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Paradiso Festival 2014

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Seattle, Washington - 06/26/2014
Hello, my wife and our best friend are trying to get to the Gorge on Friday 8/8 to see Arcade Fire. We only need a ride there because we are meeting up with people there. Thanks! Very willing to pitch in.
Tacoma, Washington - 06/20/2014
I am moving from South Florida to Seattle this Sunday and unfortunately will not have my car. I will cover all gas expenses if I can get a ride out to Paradiso and camp with you. I have camping gear as well. Please help a sister out. Live PLUR
Wilsonville, Oregon - 06/19/2014
Hey guys! I still have one paradiso ticket set for grabs, I'm trying to get rid of it like today, if anyone is interested or knows anyone that's still looking for a cheap one please let me know! Thanks!
Renton, Washington - 06/18/2014
Hi my friends and I are looking for a ride to paradiso!

We will pitch in for gas and camping!

Thank you.

There are three of us.
Bellevue, Washington - 06/14/2014
I need a ride and a group to camp and party with a Paradiso! My original group can't go anymore so now I'm the only one with tickets lol, I'll for sure spot the driver gas money and buy hella alcohol for everyone in the group. Please let me know if you have an open spot!
98501 - 06/12/2014
HEY everbody. Soo here is the deal. I have to tickets to diso but my buddy bailed and now I have an extra ticket and no ride. I'm willing to give whoever gives me a ride my other ticket. But I want to go up Thursday to experience the pre party. If anyone is interested shoot me an email. We can talk about details. I plan to stay till sunday. So Thursday till sunday. And yes the extra ticket is a 2 day pass for the weekend.
Tacoma, Washington - 06/10/2014
Hey Everyone!

I am looking for a ride for myself and one other person to Paradiso on Thursday and returning on Sunday or early Monday. We have camping passes and our own camping gear. We will also contribute an agreed upon amount of $ for gas/food/etc...

Please message the email provided if you are interested in giving us a ride.


Seattle, Washington - 06/09/2014
My friend and I are looking for someone with two extra seats to provide us with a ride to and back from Paradiso. We're hoping to catch a ride from someone who is leaving for the event on Thursday and coming back Sunday.

We will compensate greatly for gas $$!
Seattle, Washington - 06/07/2014
Me and probably two friends need a ride to paradiso

trying to stay both days of the festival (:

my name is keegan and we will have donations for gas.


Seattle - 05/27/2014
Paradiso June 27th and 28th.

I will stop to pick up your camping needs at your request- REI in Issaquah. There is literally nothing near the Gorge within a 10 mile radius.

Fun personable, respectful CL driver with references from Sasquatch

$30 per person one way and each way. It is a 2 1/2 -3 hr ride.

Stop in Ellensburg for your food needs: Fred Meyer if needed.

Thursday- pick up to TBD

Friday- pick up TBD

I will return you back on Monday am 7-8 am or earlier

Sunday for extra $20

I am not staying there so I can drop you inside the venue as long as you have a wristband. They are strict and at worst you wait at the gate.

I can take up to 6 people with all your gear- dodge caravan 2009.

Email me and once confirmed I give my #.

Thanks for reading and have fun!
Surrey, British Columbia - 05/02/2014
Hi! I'm volunteering at Paradiso this year, and need to be there by 5pm on Thursday the 26th. If anyone else from Langley or Vancouver is going to be volunteering as well and wants someone to join them on the trip down and toss them some money for gas, I'd love to! Or, if you are simply going, but have room in your car for the trip home to Vancouver or similar, talk to me as well :)