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Oregon Summit 2019

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Portland, Oregon - 10/06/2019
Looking to share costs for ride to Bend and am open to departure day and time, but would like to return Sunday.
Ashland, Oregon - 09/30/2019
Drive to Sunriver OR for Oregon Summit arriving by 3pm

On 10/18 returning Sunday 10/20 by 12pm
Portland, Oregon - 09/30/2019
I will be leaving Thursday, October 17th, around 1-2 PM and will be returning Sunday, October 20th, afternoon. I live in NE Portland, near Halsey and NE 73rd Ave, but have no issue picking up a rider if needed. Also, if you are willing to go on Thursday, but have no lodging for Thursday evening, I will provide that night's lodging.

I am renting a full-size car--I always drive a rental to Sun River--and can comfortably handle at least two additional riders.

Please contact me if you are interested in riding with me. My maximum ask for riders is $25 round-trip, but that is negotiable depending on rider's ability to pay. I will take full scholarship riders for free, and partial scholarship riders for $10-15. Don't be embarrassed to ask for fear of being turned down.
Hillsdale, Michigan - 09/27/2019
Ashland, Oregon - 09/27/2019
To go to Oregon Summit 10/18.
Ashland, Oregon - 09/27/2019
To Bend Sunriver for Oregon Democratic Summit
Ashland - 08/10/2019
To Democratic Summit in Bend.