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Kinnection Campout 2015

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Old Fort, North Carolina - 05/14/2015
Hi I'm heading to Kinnection tonight or tomorrow morning (Thursday night or Friday morning) from Old Fort, NC. I can bring 1-2 people & small to moderate amounts of gear with me. Need a ride? Want to help me out with gas money? Let's do this! :)
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/14/2015
Hey all looking for a ride back from the festival to Delaware/philly/Maryland area I have gas money I appreciate it much love 3026505324 thx
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/13/2015
Need ride at anytime after 7am 8135455477
Hendersonville, North Carolina - 05/13/2015
Driving a small pickup, hoping to arrive around 1:00 PM Thursday. I can easily swing by the Asheville Airport, or other nearby place. Timing is flexible on my end.
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/13/2015
Oops, forgot too ad my info... Needing a ride from Asheville to the Festival grounds.

Scott Love


Asheville, NC - 05/13/2015
Hi there fam,

I am looking for a ride from Asheville to the kinnetion property anytime Thursday.

Please let me know if you have room. Don't have much. Maybe a ten, sleeping bag and clothes.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - 05/13/2015
I am leaving Myrtle Beach Thursday morning and heading back Monday morning. I have plenty of room if anyone needs a ride.
Charleston, South Carolina - 05/12/2015
Leaving Friday around noon or 1. Return is up in the air depending on how things go, but might be Sunday evening, Sunday after closing ceremony at 1am, or Monday morning. Trying to be back for work Monday morning but we will see :))) Would love company for the ride. Got room for at least 2.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina - 05/12/2015
Leaving Thursday after work (5pm ish) and returning some time Sunday afternoon.
Zip: 28801 - 05/12/2015
Signal Mountain, Tennessee - 05/12/2015
I'm leaving at 3:00 a.m. on the 14th. My Pontiac Aztek will have room for two more passengers, and probably some cargo space.
Charlotte, North Carolina - 05/12/2015
Ian needs a ride to Asheville from the airport Wednesday at 7PM. Will give generous gas money and be an enjoyable passenger :-)
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/12/2015
I will be arriving at the ATL airport around 9pm may 13th and am looking for a ride to the event site. Hoping to find a flow, please let me know. Thank you!!
Raleigh, North Carolina - 05/11/2015
Hello i need a ride from Raleigh NC.

I can provide gas money and good company.
Delaware, United States - 05/11/2015
i need a ride back from asheville to delaware, The ride there is covered, ill have gas money,trying tot get my ducks in a row thx an love
Decatur, Georgia - 05/10/2015
Hi loved ones. Needing a ride up to Kinnection from Atlanta on Monday or early Tuesday morning for build crew. I have gas money. Many blessings and see you there. Let's heal this land.
Indiana, United States - 05/10/2015
May be in need of a ride back home from NC to Indiana. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated! Can help out with gas and have smiles for miles!
Zip: 80303 - 05/10/2015
on may 20th i am leaving asheville and driving to boulder colorado and plan to break up the drive, camping along the way. come along!
Zip: 22903 - 05/10/2015
on monday may 11th i am driving from charlottesville,va area to to asheville, nc.
Sandy Springs, Georgia - 05/09/2015
Looking for a ride from anywhere in the Atlanta area up to Asheville/Deerfields on Mon, Tue, or Wed. Have fun stories and gas money to share!

Bless up!!
Winchester, Virginia - 05/09/2015
Hello! I am driving down to Kinnection on Wednesday and leaving Sunday or Monday (likely Monday). I am leaving from Northern Virginia area and taking I-81S all the way down. If you are in Winchester, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Roanoke, than i could easily scoop you up. If you are close to any of those places or somewhere near I-81 in NC then let me know and I could potentially help you out!


Boone, North Carolina - 05/08/2015
Offering a ride from Boone, NC .. I have several spots available. Leaving midday Friday and coming back Sunday eve!
Richmond, Virginia - 05/07/2015
Two lil ladies looking for a ride to Kinnection! Also looking for a ride back Sunday and Monday :-) Thanks Loves!
Zip: 15143 - 05/01/2015
Need a ride and back from the Pittsburgh area. Will cover half the cost of your ticket and part of gas.
Florida, United States - 04/10/2015
Hey all! I'm hoping to find someone who wants to get a carpool together or has an extra spot in their car! I have gas money and good vibes ~~~~
Zip: 30327 - 04/09/2015
Just need a ride to there on Thursday from the Atlanta area. Bf can't come till Friday and he has the parking pass and everything. Will split gas! Great company and lots of laughs
Zip: 29577 - 04/02/2015
hello! Need a ride too and back from Myrtle Beach to Kinection for my friend and I, we will of course help with gas and expenses. Hope somebody out there can help!
Champaign, Illinois - 03/26/2015
Hi! I don't know anyone going YET from my area but I want to put feelers out there, and see if I could coordinate a rideshare from central IL... all my favorite music, got an SUV, lots of conversation to share and WILL HAVE LOTS OF SNACKS. Female, will ask for gas $. Hit me up if you might want to get in touch.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 03/06/2015
Need a ride to kinnection camp out in Asheville nc, I'll provide good company gas money and greens!
Jacksonville, North Carolina - 02/16/2015
need a ride from Jacksonville, NC to Kinnection Campout! Have money for gas :)