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Golden Gate Dirty 30 2019

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Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/31/2019
Need a ride for the Dirty Thirty 50k!
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/31/2019
Hi, procrastinator here looking to hop into someone's car tomorrow morning for a ride to the start. Meeting at the shuttle lot would be great if possible, but I can do whatever works.
Englewood, Colorado - 05/30/2019
Back of the packers leaving from Dry Creek and Quebec for the 6 am early start. We can take 2 more people in our car.
Zip: 80401 - 05/29/2019
Taking my husband to 0600 start and can take a couple of people. Leaving from golden, near heritage ridge but could pick you up at the parking lot if 93 and 46
Hwy 93 and hwy 46 - 05/29/2019
Ride up to golden gate canyon for 0600 start of the 50k dirty 30 trail race
Zip: 80304 - 05/29/2019
I am running the 12M and am willing to drive folks up or ride with some folks.
Golden, CO - 05/29/2019
Hoping for a ride from golden to start or shuttle for 7am start
Zip: 80401 - 05/29/2019
I'm court marshal and don't need to be at my post until 10. I can drive three 12 mile runners up and drop off close starting line. Will leave Golden (near Rock Rest) at 7am.

I can drive you back to Golden, but i will not be leaving the course until it is swept, which is around 4:30
Nederland, Colorado - 05/29/2019
I am not local and have never been out to Colorado. I am doing the 7am start time. I feel like I can drive myself or can offer a ride but I don't want to be a butthole and show up to shuttle parking by myself.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/28/2019
6am starter for 50K; Not planning to stay very long after finishing (or all in my car finish) as I have commitments that night.
Boulder, CO - 05/28/2019
hoping for a ride to early start for 50k -- I can also drive if needed (I am from out of town)
Golden, Colorado - 05/27/2019
Can take up to 2 more runners to 6am start. Leaving Golden at 4:45
Zip: 80007 - 05/27/2019
Need a ride to shuttle of Dirty 30...carpool
Denver, Colorado - 05/25/2019
Denver runner aiming for the 6am start. I have no other runners in my car yet, and am happy to ferry some others from the shuttle/camp site to the start
Golden, CO - 05/25/2019
Back of the packer from the lowlands needs ride from Golden to Dirty Thirty for earliest start time.
Golden - 05/24/2019
From Texas. Need ride to 6:00a.m. start of the Dirty 30 event. Thanks, Michael
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/24/2019
I’m looking for a ride from base camp to make the 6am start time for dirty thirty 50k!
erie, co - 05/23/2019
Running the 50k and hoping for the 6 or 7am start time
Denver, Colorado - 05/22/2019
I am running the 12 mile course and would love to carpool with someone!
Zip: 80304 - 05/21/2019
Hi! I'm in North Boulder and am looking for a ride for the 6am start for the 50K. Happy to pitch in for gas, etc!
Louisville, Colorado - 05/20/2019
Leaving from the Superior area for the 0700 start (leaving around 0500) for 50k and hanging out afterwards for a while.
Boulder, Colorado - 05/20/2019
Hoping to do the 8:00 start for the 50K
Zip: 80218 - 05/19/2019
Would really appreciate a ride for the early start, but any ride would be great. Near Cheesman. Thank you.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 05/17/2019
I am camping at the base camp campground but want to start at 6 before the shuttle runs. Anyone else?
littleton, co - 05/17/2019
Doing the 12 miler, open to driving or riding if anyone else is interested!
Zip: 80026 - 05/16/2019
Anyone going to the race in the lafayette, louisville area and need to carpool? I am just doing the 12miler
Zip: 80466 - 05/16/2019
I am leaving from Nederland at 4:30A for 6AM start - we have 2 runners already and can accommodate 2 more.
Centennial, Colorado - 05/16/2019
Willing to meet up anywhere in the south or west of Denver for a ride. Back of the pack 50k runner.
Littleton, Colorado - 05/16/2019
Hi, I'm doing the early start and hoping for a ride. I can drive if necessary. I can take two more.
Zip: 80401 - 05/05/2019
SISU Lowlander coming in from out of town and looking for a ride to the 6am start. Staying with a friend fairly close to the finish, but will not have my own transit. Will gladly contribute to the fuel costs or will Rideshare to an appropriate location!
Zip: 80401 - 05/04/2019
Aspiring sisu lowlander visiting from the east coast in search of ride.

I'd ideally like to start at 6am, but can potentially work with 7am start. Won't have transportation, but could meet up locally and would be happy to contribute to fuel costs.
Zip: 80401 - 04/30/2019
We have a Suburban and are starting in the 7:00 A.M. slot, we are planning on leaving the Golden area around 5:15 A.M. or so. We can take a group or a couple. We live by the Colorado Mills Mall so we can meet up there or somewhere along highway 93 in Golden.
Black Hawk, Colorado - 04/30/2019
I will have a van going to shuttle pickup before 5:30. Possibly dropped off at starting line?? Unless there's enough of us to get direct access to starting line parking. Or I will happily ride if it's available and leave the van for friends.
Golden - 04/18/2019
This is my first ultra so I'm wanting to start at 6:00. I can either drive a group in my car or I can ride. Whatever people prefer.