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Joshua Tree Music Festival Fall 2023

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San Diego, California - 09/29/2023
I want get a ride to joshua tree music festival, meet another fun spirit and give you 23.oo each way or one way to put towards gas. I should just concentrate on gettong ride from downtown San Diego to Joshua Tree Fest.
Joshua Tree, California - 09/29/2023
Looking to head out to the JTMF next Thursday afternoon. Would love a ride! :)
San Diego, California - 09/28/2023
I have a ticket to Joshua Tree music fest but i need ride there to Joshua Tree from San Diego

After festival need to go to Los Angeles
Seattle, Washington - 09/25/2023
Looking to car pool from washington. Down to share gas money :-)
Zip: 94610 - 09/07/2023
Space for 1-2 folks. Leaving Oakland Thursday morning and driving back on Monday morning.
Twentynine Palms, California - 08/14/2023
Looking for a ride for two from 29 palms. To and from festival Saturday .
Zip: 94114 - 08/14/2023
Going to JTMF