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Paradiso Festival 2018

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Moses Lake, Washington - 06/16/2018
Ride to and from hotel to the gorge amphitheater
SeaTac, Washington - 06/14/2018
Me and my friend are stranded at SeaTac airport because our flight got in late and we missed our shuttle, so we desperately need a ride to paradiso or anywhere near there!! We can pay for gas!
Seattle - 06/13/2018
One friend and I will be flying into Seattle from Chicago to Paradiso Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheater. Looking for a ride we have cash!
Portland Oregon - 06/12/2018
Need a ride for 2 people up to paradiso and preferably back! We can't park and are meeting our friends separately so trying to figure it out, we'd bring a tent and suitcases. Bring snacks and tunes :)