Boston-ish (live in the North End but will meet you anywhere) after work on Thursday or anytime on Friday. I believe I have made arrangements for my larger items tent etc. to travel separately so would be just me and a backpack and a cooler
Philadelphia - 06/08/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
Looking for a ride for two people plus gear.
Blackstone, Massachusetts - 06/06/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday 2PM - 6PM
I am driving in solo. Will have space for up to two people and have a roof top storage bag if needed. I also have a bike rack if you have one. The car is almost paid off so let's celebrate!
Concord, New Hampshire - 06/01/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
Female, therapist, 43 y/o, my 14th firefly. driving a Hyundai Elantra, so not as much space as a truck or van.
Boston, Massachusetts - 06/01/2022
Arrival Time: Sunday
I need a ride FROM Firefly TO Boston at the end of the event, anytime Sunday July 3.

Let me know if you are leaving a bit early to go back to work or something, Thanks so much. I can pay for gas and whatever else makes it groovy for you.
Zip: 02144 - 05/31/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday before 10AM
Hey, first time FF, looking for a ride. I have a car, but I'd rather not drive up alone and I don't know if my car is big enough for gear for two people.
Zip: 02144 - 05/31/2022
Arrival Time: Thursday 10AM - 2PM
Hey, first time FF, looking for a ride. I have a car, but I'd rather not drive up alone and I don't know if my car is big enough for gear for two people. I'd be open to earlier in the morning, as well.
Zip: 02144 - 05/31/2022
Arrival Time: Friday 10AM - 2PM
Third time firefly, fourth overall regional burn. Able to leave Friday morning, might be able to come to you, but live in Porter/Davis Squares in Somerville.
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 05/30/2022
Arrival Time: Wednesday Noon to 5PM
I'm Kathy, I camp with The Universe, this will be my 3rd Firefly!