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Lightning in a Bottle - Team - 2017

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Zip: 92108 - 05/23/2017
Looking for a ride for myself and my massage table to arrive on site BY Thuraday at the latest. Ride fell through last minute but I am ready to go whenever you are! Thanks
Santa Barbara - 05/23/2017
Looking for ride to LiB today

Willing to share expenses

One person with. A couple bags
Sacramento, CA - 05/22/2017
Need a ride back to Sac from LiB on the 30th! I can offer gas money, some great conversation, kickin playlists, and whatever snacks and goodies I have leftover from the weekend :)
Reno, Nevada - 05/18/2017
Need a ride back to Reno/Tahoe from LiB on the 30th! I can offer gas money, some great conversation, kickin playlists, and whatever snacks and goodies I have leftover from the weekend :)
Zip: 90026 - 05/18/2017

My name is Irene and I'm looking for a ride to go and to come back from LIB.

I offer gas money, snacks and really good vibes and positivity!

Los Angeles - 05/17/2017
Looking for a ride on Thu, May 25th. Can meet you anywhere in LA area. Happy to help with driving and gas. Let's make it fun!
Zip: 90292 - 05/17/2017
Looking to catch a ride up to the festival and back. I can totally help with gas, driving if needed, and tell cool stories! I'm also volunteering at the festival so I can give you one of my shower vouchers!!! I can meet you in the area!! 502-548-1686
California, United States - 05/17/2017
Hey there! My friend and I are looking for a ride down on the 24 or early on the 25. We love to share snacks and music!!


Fortuna, California - 05/17/2017
Hi lovelies, we are two good souls in need of a ride to the festival. Ideally 23 or 24 may

Happy to share histories and costs.
Zip: 90048 - 05/15/2017
Could either get picked up in West Hollywood or Northridge. Need a ride to Lightning in a Bottle Wednesday 5/24 morning. Thanks!
San Diego, California - 05/15/2017
Hola corazones!

I am driving up from San Diego, Thurs 5/25 around 8am-ish (shift starts at 8pm), and returning sometime on Monday morning. I have a Kia Soul, and should have enough room for up to two if we can tie our stuff on top :)
Santa Barbara - 05/15/2017

My friend Mario & I are building on May 17-19 and are looking for a ride to LIB from Santa Barbara TOMORROW (May 16) or super super early on May 17 (to start build for 9:00am).

We come with beautiful music and loving vibes. See you soon!

Andrew & Mario
San Jose, California - 05/14/2017
Hey there! I've got a truck, snacks, good music, am located in the Bay Area and am in need of friends/carpool. Hit me up if you need a ride or want to be camping buddies :)
California, United States - 05/14/2017
Toyota Yaris with room for 1-2 people (depending on gear). Will be leaving either really late around 2am-9am Thursday 5/25
Santa Maria, California - 05/14/2017
I will be leaving either Thurs. 25th after 4pm or Friday morning 8am depends on my work schedule coming home Mon. 29th after my shift 2pm
Zip: 90036 - 05/13/2017
Hello there! looking to leave Tuesday (5/22) and leave Sunday (5/28) to avoid traffic! I'm bringing a bike rack too! I am a positive energy good vibes kinda gal looking for like minded souls for this awesome journey. Good music, gas contributions, and yummy snacks are welcome!
Los Angeles - 05/13/2017
Hi friends! Me and another Lightning Team member are coming in from New Orleans into LA. We're looking for a ride to LiB on the 24th and a ride back to LA on the 29th. We've done it the past two years and had great experiences :)

We're happy to pitch in for gas, snacks and any other travel needs!
San Luis Obispo - 05/06/2017
Hey guys we're on the the green team front of house heading over Wednesday afternoon if you'd like to join us!

SLO->LIB evening of Wednesday 5/24

LIB->SLO evening of Sunday 5/28
Santa Cruz - 05/05/2017
I will be leaving Santa Cruz Tuesday May 16th to do my shifts from May 17th to May 19th. I will be driving back to Santa Cruz May 19th.
Sacramento, California - 05/04/2017
Hi! I am working Pre-Event and am looking for a ride from Northern California to LIB on or before Sunday, May 21st at 10 am. I am in Sacramento but have people willing to drive me to San Francisco or somewhere within 2 hours of Sac to meet up for a ride! Thanks :)
Zip: 92078 - 05/04/2017
I am from San Marcos, North County. I am think of leaving Tuesday/midday because my first shift is Thursday afternoon. I'd like to get there early.

I have two seats available. I am very friendly and accommodating. Was thinking of off roading on the way. I also love house and techno. :) If you'd like to venture with me hmu
Zip: 95060 - 05/03/2017
Heading down to LIB from Santa Cruz to work during event! Would be willing to offer a ride in exchange for gas money :-)
Mesa, Arizona - 05/03/2017
I am leaving Monday morning and am on the build crew Tuesday and Wednesday (5/23&5/24) and Tuesday (5/30). I will be returning to the PHX area on Wed. I have a car camping pass and gear. I have room for 2 or 3 passengers.
San Diego, California - 05/02/2017
hi there! I am leaving SD Tuesday morning/mid-day because my earliest shift is Wednesday morning. Looking for fun people to contribute gas & snacks!
Vista, California - 05/02/2017
Hello! My name is Clarissa :) I'm looking for a ride up from North County San Diego on Wednesday, 3/24! I have a shift with Dough Lab at 5:00 pm Wednesday, so it would have to be sometime in the morning! I can pitch in gas money, some snacks, tunes, and good vibes! Let's woogie!
Phoenix, Arizona - 05/02/2017
Hello! I'm traveling from Phoenix leaving early Tuesday morning (5/23) in order to get there before gates close that night for my noon shift on Wednesday.

I can offer a ride there only, as I'll have a full car on the way back. Let me know if you're on my route and need a lift!
Zip: 80301 - 05/01/2017
Room for one more. Leaving Saturday the 20th for pre-festival.
San Luis Obispo, California - 05/01/2017
Looking for ride up on 5/19 arriving before noon.

Ride back to SLO on 5/21 sometime after 4ish!

lmk if you got tha plug
Zip: 90026 - 05/01/2017
Hi! I am looking for a ride leading Friday afternoon from LA. Willing to chip in with gas and snacks
San Francisco, California - 04/30/2017
Hello! Looking for a ride from SF leaving May 10th (or May 16th).

I will help out with gas, snacks and laughs.

San Luis Obispo, California - 04/29/2017
Hi everyone! I'm driving to LIB from San Luis Obispo, CA and am offering rides:

SLO -> LIB: Saturday, May 20th at 6:00am

LIB -> SLO: Sunday, May 21st at 9:00pm

Hit me up if you need a ride :)
Albuquerque, New Mexico - 04/29/2017
The last 30 miles! I will arrive on the train May 15 to Paso Robles at 4:30pm. Can someone give me a ride the last 30 miles to the venue? Paso Robles is on the 101 just south of LIB. I can wait until evening if necessary. Big Love!
Paonia, Colorado - 04/28/2017
Leaving Western Co mid May to arrive on central coast by 5/17. My family lives in Grover. First volunteer shift is 5/21. Not sure when I'll head back.
Zip: 95928 - 04/28/2017
Looking for a ride from Chico or nearby areas!! I got music, treats, and all the pre-festy energy you want!
Los Angeles, California - 04/27/2017
Hello! Looking for a ride from LA leaving May 10th.

I will help out with gas, snacks and laughs.

San Francisco, California - 04/27/2017
My name is Tiffany :) I'm sweet and fun! Throw down on gas of course!
Zip: 91711 - 04/27/2017
Hello everyone!

I'll be leaving the metropolis of Claremont around 3pm on Wednesday 24th and leaving LiB on June 1st around 8pm to return!

I have multiple seats but don't want to drive all over SoCal to pick people up! I'd be glad to either meet you in Claremont or if you live along the way (i'll be taking the 210 to the 5) I'll swoop in and grab ya!

I don't bite, I like house music, my speakers are great, and my AC is cold! :)
Zip: 90036 - 04/26/2017
Hello! Hoping to catch a ride on the 25th and return on the 29th. Willing to contribute gas, snacks, camping supplies, and positive light!
Zip: 93111 - 04/25/2017
Going solo and looking to catch a ride up from SB, so if anyone else is trying to get there Wednesday afternoon and could grab me and some light gear it would be appreciated.
Los Angeles, California - 04/25/2017
Is anything leaving Wednesday afternoon? I can chip in with gas, bring snacks provide spotify premium.
California, United States - 04/22/2017
Hello lovelies!

I am looking for a ride from the Bay Area, on Sunday the 21st of May. Please let me know if you have any room for pre-event schedule carpooling.

Thank you! :)
Zip: 95064 - 04/22/2017
Need a ride! I am working on May 19-May 21.
Zip: 95825 - 04/19/2017
Needing ride to LIB. Has Gas, treats and Good vibes. Greenteam and striketeam member working the festival.
Zip: 90005 - 04/17/2017
Hi there! offering a ride!

1 seat only

Leaving from ktown around 1pm on Tuesday May 23 and returning on May 30 to LA closer to 6pm
Reno, Nevada - 04/17/2017
Room for one! Coming from Reno/Tahoe, can pick up anywhere along the way -- Sac, east bay, etc.
Sacramento, California - 04/12/2017
Looking for a ride for two people! We are flexible with pick up location- anywhere near Sacramento or San Franscisco is doable.
California, United States - 04/11/2017
Just looking for a ride on the way up on Wednesday the 24th! Gas and food will be on me from there :)
Zip: 91910 - 04/10/2017
From San Diego for "during," shift event (Th-Sunday). Will contribute toward gas and snacks.
Montebello, California - 04/10/2017
I'd like to find a ride that leaves Wednesday the 24th early in the morning. I live just 15 minutes east of downtown LA but can meet you anywhere in the area. I'm a really responsible driver if you need a hand driving. Only taking the necessary gear. Need to be back in LA by Monday. Of course willing to split expenses.