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Pemberton Music Festival 2016

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Pemberton, British Columbia - 07/12/2016
We are 4 persons, we need to come back on sunday after the last music.Thanks a lot !!
Edmonton - 07/11/2016
One seat open, leaving early Thursday morning, driving with one of my friends we are both 21 male
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/11/2016
Hey I need a ride for me and my friend, we are from Mexico so we know how to party hahah and we also offer to share the expenses we are arriving to whistler this wednesday
Surrey, British Columbia - 07/10/2016
Need a ride to pemberton on Saturday anytime. Willing to pay for gas.
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia - 07/08/2016
Driving RV to party at Pemby fest! We have room for one or two more awesome people. You can even throw your drinks in the fridge! We are likely going up Tuesday night to be in line for campground opening on Wednesday.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 07/06/2016
Hey! I need a lift please, hoping to leave on 12th Jul, back 17th or 18 th. Aussie chick, great company yo! Hit me back :) cheers, Emma
Burnaby, British Columbia - 07/03/2016
What is up people need a ride to pembfest and back Wed to Monday. Can pitch in for gas food all that good stuff not camping saying at friends thanks
Whistler, British Columbia - 07/01/2016
Hey me and a friend need a ride from Whistler creek to Pemberton Music Festival!
Winnipeg, Manitoba - 06/29/2016
Looking for a ride for myself and one other person! We're also going with a friend who lives in Saskatoon but could get to regina so we could pick him up when we pass through. So technically 3! Obviously willing to pitch in for gas. Let me know!!!
Victoria, British Columbia - 06/24/2016
Hey friends, there are four of us going and have room for 3, looking to split costs

Leaving Wednesday the 13th and coming back Monday the 18th

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - 06/24/2016
Looking for someone who is heading thru the crowsnest pass on their way to pemby.. gas money, beer money, whatever you need.. just mainly looking to avoid taking the bus.. im flying solo and this is my first festival..

I also have a four bunk suite in whistler booked for saturday and sunday that you could crash in if you want..

Hit me up.. good times assured..
SeaTac, Washington - 06/24/2016
1 person looking for a ride from the Seattle airport to Pemberton! I'd get in 9pm. Willing to pitch for gas!!
White Rock, British Columbia - 06/23/2016
Need a ride for two on Wednesday to Pemberton! Can pitch for gas and snacks!
Richmond, British Columbia - 06/16/2016
Ive decided to make the 4000 mile round trip to pemberton solo and am in desperate need of a ride! I will be flying into vancouver on the 13th and am willing to pay for gas. This is the last leg of my trip that i need to figure out asap. Im stoked
Richmond, British Columbia - 06/16/2016
July 13th 5:30pm

I need a ride from Vancouver to Whistler Gondola. Gonna be attending the festival!
Calgary - 06/14/2016
Kind of a shot in the dark but... Is anyone leaving from cgy to pemberton Thursday evening (July 14th) that may have two spots available in their vehicle? I couldn't manage to get Thurs off of work so we would have to depart after 7pm Thursday evening, and be back in Calgary at the latest on Monday at 10am. I have $300.00 for whoever can accommodate this, as I know it would mean losing out on the first night of the festival. This does not include our contribution to gas, and good company, of course. Please let me know if you can help out!
Edmonton, Alberta - 05/22/2016
Offering rides for 1-3 people from Edmonton down to Pemberton music festival. Me and my friend are planning to leave on July 13 or the 12th to arrive the night before the music starts start happening on the 14th.

Pitching in for gas would be much appreciated. My car does have quite a bit of space for gear and whatnot. Shoot me an email thanks!!
Edmonton - 04/20/2016
Need a ride for 2 people from Edmonton to Pemberton Music Festival. Can pay for entirety of gas plus a drivers fee. Have minimal gear.
Zip: 98122 - 04/05/2016
Anyone traveling from the Seattle area to Pemberton Music Festival with extra room for 1-2 more with light gear? Will provide gas money.
Vancouver, British Columbia - 03/25/2016
Anyone heading up to pemberton music fest this summer who thinks they may have room for 2 more plus gear? will pay as well as provide some wicked road tripping vibes