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Firefly Arts Collective 2019

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boston - 05/18/2019
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Monday or Before
Hello, my name is Elle. Me and my husband are looking for a ride up and camp with Bring a Cup. We have 2 dufflebags and 2 backpacks. We are pretty flexible on anywhere in boston to get picked up. Thank you's to the train systems. We love meeting new people, and can help with gas and tolls. Being from Hawaii we will bring much Aloha to you.
Union, Maine - 05/12/2019
Arrival Time: Tuesday Noon to 5PM
Hey, I will have room for one person and about 3sq feet of stuff or two people and very little stuff from Mid Coast Maine. I am currently planning to leave on Tuesday, but things might change.
Montreal - 05/09/2019
Arrival Time: Tuesday Noon to 5PM
I have a nice smallish car which I plan to drive to Firefly from Montreal. If there are enough of us, we could pool our resources together and get a bigger vehicle and I could drive that too.
Hamilton, Ontario - 05/09/2019
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Monday or Before
I have a van so I am looking for 3 more people to carpool with. I plan on helping with DPW so I plan on arriving early. I'm willing to drive to Toronto pick people up. Also, I'm willing to pick someone up on my route. As long as its not too out of my way. All i ask is we evenly sare the gas cost going there. There's lots of room in my van for gear. Also theres a DVD player in the back. Just in case your board while im driving.

You can reach my @ 647-771-7177

Or Email @
New York City - 05/07/2019
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Tuesday
Good day my fellow burners, this is an update from my last post on 5/1/19. I'm willing to arrive anytime on Tuesday though I prefer to arrive as early as possible. My name is Isaac, I'm willing to help pay my fair share in all incurred expenses, and I will be as quiet or as engaged in conversation as you would like. Despite my tall stature, I have no trouble fitting into tight spaces.
Manchester, New Hampshire - 05/06/2019
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Tuesday
driving a crossover/suv/minvan.. dont know what to call the damned thing.I have the whole week free, so time is open. leave sometime over the weekend.. again open.
Cambridge, Massachusetts - 05/03/2019
Arrival Time: Tuesday Noon to 5PM
Second time at Firefly. I am bringing a tent, a suitcase, and water. Clean and quiet, but not annoyingly so. Let's be adventure friends!
Montreal - 05/02/2019
Arrival Time: Early Arrival - Monday or Before
I am part of the Firefry Midnight Poutine camp and may be looking for a ride to Vermont.

Live in St-Henri so pick up from metro station great.
New York, United States - 05/01/2019
Arrival Time: Tuesday Noon to 5PM
Good day my fellow burner familia! My name is Isaac, I'm 34, Hispanic Male, friendly, new to burner culture but fully engaged, fun, tall, I love hugs :), willing to pay for gas, tolls, and any expenses, and I would love to meet you!