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National Bioneers Conference 2019

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Zip: 94903 - 10/20/2019
Would anyone who is flying out this evening like to share a Lyft to the airport around 3:45?
Zip: 94903 - 10/18/2019
I need a ride back into San Francisco this evening
Novato, California - 10/17/2019
driving daily to the conference (Fri-Sun) from Novato
Sebastopol, California - 10/17/2019
I have a Prius so pretty good gas mileage. We could meet at Hardcore Coffee in Sebastopol or enroute.... Cotati Park & Ride etc. and share expenses.


San Francisco, California - 10/17/2019
Ride to and from Bioneers in Marin
San Francisco, California - 10/17/2019
Hi, going to san fran airport now from san jose airport to get to santa rosa by bus. If anyone is around, please text mw at 631 923 7071. Also like to share a place to stay! I am a Massage Therapist and Reiki preactitioner from NY. Thanks! Kim
Zip: 94110 - 10/17/2019
Would love a ride Friday morning from SF!!! Thanks!!
Zip: 94117 - 10/17/2019
Hi I'd love a ride from the Lower Haight on Friday, Sat eve for the dinner and Sunday if possible. Happy to contribute $$.
Zip: 94127 - 10/17/2019
Would love a ride from SF to the Conference on Saturday. Happy to contribute $$.
Oakland, California - 10/16/2019
I am attending Sunday afternoon's events. Will depart at 11:45 am on Sunday.
Oakland - 10/16/2019
I will be renting a car from Oakland for about $30/day, so would appreciate some contribution to the rental and/or gas money.

I'll leave early morning Saturday (or potentially Friday night) and be returning to the east bay Sunday night. I can pick up/drop off people in SF if needed.

Please text me at 315-640-6884 if interested
California, United States - 10/15/2019
Oakland, CA - 10/15/2019
I am arriving at OAK, Thursday, 10/17 at 11:55am via SWA #1894 from ABQ and would love a ride to the conference location. John Meade, (505) 470-9740 (cell). Thanks.
Mountain View, California - 10/14/2019
Ride to San Rafael Thursday afternoon returning Sunday evening
Zip: 94128 - 10/14/2019
Hello! Student from USC here excited for this upcoming week : D I was wondering if anyone was 1) driving to Marin County on Thursday, the 17th. 2) driving back to SF on Thursday night and/or 3) driving to the Marin Center Friday morning and had a spare seat. Crossing my fingers : )
California, United States - 10/11/2019
Driving up in my truck if I can't find a ride Thursday night. Looking for leads on places to stay also.
Piedmont, California - 10/10/2019
Hi I'm looking for a ride on Sunday morning or Noonish from Oakland or a BART station in SF i could get to.Need to be there by 2 to moderate cool panel on women scientists...
Oakland, California - 10/09/2019
Hi, I'm am flying in from the East coast. I seek a ride on Friday ... or early sat am to the conference. Will not land until late morning on friday most likely or midday. If anyone is going up late, I'd love a ride. Seek ride back to Bay area on Sunday night.
Zip: 94110 - 10/09/2019
I'm looking for a ride to Bioneers on Thursday morning, 10/17, really from anywhere in San Francisco. Ideally a ride back would be ideal as well!

Please send me an email if you have a spot in your car. I'll have 2 backpacks with me. Many thanks!

-- Emily
Zip: 97202 - 10/09/2019
I was planning to leave Thursday October 17th 8am and coming back arriving late Monday 21st.

I have room for 2 comfortably in my Honda Fit. I will be staying in San Rafael, CA.

I am up to splitting the gas if you are.
Zip: 94102 - 10/03/2019
Greetings :)

I'll be staying in the Union Square area and would love meet somewhere downtown to carpool to the Marin Center (I'll eagerly pay for gas) if you'll be driving from/through there.


Los Angeles, California - 09/30/2019
I can take 3 from the conference to Los Angeles. I will leave Monday morning, October 21.
Corvallis, Oregon - 09/30/2019
I have a Honda Odyssey van and could take several riders. I am recovering from a back injury and would love not to drive the whole thing in one day. Could leave Oregon Tues. evening. Considering going to the Thursday event, so arrival in Mill Valley on Wed. night possible, or Thursday night at the latest. Post-conference, would like to head north on Tues., arrive Wed. Can shorten the journey to one day with responsible drivers, so I can lay down in far back seat for part of it. Will consider coming back on Monday if riders need that. Laurie
San Marcos, California - 09/27/2019
I will be leaving from N. San Diego County around 2:30-3 PM on the 17th.
Santa Monica, California - 09/24/2019
I will drive from Los Angeles to San Rafael on the eve of the 17th.

Can offer a ride to one or two people.

I booked an Airbnb for Oct 18-20; which can be shared with the right person.
Olympia, Washington - 09/23/2019
Hello! I'm a volunteer for bioneers and looking for a ride in the Portland/ Seattle/ Olympia area. Please let me know if you have any space at

Power to the plants
Zip: 94611 - 09/21/2019
Hi! I live in Oakland, CA and am looking for a ride to and from the conference. Happy to help pay for gas and drive if needed. Thank you!
Reno - 09/10/2019
Will be attending all 3 days plus the workshop on Thursday. Would love to share a ride and a hotel.
Zip: 94109 - 09/02/2019
Hi folks! I am a student from Washington hoping to attend the conference while staying with a friend in San Francisco. Would anyone who is making the drive from the area each day be willing to have a passenger? I would be more than happy to pay for gas! Thanks for your consideration. -Linnea
Santa Rosa, CA - 08/31/2019
I will be at the conference all 3 days, planning on arriving 8:30ish in the morning.
Zip: 95521 - 08/30/2019
Leaving late Thursday evening 10/17 (around 6:30pm) after class and returning 10/20 or 10/21, I’m flexible.
Zip: 99203 - 08/16/2019
I am flying in from Washington State, and so far, I haven't found an affordable place to stay in or near San Rafael. So, I will be staying in Berkeley with a friend. I am hoping to ride from the Berkeley area with someone to and from the Bioneers Conference each day, Thursday through Sunday. It would be great if I could meet you and be dropped off at a mutually convenient location each or any of the days of the Conference.
Eureka, California - 08/13/2019
I am driving down 10/16, and returning 10/20. Have room for more than one.
Oakland, California - 07/09/2019
I will leave on Friday around 8 am and return to Oakland on Sunday after the closing.
Roseburg, Oregon - 06/21/2019
I will be driving south on I-5 from southern oregon. i can give 1-3 people a ride to the Marin Center.
Zip: 80304 - 06/21/2019

I will be in the Mission area of SF until Friday morning of the conference and would love to carpool with someone!
Zip: 80209 - 05/15/2019
I have a plane ticket to Bioneers, but if it made sense to carpool, I would cancel it.