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Lightning in a Bottle 2019

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Bakersfield, California - 05/11/2019
Heading back to Reno from lightning in a bottle! If you a need ride anywhere along the way let me know :)
Santa Barbara - 05/10/2019
Looking for a ride to LIB anytime Friday evening or sat morning!

713 897 1179
Zip: 90025 - 05/10/2019
Heading to lightning in a bottle on Sunday morning from the Santa Monica area. Let me know if you need a ride so we can avoid the single occupancy fee! Probably leaving around 9 am, and returning either late Sunday night or early Monday morning.
Penryn, California - 05/09/2019
Need a ride to mojave desert for joshua tree music festival! Sunday or monday the 12th or 13th ty! Names noah nice to meet ya
American Canyon, California - 05/09/2019
Offering ride from the bay leaving today. Can fit 3 more people
Los Angeles - 05/09/2019
My friend and I are looking for a ride from LA to LIB today. Does anyone have room for two extras.!?!
Bakersfield, California - 05/09/2019
I’m a local Bakersfield resident that would greatly appreciate a ride to the Lightning In A Bottle festival.

Zip: 90029 - 05/08/2019
Me(Dailen) and my buddy Vic need a ride up to LIB if anyone is heading that way. Let us know. Will pitch for gas. Thanks!
Santa Barbara, California - 05/08/2019
Looking for a ride to LiB. Would like to go around 9/10 am. I will pay for gas!
Beverly Hills, California - 05/08/2019
Hello Fam! I never could find anyone to come up with me from LA. So, if anyone last min needs a ride today let me know ASAP, I am leaving LA today this afternoon 2,3 at the latest. You can text me for fast response, 3235782566 - Zman
Palo Alto, California - 05/08/2019
Friday morning 6am departure from Palo Alto, can pick up nearby / from public transit. Pickup truck.
Victorville, California - 05/07/2019
Car got broken into last night and is now in the shop for a few days, obviously into the beginning of the fest, it is just me and a backpack as far as space. I've got money for gas and stuff also
Los Angeles, California - 05/07/2019
TRIPS TO LIB (Pickups anywhere in LA area/LB/Inland Empire)


Morn leaving by 10-11am

Evening Leaving by 7-8pm


leaving by noon (subject to change)

Evening leaving by 7-8pm


Leaving by 10-11am

Evening leaving by 7-8pm


Leaving by 10am

Will also be making return trips. Please notify ahead of time so I can accommodate everyone accordingly.

Experienced, safe and reliable driver. Avoid messy last minute trips. Affordable rates for all.

Bakersfield, California - 05/07/2019
Need a ride from LIB to LAX Sunday 5/12 arriving LAX by 1:20pm.

Zip: 92335 - 05/07/2019
Making a trip to the festival in Bakersfield. If you’re interested in carpooling let me know in advance so we can set something up.
Los Angeles, California - 05/07/2019
Making trips all day long to Bakersfield for the festival and back. Can make pickups anywhere in LA area and IE.

-4 seats available

Experienced, safe and reliable driver. Message me ASAP so we can accommodate you. Affordable rates!

Los Angeles, California - 05/07/2019
Looking to head to LIB early Friday . I have a ride back..
Beverly Hills, California - 05/06/2019
I have still have room in my vehicle if anyone needs a ride Wed, please hit me up asap, It is approaching fast! Woot Woot!

San Francisco, California - 05/06/2019
Hi! I'm 33yo male and this is my first LIB. My sprinter van has an extra seat and lots of room for gear. I'll depart SF on Friday at 10:30am.
sacramento - 05/06/2019
Hey friends,

In need of a ride from Sacramento to LiB and back :^) hoping to leave Thursday afternoon-ish (flexible) and l need to leave there on Sunday. I have a parking pass, gas money and can contribute to drive time! Thank you
San Diego, California - 05/06/2019
Me plus minimal stuff. If we can camp together we could also share items like grill and cooler space. I'm in downtown sd and need to be there by early the 8th and can return by early afternoon the 13th. I can share gas money, snacks, good company. Herb if you like that sort of thing.
Reno, Nevada - 05/06/2019
Is anyone heading down from the Reno or Tahoe area? I need to arrive by thursday afternoon for my first shift, but otherwise am flexible on timing.
Penryn, California - 05/06/2019
Need ride to work lightning in a bottle on tuesday night wed morning
Santa Monica, California - 05/06/2019
Is anyone going today (5/6) before noon?? Looking for a ride ASAP. Contact me if so!! Can meet anywhere in LA (818)-741-8314
Lake Buena Vista, Florida - 05/05/2019
Hey all! Looking for ride on Sunday 5/12 from LIB to Bakersfield Airport. Anytime before 3PM would be awesome!! Thanks!!
Zip: 91356 - 05/05/2019
Got 1 spot in our car (and 1 person’s worth of stuff.) Leaving from LA (the valley) on Thursday late morning. Would be great if you just pitched in for gas :)
Bakersfield, California - 05/03/2019
I'm taking the bus into bakersfield. I arrive at the amtrak station at 2:40 on thursday, looking for a ride into the event.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/03/2019
Hi new friend. I'm a 35 year old male and LIB veteran looking for a ride to and from the festival. Good vibes and gas money provided.


Santa Clara, California - 05/03/2019
Hello, LIB fam! I have 2 spots available.

Leaving Thursday morning 4-5 AM from Santa Clara and Coming back on Monday around noon.
Oakland - 05/02/2019
To lib Friday morning
Zip: 94703 - 05/02/2019
I’m working staff on Monday, wondering if anyone is driving down Monday or by Monday???
California, United States - 05/02/2019
I work staff on Monday! Wondering if anyone is driving down from the bay on Monday???
Culver City, California - 05/02/2019
Hello! I'm working at LIB and flying in from Portland. I get in Wednesday afternoon and am hoping to get a ride to the venue from Culver City or nearby on Wednesday Evening 5/8. Gas Money in hand.

Thanks, Chris
Zip: 90028 - 05/01/2019
Looking for a ride from LA, I have a 5day ticket, planning Wednesday to Monday! Can pitch for gas, snacks & smiles :)
Zip: 91205 - 05/01/2019
LTM leaving LOS ANGELES on 5/4, starting build ops on 5/5. space for 1 -2 people who can pitch for gas and share smiles
Zip: 89119 - 04/30/2019
Need a ride in on the 8th from Vegas! Anyone going that way? Xx
Santa Clara, California - 04/30/2019
I'll depart towards LiB from Santa Clara, CA around 3pm on Thursday and the plan is to drive straight to LiB with 1 or 2 very short breaks on the way. I have one or possibly two spots in my car, it depends on a friend who might leave earlier or not. I drive a Subaru Impreza Outback, with space for a moderate amount of extra gear. I've been to LiB in 2017 and to BM a few times. I might be able to give a ride back too, I'll leave Sunday towards Monday morning.
San Diego, California - 04/28/2019
Anyone going to LIB? We are 2 seasoned Burners who no longer live in SD and are in need of a ride - we'll pay for gas!
Bakersfield, California - 04/27/2019
Arriving from Anaheim as a LTM Sunday May 5th 2:30 pm. If anyone arrives at the same time, i would greatly appreciate to travel with you
Bakersfield, California - 04/25/2019
Looking for a ride back to the Bay Area either Sunday night or fairly early Monday as I may have been (definitely was) overly ambitious and booked a flight home that departs from OAK at 8:00 a.m. Mon.

More than willing to help pitch for gas or even help drive :) My belongings will be few
Los Angeles, California - 04/25/2019
Hi there!

Looking to get to LIB on Wend 8th. I land in LAX. If anyone has room for me to join the ride up, let me know! Mario :)
Denver - 04/22/2019
Leaving Denver Tuesday the 7th and getting back the night of Tuesday the 14th. You’re welcome to camp with my friends and I as well! Cheers,