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Lightning in a Bottle 2018 Lightning Team/Work Exchange

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Santa Monica, California - 05/06/2019
Hey! I’m needing a ride out today (5/6) before noon. If anyone’s leaving a little later though still contact me!! Thanks so much
California, United States - 05/06/2019
Hi there~needing a ride ASAP, need to be on-site by noon today! (If you’re going a little later still contact me though!) Can meet most anywhere in LA!
San Diego, California - 04/25/2019
Will help pay for gas and provide grass and good singing voice
Zip: 93117 - 04/13/2019
Hellooo, me and two other lovely pals are looking for a ride either Wednesday night or Thursday morning! We are all working the green team! We are friendly social humans. Looking for good folk to accompany.
Bradley, California - 05/29/2018
I need a ride back to LA after my volunteer shift ends around 7-8. I have gas money and vibes to offer!
Bradley, California - 05/28/2018
Need a ride to LA - ASAP - currently Monday at noon. Lost phone, please email or fb message @dreadprtroberts
Bradley, California - 05/28/2018
I posted before about 4 heading back to San Jose - now we're just 2. Happy to contribute$. We ideally would be to the San Jose Airport by 6:30pm. Thanks! Carl 720-352-1178
Bradley, California - 05/28/2018
I posted before about 4 heading back to San Jose - now we're just 2. Happy to contribute$. We ideally would be to the San Jose Airport by 6:30pm. Thanks! Carl 720-352-1178
Bradley, California - 05/28/2018
Need a ride to San Diego! Monday
Zip: 95062 - 05/28/2018
Hi! Looking for a ride back from lib, please text me and let’s work something out :)

Looking to leave late Monday night but preferably Tuesday or later. I am flexible with where I am dropped off because I can take Amtrak but I am heading north to Santa Cruz. Text me!

(805) 709-7988
Zip: 95062 - 05/28/2018
Hi! Looking for a ride back from lib, please text me and let’s work something out :)

Looking to leave late Monday night but preferably Tuesday or later. I am flexible with where I am dropped off because I can take Amtrak but I am heading north to Santa Cruz. Text me!

(805) 709-7988
Bradley, California - 05/27/2018
Looking for a ride back to the San Jose airport anytime on Monday that gets us to airport by 7:30pm. We have four people total, but happy to break up in to two rides for two. Will contribute$ to the cause. Thank you!!
Bradley, California - 05/26/2018
I need a ride to anywhere in the Bay Area, anytime on Sunday. Please text 208-304-8340. I’m on Compass crew and happy to chip in on gas! Thank you, Jenna
Topanga, California - 05/25/2018
Family/ Or Single Male
Zip: 90025 - 05/25/2018
Need a ride today Friday may 25 after 5:30 pm. I have very few equipments with me.

Shoot me a text 714-350-1375
California, United States - 05/24/2018
I offer Ride from LA to LIB Friday 25th leaving at 8am
Zip: 93446 - 05/24/2018
Hello! Fello LIB Volunteer looking for a ride at 9:30pm from Bus station to the Festival. I have 2 bags. Please and Thank You! I can help out with gas if you'd like?
San Francisco Airport - 05/24/2018
Heading south to lightning in a bottle 1:30 on road now can pick u up on way. Looking to defer cost of rental car. 9173852059 hit me up! Elizabeth
Salinas, California - 05/23/2018
I have a Ford Focus with room for up to 3 people. Would love help with chipping in for gas.
East Los Angeles, California - 05/23/2018
Hi LIB'ers,

Leaving from E. LA. Thursday morning 6am 5/24/18. If that works for anyone and would be down to pitch in for grass, gas, or cash? Got 2 Seats comfortably with gear. Leaving LIB Monday 5/28/18 at around 6pm. Text me 562-884-9600
Monterey Park, California - 05/23/2018
Hi LIB'ers,

Leaving from E. LA. Thursday morning 6am 5/24/18. If that works for anyone and would be down to pitch in for grass, gas, or cash? Got 2 Seats comfortably with gear. Leaving LIB Monday 5/28/18 at around 5pm
Bradley, California - 05/23/2018
My ride fell through for getting me back home! I am trying to leave the venue and get to SanJose Airport by 4 pm. Or if you’re on your way north, I can just go that general direction!
Sonoma, California - 05/23/2018

I am leaving Wednesday afternoon anytime after I get off of work at 2pm.

I work in Sonoma until 2pm and then will need to shower, change, & buy some groceries, but shouldn't take too long for me to get on the road, maybe by 3 or 330 and then it's about an hour to SF.

Gate & box office is open 11am-11pm.

Are you interested in a ride? Got a 2000 Toyota Sienna van with lots of space for luggage and killer gas mileage to split gas costs.

Let me know! Peace.

Brad (406-249-5698)
San Diego, California - 05/22/2018
I will be leaving early tomorrow morning. I know it’s last minute but if someone wants to join somewhere along the way let me know!
Zip: 91367 - 05/22/2018
Offering a ride back from lib and maybe there if needed- leaving from woodland hills weds afternoon- 4 ish, and coming back Monday at 9 pm after my volunteer shift. Really need company as its a long drive and i need someone to help keep me awake!
Zip: 94110 - 05/22/2018
Single, two small bags. Cash and Can drive
Zip: 90024 - 05/22/2018
Looking for a ride up to LIB leaving either afternoon of Wednesday the 23rd or early Thursday the 24th from anywhere near LA. I can come meet you at a convenient location, happy to pay for gas + wear and tear on your car. I'll be traveling as light as possible, probably two normal size duffel bags worth of stuff.
Long Beach, California - 05/22/2018
Hello! My name is Lizzie Aiu, i’m looking for a ride to LIB. I’m currently located in Long Beach and am with one other person. We have three bags totally! Please let me know, sorry this is so last call. Thank you!
Los Angeles, California - 05/22/2018
Hi LIB'ers,

Leaving from E. LA. Thursday morning 6am 5/24/18. If that works for anyone and would be down to pitch in for grass, gas, or cash? Got 2 Seats comfortably with gear. Leaving LIB Monday 5/28/18 at around 5pm.
San Luis Obispo - 05/22/2018
Hey there! I need a ride on Thursday 5/24 morning/ mid day to get to my volunteer shift by 4!
Grass Valley, California - 05/22/2018
Looking for a ride on the 23rd to get there for my shifts the next day! :)
Santa Cruz - 05/22/2018
Hey! Leaving for LIB Tuesday 5/22 to get setup before my volunteer shift Wednesday morning. I can also ride with someone if you’re heading that way too!
Zip: 91303 - 05/22/2018
I work the 24th so I'd like to leave this Wednesday afternoon so if that works for anyone and would be down to pitch in a bit for gas that'd be cool. Let's link up!
Berkeley, California - 05/22/2018
Looking for a ride back from LIB to San Francisco area on Tuesday evening 5/29! Happy to pitch for gas :)
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/21/2018
Leaving Wednesday from SLO to LIB at 6:00PM (5/23) for early arrival if anyone needs a ride!
Santa Monica, California - 05/21/2018
Hello my name is Courtney :) my first shift is 6:30pm on Wednesday 05/23 and I’d greatly appreciate help carpooling there before hand !! If I take the shuttle I can only get there 3 hours before ! Ah!

My number is 17252441820

Please let me know if you’d like me to go somewhere else to be picked up:)

Any help would be so so so appreciated!!! Thank you

Daly City, California - 05/21/2018
Hi there!

I'm looking for a ride on Wednesday, hoping to leave by noon. Happy to provide money for gas and great company!


San Luis Obispo, California - 05/21/2018
I need to get to lib on Wednesday night, so I'm trying to find a ride but if I can't find one then I'll drive! Let me know if you're offering or need a ride!
Paso Robles, California - 05/21/2018
Hello - I am looking for a ride from the Paso Robles train station to the even site on the evening of 5/22. i am one girl with a couple bags. my last ride fell through :(
McKinleyville, California - 05/21/2018
I have a suberu hatchback and would love someone to share the drive with and cut the cost of gas! 3 open seats and room for gear!
Isla Vista, California - 05/21/2018
Leaving Wednesday morning around 10!
Los Angeles - 05/21/2018
Hey! its just me and a bag, I have all the camping stuff ready for me at the event so I wont take up much room. Thank you!!!
Santa Barbara, California - 05/21/2018
Hey everyone!

Have some space in our car if anyone needs a ride to LIB. We’re heading out of Santa Barbara early Friday morning. All Good Vibes welcome :)
Penryn, California - 05/21/2018
Ive got gas and trees lets burn and sace on gas. Im 27 and this will be my third festival if the year lets do this
San Diego, California - 05/21/2018
Hi friends! Hoping to catch a ride with someone on Thursday afternoon (any time after 4pm) or first thing Friday AM. I’ll of course pitch for gas and share snacks! Let me know if you have space available —4088329216
Zip: 91355 - 05/20/2018
Leaving Santa Clarita on 5/23 late or 5/24 early, returning 5/28 late or 5/29
Bradley, California - 05/20/2018

I desperately need a ride to the Greyhound located in San Francisco.

After the event, need to be at my destination by 8pm Monday 05/28.

Will definitely pitch in for gas and snacks!
Zip: 90034 - 05/20/2018
Hi all,

We're on the Lightning Team and looking to rideshare. Leaving on 5/22 (Tuesday) to start working on Wednesday. Returning on Monday 5/28.

Culver City Area or Glendale/La Cañada area is fine for pickup.

Santa Clara, California - 05/20/2018
Hi, I’m leaving from the San Jose Airport area at 6:30 AM on Friday and have a few seats if anyone needs a ride. I’ll be leaving to get back sometime on Monday around 7 PM and have space then too. Cheers!!!!

Ashland, Oregon - 05/20/2018
Looking for a ride, or offering a ride if unable to find one. Leaving Ashland wed 5/23, returning 5/28
San Jose, California - 05/20/2018
Aloha! My name is Kyle and I am one of the fire keepers for the sacred fire this year. I am flying into the San Jose airport from Hawaii on Wed, May 23rd at 8:15 AM. I am scheduled to be at LIB for a fire keepers meeting at 1:00 pm that same day. If anyone is passing my way during that time and would like to scoop me up I would be extremely grateful. I'm flexible with the pick up time too. Just let me know what works for you! I can offer gas money and am able to help drive as well.



Los Angeles, California - 05/20/2018
New Yorker in town for the festivals! Looking for a ride from DTLA! Bringing the funk from the east coast!
Zip: 90404 - 05/20/2018
Returning to Santa Monica evening of Monday the 28th ETA 7pm. 2 or 3 seats available depending on how much gear you have
long beach - 05/20/2018
looking for a ride Tuesday evening and looking to come back Saturday or sunday :) can pitch for gas and food
Zip: 91711 - 05/19/2018
Looking for a ride from LA or Inland Empire area on Wednesday or early morning Thursday!! Please!!!
Arroyo Grande, California - 05/19/2018
Leaving Sunday 5/20/18 from Arroyo Grande. leaving late morning if anyone needs a quick ride out there!
Watsonville, California - 05/19/2018
Hey everyone! I’m Sydney! I have been able to secure a ride going to LIB but I am still I need of a ride back home to Watsonville, CA on Monday morning! If you have room for me please get back to me ASAP! I am happy to provide gas money or buy some breakfast in exchange for the ride:) Thank you so much!
Zip: 90014 - 05/19/2018
Hey working staff and need a ride up on monday the 21st! I can pitch in on gas food and good tunes!
Los Angeles - 05/19/2018
Hi all, I’m flying in to lax the 21st at 5pm and am in great need of a ride, I can help out with gas money. I don’t know la but am willing to meet you at you convenience as best I can.
El Sobrante, California - 05/18/2018
Hi! Offering a ride for 1. Arriving on site Tuesday the 22nd by 8pm, departing Thursday the 31st by 8pm. (Working post event). Ideally for someone who likes jam bands and talking about consciousness. :P

Modesto, California - 05/18/2018
I will be driving down from Humboldt to my home town of Modesto then down to LiB on Tuesday, May 22nd.
Zip: 95060 - 05/18/2018
Hey there! Looking for a ride Wednesday (23rd) night from Santa Cruz to LiB! I've got an 8 am shift thursday so I'm trying to get there wednesday night before the box office closes
Zip: 90278 - 05/18/2018
hey everyone! i have an open car (4 extra seats) if anyone wants to join for the journey. leaving redondo beach around midday on sunday the 20th.
Zip: 92115 - 05/18/2018
Giving a ride up from San Diego, CA either Monday or Tuesday, can pick you up along the way
Zip: 92115 - 05/18/2018
Selling a ride either Monday or Tuesday from San Diego, CA, I am willing to pick you up along the way
Los Angeles - 05/18/2018
I need a ride to LIB the morning of the 23rd. Leaving as early as possible, because I have to be at a meeting for my crew by 3 pm. Happy to chip in on gas! Thanks
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/18/2018
I'm flying in on Sunday and driving to lib on Monday. I may stop can camp one night before making it to LIB. I'm a 26 year old male.
San Francisco, California - 05/18/2018
Looking for a ride back to SF from LiB, leaving after 2pm on Monday. Let me know if you have a spot! Happy to contribute gas $$ + snacks.
San Francisco, California - 05/18/2018
Looking for a ride to LIB from San Francisco on Wednesday night. Trying to get there for my first shift on Thursday morning before the box office opens!
Los Angeles - 05/18/2018
Need a ride from La to site on the 18th
Zip: 95959 - 05/18/2018
leaving nevada city Sunday 5/20 morning or early afternoon. Working 10am on Monday 5/21. really good gas mileage. have room for 2 people. let me know!
San Jose, CA - 05/17/2018
Performing at LIB, and need a ride. Flying into San Jose airport @ 10am on the 25th. It's one way (I have my return travel taken care of). Can uber/lyft to a location in San Jose. Or I could take a greyhound to King City (arriving by 4pm), and would need a ride from there.
South Lake Tahoe - 05/17/2018
Need a ride from South Lake Tahoe to be at Lightening in a bottle Wednesday the 23rd to work the event by 2:30. Please let me know if I can ride with you. Will provide goods and the vibes.

My phone number is 707)230-7305
Zip: 90024 - 05/17/2018
Offering ride to Los Angeles (or destination on the way) after working on May 30th.
San Bernardino, California - 05/17/2018
I'm leaving the LA area on the 20th or 21st and heading up to LIB. Shooting to arrive on the morning of the 23rd. Happy to take another person all or part of the way.
Zip: 93401 - 05/17/2018
Hey everyone! I'm seeking a ride to LIB on Tuesday the 22nd and/or a return on sundaythe 27th. I will have a tent, sleeping bag and a duffle bag. I can pitch in for gas etc...
San Francisco, California - 05/17/2018
Airport ride from SFO to LIB.

May 22nd

Ill have one big suit case.
sacramento - 05/17/2018
Planning to leave on the 22nd for my work shift on the 23rd. Shared gas costs would be great! Thank you!
Zip: 93446 - 05/17/2018
Seeking a ride to LIB on Tuesday afternoon the 22nd.~

Anyone heading North and wanna scoop me up?!
Los Angeles, California - 05/17/2018
Getting in on the 21st, just looking for a ride to get to the festival. Thank you for any help you can give me
Zip: 95959 - 05/17/2018
Hi there! would love a ride on wednesday from Nevada City with minimal stuff. I am working from 2am thursday morning so earlier would be preferrable :) blessings!
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/17/2018
I need a ride up friday night after 6 May 18th! I'm in slo so if anyone is coming from east/south area and could pick me up along the way it'd be a huge help!!
Grass Valley, California - 05/16/2018
I am leaving for LIB Thursday (24th) morning with space for 1 (or possibly 2 depending on stuff) ...I return Monday 21st....
San Jose, California - 05/16/2018
Hi! My name is Txell (pronounced Chel), and my friend Molly and I will be arriving at the San Jose airport from Seattle on Wednesday the 23rd at around 2 PM! We're volunteering at LIB and if we could catch a ride with anyone, that would be greatly appreciated!
san Jose - 05/16/2018
My son and I are flying in to San Jose Airport Tuesday the 22nd, arriving at 3:10pm - LiB Bound! Happy to contribute$ to the cause. Thank you!

We're flying back later on Monday the 28th, and may be looking for a ride back then, too.
Los Angeles - 05/16/2018
Hello All!

I need a ride from LA to Lake San Antonio 5/22. Will pitch in for gas! also if possible i need a ride back from Lake San Antonio back to LA on the 29th! let me know, thanks!!
Zip: 94117 - 05/16/2018
Hi - I will need to be on site by 5/22 to work and am only looking for a one way ride!! Willing to meet anywhere in the Bay Area. Much thanks in advance :)
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/16/2018
Hey everyone! I will be starting my work exchange next wednesday morning, (5-23). I will be driving up tuesday night to set up camp (5-22). If anyone in SLO need's a ride up let me know!
Las Vegas, Nevada - 05/16/2018
Leaving Las Vegas, Tuesday May 22nd, driving to San Luis Obispo via Los Angeles. Can take 1 or 2 passengers (I'm sure car will fill quickly with everyone's stuff).
San Diego, California - 05/15/2018
Looking for a ride back to SD from the festival, any time after my last shift ends, 8pm on Wednesday 5/30.
Denver, Colorado - 05/15/2018
I can be picked up in Silverthorne, or Denver or possibly boulder, schedule is flexible. After the weekend ideally after monday but I'm open, open coming back after LIB too.
Seattle, Washington - 05/15/2018
offering a ride from Seattle Washington on the 23rd to the festival. Would love to travel with somebody that can help with driving, has to have a valid driver's license, and pitch in on gas. i have a comfy ride w hot beats! It is possible that I can give a return ride too however I will be spending a couple days after the festival doing some fun activities with my daughter n my friends for her bday in cali so you may need to find some things to do to stay entertained till we leave.

I can pick up anywhere along the way too if I haven't found a ride to give leaving from seattle :)
San Francisco, California - 05/15/2018
Hey! I still have 2 places in my car to ride down Thursday 24th, in the morning;

Back on Monday 28th, early morning in the area.
Zip: 94115 - 05/15/2018
Looking for a ride from SF area Thursday evening. Can meet anywhere in the city!
Murrieta, California - 05/15/2018
I plan to leave Murrieta when I’m off work on Tuesday, no later than 3pm, I can swing by the Corona or Orange County area, maybe north LA depending on the route
Paso Robles, California - 05/15/2018
I'm taking the train into Paso, just need a ride from there to the site. Arriving ~5pm 5/22
Santa Maria, California - 05/15/2018
Hey a ride to lib site today would be so great if anyone is near Santa Maria!

Hollister, California - 05/15/2018
Looking for a ride for 2 from hollister to the festival! We have to be there Thursday morning for our shift. We have gas money, good company, good food, and great bad jokes! Let us know if you can help us out! Thanks so much :)
Santa Clarita, California - 05/15/2018
Heading up Wednesday the 23rd after I get off work (about 6pm). Coming back Tuesday the 29th after my shift, possible Wednesday morning. Working pre and post-event shifts. Other than that let's groove!!
Bradley, California - 05/15/2018
Comfy ride back to San Fran, Sac, Auburn, Grass Valley/ Nevada City leaving the afternoon of the 28th. 3 possibly 4 seats and room for your gear.
Zip: 95060 - 05/14/2018
Hi! I'm Virginia and I'm looking for a ride Thursday night (5/24) sometime after 10pm, or early Friday morning. Also, a ride back to Santa Cruz 5/28 after 8pm would be amazing!
Oceanside, California - 05/14/2018
Leaving sometime Wed after my evening class, coming back down Saturday.
Zip: 91303 - 05/14/2018
I'm working at the LiB site 5/15 until 4pm Thursday 5/17. Anyone happen to be working and heading to southern California Thursday evening?

long beach - 05/14/2018
If anyone is leaving from Long Beach on Wednesday the 23rd, I would love to catch a ride.

Patterson, California - 05/14/2018
Hi! I am looking for a ride to the festival by 2pm on Wed. 5/23. I am located along I-5 in Patterson (by Modesto) and can meet anywhere between Stockton-Los Banos. I am a good road trip buddy pls help me out!!:)
Los Angeles, California - 05/14/2018
need a ride from LAX or nearby on the 19th!!! my last ride just decided not to take me!!!
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/14/2018
Hey! My name is Francois I am in San Luis Obispo and I'm looking for:

A ride to LIB 5/23 in the am &

A ride back to SLO 5/28 anytime
Zip: 94501 - 05/14/2018
Hi! I am looking for a ride back to the Bay/Eastbay on SUNDAY the 27th. Any leads? Cheers!

Chico, California - 05/14/2018
Hey everyone, I have 3 Available seats in my car! i will be driving out of Chico on the 23rd and will be going straight to the festival.
Signal Hill, California - 05/13/2018
Hi y'all my shift is at 9am tomorrow Monday 5/14 and I have space for one more cosmonaut. Leaving from Long Beach and can pick up along the way. Can leave this evening or early in the morning. Text me for a faster response (805) 450-9351.
Zip: 90291 - 05/13/2018
Heyyy y’all I’m currently in Venice, and need to get up to LIB on Monday. If one of you beautiful people could help me get there that would be sooo amazing ! Thank you and happy LIB !
Zip: 95060 - 05/13/2018

Looking for a ride from Santa Cruz to the San Luis Obispo area or Lompoc, preferably on Tuesday, May 22nd but I can be flexible. Message me, let's work something out!
San Francisco, California - 05/12/2018
Hi! I’m looking for a ride to LIB from San Fran the morning of Wednesday, May 23rd. I need to get to LIB to work that Wednesday for 4:30pm, so preferably get to LIB around 2-3pm at the latest. Please let me know if you can help a sista out! Thanks!
Zip: 91356 - 05/12/2018
Hey LIB crew!

I'm driving from Tarzana,CA on Monday 5/21 at 3:30am to LIB. Let me know if you need a ride. Much love!
Camas, Washington - 05/12/2018
Got plenty of room in my car. I plan on getting there early thursday morning.
San Francisco, California - 05/11/2018
Hey y'all! I'll be flying into SFO at 5 pm on the 23rd and ready to head to site any time after that. I have a flight back at 5 pm on Monday but I could probably arrange another ride home.
Thousand Oaks, California - 05/11/2018
leaving early 5/14 from thousand oaks and coming back on 5/16. text me if you need a ride! 805-231-4985 -makenzie
Zip: 94128 - 05/11/2018
Hello everyone,

I'm flying into SFO at 10AM on Tuesday the 22nd and returning anytime on Monday (flight out is at 10PM). I'm super low key, coming with one larger backpack and one medium sized backpack.

I can also leave the airport by taking a shuttle somewhere into town. I've never been to SFO so I have no idea how that location works for locals.

I will definitely help with gas and will cover a meal en route!

I used to live in LA and drove three strangers last year and now that i'm out of state and flying in, hoping someone can return the favor and share some good vibes.

Love to all and see you all in two weeks!
Zip: 94134 - 05/11/2018
Looking for a ride from SF on Tuesday 5/22 afternoon and back Monday 5/28

-I can provide gas money

-even driving if preferred

-awesome hugs

-tea service along the way!
Joshua Tree, California - 05/11/2018
Looking to offer a ride to anyone in need of transportation. Don't wanna spend $30 for not having a carpool buddy! So come be my carpool buddy!!
Zip: 91301 - 05/11/2018
Hoping to catch a ride up in the evening on 5/20.

Happy to contribute cash for gas/water/snacks and spotify premium!
Zip: 90048 - 05/11/2018
Hello LiB Volunteers!

I'm departing WeHo on the afternoon of the 17th (Thursday) and returning late after my shift on the 20th (Sunday). Anybody need a ride and those days?

Best, Tito
Zip: 80302 - 05/11/2018
Hello LiB volunteers!

I'm driving up from WeHo on the afternoon of the 17th (Thursday) and returning after my shift on the 20th (Sunday). Does anyone need a ride then?

Best, Tito
Lafayette, California - 05/10/2018
Hello! Looking for a ride from the Bay Area on Thursday after 1:30! And looking for a ride back after 8pm on the Tuesday following LIB! Thank you!! Willing to throw for gas and snacky snacks
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/10/2018
Heading up to Bradley on Sunday 5/20. Have room for 1-2 people. :)
California, United States - 05/10/2018
Single rider needing ride Thurs 5/24 leaving in the afternoon. 1 way, No gear, happy to share gas n such.
Thousand Oaks, California - 05/10/2018
Hi! I'm leaving from Thousand Oaks on the morning of May 13 and coming back the night of May 16. Let me know if you need a ride! 805-231-4985
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/10/2018
Hello! My friend and I are volunteering this weekend for pre-build. Offering a ride there morning of Saturday the 12th and ride back Sunday evening on the 13th. 2 spots available!
San Diego, California - 05/10/2018
Hey! I have a shift Wednesday evening so looking for a ride up either Tuesday or Wednesday morning! 8583953852
Santa Cruz - 05/10/2018
Hi! I was looking for a ride to LIB on the 13th and back to santa cruz the night of the 16th! I found someone driving there on the 13th, so really I only need a ride back, but if I could get a ride there and back with the same person that would be awesome!! Let me know :)
Antioch, California - 05/09/2018
Hi everyone! My name is Eva and I am travelling from the East Bay Area and would love to bring one person with me! I am going into the fest Wednesday the 23 and would like to make it in by the early afternoon :-) I am working two days post fest so I could potentially only bring you there if your schedule does not work with mine. Let me know if you live close to the Bay Area (or close to the route down to Bradley) and if this situation could work for you as well :D
Santa Cruz - 05/09/2018
Wud up!! My name is Olivia and I will be leaving Santa Cruz the 23rd around 330p to head to LIB. I can take 1 person with me but I MIGHT be wanting to leave Sunday night to return to work. This still hasn't been decided... if this works for you, hmu and we can chat :)
Portland, Oregon - 05/09/2018
I need a ride or can also give a ride to LIB! Gotta get to site 5/20-21, will travel north or south a bit to meet up. Will split gas evenly, and totally share all the goods I got :)

Please let me know ASAP so I can buy a flight otherwise
San Francisco, California - 05/09/2018
I am flexible on where i can pick you up. I have one seat in my car and will be driving to LIB from Vancouver canada, hoping to check out the coastal drive along Oregon and California. If youre on the way I can make arrangements to come and pick you up and we can drive off into the sunset straight to lightning in a bottle yaaay!
Windsor Locks, Connecticut - 05/08/2018
Hello! Driving from LIB to Los Angeles on the morning of noon of 5/28. I have four spots.
San Francisco, California - 05/08/2018
Driving from SF to Bradley early morn of 5/24. Can pick you up anywhere along the money, but asking for some gas money!! I have four spots (:
San Francisco, California - 05/08/2018
Hello. I will be leaving SF early on Thursday, May 17. I have four spots!
Bradley, California - 05/08/2018
I desperately need a ride on the 31st out of LIB to anywhere near LAX. I know it’s a long drive but will compensate with money and music. For any time, just must be there for my flight at 9.
San Diego, California - 05/08/2018
Hello! I am leaving from Pacific Beach, San Diego. I have a ford fiesta and am willing to drive up to two people :) Let me know if you are around the area and would like to carpool! I will drive up either Wednesday night the 23rd or Thursday morn the 24th
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/08/2018
Hey! My name is amber and I need a ride up Fromm SLO after 4pm on Thursday and a ride back to SLO after 8pm Monday (I have a evening shift that day) . I won’t bring much beyond a bag!
Sacramento, California - 05/08/2018
I'm lookin for a ride down there this Saturday may 12th :) got stages to build! ** i'll just have my backpack and good vibes :) and i can pitch on gas too! Thanxx
San Diego, California - 05/08/2018
I have a seat in my sprinter van thats open, i will be driving up either friday(18th) or Saturday(19th) call or txt me 5809190309, nate1904 instagram
Zip: 92122 - 05/07/2018
Hi everyone! I'm gonna be working with the Ops team with my shift starting Tuesday morning. Wondering if theres anyone down in SD leaving Monday or early Tuesday morning - let me know!

San Luis Obispo - 05/07/2018
Hey! I'm volunteering for the build team on the 10th-12th. I'm trying to ride up on Wednesday afternoon before that. I would also love to have a way back too.
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/07/2018
Hello! I am volunteering on Saturday 19th and could use a ride up that morning. I live in San Luis Obispo so it is on the way to LIB if you are coming from SoCal.

Zip: 95060 - 05/07/2018
Heyo!! Leaving Santa Cruz Wed. the 23rd, leaving LIB Mon. the 28th after 8pm. I can drive people, or ride along with someone already going. If that schedule works for you, please let me know!! Blessings
Zip: 90027 - 05/07/2018
Hi, I'm working Post Event and looking for a ride back down to LA on 5/31 or 6/1. Willing to chip in for gas!
Zip: 93401 - 05/07/2018
Hey! Im headed to LIB Thursday 5/24 after 6 and headed back to SLO Monday 5/28 around 4. I have room for 2 people there and back and a big trunk for luggage!
Zip: 93401 - 05/06/2018
Driving up to LiB for pre-fest build from SLO in the afternoon of the 18th, then returning to SLO nighttime of the 21st after my shift. Happy to give anyone/everyone a ride (I've got a minivan). Hope to meet you soon!
Los Angeles, California - 05/06/2018
My first shift is thursday 5/25 in the evening, so hoping to leave LA in the early PM to get there before rush hour and have time to set up camp before dark. Depending on my work schedule, I could leave early Thursday morning, or maybe even Wed. I'm flexible. Will probably return Monday midday, though might do very early morning to avoid exodus. I have a smart car, and the trunk will have a big container of my stuff in it, but I can fit another bag as well. Also considering renting, so if anyone wants to go in on that let me know! (total for the weekend is 100 bucks, 33 each if there are 3 of us, 50 if only one other person joins!
Zip: 91303 - 05/06/2018
hey! My work shifts are 5/15-17. It'd be so great to catch a ride with anyone who is leaving from southern California on 5/14 and has extra room. thanks!
Irvine, California - 05/05/2018
Hello! Looking for some company on the way up to LIB? Look no further if you are looking for someone laid back, considerate, and very positive. Will provide snacks and will pitch on gas!
Temecula, California - 05/05/2018
Hello fellow beings i am driving to LIB on the 20th at night or the 21st really early in the morning for volunteering. I have a four door hatch back with two extra seats if anyone is trying to boogie all the way to the event and create superb experiences together. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
San Jose, CA - 05/05/2018

I’m Chris and I will be flying in from Seattle, Wa on May 22nd. I will be taking a rental car (Toyota Yaris) from the airport to LIB in Bradley, Ca at 11am. I will be returning to the airport at 8am May 30th. I can probably squeeze 1 maybe 2 people in if any one needs a ride between here and there. Post fest I will probably find someplace nice to decompress. If you can throw in on gas it would be greatly appreciated!
Los Angeles, California - 05/05/2018
need a ride from LAX or Union Station on the 19th
San Diego, California - 05/04/2018
I am leaving San Diego on May 14 to go to site. I am planning to return to San Diego on May 29/30. Please give me a shout if you need a ride.
Tucson, Arizona - 05/04/2018
I can get to any point in town across Tucson for pickup, and am willing and able to chip in for gas. I'll bring snacks, home-brewed kombucha and have a driver's license in case we are trading off drivers.
San Diego, California - 05/03/2018
Looking for a one way ride to LIB on Thursday Afternoon. Gas is on me!
Zip: 91325 - 05/03/2018
Hey team! I have space for one on the way up to LIB but unfortunately will not have space coming back. If that fits your needs, let me know! Im in Northridge, CA.
Zip: 93401 - 05/03/2018
Hello! I am doing the work exchange for LIB with my shifts being from Friday 5/25 @ 9pm - Monday 5/28 @ 3pm! I am looking for a ride to LIB from SLO after 4 pm on Friday!
Zip: 90038 - 05/02/2018
Hey LIB peeps,

this is April, I'm looking to ride on the 16th to work my 3 pre-event shifts till the 19th. Anytime on the 16th is fine by me, very friendly/tidy/respectful/roadtrip lover - let's have fun!
Zip: 94114 - 05/01/2018
We've got three seats open - likely headed down Wednesday, and coming back on Monday
Portland, Oregon - 05/01/2018
Headed in early Sunday 20/21. Working behind the scenes to help it all come together for you guys. Lmk if u need a ride!
Isla Vista, California - 04/30/2018
Hello, I need a ride to LiB either thursday evening anytime after 5 or early Friday. More than willing to pay for gas, would like to meet my ride ahead of time. I like to think I'm good travel company too. Thanks!
Zip: 95945 - 04/30/2018
Offering a ride in my Chevy conversion van, comfy ride for 3-4 passengers:


**TO Grass Valley/ Nevada City

After the event on the 29th
Zip: 94110 - 04/30/2018
Looking for a ride from Mission/ Noe Valley area Friday AM, and back to SF Monday afternoon-early eve. Thanks in advance!
Malibu, California - 04/30/2018
Hey fam! Seeking a ride on either the 22nd or 23rd from Malibu. I got good jokes and funky music! Let’s ride :)
Fresno, California - 04/29/2018
Leaving Fresno on Friday 5/18/18 and coming back on the 28th or 29th. Room for 1 or 2 others. Taking the Highway 41
Stanton, California - 04/29/2018
Just 1 person plus 1 duffel and tent. :)
San Diego, California - 04/29/2018
Hi friends! I'm leaving San Diego on the 23rd by 11am in hopes of making it by 6pm. I can pick you up on the way if its not too much of a sidetrack. I got room for up to two (comfortably). I do have to leave at the crack of dawn on Monday for work.
Zip: 93401 - 04/28/2018
Working pre-fest, looking for a ride to festival grounds on 5/14
Walnut Creek, California - 04/28/2018
Hey there, i'm looking for a ride on Thursday (any time really) and hoping to come back on Monday midday. let me know if this works for you thanks!
San Francisco, California - 04/27/2018
I'll leave on Thursday 24th in the morning, around 10am, and do a car camp anyway.

I come back Sunday night, or Monday early morning.

Happy to share the road!
Zip: 92107 - 04/27/2018
Looking for a ride in exchange for dank food and spliffs.


Zip: 90291 - 04/27/2018
Flying into LA from FL and working in the AM on the 24th looking for a ride out to LIB on the 23rd I can provide you gas money, snacks, and great playlists! - Serena
Zip: 90278 - 04/27/2018
Looking for a ride up on the 22nd. Anytime of day is fine just as long as it's that day. Gas money, good vibs, and fun conversation will be included in your mission should you choose to accept it.
Zip: 90815 - 04/26/2018
I am leaving for the festival on the 19th my first shift is on 20th. Looking for someone to get pumped about the festival with and enjoy a pleasant drive up California.
Marina, California - 04/25/2018
I am leaving Sunday 5/20 to arrive to my shift on 5/21. Not returning back until May 30 would like to spend a day in the sequoias post festival :)
Los Angeles, California - 04/25/2018
Hello! My first shift is 5/23 at 8am and my last shift ends on 5/28 at 2pm. Let me know if you could help me out with a ride there and back or only one way! I am also flexible with staying longer. Thank you!
Santa Barbara, CA - 04/25/2018
Hey! I’ll be leaving Santa Barbara late Wednesday morning to get to Bradley around 1 PM.

If your friendly, positive, and need a ride, let me know! I’ve got extra space.
Zip: 90291 - 04/24/2018

I am volunteering for catering 5/23-5/26.

I will be leaving from Venice, CA on the afternoon of Tuesday 5/22 for an 11:00am Shift on 5/23. Also debating leaving suoer early Wed.

I will be heading back on Monday after the fest.

Hit me up.

Zip: 94704 - 04/24/2018
Desperately need a ride to volunteer shifts and back 18th-20th as well as to LIB
San Luis Obispo, California - 04/24/2018
Hi! I need a ride up to bradley and back to SLO on Monday May 14th, Saturday May 19th, and Sunday May 22nd! If anyone is passing through slo on their way up let me know!! Thanks (:
Zip: 94552 - 04/24/2018
Hi there! Looking for a ride (my partner and I) for 2 to LIB! Trying to leave Wednesday morning or so in order to arrive before 1pm.
Modesto, California - 04/24/2018
Hey! Working on the 22nd would need to be there by 9am, If anyone will be driving by or willing to go a bit off route please let me know! I'm pretty chill, and can help pitch for gas!
Zip: 95521 - 04/24/2018
Hi all! I am planning to leave from Arcata in Humboldt County on Wednesday around 12pm! Message me if you need a ride or are located on the way, I’d love to have company on the drive ~ can’t wait to bogie with y’all ~
Zip: 93401 - 04/24/2018
My names Nolan, I'm leaving Friday morning 5/18 coming back Sunday night 5/22 for the work exchange program. I'm going back for the festival Wednesday 5/25 through Sunday 5/30
Zip: 94621 - 04/24/2018
Looking for a ride on the 24th from Bay Area to the festival. Great vibes and gas money available.
San Luis Obispo, California - 04/24/2018
Going up for pre event build. Will be going may 12&13 (Saturday and Sunday) leaving morning of the 12 and coming back evening of the 13. Going back up the next weekend Sunday the 20 leaving that morning coming back that evening. I have 1 spot.
Zip: 85719 - 04/24/2018
Hi! I'm working on Monday the 21st at noon and I'm hoping to be able to catch a ride while listening to some good tunes along the way. Please let me know if you're available.
Zip: 93117 - 04/24/2018
Need a ride for my work shifts on the 17th, 18th, and 19th from Santa Barbara (Isla Vista to be exact). Will pay for gas and am great road trip company :)
Zip: 92115 - 04/24/2018
Hey y'all! I'm looking for a ride to and from LiB getting there wednesday and leaving monday afternoon. I'm near SDSU in la mesa but I can meet up anywhere in SD. I also have gas money and don't take up a ton of room. thanks in advance!
North Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/24/2018
Leaving from Vegas early Wednesday morning. Have room for 1-2 more people.
Zip: 94704 - 04/21/2018
Hello I am looking for a ride to arrive by 12pm on Wednesday 23rd. I am looking for space for 2 people.
Zip: 93401 - 04/21/2018
I'm Kyle - Headed up Wednesday after work or Thursday. Back Sunday or Monday. I have room for a person and a backpack
Oakland - 04/20/2018
Two of us need a ride there on the 23rd, work the 29th-31st, and want to come back June 1st!
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/19/2018

I was wondering if anyone is stopping by Vegas on the way to LiB and arriving Wednesday. My first shift is at 2 I think. Thank you in advance, and have a great day :)
Zip: 93401 - 04/18/2018
Leaving Thursday at 6 or 7 and headed back Monday at 4 or 5
San Luis Obispo - 04/17/2018
Have 3 seats
Los Angeles, California - 04/16/2018

I will be working in the catering department on 05/24 Thursday to 05/27 Sunday from 4-10pm. I am looking for a lift preferably to leave late Wednesday night after work, travel all night or leave Thursday morning super early.

I live in the Inland Empire (Victorville) but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food, driving and great conversation.

San Diego, California - 04/16/2018
Hola! I will be working in the catering department on 05/24 Thursday to 05/27 Sunday from 4-10pm.

I am looking for a lift preferably to leave late Wednesday night after work & travel at night or leave Thursday morning super early.

I live in the Inland Empire (Victorville) but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food, driving and great conversation.

San Luis Obispo, California - 04/13/2018
Need a ride to LIB Thursday of the festival (5/24) and a ride back on Sunday! Any help is much appreciated :)
San Jose, California - 04/12/2018
My friend, Aimee and I are looking for a ride to LIB from San Jose Airport. We are flying in May 23rd at noon and are available to meet anywhere near there anytime before the festival to catch a ride. We do not have early bird passes but if a potential ride is doing that we are open to it:)

We also are looking for a ride back to the San Jose Airport any time the night of the 28th!

We are two fun girls looking for an adventure with good people.
San Francisco, California - 04/11/2018
Driving down from SF - should have 3 seats available. Leaving early Thursday morning, coming back probably Monday
Zip: 93401 - 04/11/2018
Enough space for a passenger and a backpack
Zip: 94044 - 04/11/2018
Hi there! I'm volunteering at the box office beginning Wednesday 5/23 evening. Looking to catch a ride to get there by then as the rest of my group isn't going until Thursday! I'll pitch in on gas and am great company :) I can meet anywhere in the bay!
Zip: 93401 - 04/11/2018
Hello! I am doing the work exchange for LIB with my shifts being from Friday 5/25- Monday 5/28! I am looking for a ride from SLO after 4 pm on Friday!
Los Angeles, California - 04/10/2018
Hey there Lightning Crew!

Ill be flying into LAX on the 21st but eager to get to the festival on the 22nd of May! I'm willing to drive wherever it may be on order to guarantee my spot on a ride. I can most definitely contribute to gas and good company:)

Let's do this!!

Victorville, California - 04/10/2018
Hey! I will be working in the catering dept 5/24 Thursday- 5/27 Sunday 4-10pm- looking for a lift.

I am located in the Inland Empire but I am able to meet you in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any nearby area that we can work out. I am able to help with gas, food and great conversation.


Zip: 90302 - 04/10/2018
I'm volunteering for Lib, my shift starts on 5/20. If you are leaving from the LA area around this date(18,19 works), let me know if you'd like to carpool. I can help drive, and pitch on gas. Don't necessarily need a ride back, but can if you need a person going back for gas.
Anaheim, California - 04/09/2018
Hiya! I would love to find some rad people to drive up/camp with. I need to be up there by 4pm on the 23rd so I was thinking of leaving after work the day before. I can pitch in for gas/food!
Arvada, Colorado - 04/07/2018
I am Flying into San Jose Airport at 5:30 p.m. on 5/22. Before I rent a car from the airport are there any rides happening around the same time? have plenty of compensation! Also Leaving sunday the 27th around noon if I could get a ride back to San Jose.
Incline Village, Nevada - 04/07/2018
Hey!!! Working LIB for the first time!!! Coming from Lake Tahoe got space for 2 more. Throw down on gas and driving possibly camp buddies. Considering throwing down on car camping pass. Different story. Lets talk!!
Zip: 91711 - 04/06/2018
Hello new LIB friends!! I am looking for a ride from the LA area. I can meet you wherever is most convenient. I can provide gas money and delicious homemade baked goods! Preferably leaving pm of Wednesday the 23rd or AM of Thursday the 24th. Thanks :)
San Gabriel, California - 04/05/2018
Hey guys! I am looking for a ride to LiB in time for my shift on Monday the 21st. So probably looking to leave on the 20th which is Sunday. I am located near Pasadena, and willing to chip in for gas!
Zip: 92115 - 04/04/2018
Hi! I’m looking for a ride to and from LIB. I am in the El Cerrito area of San Diego but can meet up anywhere in SD! Will also have gas money :)
San Diego, California - 04/04/2018
I am looking for a ride from San Diego. Please let me know if anyone has room. I live in downtown, SD. Thank you.
San Luis Obispo - 04/03/2018
Have 3 spots to drive on Tuesday 5/22
Zip: 90024 - 04/03/2018
Looking for a ride that'll get to Bradley in time to start my pre-event build shift on Sunday May 20th. I live outside UCLA and am happy to pitch $$ for gas and food!
Zip: 93107 - 04/02/2018
Hi everyone! I am going to be coming from Isla Vista/Santa Barbara, CA area and could use a ride. I will be working during the event May 24-28.
Three Rivers, California - 04/01/2018
I am helping setup the weekend of May 11-13. If anyone needs a ride I will be leaving either the night of Thursday the 10th around 6pm or Friday around 6am, and returning on the 13th, my shift ends at 7:00 and I will come straight back.
Camarillo, California - 04/01/2018
Hey guys!

This is my first time at a festival and I'm super excited! I am looking for a ride to LiB on 05/23 with the intention to arrive before noon (starting my shift around that time). Will offer $ for gas, good company, and some bomb, homemade food. :)

Los Angeles - 03/28/2018
Hi there,

First year working at the festival. Been to other events, PEX fest, burning man x5 years, happily able to contribute to gas, can meet you in LA: Hollywood, Silverlake, Echo Park looking to leave on 5/22
Santa Clarita, California - 03/27/2018
Leaving on May 24 after work and return May 28... whenever.
Fresno, California - 03/26/2018
I'm planning to drive myself from Fresno Thursday 5/24 and returning late Sunday 5/27 or Monday 5/28. I have space for 1 or 2 others who will be picked up from Fresno or somewhere not way out the way.
Tucson, Arizona - 03/26/2018
i am driving from tucson by myself, if anyone rides from tucson, holla at me and i will able to give you ride to LIB.
Zip: 93117 - 03/26/2018
Me and a buddy are looking for 2 spots, we live in Isla Vista (near Santa Barbara right off 101). Will happily pitch for gas, let us know. We were planning on working the weekend right before the festival so a ride that weekend or the weekend of the festival would be much appreciated :)
Los Angeles - 03/26/2018
Hey all! I'm expecting to fly into LAX 5/22. Could definitely use a ride to the festival, trying to get there by 23/24. Just myself and a travelers backpack along with some supplies. Trying to keep it light. Will chip in for gas and/or some bomb ass food for our journey :)
Zip: 90815 - 03/26/2018
Wasss Poppin People!! I will Be driving from Long Beach to slo if anyone needs a ride i wouldnt mind taking a few peeps! Any info in regards to the offer lmk!! -Fin!
Zip: 92107 - 03/26/2018
Hi all! I'm going to be in San Diego before LIB and am looking for a ride from the Ocean/Pacific beach area. I can pay gas money and offer good company. Thanks in advanced!