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MEC Ottawa Trail Race Three: Calabogie Peaks

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Gatineau, Quebec - 09/05/2018
From Gatineau to calabogie. 13km and back.
Ottawa, Ontario - 09/04/2018
Looking for a ride for 2 for Saturday (the day before the race) as we're looking to camp and climb! Happy to pitch for gas and bring snacks!
Ottawa, Ontario - 08/30/2018
Hi, I am going to be in Ottawa for a few days for work and staying right in the centre of town. I would like to try and race mostly as an opportunity to see some of the countryside in Canada - having never been before. If anyone can offer a lift on Sunday that would be great. Thank you.
Gatineau, Quebec - 08/27/2018
Hi! I am looking for a ride from anywhere in Gatineau to the race!

Thank you!!