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Paradiso Festival 2015

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Kirkland, Washington - 06/26/2015
25, female ride just cxled tickets are there and I'm ready to go I just need a ride there and can help with has
Seattle, Washington - 06/25/2015
Looking to catch a ride to Paradiso. I can help pay for gas and I won't need a ride back. I can't leave until 3pm, so if you are looking for carpool and leaving anytime after 3pm let me know. I am a Normal laid back dude, FB me - Branden Garinger.
Pullman, Washington - 06/25/2015
Last minute but I would love to have 3 spots from Pullman (WSU area) to Paradiso.. since our ride bailed last minute that would be awesome!
Seattle, Washington - 06/24/2015
Looking for a to Paradiso leaving sometime on Thursday. I've got camping and I can chip in for gas/snacks/alcohol. Let me know if anything is possible, Thanks. (:
Redmond, Washington - 06/24/2015
Happy to offer ride to 1 rider to Paradiso and back. Plan to leave on Friday morning & be back on Sunday.
Coquitlam, British Columbia - 06/21/2015
2 of us looking for a ride back from the festival to the Vancouver/lower mainland area.
Zip: 97206 - 06/16/2015
Paradiso - We're selling 4 rides and places to sleep in our 40' bus. $100 per person.

There are bunk beds with memory foam. Comfy spots to rest after partying hard. Caleko WheelsOsteel and me will also have a generator for powering your phone.

$50 If you have camping gear and just want to ride in the bus.
Auburn, Washington - 06/12/2015
Hey ! I'm a 22 year old rad dude looking for a ride to paradiso ! I got ups on gas,food, camping ticket exc. Garunteed good times! Can't wait !
Zip: 97206 - 06/11/2015
Its just me, 24 y/o female looking to stay the whole festival, with ups on gas money and food. If your going im down!!
Zip: 98225 - 06/10/2015
I'm looking for a ride that leaves around 2 on Thursday, and a ride back on Sunday. My car isn't good enough to drive there. So I'm hoping someone would wanna help out!!! Willing to pitch in for gas and trade some awesome kandi. Thank you :)
Bellingham, Washington - 06/08/2015
My friend and I (male and female) are looking for a carpool to Paradiso to set up camp Thursday night, and then a ride back as well! If anyone can help please let me know.
Tacoma, Washington - 06/04/2015
I need a ride to paradiso departing no earlier than 8:00 on friday night.
Polson, Montana - 05/30/2015
Arriving Thursday night or Friday morning, and leaving Sunday. Pitch ins on gas and camping would be helpful. Will be willing to pickup anywhere between Polson/Missoula area and Event.