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Paradiso Festival 2017

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Oregon, United States - 06/01/2018
Seattle - 06/23/2017
Jeep rubicon 4 seats asking 15 dollars gas money
Seattle, Washington - 06/22/2017
One girl also needing a ride to diso possibly saturday morning!! Willing to chip in for gas money!
Ellensburg, Washington - 06/22/2017
For 2 people
Zip: 98848 - 06/22/2017
To and from paradiso from the quality inn ellensburg
Seattle, Washington - 06/22/2017
My girlfriend is coming all the way from Brooklyn to go to this festival and I can't make it anymore because of work but she's still going and I wanna send her with a safe, nice somebody to get her to paradiso! -cielle
Hood River, Oregon - 06/21/2017
I need a ride to paradiso on the 23. My name is Ashley. My friends bailed.
Cheney, Washington - 06/20/2017
Me and my brother need a ride from the Cheney area! We can pay 100$ we would really appreciate it thanks!
Seattle, Washington - 06/17/2017
Need a ride for paradiso June 23, and way back too. I'll definitely split gas, and it would be cool to meet other ravers early
Zip: 97219 - 06/05/2017
Looking for a ride to Paradiso Friday the 23rd after work! Happy to pitch in for gas and bring snacks!
Seattle, Washington - 06/05/2017
Two girls willing to pay for driving expenses. We are riding the Greyhound bus from Salt Lake City, Utah. We would be needing to get picked up from the Seattle station on Friday around noon. And dropped back off Sunday morning. Please get back to me!!
Seattle, Washington - 05/31/2017
One girl willing to pay gas, trying to catch a ride to paradiso! HELP!
Seattle, Washington - 05/29/2017
Intern working in Seattle for the summer. I get off work Friday evening, around 4 or 5. Can help with gas for the way there.
Daly City, California - 05/14/2017
Need a ride to Seattle on Sunday the 25th preferably around noon when the campsite closes so I can make my evening flight back to SF. Let me know if you have room for me, I'll totally pitch on gas :)
Seattle - 04/12/2017
Just a solo single dude from Hawaii trying to catch a ride
Portland - 03/03/2017