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Kinnection Campout 2016

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Nashville, Tennessee - 05/19/2016
Zip: 28403 - 05/19/2016
Just me in the Chevy Cobalt would appreciate just a little bit of company :D
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/19/2016
Hola Kinnection tribe!

Wondering if there is anyone driving from Atlanta today with extra seats?

My love and I are finding our way to the weekend with all of you beautiful people.

Happy to contribute towards gas to make it there :)

Much Love
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/18/2016
I will have room for at least 1 person. Leaving from Asheville Thursday afternoon.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - 05/18/2016
Howdy! I'm hoping for a ride from Myrtle Bach home to kinnection, just a lady with a book bag and a tent. Visioning us all there grooving to the music and flowing with love, prayers we all get there.
Asheville, North Carolina - 05/18/2016
Greetings! I am a volunteer looking for a ride out from Asheville tomorrow (Thursday) morning before 9:30am. Thank you & blessings ~ Samantha 408-529-0289
Champaign, Illinois - 05/17/2016
Leaving from Champaign IL and going thru Indy, Cincy, Kentucky.... Plan to leave Wed PM and get there Thursday PM. Just me and have room!
Virginia Beach, Virginia - 05/17/2016
Looking for a lift have camping gear if need be can pack light mucho good vibes ... Love to dab
Birmingham, Alabama - 05/17/2016
looking to get to kinnection by wed night thursday morning...

I am a voulinteer/Live painter
Horse Shoe, North Carolina - 05/17/2016
Looking for a ride back from kinnection to DC. Just have one pack and one ukulele. let me know if you can hook me up!
Charleston, South Carolina - 05/17/2016
looking for a ride from charleston sc to kinnection campout. 1 girl, 1 backback, 1lil ukulele. let me know if you can help me out!!
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/17/2016
Need Rider or can offer a ride. May partner cannot go as planned and do not want to drive alone. Coming from ATlanta -- Sheri 404 550 6808
Atlanta, Georgia - 05/17/2016
Asheville, NC - 05/16/2016
I need to get a ride from Asheville to Kinnection by 840am on Tuesday 5/17.
Fletcher, North Carolina - 05/16/2016
I will be flying in with just my 65L backpack on Thursday at 1:30pm. I am looking for a ride to pick up snacks at a local grocery store then head to the event.

I can provide gas money, laughs, friendship, and magic.

Please let me know if you think I fit in your travel plans :-)

Annandale, Virginia - 05/16/2016
Hey guys, I'm looking for a ride back home after the festival on Sunday or Monday. I live just outside of the DC area but even up to Richmond would be fine. Please let me know if anyone can help, I can offer gas money hugs and lots of smiles
Asheville, NC - 05/16/2016
Heading to Kinnection Friday morning from Asheville. Have room for one or two people, depending on how much stuff we have.
Annandale, Virginia - 05/16/2016
Hey everyone! Im in search of a ride from near the DC area. Ill help out any way I can: )
Richfield, Ohio - 05/15/2016
I am in need of a ride BACK from Kinnection Campout. My last volunteer shift is on Sunday from 7:30pm-12:30am. I would really like to make it back some time on Monday.

I am willing to get dropped off anywhere remotely close to Northeast Ohio including Columbus, Athens, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh. Help a sista out! I've got all of my love to give.
Orlando, Florida - 05/14/2016
Hello! Im looking for a ride to kinnection campout, if anyone is passing through orlando it would really help me out :) have plenty of love and gas money
Nashville, Tennessee - 05/14/2016
need a ride from denver or boulder to asheville, will pay for gas! will pay for food! great company to be around :-) love and blessings- Alexis
New Orleans, Louisiana - 05/13/2016
Seeking ride for two radicals! Ash, cash, and sass no buddy rides for free.....! Ashley and Augie much love 9857051511
Norcross, Georgia - 05/12/2016
Leaving Thursday around noon from Atlanta. Have room for one or two more.
Charlotte, North Carolina - 05/12/2016
leaving 3pm Friday, back Sunday afternoon
DC - 05/12/2016
Have room for 2
Kansas City, Missouri - 05/11/2016
I'm looking for company in my little Honda civic. Not a big car, so you can't have a ton of stuff, just the basics. Thinking on leaving Wednesday late afternoon and coming back Sunday, couch surfing someplace in between.
Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal - 05/11/2016
One person coming from DC. Can get dropped off at an easy place near a high way exit if you're coming through
Wilmington, Delaware - 05/11/2016
hello looking for a ride I can spit costs and drive some of the way let me know thank you love and wholeness

Miami, Florida - 05/10/2016
it's my birthday the 20th :) tryna make it out to really let go of anything my mind is creating which holds me back, and find some friendship/family. 1 girl 1 bag.
Miami, Florida - 05/10/2016
Austin, Texas - 05/09/2016
Small Texas elf seeks ride from Ashville airport around 1:30pm Thursday May 19th, to grab some snacks then head to the camp grounds. Will provide gas money, magic, laughs, and friendship.
Greer, South Carolina - 05/09/2016
2 seats available driving from Greenville Airport to Kinnection Campout, leaving around 12 noon
Charlotte, North Carolina - 05/06/2016
Need a ride from the CLT airport Thursday late afternoon . Flight gets in at 4! Happy to help with gas :) help me!! :)

~Johnna Love
Lexington, North Carolina - 05/05/2016
I am looking to ride share to the kinnection kampout outside of Asheville May 19. I am a light traveler and willing to contribute on gas. Feel free to email me. Thank you!!!
Decatur, Georgia - 05/05/2016
I could use a ride from anywhere in Atlanta to Kinnection, I'm willing to help pay for gas and I can take an Uber to meet you in town if need be. I live in Decatur. It's just me, a tent, a backpack, and a duffel bag! I can contribute a canopy to the campsite as well if there is room. Please get in touch!
Decatur, Georgia - 05/04/2016
Who's driving up to KINNECTION CAMPOUT near Asheville, NC from ATLANTA on THURS MAY 19? Got room for me? I'm traveling light & happy to help with gas. Feel free to call or text me, too. 404-281-6419. No rush on the return trip...can return Sun or Mon, May 21 or 22, whatever works for you. THANKS!
Wilmington, Delaware - 04/26/2016
Leaving Philly area with room for 1 or 2 people
Zip: 28025 - 04/13/2016
Departing Concord noon Thu.
Denver, Colorado - 04/13/2016
I need a ride from Denver to Kinnection for two people.
Charlotte, North Carolina - 03/26/2016
Need a ride from Charlotte, NC to the kinnection campout in Deerfields.