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2022 Lightning in a Bottle - Lightning Team

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San Diego, California - 05/25/2022
Hi everyone. I'm looking for a ride down to San Diego on May 30th after the festival! Let me know if you have space for one person + backpacking pack. Willing to squish.

Feel free to call at 858-822-8361:)
San Diego, California - 05/25/2022
Hi everyone. I'm looking for a ride down to San Diego on May 30th after the festival! Let me know if anyone is coming back down and leaving. Feel free to call/text at 858-822-8361:)

Thanks so much
Zip: 95959 - 05/25/2022
Leaving Grass Valley around 1pm on Wed. Room for 1 person and their stuff. Let’s split the gas. :)
Thousand Oaks, California - 05/24/2022
Looking for a ride from Thousand Oaks, anytime on thursday! i just have my clothes and camping gear. also willing to meet up in the valley or santa clarita. text at: 805-907-9708
Bakersfield, California - 05/23/2022
Looking for a ride from LIB to LAX on Sunday morning (5/29).

Not expecting this will be a popular time to leave - haha!

Obviously I'll pitch in for gas!

sms - 630-974-7194
California, United States - 05/23/2022
Leaving for LIB Friday morning and headed back Sunday night or open to Monday morning! Let me know if you need a ride and/or if you are interested in camping together
California, United States - 05/23/2022
Leaving for LIB Friday morning and headed back Sunday night or open to Monday morning! Let me know if you need a ride and/or if you are interested in carpooling together
San Francisco, California - 05/23/2022
Leaving early morning (6/7am) on Wednesday to make an 11am shift.
Los Angeles - 05/23/2022
Two volunteers looking to head into Bakersfield on Tuesday for an army shift Wednesday!
Los Angeles - 05/22/2022
Looking for a ride for me and my friend from LAX Wednesday 5/25 late afternoon 6pm!

We’re good vibes and will pitch in for gas :(
Zip: 92117 - 05/22/2022
Leaving early Wednesday if anyone needs a ride.
Zip: 91303 - 05/22/2022
05 silver Honda Civic
Zip: 92110 - 05/21/2022
Looking for a ride up anytime on Monday from SD! I pretty much just have a tent and a backpack! Will split gas, of course, and be great company :)
Davis, California - 05/21/2022

Looking for a ride on Monday, May 30th, from the festival back to Davis, CA, or Sacramento. I will, of course, help out with gas money!

530-867-0036. Thank you!
California, United States - 05/21/2022
Looking for a ride back to Los Angeles from the festival, on Mon May 30th. Pls sms: 3239613279.
Los Angeles, California - 05/21/2022
I am volunteering at LIB and shifts start 25th Morning

Arriving 24th early morning (LAX) from NYC and happy to start from anywhere in LA

Will pitch in for gas and split any additional costs.

Good vibes, conversations, and music guaranteed :P

California, United States - 05/20/2022
Looking for a ride back from the festival for one girl plus camping and clothing gear, on Mon May 30. Pls sms to 3239613279 if have room.
Burbank, California - 05/19/2022

I am flying into Burbank airport the 25th wednesday and need a ride. Can pitch for gas and all.

Really looking forward to this :D

Los Angeles, California - 05/18/2022
Lookfing for a ride from LAX Friday May 27 after 5:30pm. 1 person and 1 small bag. Willing to chip in for gas/share driving duties
Sacramento, California - 05/17/2022
Coming from Portland originally but leaving from the Sacramento area on Saturday, May 21st. My first shift is the following day (Sunday the 22nd). Planning to car camp as well, so splitting the car camp fee is an option if you're looking for that convenience. Shoot me an email if you need a ride along the way! -S
Oakland, California - 05/16/2022
Leaving Oakland at approx 4pm on Wednesday May 25.

Returing Monday May 30 after my shift ends at 2pm, with additional time to pack up.

Myself and one other person are renting a car to make the trek so ideally you will help out by splitting the cost of the rental and gas. Send me a message if you have questions! Should have room for one or maybe two people with light gear
Los Angeles, California - 05/16/2022
flying into LA tuesday may 24th but looking to head up to LIB either night of 24th or morning of 25th. i’m volunteering and my first shift is wed 25th at 10 pm :)
Mission Viejo, California - 05/15/2022
Hi, I'll be volunteering on the 22nd. If anybody needs a ride then and can put h in for gas. Lemme know :)
Bakersfield, California - 05/12/2022
Hoping to split a cab/Uber/Lyft on Tuesday, May 24 around 2:00pm. Thanks!
Los Angeles - 05/12/2022
Looking for a ride from somewhere in Los Angeles after having done my camping and other shopping on Thu May 19th, to get to the site to start my volunteer shifts on May 20th. I land at LAX at 10.30 am on the 19th and imagine being done shopping by 2pm or 3pm. I'll have a suitcase and some camping equipment and will, of course, share the gas and other costs.
Santa Rosa, California - 05/09/2022
I’m leaving Wednesday 5/25 ~10am from Santa Rosa. Meeting my friends in Bakersfield at ~4pm and driving into the event together. Leaving LIB Monday before noon. Can fit 1 other person + gear, maybe 2 people (no gear) in the sedan.
Los Angeles, California - 05/09/2022
Hi, I will be leaving for LIB on Saturday May 21st, afternoon, if anyone wants to carpool.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/09/2022
Hey! My first shift is Wednesday, May 25 and I am visually impaired so um not able to drive anymore, but will definitely pay for gas and bring the hype!
Oakland - 05/09/2022

I’m volunteering pre-event, heading down May 18th. Hmu if you need a ride.

- Kirby
Garden Grove, California - 05/06/2022
Hi I'm McKenna!

Working as a floater, first shift 2pm Wed 25th.

SPLIT ($60) a car camping pass, I can pick up in LA area or if you are south you can drive to me and park at my house (track home, good parking)

Leaving early early Wed AM preferred or Tues night depending on when others need a ride.

Zip: 95062 - 05/05/2022

I am going to drive to the LiB festival site on Saturday May 21st, because I start volunteering Sunday May 22nd.

Are you interested in a ride to the event on Saturday? Or have any friends who might be? I also plan to drive back to SC on Monday the 30th, if that’s helpful.
San Clemente, California - 05/05/2022
Hey hey! I am working the build of LIB May 9-11th. I thought I’d see if anyone wants to carpool those dates or for the actual Featival May 25-30th. I’ll be driving my Honda Insight (Prius look alike) and can fit 2 others than myself with luggage. Let me know!
Los Angeles, California - 05/02/2022
Hi there, leaving for the festival from LA late Wednesday night (25th). I have a shift on Thursday AM (26th). I'm down to offer a ride. I am leaving the festival Sunday night (29th). Looking for someone to help out with gas and/or split a car camping pass :)
Emeryville, California - 05/02/2022
Hi lovely folks, I'm volunteering pre-event and am looking for a ride from Oakland on the 21st to make my Sunday shift. More than happy to pay for gas, play tunes, and bring travel snacks! Let me know if you can help out with a ride. Thanks you!
Zip: 90027 - 05/02/2022
My first shift is working reception at 9am on the 25th so looking for someone going early on that day or on the 24th. Will pitch in for gas and expenses.

I’m a light packer.
Placentia, California - 04/27/2022
Hi! I'm looking for a ride from the Orange County area! My first volunteer shift is Wednesday at night so as long as I get there by then :) thanks!
Flagstaff, Arizona - 04/25/2022
Hey Ya'll my name is Griffin. I am volunteering the three days leading up to the fest in the decor department. If anyone is leaving from flagstaff or passing through with plans to arrive on the 21st id love to catch a ride. I will have minimal gear with me likely just a backpack!
Zip: 93110 - 04/22/2022
leaving the morning of the 25th
Santa Ana, California - 04/19/2022
Hi I live in Santa Ana and I am volunteering at LIB!! looking for a ride from socal!
Los Angeles - 04/18/2022
Is anyone going up to volunteer early? Will be there May 9-11. Happy to drive or ride with as long as we split gas. :)
Zip: 90405 - 04/16/2022
Hi there!

My name is Maya and I will be working for catering :)

My first shift is on Wednesday May 25 at 5pm. If anyone is driving up before then, I would love to hitch a ride! Of course I will chip in for gas.

Thanks a bunch!

Santa Cruz - 04/14/2022
Greetings Freinds,

I am grateful for a ride share experienc. I will help financially and I pack light. Thank you
Victorville, California - 04/13/2022
Anyone leaving from Victorville area on the 25th? Would love to rideshare. 1 person with 2 bags.
San Diego, California - 04/13/2022
Greetings! Looking for a ride on the 24th or 25th to get to LIB from San Diego. 1 person with 2 bags. Looking forward to the festival.
Davis, California - 04/11/2022
Hello! I am volunteering for lightning in a bottle and looking to head down there on Saturday, May 21st, my shift starts at 9am on Sunday, 5.22.

Might be in solano county and need a ride form there possibly.
Fort Collins, Colorado - 04/10/2022
Flying into California from Colorado. Hoping to a get a ride from someone from LAX or surrounding areas to the festival ground! Will help pitch for gas and get down to some good music :) let me know!
Lancaster, California - 03/31/2022
For LiB on May 25.

Looking to carpool & share costs for car camping pass (I paid $160 and charging $40 per passenger), gas expenses, and any other shared miscellaneous expenses accrued during the trip.

I plan to drive (a Honda Fit) so looking to travel comfortably with 1 person, 2 max. I am also open to using a larger vehicle/van if you have one available.

Fresno, California - 03/30/2022
Going for LIB event may25