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Lucidity Festival 2023

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Los Angeles - 04/13/2023
Need a ride to Cochella Cochella willing to trade that for after parties
Zip: 93101 - 04/08/2023
Hi Anyone,

I have a parking pass and I'm leaving for Lucidity from Santa Barbara's Westside at 10ish and have room for 3 LMK.
Zip: 93105 - 04/08/2023
Hello I’m leaving at 11am up to Lucidity. Contact me if you want a ride up. I have a parking pass and will be bussing in but I don’t mind dropping someone at the gate. If I don’t have responses here I may go up earlier.
Los Angeles - 04/07/2023
I am leaving Redondo Beach at noon! I can get someone along the way if needed!
Santa Barbara - 04/07/2023
We're driving to and from the fest on Sunday from Santa Barbara, with room for 2. We'll be leaving around 8 am and coming back probably around 5 pm.
Morro Bay, California - 04/07/2023
Driving down and passing thru San Luis. I’m solo and have a truck. Meeting my tribe but have room if someone needs a lift.
Los Angeles, California - 04/07/2023
I need a ride to lucidity I can put in money for gas.
La Cumbre, Cordoba - 04/06/2023
Toyota Venza Hybrid
Zip: 94703 - 04/06/2023
I'm leaving from Berkeley Friday morning with room for 1-2 riders. I could be swayed to leave Thursday night, too. I haven't been to Lucidity before but I'm camping with a bunch of people who have. Looking forward to sharing the journey with a beautiful soul or two.
Zip: 93117 - 04/06/2023
Airport to Lucidity between 10:30 and 11:00
Santa Barbara, California - 04/06/2023
Willing to throw gas money, medium bulky gear, flying in at 5:30 to those arriving a bit late or willing to wait up for me! Cheers from CO!
Zip: 94131 - 04/06/2023
Hi! Looking for ride to Lucidity on Friday. I am located in Glen Park, close to the 101. Licensed/insured and happy to help drive.
Zip: 93101 - 04/05/2023
This is my second Lucidity. I have an early bird pass and I am searching for a ride sometime on Thursday. Thanks and I appreciate you so much!
Half Moon Bay, California - 04/05/2023
Heading down Thursday after 430pm due to work. I have a van with room for your gear. We can drop you wherever you plan to stay in Santa Barbara Thursday evening. Split gas and hopefully some driving if you're licensed/insured :) Will likely be heading back up Monday midday.
Zip: 94704 - 04/04/2023
Leaving Thurs morning ~8:30-9am from Berkeley. Happy to pick up along the route within reason. Room for one more person + stuff. Please have an early arrival pass! :D
San Diego, California - 04/04/2023
Leaving at 1pm Thursday from UTC area and I have room for a passenger with ideally not to many things
Ashland, Oregon - 04/04/2023
I have a van with room for you and your gear. I’m Showing up to the festival grounds with an early arrival pass on Thursday.
Los Angeles, CA - 04/04/2023
Leaving on Thursday, April 6th and aiming to be at the campgrounds by 12pm. Happy to carpool, gas money or food related offers would be much appreciated!
Zip: 93101 - 04/04/2023
Last minute changes and need a ride form dt sb up to the camp grounds Friday, I can help out with gas money
Meriden, Connecticut - 04/04/2023
Looking for anyone with extra space heading up Friday and can pitch in with extra gas money. Last minute changes and need to find another way up
Santa Barbara - 04/04/2023
Heyo! My name is Galen, first time Lucidity goer. I'm looking for a ride to the box office from Santa Barbara (either downtown, airport, or Amtrak - whatever is easiest!). I'm willing to pitch in for gas!
Zip: 93117 - 04/04/2023
I am a healer / massage therapist working at Lucidity - I need a ride from Santa Barbara airport on Thursday morning, flight arrives 9:57AM, need to arrive to Lucidity festival in time for gifting sessions to the staff starting 12:30 on Thursday... thank you for your help!!!

Ahna 805.801.9573
Zip: 93101 - 04/02/2023
Santa Barbara Amtrak Station pick-up needed.

I'm just a happy camper who needs a lift from the train station to the box office for check-in on Friday - mid day.

I'm happy to help pay for gas.
Santa Barbara, California - 04/02/2023

My name is David and I am from Switzerland. Would love to catch a ride to the box office if someone is cruising through and wants to take me with you. Have lots of stories to share and also can pitch in on gas.

much love
Los Angeles - 03/30/2023
Looking for a ride to the festival don’t mind pitching in for gas and cooking cleaning up!
Santa Barbara - 03/30/2023
Hi,my name Justin first time can make it to Santa Barbra just need a ride to the campground don’t mind throwing down and cooking cleaning up to pitch in
Santa Barbara - 03/30/2023
Hey everybody! My name is Aaron Flitsch (Flitschy_Glass). I am a glassblower hoping to make it to lucidity this year for my first time. I will be flying into santa barbara at 10am solo and was hoping to find a ride from santa barbara to the camp grounds! Happy to pitch gas money, and cook ya a nice meal! Im really excited to meet everybody
Oceanside, California - 03/27/2023
I am one of the artists performing, and need a ride from Oceanside SD or the Amtrak station in Santa Barbra. I need to arrive at the festival grounds by noon on April 5th to set up. I also need a ride back to Oceanside or the Amtrak station in Santa Barbra the morning of April 10th. Thank you!
Los Angeles - 03/24/2023
My girlfriend and I are looking to share a ride to Lucidity Campgrounds from Los Angeles on Thursday, April 6th.
Los Angeles, California - 03/24/2023
I need a ride 4/7/23 from LAX airport. My flight lands at 7:45am so hopefully would like to be picked up around 8ish!!
Los Angeles, California - 03/21/2023
Looking for a ride from LAX to Lucidity Festival on 4/7/23.

I'm one of the artists playing on 4/8/23
Encinitas, California - 03/20/2023
I'd love a ride to Lucidity and back. Leaving from Encinitas on Friday :) I've got good vibes and a voice for song.
Zip: 92054 - 03/19/2023
Needing a ride there and back— or at-least from the Santa Barbara Amtrak Train station on Thursday the 6th, and then to the Santa Barbara Amtrak Station early morning (before 8:30am) on Monday the 10th.
Salt Lake City, Utah - 03/17/2023
Fairy Godmother heading from UT and looking for a buddy to share gas and snack costs. Will park and take the shuttle in once we arrive.
Zip: 94710 - 01/25/2023
Leaving from Berkeley, CA with room for two riders. Its about a 6 hour drive on the 101 so it could go two ways: leave before rush hour on Friday morning and return on Monday. Or leave Thurs in the evening after work and drive down for a few hours and then find a place to crash/ camp for the night. Then get their earlier on Friday.

I have been to Lucidity before and if this sounds good get in touch!
Ventura, California - 12/11/2022
Im part of the pre event team so I will need to leave April 2nd! Will bring snacks;)