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Lightning in a Bottle 2016

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Los Angeles, California - 05/27/2016
Have a couple spots left in my car, leaving at 10am this morning! (Friday)
Zip: 94114 - 05/26/2016
Need a ride to/from Lightning in a Bottle! pls help!! trying to leave early saturday morning
LA - 05/25/2016
Need a ride from LA to Bradley CA anytime after 5 am! Will pay for gas please help
LA - 05/25/2016
Hello need a ride from alas to Bradley!! Thursday morning after 6 am, arriving at the bus station. Let me know I'll pitch in 100% gas. Thanks
San Ramon, California - 05/25/2016
Hi, I have 3 seats available in my car and plenty of trunk space for gear. I'll be leaving San Ramon around 6 tomorrow morning and coming back to the Bay Area Monday Morning. $10 one way for gas, $20 round trip. Happy Festival!
California, United States - 05/25/2016
Hi. I can fit 1 or 2 maybe in my car if there isn't that much gear. I live in Santa Clarita and plan on leaving by 6am text me 661.4760227 split gas
Buena Park, California - 05/25/2016
Im looking for a ride to Lightning in a bottle leaving today. As soon as possible. Ill pay 75% of the gas
San Ramon, California - 05/25/2016
Looking for three or less people who are looking a ride to and/or back. $20 roundtrip, $10 one way.
San Mateo, California - 05/25/2016
Looking for a ride down Thursday morning sometime. I can offer food and good vibes in exchange :) :)
San Luis Obispo - 05/24/2016
Need a ride up on Wednesday or Thursday good vibes from me and my girlfriend
Zip: 94118 - 05/24/2016
Hey there! Need a ride Thursday morning from SF or East Bay. Extreme light packer, good Dj/navigator. Positive vibes and great conversations ahead :)
Zip: 94536 - 05/24/2016
I can take one or two peeps from the East Bay or SF areas. Leaving Saturday morning around 6:30/7am. We'll definitely get some coffee. Let me know.

Zip: 94121 - 05/24/2016
Hi, looking for a ride from SF to LIB on Thursday morning, around 10am. Thank you!
Bradley, California - 05/23/2016
Looking for a ride for two FROM LiB to the LA or SD areas. Will provide good vibes and gas money!
Zip: 94704 - 05/23/2016
I have space in my car for LIB! Looking for people who pack light, since I'm taking a few of my friends tents and such. We can stop at In-N-Out and listen to dope music. How many spaces I have available depends on how much stuff yall bring.
Oakland, CA - 05/23/2016
My best friend is coming in from NY and extending her trip for LiB. Looking to get her a ride on Saturday AM. Thank you!
Fountain Valley, California - 05/22/2016
Just I and small Swiss gear suitcase. I also have medium backpack and forty cash on gas.i am from Hawaii and wish to meet a dear friend there Friday before number is8084438797,mahalo for your time and consideration.
Zip: 90024 - 05/22/2016
Hi there! I am heading to LIB from LA (near Westwood area) around noon on Thursday. I don't have a ton of gear so there's lots of space in my Honda fit. Heading back Monday so possible return ride as well. Let me know if you'd like a spot! Cheers!
Zip: 90024 - 05/22/2016
Hey! Looking for a ride to LIB from Los Angeles on Thursday, preferably around noon but flexible. Will come equipped with gas money and snacks!
California, United States - 05/21/2016
Hi im looking for a ride up to LIB sunday (tomorrow)monday or tuesday. I am volunteering and my first shift starts on tuesday morning the 24th
Nipomo, California - 05/21/2016
Hello! Looking for a ride anytime on Thursday or Friday from Nipomo (San Luis Obispo county). It's on the way for anyone driving from the south (right off the 101N). Will pitch in on gas $$
Redwood City, California - 05/20/2016
looking for a ride from the bay to LIB on wednesday! thanks.
Oakland, California - 05/19/2016
Hi there!

I will be driving to LiB from Oakland on May 28 (saturday) at around 7 am since they open gates only at 10 am. Mine is a 2 day pass. 3 seats available at $29 per person. Email
California, United States - 05/18/2016
Hello there! I'm looking for a ride to LIB early Thursday morning if possible and would like to return Monday. I would love to leave around 6 am to make it in time for when the gates open. I will have camping gear, a duffle bag and possibly one other bag. I will pitch in for gas and I would like to camp nearby. I'm friendly. :) Message me for my number if you can help out for a ride there or back
Oakland, California - 05/18/2016
I will be driving to LIB from Oakland on Friday evening approx at 6 pm and will be driving back to Oakland on Sunday night. Cost is $29 per person for one way. 3 seats available. Departure time is flexible and can be decided later.
Orange, California - 05/17/2016
i'll be heading out for early camping since all the car camping passes were sold out. Unfortunately that means I need to head out solo and meet up with my buddies the following day.

Fortunately for one of you guys ( around orange county or on the way) ill be able to give you a ride...assuming you need one early enough to arrive by around 2PM on the 25th. Also, you're welcome to camp with me, just let me know in advance so I can grab my bigger tent. Send me a message on fb if interested, and have a lovely day :)
Los Angeles - 05/17/2016
Hi! Need a ride to/from LIB from LA! Either early on Thursday or on Wednesday :) Will compensate for gas!
Half Moon Bay, California - 05/15/2016
Hey there! Looking for a ride from Venice Beach or anywhere in the L.A area to San Luis Obispo on Monday the 23rd. One girl and my backpack. Good vibes.

Happy to pitch in for gas :) :) :)
Fremont, California - 05/12/2016
Hi! Looking for a ride to LiB on Friday morning. I do not need a ride back though :)

I can definitely pitch in for gas too!
Fremont, California - 05/12/2016
Hello! Looking for a ride to LiB from Fremont! I don't need a ride back :)

I can definitely pitch in for gas too!
Minneapolis, Minnesota - 05/09/2016
Single guy looking for a ride from Oakland to LIB on Thursday. Have gas money to give and just a tent and small bag that need to come with. Happy to run around the city to meet you somewhere convenient.
Zip: 94118 - 05/07/2016
Hi, looking for a ride from SF > LIB. I can leave any time on Friday and have money for gas.
Twentynine Palms, California - 05/06/2016
I need a ride from so cal to LIB, small pack one girl. can help with food or gas, need to be there thursday.
Santa Cruz - 05/05/2016
Hi! I need a ride on Thursday 26th. I have gas money and treats :)
Eureka, California - 05/05/2016
Need room for one girl and her gear in Eureka, can drive stick and offer gas money and good vibes!
Bradley, California - 05/04/2016
Need a ride FROM LIB to San Luis Obispo airport on the Saturday during the festival.
Calgary, Alberta - 05/03/2016
Me and my Lady are lookong for a ride from Calgary, AB Canada willing to help with $ email is or 5054354825 is my number. Name is Jerwmy Salazar. Lots of love peace
Elk Grove, California - 04/24/2016
Going from Sacramento area to Bradley. I can meet up with near by areas such as the bay area, folsom,or anywhere along the way. email for more info.
Zip: 89512 - 04/15/2016
Need a ride. Can leave Wednesday night after 9pm......... I have free car pass!