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Lightning in a Bottle 2019 - Lightning Team

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Los Angeles, California - 05/14/2023
Hey Crew, I am still looking for a ride from LAX on Wed 5/17 after 2pm. Anyone available? Obviously, I will pitch in for gas. hmu 928-632-6353 Thanks! Lana
Los Angeles, California - 05/07/2023
Heyo. Looking for a ride on Wed 5/17 from LAX. I fly in at 2pm PT. Thanks!
Bakersfield, California - 05/12/2019
Heading up to Arcata in Humboldt County. Have room for three people or two with stuff. Can drop off anywhere along the way. $ gas money appreciated!
Zip: 93065 - 05/07/2019
Leaving Simi Thursday afternoon for my shift that night!
Zip: 93117 - 05/07/2019
Looking for a ride on May 9, preferably early in the morning. My first shift starts at 6pm so in that way I will be there on time.
Aptos, California - 05/07/2019
Leaving TODAY Tuesday May 7th 7:30pm exact from Santa Cruz to Bakersfield. Leaving site to Santa Cruz Wednesday May 15 ~5pm.
Los Angeles, California - 05/07/2019
Landing at Midnight on Tuesday, looking to be on site by 2pm wedneaday
Zip: 85282 - 05/06/2019
Will be leaving from Arizona @ 7AM on Wednesday morning!
Bakersfield, California - 05/06/2019

Just looking for a ride back to LA (MacArthur Park) on Sunday after 3!!

Zip: 93117 - 05/06/2019
Considering driving on Wednesday May 8th after 6pm if I can find someone to split gas with. Can pick up in SB, Ventura or anywhere along my route!
Sunnyvale, California - 05/06/2019
Can offer a ride from Sunnyvale at 6 pm sharp. :) I will be driving back Sunday night. Must be clean, sober, and able to chip with gas. No exceptions on sobriety down and back (you can do whatever during the event). Party On peeps
Los Angeles, California - 05/06/2019
hi, lm leaving to LIB Thursday around 8:30 am if anyone needs a ride. Some gas help would be cool. Good vibes only as I am good vibes only :) Janet
Bakersfield, California - 05/06/2019
Heyo! Looking for a ride from LIB to Santa Clarita (approx 1 hr 20 mins) Saturday evening. Thanks so much!
Zip: 93117 - 05/06/2019
Looking for a ride on May 8th from the SB area. Will offer gas money and good vibes:)
San Diego, California - 05/05/2019
I need a ride to la from San Diego
Los Angeles, California - 05/05/2019
Hi! I'm flying into LAX Wednesday May 8th at 9:00 AM I can help with gas money and will just have a large backpack with me, I can Uber to you elsewhere if that's more convenient as well. I'd like to get there that day to settle in before my shift the following day. Let me know if anyone has space! Thanks!
Zip: 90037 - 05/05/2019
I have a car camping pass but no car! I live around the USC area and would love to arrive Wednesday afternoon for my first shift on Thursday Morning. LMK!
Los Angeles, California - 05/04/2019
Riding in my van, lots of space for camping gear and could use some help with gas
Orange, California - 05/04/2019
Hello, I am leaving very early on Thursday morning 5/9 and have one spot in my car! Would love to have someone join to help the environment and eliminate the $30 fee for parking!

Also open to riding with someone else :)
Bakersfield, California - 05/04/2019
Hi. I’m flexible. I’d like a ride from LIB to Santa Clarita Saturday night or a ride to LAX arriving Sunday by 4pm latest (by noon is ideal).

I’ll pay for fuel and am fun to hang out with!! A good road-trip partner indeed. I’ll have one carry-on sized bag and a personal item.
California, United States - 05/04/2019
Hi! Looking for a ride back to Santa Barbara after the festival on Monday, 13 after I get off at 2pm
Los Angeles - 05/03/2019
Leaving from LA to lightning in a bottle Tuesday afternoon
San Diego, California - 05/02/2019
Hello fellow LiBers!

I am volunteering pre fest and plan on leaving either late Sunday May 5th or early morning Monday May 6th. My first shift is on Monday May 6th. If you would like to join please contact me! :)

San Diego, California - 05/02/2019
Leaving from San Diego

May 8 afternoon.

Or catching a ride :)
Zip: 90025 - 05/01/2019
Leaving to LiB for a Sunday, May 5th shift from 10am-8pm. Have 4 seats in my car if anyone would like to join! Just asking for a few bucks for gas, let me know!
San Luis Obispo - 05/01/2019
I am driving to LIB May 10th at 4pm from SLO!
Zip: 91711 - 05/01/2019
Leaving sometime on Tuesday 5/7. I have 3 spots in my car!
Beverly Hills, California - 05/01/2019
I am leaving Los Angeles sometime in the afternoon Wednesday. I have a volunteer shift that starts at 7pm. So, I want to get there at least a couple hours before that. I can take one passenger maybe two.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/30/2019
Hello! I’m gonna be on the lightning team leaving Vegas Thursday morning and coming back Monday morning. Currently riding solo !
San Luis Obispo - 04/30/2019
I am leaving from San Luis Obispo Wednesday May 8th, at around 6-6:30am!
Los Angeles, California - 04/30/2019
Flying into LAX at 10:20am Thursday May 9. Picking up car by 11am and leaving immediately for event. Can pick up festie-goers at rental car area of LAX. I must be onsite at Box Office by 1:30pm. Leaving early Monday morning 8am heading straight back to LAX. Happy to help people get to and from. Seeking $10 or thereabouts each way to help with gas. Max 3 people with small amount of equipment, or 2 people with moderate amount of stuff. Happy LIB!
Los Angeles - 04/30/2019
I'm flying into LA May 1st. Need to get to site May 2nd!! Good vibes, will throw in on gas & I'll have a small gift for you
California, United States - 04/30/2019
Hello! Looking for a ride to LIB either late 5/7 or early 5/8. My first shift is at 4pm on Wednesday. I'm flying in solo from VA early 5/7 and will be in Studio City with my brother. Prefer a ride there and back after the festival, but anything helps! Willing to split costs also. Let me know!
Zip: 92056 - 04/30/2019
Leaving May 7 in the morning from Oceanside, I can pick you up at the Oceanside transit center. Shoot me a text or call at 6197770620

5 seat BMW, only 1 seat confirmed taken so far
Bakersfield, California - 04/30/2019
Looking for someone who lives in Bakersfield to carpool with during my shifts. I live pretty close but would rather drive with someone to avoid parking costs.
Bakersfield, California - 04/30/2019
I am driving from Bakersfield to the venue Thursday evening at around 5-6.
Los Angeles, California - 04/29/2019
Hello! Looking for a ride to LIB 5/6 from Los Angeles in the afternoon. Can help with gas and snacks and joy!
Zip: 91801 - 04/29/2019
Leaving 5/4 or early 5/5! Can come pick up if needed :) 4 open spots
Bakersfield, California - 04/29/2019
:) looking for a ride back to LA either sunday night or (preferably) monday morning. can split gas and am totally willing to drive. thanks!!! stoked!!!

-dev ***
San Francisco, California - 04/28/2019
I need a ride down Wens 5/8 after 5pm so that I can work at 6am shift Thurs morning 5/9. Would appreciate ride back to SF on Sunday. Can help drive/ gas money.

Portland, Oregon - 04/28/2019
Looking to get there by the 7th, will give love and tortillas for the ride
Folsom, California - 04/28/2019
Hi we are heading down on the 5th as soon as we are all packed up. Leaving from Folsom, and trying to get an early start but not too rushed. So if you need to work on the 5th we are not for you. We are taking a motorhome so we should have a couple of spots. We are heading back on the 14th.
Zip: 94103 - 04/28/2019
I'm driving down on Friday the 3rd, sometime in the afternoon (aiming to leave no later than 3pm)

I have spots open, shoot me a message and lets make it happen :)
Santa Barbara, CA - 04/27/2019
I have one spot open in my car! Heading to the site at like 6am on May 3rd from SB and will be passing through Ventura! Leaving the site after my shift on May 5th around 430pm! Let me know if you need a ride!
San Diego, California - 04/26/2019
Headed to LIB for May 7/8 any time, thanks!
Zip: 94611 - 04/26/2019
Hello! I need a ride to LIB from Oakland on the 6th and then back on the 13th or 14th! Thank you! Happy to contribute gas money, snacks, and all the good vibes!
San Francisco, California - 04/26/2019
Hi there, looking for a ride from Oakland or SF. I need to be at LIB by wed May 8th at 9 am and Im done tues may 14th night so I'll take you up on either if that's when you're going. Im also very willing to rent a car and split costs!
Zip: 90404 - 04/26/2019
Scheduled to work pre-fest starting on the 5th! Would love a ride if anyone is on the same boat!
Los Angeles - 04/26/2019
Hi There!

My two friends and I are flying into LAX on May 7th at 2:45pm. We’re looking for a ride to LIB! We’re three fun loving girls who would certainly make the ride more worth while! Of course, we’re more than willing to contribute for gas. Please let me know if you’re able to help us out. Much appreciated!
Zip: 90814 - 04/26/2019
Heyo I'm leaving Long Beach either Tuesday evening or Wednesday AM. I have a mini Cooper so don't have a ton of room but I could fit another person comfortably! My last shift is Monday so I'd be leaving Monday afternoon.
LOS ANGLS Air Force Base, California - 04/26/2019
Hey :) looking for a ride from LA area to the festival. I'll be in LA from Tuesday May 7th. Also looking for a camping crew to join for my first LIB!
Bakersfield, California - 04/25/2019
Looking for a ride back to the Bay Area either Sunday night or fairly early Monday as I may have been (definitely was) overly ambitious and booked a flight home that departs from OAK at 8:00 a.m. Mon.

More than willing to help pitch for gas or even help drive :) My belongings will be few
San Francisco, California - 04/22/2019
Looking for a ride Thursday morning (first shift is 4pm Thurs) and returning Sunday night/monday morning). Happy to pitch in for gas $$ or help with the driving!
San Francisco, California - 04/18/2019
I'm thinking about joining my friends in SF to drive to the festival, but staying for my post-volunteer shifts. So I'm looking for a ride back up to SF! Will pitch in for gas and reflecting on our good times :)
Boise, Idaho - 04/18/2019
Hey! I'm driving by myself from Boise, Idaho. I'll be driving through Reno, Sacramento and down the 5 the rest of the way. Would gladly pick anyone up or drop off along the way. :)
Los Angeles, California - 04/17/2019
Can be picked up from anywhere in the valley. Am very chill and can provide gas $$ and the best of vibes
Costa Mesa, California - 04/17/2019
Heading out solo to LIB on 5/9. Driving my Subaru Impreza hatchback. Open to splitting a car camping pass if they are still available, but it's not necessary. Let me know if you want to ride up together! 6082078579
Zip: 94704 - 04/17/2019
Hello! Needing a ride on the 4th from Berkeley (can meet anywhere in the Bay) for my build shift on the morning of the 5th! Willing to provide payment, gas money, and chill vibes :)

Name is Linden and I'm working the Grand Artique build!
Los Angeles - 04/17/2019
Hi! I am looking for a ride from LA, flexible with time and arrangements, and obviously so happy to share on the gas and gooood vibrations! Cheers!
Ashland, Oregon - 04/17/2019
Hi! A long shot but does anyone happen to be making their way down from Oregon?! Or anywhere further north in CA. Would be so happy to contribute for gas and good vibes!
Los Angeles, California - 04/16/2019
Hello! I’m leaving solo to LIB on the 8th around noon. I’m planning on renting a SUV, truck or van (due to my camping gear and festival vibes). I have a car camping pass as well. HMU if you’d like to split the cost and we can work deets. :)

Zip: 90001 - 04/16/2019
I will be flying to LAX on Thursday morning need a ride from airport to event
Las Vegas, Nevada - 04/15/2019
Coming from vegas to work during the fest of 5 days. I was also deciding to fly to LA & just find a ride from there. But posting this just in case anyone else is coming from vegas! I have an abundance of camping supplies & of course will help on gas (:
Zip: 91205 - 04/15/2019
I'm an LTM - Build ops volunteer (pre-fest). Planning to arrive at LIB on 5/4.

I have a volkswagon beetle with 3 seats. happy to take an individual or a group that can pitch for gas. Also willing to scoop you up on the way up. :)
Los Angeles - 04/15/2019
Aloha, looking for a ride from LA to LIB the morning of the 9th. Happy to split gas money.
Los Angeles - 04/14/2019
Going solo so far. I’m heading out from LA area in the morning. I have a car camping pass as well. If you want to split the cost between the pass, & a rental suv or van, contact me so we can work deets out! Good Vibrations please :)
Bakersfield, California - 04/13/2019

I'm scheduled to arrive in Bakersfield via the Greyhound bus at 2:35pm on Sunday May 5th. A ride would sure be appreciated to save me a pricy uber/taxi. Could be anytime between 2:35 and into the evening. Thanks so much,

San Francisco, California - 03/26/2019

I am working on the box office team and my first shift is Monday May 6th at 4pm. Looking for a ride either Sunday or early Monday please :) I can happily provide gas money, positive vibes, and a lot of gratitude!

Thank you,