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Joshua Tree Music Festival Fall 2023

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Redondo Beach, California - 10/08/2023
I’ll be leaving around 11 am from Redondo Beach on Sunday, and will drive back around 11 am on Monday. I have 1 or 2 seats available.
California, United States - 10/04/2023
Headed to Santa Rosa from JTMF Sunday, Oct 8 at 6 a.m departure. Room for 1 and mimimal gear.
Los Angeles - 10/04/2023
I’ve got one spare weekend ticket + vehicle pass for $250.

I can also offer a ride to two people leaving Friday morning
palm springs - 10/04/2023
Hi, I would like a ride please on Wednesday or Thursday for the festival.
San Francisco, California - 10/04/2023
JTMF leaving Friday
Palm Springs, California - 10/02/2023
Im part of veggie camp at joshua tree music festival ..will put in some money for ride from palm springs north to joshua tree music festival best
LA - 09/30/2023
I'll be driving through LA Thursday afternoon about noon.

I can pick you up on my way through if you're not too far off my path.

I'm driving a Prius V, so there should be room for three or four people depending on baggage.

No stress, no drama, good stereo, good music and I like to hear different music I'm not familiar with so I'd love to check what you like.
Santa Barbara - 09/30/2023
I'm leaving Santa Barbara Thursday fairly early, probably through LA around noon and I can fit three or maybe four people.

I have a Prius V which is pretty large, and there will be room for luggage besides mine.

This is the third year I've given people rides to the festival and given some of them rides back.

No stress, no drama, good stereo, good music and if you've got something new to me I'd like to hear it.

Namasté, Richard
San Diego, California - 09/29/2023
I want get a ride to joshua tree music festival, meet another fun spirit and give you 23.oo each way or one way to put towards gas. I should just concentrate on gettong ride from downtown San Diego to Joshua Tree Fest.
Joshua Tree, California - 09/29/2023
Looking to head out to the JTMF next Thursday afternoon. Would love a ride! :)
San Diego, California - 09/28/2023
I have a ticket to Joshua Tree music fest but i need ride there to Joshua Tree from San Diego

After festival need to go to Los Angeles
Seattle, Washington - 09/25/2023
Looking to car pool from washington. Down to share gas money :-)
Zip: 94610 - 09/07/2023
Space for 1-2 folks. Leaving Oakland Thursday morning and driving back on Monday morning.
Twentynine Palms, California - 08/14/2023
Looking for a ride for two from 29 palms. To and from festival Saturday .
Zip: 94114 - 08/14/2023
Going to JTMF